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  1. Hey Pantha, I'd like to order a 85QL silver staff at your earliest convenience. CoD to Prabhupada. Thanks!
  2. WTS Rod of Transmutation, 30s PM or Reply. Thanks.
  3. Same problem here on Ubuntu 20.04, getting the same error message as Ramilian. Thanks for the workaround Ekcin, running with -c and choosing old UI, now it's launching. (Guess I will have to launch from terminal for now...)
  4. Potions & Bloods Potion of woodcutting Potion of carpentry Blood (Troll King) Blood (Forest Giant) Blood (Red Dragon Hatchling) Blood (Black Dragon Hatchling) It has been a while and there has not been any interest in the bloods so I will use them on my own tools. Feel free to close.
  5. Hey Pantha, my iron sickle is a little worn down. Going to send it back to you to be upgraded back to 85QL. (Prabhupada)
  6. Worthless rift reward. Starting bid: 2s Increment (minimum): 50 c Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: No Private Bids: No
  7. I am pretty sure I have a potion of mining, will CoD to you later tonight. Sorry, it was woodcutting.
  8. Rift Cow Estimated start date: 2021-02-04 04:01 AM
  9. Hey Pantha, I'd like to order 85QL iron versions of sickle, carving knife, and butcher knife. CoD to Prabhupada when you get a chance. Thanks for your service! Edit: everything was great and already putting the sickle to good use! will be sure to order from you in the future
  10. CoD to Gunth for 8s. [08:09:51] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  11. Mountain lion pelt, 99.89 QL Starting bid: 3s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: None
  12. Update on the N14 Area: Blue line is a tunnel thru the mountain, thanks to Rayen of Port Rayen and his citizens for digging it out!
  13. Kyklops Slaying

    Didn't get too many pics this time, here's a couple