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Found 5 results

  1. Wedding and Babies in Wurm Online Every two year a suggestion has been made to implement something like wedding, babies, and family in Wurm Online. In our alliance we were having a discussion on automating and mechanisation of Wurm Online, when it was my turn to get a mindflash and I suggested the idea of Wedding in Wurm Online. So I started working this out. The main intend is to draw more girls and women in Wurm Online by making it a bit more feminine. A Wedding doesnt drop from the sky upon you. First thing is you try to find someone you like, and then you try him/her to like you. The courting period has started. In my suggestion this takes at least 6 months, during which both players need to be premium all the time. You both agree to this courting period. In the courting period both of you give each other gifts by means of a trading like screen. The higher the quality of this gift, the better the boost to the ''love''bar. There are at least 6 gifts, each month one. Gifts (love tokens) are: 1 processed food item, 1 drink, 1 gem, 1 jewelry, 1 tool, 1 clothing/armor piece. Love tokens will be lost in the void after usage. If after 6 months the love bar has not reached 100% the period is extended with 3 months, and subsequent 3 additional gifts (this time at will). When the Love Bar has reached 100% a Wedding can occur. This can be done by a priest of any demonation. After the Wedding, there is a 10% increase 1% increase in skillgains for the first year, and 5% 0,5% for all years after, as long as the marriage exists. The Marriage can be undone by mutual consent, without further ceremonial, or when one of the players has been offline for over 3 months, or has been non premium for over 3 months.When there is a non-adult child the marriage can not be undone. To accomplish this, after the wedding the Love Bar looses 33% each month. When it reaches zero the marriage ends (except when there is still a child). The Love Bar can be fuelled again with the ''love tokens'' from the courting period, with extra benefits for high ql gems, rare, supreme or fantastic items. So for example a rare items gives 10% extra boost on the love bar, a supreme item 20% and a fantastic item 30%. Love tokens are lost in the void, the same way as sacrificed items on the altar. Actions like ''dancing'', ''singing'' can also give a boost to the love bar. Both players need to be online, responsive, and on the same location to have effect on the Love Bar. Since love has to flow in two directions, the other player has to initiate the next fuelling of the Love Bar. new added: Has the Love Bar no further use? Yes. When the player is involved in a fight, and it doesnt go well, and the player is wounded (less then 50% health remains), the player can draw ''hope'' from the Love Bar, resulting in fighting gains. Lover Bar over 75% then the player become speedgains, health gains and strength gains. Between 50 and 75% two of three (random) and between 25-50% just one fighting gains. When the players are wed (female/male, female/female, male/male) they can sleep together in the canopy bed. As result of this sleep one of them (random, regardless of sex) will become pregnant. During this pregnancy the player will be limited in some ways and not be able to start a fight or leave the server. After approx a week the baby is born. The newborn will need food (at first any milk is enough), care and teachings.All three need to be given to the newborn. The milk (and later food) is offered to the newborn, as is the care (playing time, hugging, telling stories and jokes). Teaching are simulated by a temporarily 20% decrease 10% decrease in skillgains on both parents till the child has reached adulthood. The baby starts small, and via toddler – urchin – child fase it will reach adulthood. The time needed is 1 week for all.fases. After a month the child will be an adult and can be used as npc in the village. This npc will have different grades, depending on the amoout of skillgains it got from its parents. unmotivated: it can become basic carpenter, you hand it 10 logs, and it will spawn out planks or shafts of 15ql after an hour. Motivated: it can become carpenter, you hand it 10 logs, and it will spawn out planks, shafts, arrowshafts, shingles or pegs of 20ql after an hour. Talented: it can become carpenter, but also nurse. As nurse it can heal your wounds or cure you from disease. Bright: it can become carpenter, nurse, or barber. As barber it will change ur haircolor and appearance on request. Intelligent: it can do all above, and (added): become Elite Guard to the deed, and make witty remarks as well. As Elite Guard it is as strong as a Templar, but it can also be armored and armed like a normal guard. It will call on help (within deed borders) but will retreat into safety (the nearest locked building) on its own when health reaches 40% or lower. Ok, now, you all can laugh. Other Remarks: The NPC's are connected to the deed it was born into and will die with the deed, or at mayor's will. The child will die without sufficient food or care. We hardly need new graphics, cause this idea uses mostly already existing graphics. The NPC dont require initial coin or upkeep. The baby/urchin/toddler/child is an item that can be carried around in the inventory, but will act as decorational item outside inventory. While in inventory you cannot sleep or logoff. This gives other players the chance to feed it or humor it as well, if they have access to the location the child is. None but the parents can carry the child in inventory or move it elseway (unless its sold just before reaching final stage) The role you choose for your child is defnite and cannot be undone. It can be sold to another player from another deed using trade when its ready for promotion to adult but when it has not a chosen profession yet. This ''trade-window'' is not longer then a day. The new owner can choose the profession (if there is something to choose). A new pregnancy can occur in the marriage 5 monts after the child has reached adulthood. When the profession is chosen, the NPC will be added to de deed it is in. Added after some comments: Maximize the number of marriages to 1 per person at any given time (regardless to server) and to 1 per deed.
  2. I don't make suggestions but I just thought I would put this idea out there. I am sure something like this has been suggested before. But here it goes: If two different want to work together to fight they can merge. Two account will get "married" to make the alliance with the two kingdom. You still have two separate kingdoms but the "Alliance role" is now the two kingdom together talking and permissions "alliance" would mean both kingdoms could do that. But the "kingdom" role/permission would be the said kingdom you are with. Then when you break/undo the alliance you either have a war to take over the other kingdom and fight.. or you just have peaceful break. When the two kingdoms ally together the towers of the kingdoms will be friendly. This would make pvp more like role playing. More like rl kingdoms back in the day. Or say people of two different kingdoms want to play together but they don't want to leave the kingdom they are part of if the two kingdoms are of with it they can ally together. Or if there are two smaller but upcoming kingdoms that want to fight not to low of numbers to fight they can Ally together till they get the number to fight alone. I can also see some changes that would need to be made if two kingdoms come together. Champhood would need to be that if you join two kingdoms together you are still only allowed 3 champs, because then kingdoms would be just joining together so they can have 6 Champs. Officers roles will be among both the kingdoms not having two of each. Because you would not want to have people creating kingdoms just to take advantage of have double of everything. Like let's say everyone wanted to take on one kingdom because that said kingdom is getting to big or "toxic behavior" that is making the server not fun. Two of the kingdoms could just Married/allied together and been able to enter deeds and help defends and fight. You wouldnt have to convert a the other kingdom deeds or bash towers. This would encourage more people to be involved hence they can make a kingdom with friends ally with someone for protection to get bigger before doing their own thing.. I don't know if I am making sense of my idea. But I think this would put a new aspect to the pvp side of things.
  3. Allow Jewelry-Smiths to make Ceremonial Jewelry (Wedding Bands) Female only Wedding bands; Example: Diamond Or Opal Wedding Band 1) Activate glowing Adamantine lump, Glimmersteel lump, Seryll lump silver Lump or gold lump (0.1 kg or more) 2) Right-Click Open submenu 3) "Create" > Diamond Or Opal Wedding Band 4) you create a Unfinished Diamond or Opal Wedding Band it Needs (1) Diamond or Opal to be Completed. let Wedding bands be NO DROP once equipped. maybe a binding window could pop up, where the player confirms it will be binded to them. Making the item no drop. Even having the option before putting it on to add the name of there partner? Which would display who they are married too. Males only wedding bands; Example: ) Activate glowing Adamantine lump, Glimmersteel lump, Seryll lump silver Lump or gold lump (0.1 kg or more) 2) Right-Click Open submenu > 3) "Create" > Ruby Or Sapphire Wedding Band 4) you create a Unfinished Ruby or Sapphire Wedding Band it needs (1) Ruby or Sapphire to be completed.
  4. This should be implemented so that players can further their Wurm gameplay experience. It would deepen the aspect of the game and be a cool thing to have the option to do. I say that there should not be any skill buffs or child raising that comes along with this system for the following reasons; having children would cause issues with the server and create a large amount of lag and we would lose a lot of our animal population. And skill gain bonuses would make doing work practically pointless. I think this system should be available to any player, whether they are premium or non-premium. In order to get "married", both people getting married will need to make a gold/silver wedding ring since now rings are actually worn in the finger of your Wurm toon.
  5. Yes i know this has been suggested before though i think in a different way. First make it so we can craft doube beds and bunkbeds and diapers and cribs. Now to create the double bed need is 2 regular beds and you have to have em side by side, next you have to add both to a crafting table and then you can make double bed which just looks like a bed cept 2x as wide with 2 pillows on it. Now the use for it would be that 2 people could log out in it instead of 1. Now if a married couple logged out in it they would receive half sleep bonus but have the option to "mate" while they were offline. When they log in depending on their soul stats the female would be pregnant and would deliver in 8-10 months in game. Now when child is born it should be a baby which basicly just cries and makes dirty "cloth diapers" which need changing to keep it healthy. When baby hits 1 in game year it can crawl and get bigger animation at 2 in game yrs it can walk and at 5 it can run around and just needs a meal once a day to live. Now the benefit of having babies would be not only a immersion aspect but also improves village productivity, tamed animals happines/loyalty, and when they become 21 you can give them gear for fighting and they can be set a village guards with FS of tower guards. Now to keep them from being OP they will be a pain to raise as children are lol and require attention. Now as for the bunk beds mentioned they are same as double bed when crafting but reuquire some planks shafts and small nails. Baby cribs will need a bed a bunch of shafts small nails and a couple toys. Cloth diapers are just made with needles on square pieces of cloth.