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  1. Good Job. Keep it up! Much appreciated with the bug fixes / updates. making us all very happy.
  2. -1 Shield Skill is one of the easiest skills in wurm. your obviously doing something wrong for getting that size of a tick at that lvl. Also regarding FS it should only take like 3 days to hit like 80-85+
  3. i aint quitting but ive know alot of people who have quit because of stupid updates that have happened over the years - some people only grind when they have SB XD
  4. +1 this upcoming update is about to murder game pop most likely
  5. need more shield skins poor shields being left out
  6. also you dont even need the cast Sinnjinn not everything needs to have your name on it.
  7. Congrats on WInning Auction' Escravosaura [12:42:22] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Escravosaura in less than ten minutes.