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  1. nevermind it's just a fragment, sorry.
  2. Seems like they were a little over zealous with the nerfing, and hopefully they take all the good points here and move forward to fix the skills. Restoration should be improved upon also, higher level should yield less junk, Archaeology should give multiple fragments per search the higher level you go. Or just do away with the junk and add more content to fill in the gap at higher levels. It definitely feels underwhelming so far and I'm honestly a bit sad, I expected more interesting systems.
  3. Just turn decay off, why does everything have to be so annoying in this game. Remember honey? Archaeology fragments in real life don't decay nearly as fast, they've been underground for years already. If you wont let us bsb them due to database issues, make them like keys and locks.
  4. The problem is they're to rare and it's at the point where a lot of people are not enjoying it so they stop working on the skill. Balance is important obviously, but I feel like the junk is over taking it. If i'm level 50 or 70, I should feel like every level I get, I should see more rare fragments but right now it's just another foraging skill with RNG.
  5. add it, they decay super fast even inside buildings!
  6. please add it in devs
  7. So I hate to say it but so far this archaeology and restoration is very disappointing. I don't think skills should be so RNG dependent, the nerf to masks, and the statues taking so many isn't fun. Well it makes me less inclined to spend days for RNG to work. It never does for me. You should have higher chances to get more fragments the higher you level it, I'm not seeing it though. My 2 cents.
  8. I agree with this, I also think statues take to many frags also. With the amount of junk we get seems nearly impossible.
  9. its fine, it just ate a little too much.
  10. Well the transaction occurred before the update, i'm bidding on the fantastic aspect of the item which isn't odd. Also i'm a she.
  11. I sold her the mask, looks like she used a bone on it, the mask itself is fairly common now from archaeology.
  12. As a freedomer, I'm happy you guys are happy with the changes, and that makes me happy your happy. I hope chaos still has a audience once the transfers happen though.
  13. this is a old feature unless it is unlimited use now?