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  1. How to kill your own game tutorial

    True, I've had similar situations, but if there was insane perks to having newbies near me I wouldn't mind cleaning up after them to some extent. Currently right now it's very toxic how veteran treats newbie unfortunately, big issue is how sandbox this game is I suspose.
  2. How to kill your own game tutorial

    They better give you something for this nonsense, honestly i'd be triggered as hell.
  3. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Non staff shouldn't be able to use CA help, from what i've gathered and my experiences in this game it's not exactly the most helpful place for information. Global chat could use more moderation also, they could take some of the over moderation from discord into the game for example. Actual disputes, hard to please everyone I've noticed people tend to get way more upset then they probably should. Especially with noobs digging or building near a veteran player. Staff need to encourage cooperation between the two, make it worth while to have a newbie live near your deed for example. Perks or something. I would've tackled this issue years ago cause I do think it's a big issue.
  4. 150e Scaley Set

    I agree with this price
  5. Stuffed Animals & Creatures

    wtb stuffed unicorn
  6. Do you have +75 WS?

    I think it's time for a slight boost to this skill, it's slow pace is outdated now especially with account sales. What does the staff think?
  7. the cape spot

    add more capes to game.
  8. [Bug] Reference to stasis spell

    they should fix the text, i never saw message until now so it's a bug
  9. what's the deal with this new message? I was under the impression that banks were decay free, it's not like you can keep a lot of stuff in them, great for keeping pelt/whetstone safe before pvp for example.
  10. Crow Kingdom Merch

    I don't understand your planetary map logo what exactly does this have to do with crows? Mind giving us some backstory? Thanks.
  11. Crow Kingdom Set

    no wagon?
  12. Paint

    good idea +1
  13. Current state of discord moderation.

    I agree they probably have records for all of us that are passionate about injustice or errors with the game. I sense it and believe you are correct. The biggest thing I have with the term "toxic player" is it's used where applicable and most of the time over-used. With your example would being overly offended, be a form of toxicity by the staff? I think so.. See it never stops, they can continue to use it indefinably.
  14. the future of pvp mechanics

    Meditation and tomes are the big outliers, body strength and body stamina while not as big still prevent most newer players into pvp if they don't want to get instantly killed. The bridge that is what constitutes a ready pvp account vs a non ready pvp account is quite a challenge. Most new pvpers give up or can't even get to 30 body strength. While you might not agree with this I still think lowering the bridge will entice new pvpers into the scene. I'd personally prefer way more catch up mechanics when it comes to characteristic stats and skills like shield. Most 'veteran' accounts have used windows of opportunity to skill which is why account sales for pvp is so paramount even today. This needs to stop. It's a problem worth the dev's time to tackle, and the dev's honestly should consider counter measures.
  15. Valrei International. 085

    great news thank you! With the coming changes to JNLP ending support we will be shifting to an exe launcher. This will ensure a lot of Java issues will be resolved as it will include our own recommended version of Java. This will also enable us to bring the preview client to Mac! So lots to look forward to there!