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  1. I noticed it also and asked him about it, at the time wasn't aware of the new skill being developed. I guess archaeology confirmed?
  2. Nop! Don't you dare remove my pet chicken! How about make a new one for your pheasants?
  3. "The general lighting brightness in daytime, night time and underground has been increased." Hope you didn't nerf to much, I really like how dark the night was on unstable. Epic's economy has always been pretty bad, if that's what you're referring to. Most of the power items, basically grow on trees there. It's supposed aim is for a faster pvp game play not about making money. Just my 2 cents.
  4. nevermind it's not full amount
  5. need a ship rack next, my storage is overflowing
  6. Maybe you were annoying her? Remember this is a game, people play these to relax and not worry about the RL and scary stuff outside and when you start asking about RL or hey can we meet up stuff. People might get a bit scared by that, well not everyone but still, sometimes its not even worth the time to ask. Not sure if you were doing this or whatever happened, it's not my business. I wouldn't get so worked up about it though, trust me I've been in your shoes more than once, some people are shy. As for the road, if you grief it and the GM gives you a ultimatum it's probably best to follow through and repair it exactly to the letter. Not worth getting banned, really.
  7. Keep trying, after a few refreshes I get it to work usually.
  8. The game launches today if you use my referral pm me with your email that you used to make the Albion account so I can verify on my end and give you some gold, I got one but no idea who used it. Thanks, unlike the other thread I'll make sure you get gold.
  9. if anyone wants some gold, use my referral
  10. comes out tomorrow
  11. 3
  12. I feel the same way, as a business it doesn't seem logical to keep a dead game afloat.