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  1. Location: Harmony E10 Wurm's been good to me, but it's time to move on. The settlement has 27 silver, 93 copper and 76 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 3 silver, 61 copper and 20 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 232 days and 57 minutes more. The deed also comes with a wagoner, a corbita, a wagon, 2 rowboats, a sailboat and a 60ql guard tower. Also, any and all resources found within the buildings come with it (This includes a medley of CoC skiller tools) Everything will be sold together, please do not pm me about individual items. All silver made from the auction will go to my alliance The deed isn't insanely built, but there plenty to it. Ill drop pics and descriptions. The bid info will be at the bottom. The Mine: I only have the map, but no pictures of the mine, but it does have the following 3 Poor Iron 1 Average Iron 4 Normal Iron 4 Good Iron 1 Very Good Iron 2 Utmost Iron 1 Normal Rock Salt 1 Utmost Lead The Farm and Stables: Large farm plot, MANY cows and a few bulls. Theres a medley of horses that I know nothing about because I dont do AH. There is a decent kitchen with some stuff in it: Workshop with various stations: A port with a small shipyard for making boats: And lastly, 2 personal homes for whomeever: And a pretty shot: If you'd like to schedule a visit before bidding, please pm me either on the forum or ingame @ Glowbaby Starting Bid: 35SIncrement: 1SReserve: OffBuyout: OffSniper Protection: 1 HourPrivate Bids: No
  2. Rare Walnut Short Bow 2 ql (I made a short bow for shiggles and this thing came out) Starting Bid: 4SIncrement: 1SReserve: OffBuyout: OffSniper Protection: 1 HourPrivate Bids: No
  3. I have a little box. In my little box are treasures, please see the photo of said treasures. All of it will be sold together, with the box. The blood are as follows: 1 White Dragon Hatchling 1 Troll King 2 Forest Giants Starting Bid: 20SIncrement: 1SReserve: OffBuyout: OffSniper Protection: 1 HourPrivate Bids: No
  4. Supreme Iron Halberd 34 Ql No enchants YOU WILL HAVE TO PICK IT UP Starting Bid: 30SIncrement: 1SReserve: OffBuyout: OffSniper Protection: 1 HourPrivate Bids: No
  5. Rare Seryll Hatchet 79.83ql WOA 82 and CoC 82 Starting Bid: 15S Increment: 1S Reserve: Off Buyout: Off Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Private Bids: No
  6. From hereon, Minikilljoy will be the new map manager. Thank you guys for a great several months and I appreciate your patience while we cleaned up Harmony. Congrats to Mini and the best of luck! I'll still be around to help them ^^
  7. As stated, with runes [04:20:33] A bronze rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will increase the effect on speed by wind (7.5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%) 10S, you have to pick up on Har