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  1. Enki, A few months ago I lost all the contacts of my knarr while crossing over to another server. You were kind enough to replace the main contents that I remembered. This week I travelled again and I got my contents back. No idea why and I tried this when it first happened. Just wanted you to know after all this time I got the stuff back. Tria
  2. Seems saddle was bugged. Thanks to Epona and Hestia for resolving the issue:)
  3. For some reason when I moved my saddle sacks Christmas gift to another horse, the sacks became regular saddle bags on the back of the horse. Tried relogging and different things to no avail. Then this morning I tried moving to another horse and found they came back. Seems that the quality of the saddle was the issue. Did not work on 50Q saddle but was fine on a 70 Q one. Anyone else have this issue? Per CA I am adding additional info. I am at Harvest Moon on Release, Horse is Falconcall where saddle sacks do not work correctly on the 50Q saddle. Hitched to cart with Mollyrun. Put saddle sacks on Falconcall so you can see they do not work put moving to Mollyrun will. Thanks.
  4. Started 2-3 days ago right after update. Seems to be lag at first then being kicked from Wurm Online. Not always able to get back in. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Java. Have tried shutting computer down and restarting. Takes several tries to get back in. Copied log but not sure where I should put to get feedback... Thanks for any assistance. Tria
  5. Thank you! Totally unexpected and was fun! Tria
  6. Silvir, if you are still into WU don't forget to come to Razor's Edge if you need a place to go!!! We would love to have you guys there.




  7. Love this game! Spent 4 and 1/2 years on Wurm Online (still play) and now this. Great people, fun events and very happy with server! GM's have been awesome and seems that a lot of good things will be added in the future. Having a ball... When you get on to play at 5 pm and then realize it is 2 in the morning, you are hooked. LOL
  8. I will plan on attending.... Be glad to help out with blacksmithing, carp, fine carp and where ever I am needed!! Tria
  9. Well, I died trying to get into my bed.... lost skill on 5 or 6 items.... And now I have to sleep with corpse under my bed.... That's just not right....
  10. Sounds like fun. Bringing along a friend! Tria
  11. I would like to see it on Exodus. In particular, Chulirac's place. He has done a huge amount of work on his deed to be able to host an event like this and I think it is nice to give others a chance to host such an event also. Very close to boat bridge to deli and easy to get too
  12. Hi, Good news... Your horse was found. (Fleanapa) I have it at the moment at Animal Sanctuary. It was found in the ocean by Nesgamepro. If you want to come get it I am usually on in the evenings EST. Tria