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  1. spear tip 104coc huge sword blade small axe head thank you!
  2. Is this list still active? can you add my Fo priest to Holy Crop waiting list pls? name - Wyczesanymieczyslaw faith - 100 chann - 78 contact in game may be on Irbiska, Shewolf or Irbi char
  3. Hello Auction Rare Rope Tool, oakenwood 35,88 QL [13:46:07] A rope making tool, a small handheld spinning wheel with three large nails. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from oakenwood. You must use a file to smooth out the rope tool in order to improve it. I can COD or pick up on Harmony H 24 Bid start : 7 s Bid Increment : 1s Buy Out : 10s Good luck everyone
  4. same for me on harmony
  5. Hi, pls add deed Kamieniec :1816,1480 and guard tower 1830,1510 (Kamieniec deed), there is also fast mailbox, jackal lodestone, epic portal.