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  1. Highly recommend ! Wiluss is shipbuilding Legend and you can't find a better place to buy the fastest, rare wood type and beautiful ships in wurm
  2. Just wanted to say Thanks ! All stuff look phenomenal ! ?Crow feathers look wonderful and lightly flutter in the wind. Wagon also is stunning, especially with four jet blacks or blacksilvers ? I play wurm few years and I have never been so impressed with banners or wagons. Gofs, you are extremely talented and you have a wonderful imagination ?I can only dream that we can do such things on freedom ? So far I'm happy as a child of each of these things and I think that was the best way to spend my money in this game (tho I'm rares lover)? Highly recommend this wonderful stuffs, probably there will be no better-looking things for a very long time !
  3. +1 ! Highly recommend Cheef Fast job, great communication, nice person, easy jump location ? He saved my time for other interesting skills. You have just received the title 'Saucier'! Will definitely return with my lazy priest ! ?
  4. I highly recommend ! ? I love his work ? Screens do not reflect the charm of his places. Gofs is a great designer and a wonderful person. Each project is a pearl in the crown. You can run around every place he has designed and call woooow ! at every turn! His head is full of surprising ideas and all of them are very charming and give character to the place. Btw... I love whale pond ?
  5. Like idea of colossus with sandstone..even if it will be old models, but diff material ? We can do Vyn with marble, mag with sandstone and slate Libila ?
  6. great idea ! ? I have plenty tokens..all floor in house.. especially love treasure map idea or at least smelting ?
  7. TY for great dyes Jola ? You're the best. I highly reccomend your excellent work ?
  8. Tyvm for order ?, what ql you want me to cod ?
  9. WELCOME TO WOLFPACK CLOTHING STORE ! We offer all kinds of clothes - old and new dyed . Why stick to a boring style? Make your character different than everyone else! We have here wonderful colors, clothes from your dreams for your priest or working char. Become a unique and recognizable person in the game ! Today we offer sublime collection of hoods ? We can prepare any ql for you - let's say 70 ql - to 90 ql. The whole cloth set 90 ql old style 1s total. (70 ql - 80c ; 80 ql - 90c) New colors dyed 90 ql set - 1,5s total ( 70 ql - 1,3s ; 80 ql - 1,4s) CHEAP CLOTH IMP - INCLUDING MEDITATION RUGS For more details PM Shewolf or Irbiska or leave message on forum. AND SOME OTHER COMBINATIONS ?
  10. Blood bay sold ? there is piebald pinto 5 speed female Jollylily atm ?
  11. TYVM , it was real pleasure ? Good luck and happy wurming!
  12. New 5 speed horsies (young and adol) added to pens: Northchaser male black, Earsbrisk male golden, Sweetfancy female brown, Swiftebony female lood bay, Happybaron male black. Only 25c (40c for blood bay) for 5 speed with some extra good traits ?