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Found 11 results

  1. I've done some testing lately and have come to the conclusion that Valrei is highly imbalanced in favor of Magranon. Read on for an explanation. This imbalance can be attributed to 3 major factors 1. Layout of the map's Buff/Trap/Slow tiles: The valrei map's special tiles are not very evenly distributed. For example, Fo and Libila are both pretty well boxed in by trap/slow/hostile tiles, while Magranon starts right next to a strength tile to start off scenarios with a significant buff. 2. Imbalanced edge crossing connections: I checked the Wurm Unlimited code to determine all of the possible edge crossing connections. To my surprise, a lot of them were 1-way only. After drawing all of the connections, it became apparent that Magranon has a much wider range of connected tiles that he can access from his edge of the map, as compared to either Fo or Libila. The result of this wider spread of edge crossings is that Magranon can access more tiles in fewer moves than either Libila or Fo. 3. Imbalanced deity characteristics in the new combat system: The starting stats for the 3 main gods are imbalanced, highly in favor of Magranon. This was very easy to test, as the Wurm Unlimited code has a method for simulating fights between gods for testing purposes. By simulating 1,000,000 fights between Lib v Mag, Lib v Fo, and Fo v Mag, I was able to see that Libila and Fo are fairly evenly balanced, but Magranon is stronger than both Libila and Fo and has a win rate of about 60:40 or better versus either of these gods. 1000000 fights completed between Libila and Magranon. Libila won 39.1482% of fights, Magranon won the remaining 60.8518%. 1000000 fights completed between Magranon and Libila. Magranon won 60.8139% of fights, Libila won the remaining 39.1861%. 1000000 fights completed between Libila and Fo. Libila won 50.782% of fights, Fo won the remaining 49.218%. 1000000 fights completed between Fo and Libila. Fo won 49.6064% of fights, Libila won the remaining 50.3936%. 1000000 fights completed between Fo and Magranon. Fo won 37.014% of fights, Magranon won the remaining 62.986%. 1000000 fights completed between Magranon and Fo. Magranon won 63.1285% of fights, Fo won the remaining 36.8715%. In summary, Valrei is in dire need of rebalancing. The map layout and edge crossings favor Magranon. This could partially explain why historically MR/Magranon won valrei most often. With the addition of the new deity stats and combat system, Valrei has become even further imbalanced in favor of Magranon.
  2. Please give PVE alliances with enough members the opportunity to have a PVE alliance flair package similar to kingdoms. There is no reason to deny us this... There is a larger amount of players playing the pve portion than the PvP portion of the game. Codeclub AB will make money because there will be more people paying for this feature. Why shouldn't people that dont participate in pvp be able to form thier own pve banners/wagons/tents the syetem is already in the game. Pros - more income for Codeclub AB - more color - ability to showcase/ form alliance spirit/pride - less inequality in the pvp/pve balance Cons -Some more work for code club AB introducing new graphics (but i think the skinning process for those items is already there) -PVP will lose profit selling thier special colors. Solutions? One option would be dissallowing certain colors in freedom so pvp players could maintain some pride "pvp colors" ( ex. red or black or w/e) increasing the price to 2g for alliance flair package since it is less volatile than pvp. Please give feedback and state where you play pvp or pve or both. Thanks for your time and i play on Xanadu PVE only
  3. We welcome you to.... Statera Unlimited Your one stop shop for a full Wurm experience! Statera is a PvE/PvP server for Wurm Unlimited based out of the U.S. We hope to be your one stop, everything experience to feed your Wurmian needs! Statera is the Latin word for "balance". And that will be our daily goal as admins for you, our players. We know it is hard to please everyone, but we can sure as hell try! Please take a look around the site and lets get ready to have a ton of fun! Weekly News for week 1 is up and we are releasing Lux on July 9th! Click here for website Click here for official Discord Server Info & Rolandts custom content Server Settings Custom Additions * Ancient Ruins system Traditional Skill System (No spam creation) 5x Skill 3x Actions * Foreign Caravans and Travelers 3x Breeding 3x Farming 17k Creatures 30% Aggro * Skill Scrolls 3x Combat Start with 20 Skill Custom Content/Mods Click here for more info on custom additions and our Mods Seperate Gms for PvP/PvE Shop with limits preventing pay to win Server Crossing enabled Diety Spells Only No Priest restrictions Standard Deed Upkeep/purchase And here are our custom Maps we are very proud of! Click Here! Grand Opening for Lux (PvE) aimed for July 9th at 11am EST Vex(PvP) will open 1 week following! Please post below if you plan to be there, or PM me for any questions!
  4. So, I harvested 90 lemons and foraged the tiles as well - got 16 branches, no iron rocks and no seedlings - thank goodness - seedlings need to have discard option, like branches and rocks and logs. Then I harvested another 65 lemons and foraged the tiles and got a further 14 branches, 1 iron rock and 1 seedling. Is something broken here? If not, could some balance be introduced maybe ?
  5. A recent thread has brought up some interest in restoring balance to the seasons by increasing the number of days (weeks) of winter in the Wurm calendar year. I'm sure many won't like this proposition, but for those of us who really do enjoy the snowflake-filled skies and powder white terrain this suggestion would be quite nice: please increase the number of days (weeks) of winter. This thread exists to gauge the interest level of an increased winter to balance out the seasons a little more. My own suggestion goes something like this: Autumn - 9 weeks Winter - 8 weeks Spring - 9 weeks Summer - 22 weeks Discuss your ideas, and try to keep the insults to a minimum please.
  6. How about dumping all the anomalous bonuses that you can think of that are religion specific and putting them up for removal. Here's two, add more if applicable 1) Libila lockpicking bonus 2) Magranon disintegrate bonus Feel free to add any others that are religion specific, ie cannot be obtained without being a follower of a particular god. This thread isn't intended for other buffs like meditation or sorcery
  7. First of all - this is a starting point for a debate, not a specific suggestion set in stone. I'm sure the specifics can be improved - this is just to get the ball rolling and to give our devs an alternative to simply nerfing Nahjo priests. This is also the reason I'm posting it here and not in the suggestions forum, but the mods are of course welcome to move it. The reason for this post is because the devs have stated they are considering nerfing Nahjo priests. Core Assumption: Nahjo priests should not be nerfed too much. There was a good time to balance Nahjo to make it fit the balance of the old priests, but that time was 5 months ago. Since then people have re-grinded faith to high levels, some have bought/sold characters and some casual players have started a priest which they otherwise wouldn't have. Instead of nerfing Nahjo give the other priests a boost in PvE. Assumption: Nahjo hasn't broken PvP balance (as far as I know), so this balancing will focus on PvE abilities. Hopefully the changes can work on both PvE and PvP servers. Assumption: It is ok to "hardcode" some priest abilities even if this doesn't fit entirely within the player god framework. Assumption: It is acceptable to add a bit more overlap between the priest abilities since this has already happened with the player gods (especially Najho). 1 - Make sure the roles of the gods are clearly defined. No big changes here, just some small tweaks. Nahjo: Good at everything, but master of none. Difficulty: casual Fo: Master of nature and healing. Difficulty: casual Magnaron: Mastery of the body and combat. Difficulty: medium Vynora: Master of the arcane. Difficulty: hard 2 - Allow the old gods more abilities to bring them in line with Nahjo having both mining and woodcutting. Magnaron: Add digging since this fits with the body domain. They could possibly even get woodcutting and paving as well since they are body skills and Magnaron's PvE relevance is somewhat limited. Fo: Add woodcutting since this relates to nature (perhaps limit it to very old and overaged trees to fit the lore). Vynora: Add alchemy and natural substances since mixing potions fits with arcane abilities. They could get mining or digging as well, but that doesn't seem to fit the lore that well (and I am not sure they need as big a boost as Mag and Fo). Nahjo: No changes. 3 - Boost favor from sacrificing for the old gods. First of all double the core price of the current "double" favor items (to the level of cordage ropes). That way people who already grinded the relevant skills won't get nerfed and existing items in stock will still be as useful as before. Secondly make their new sacrifice items something that fits the lore and require skills that don't take improving to raise efficiently (which makes little sense when they're not allowed to improve). Fo: Make vegetables (HC items) their favor item like Nahjo (unless this breaks healing in PvP). It fits the lore and I have a hard time seeing how it would make them unbalanced for PvE. They'd be able to mass produce sprouts, but that's about it. Vynora: Some alchemy or natural substances item. Healing covers or healing salves would work, but perhaps not the most lore appropriate. Healing salves would give a use for all the animal fat sitting in our bsbs. Magnaron: Door locks still works fine since locksmithing doesn't take improving to skill up. If the core price of door locks is doubled they'd still see a nice boost (unless this breaks pvp). An alternative could be metallurgy lumps since this would fit the lore better than door locks. Nahjo: No changes to favor item. Optional nerf: I think most people will agree that sacrificing vegetables is currently extremely powerful. If the favor gain from this was reduced by 50% it would still be really good, so I think that could be an option (but it's a significant nerf). 4 - Spell tweaks This is going to be controversial, so please don't take it for more than an initial suggestion that is open for debate. It includes a bit of nerfing of Nahjo, but this could be omitted. Vynora: Since they are masters of enchanting it would make sense they get Life Transfer since it's by far the best enchant for that slot. Magnaron: Add Frostbrand since it's a damage dealing enchant. Improving Mole Sense to be more useful would be nice, but that's another discussion (making it work like "analyze" above ground would be awesome). Fo: Give them some more utility spells. Oppulence, Light Token and Reveal Creatures/Settlements would fit well with the lore. Dominate and True Hit are also possibilities. Nahjo: Optionally remove some of the enchanting spells that aren't top tier. Possible enchants to remove could be the Demise spells, Lurker in the Dark and maybe Aura of Shared Pain. Do not remove Wind of Ages, Courier or Lifetransfer since these were major selling points for the people picking the class. More changes could probably be made to PvP spells, but I don't know enough about that to make any suggestions there. (Apologies if I made any mistakes about current priest abilities, some of it is quoted from memory)
  8. I started this project several months ago and finally got around to finishing it. The balance thread in City Hall was a pretty good motivator. The point is to make different armors different for certain situations and play styles. This is a concept design for a major overhaul, not just a minor tweak (although the patch notes will probably still say "armor was tweaked" if this is actually considered). It also intends to encourage mixed armor sets and better balance higher tier armors so as to avoid straight buffs and linear hierarchies of best to worst. Keep in mind that there are other parts of the game that need to be balanced, and this design affects those parts of the game as well. This is a starting point. Below are the concept design and a spreadsheet of the raw damage reduction values and values adjusted for glance rates under the new system. Concept Design: Spreadsheet: This is a work in progress. I would really appreciate feedback so this can be updated and hopefully considered by the development team for addition or inspiration for a new system. Please give specific comments; "+1" and "-1" are not feedback and don't help anything. I have not gotten around to a few key aspects of the design, including cloth and leather armors, a look at web armor vs. aura of shared pain, and ideas for the promised scale, ring, and splint armors to fit the new system. If possible, I would appreciate if some players could either post below or message me some test results regarding web armor (duration and magnitude of effect by power) and AoSP (damage reflected by power and damage taken). I have an extremely small sample size currently, and the larger the better for a project like this. Please try to keep this on topic and purely logical. I'd hate to see this turn into the usual mess of KvK and personal attacks that most balance threads devolve into.
  9. should fire pillar be buffed to be on par with light of fo? Thoughts?
  10. New Deed Type : Microdeed Costs : 5-7 silver (5 seems nice, but it may be too cheap?) Perimeter : 1 free, max 5 Guards : Max 1 Upkeep : Same as a normal deed Minimum size : 5x5 Maximum size : 15x15 (Maybe even as low as 11x11?) Citizens : tiles/22 (so half that of a regular deed) Minimum upkeep : 50 copper Once it has reached maximum size a player can upgrade a microdeed to a full deed for 5 silver (perimeter must also have been maximised)). Why do we need this? Pretty much for people who like their neighbors, but don't want to pay for their home's upkeep if they suddenly vanish and never return. It's a smaller version of a deed, cheaper for people who want a smaller home but not that much cheaper.
  11. This is an honest question I'd really like to get some answers to. My character is a follower of Fo planning to go priest of Fo on the epic server. As such the path of love seems natural for him RP-wise. But it just looks... gimped to me. I looked at insanity and it seems to have in it the workings for an INCREDIBLY powerful Fo priest. Here is my analysis. Please point out if I am wrong or under/overvaluing an ability. All my knowledge comes from the wiki so I could very well be wrong. 1st Ability Refresh vs. Clean Wound. Once every 18 hours you can fully feed someone (including yourself) and give them 99% nutrition. Solid useful ability... though this is pretty much a once a day thing. Clean Wound allows you to clean an infected wound. From the sounds of it an unlimited number of times. I'm assuming that could really come in handy while fighting HoTs players. Not too handy otherwise. And I can always use spells to deal with infected wounds as a Fo priest. I'm going to say Love narrowly wins this one. 2nd Ability Enchant vs. Fill. When I first heard of enchant I thought that ability alone justified the path of love. Now I kind of wonder... what's the point? It makes trees so you can't chop them and it used to make grass so it couldn't be trampled or grazed away but I guess that got nerfed. So I could plant thorn bushes around my place that only Fo priests and those they protect can get through? No enchanted thorns do no damage. I could enchant rare trees and fruit trees I don't want people to cut so I can harvest them for fruits and sprouts... no they can't be harvested or have their sprouts picked... I could use it to protect a tree I assign some RP value to so as long as I look after it, it will never die? No... you can't prune enchanted trees... SO what is the point?!?!?! .......I have no idea. Fill can be used to fill food/water and gives 30-60 nutrition once a day. Kind of useless in my opinion as it's easy to get 30-60 nutrition food for anyone who is this far into the game. That makes both abilities pretty useless. This round is tied. 3rd Ability Love Effect vs. Teleport. Once every 18 hours (so once a day in most cases) I can make all animals within a large radius friendly to me for 3 minutes unless the are tamed / dominated by an enemy player. Marginally useful if this includes trolls and other things that won't already be friendly to my Fo priest after 60 faith. Even then it could be kind of handy if my favor is below 40. Now teleport can be used once every hour to randomly teleport me anywhere on the map. That could be a cliff, lava, middle of the ocean or inside someone's deed. Could also be a perfectly safe and regular location. So I'm surrounded by a superior force of enemy players I have little chance of escaping... even on their home server this spell offers me a chance of survival. On ours... I would have to have extremely bad luck not to. Especially if I have some favor filled gems left. I can heal my wounds and refresh my stamina. This can get me out of most situations other than being locked inside someone's fence, in which case I could use teleport again in another hour. So I say insanity is the CLEAR winner on this one. It's a marginally useful ability one a day or a very useful one, once an hour. 4th Ability Fast Healing vs. Shield of The Gone. Fast healing makes it so all of your wounds heal faster. It even makes medium wounds heal 3 per tick. Not bad, especially if it stacks with the already enhanced healing rate I get as a follower of Fo. Shield of The Gones halves damage and healing received, effectively doubling my health. Also a quite solid ability. But then look at this spell. What's half of infinity? Infinity. If my assumption that this heals you entirely even with shield of the gone is correct... Think about how powerful a Fo pries with Shield of The Gone and a bag full of favor filled gems would be... Correct me if I am wrong on any of this but I am putting down insanity as the clear winner here. Overall While they are fairly close with love even leading a bit at the start, the 2nd to abilities blow love clean out of the water. The insane Fo priest is able to heal his doubled health entirely and teleport away if overwhelmed, while the loving Fo priest just enjoys some buffs to the fast healing and animal protection abilities he already has. Please weigh in with your comments and analysis. Especially if you know more than I do about these paths or Fo priests.