Discord Integration - Cross Chat Wurm <-> Discord

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In Minecraft we can have cross chat  Minecraft server <-> Discord server.  

Something like that would be cool for wurm unlimited


Heres the Bukkit Discord Bot  http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/lxgaming-discordbot/


So, Wurm servers can have a official Discord chat server with cross chat with people playing and people can talk even if they not playing, using the mobile app web browser ou qualquer coisa que rode o Discord.


Is it possible to do?





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3 minutes ago, Revelation said:

We have IRC, integrated into the client.


I know, but don't have Discord.  

Even big MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV and Guild Wars 2, WOW have it integrated with wiki, chat and game item database, also alot of games and game studios with official servers.

So, a mod like that can make it easy for every wurm unlimited server to have integration with a official Discord hub for the server that also comes with voice channels.



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