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  1. Would it be possible to get a fruit press with BoTD? whats possible for around 2s? I might want around 80ql range. If this can be worked out for 80ql+ and 80+ botd I'll pay up to this price. PM me whether this is doable or not and/or message me in game. Edit: I see your custom enchanting states this would be around 2s50c. I pay that if necessary. I don't know if the wurm gods favor juice making :).
  2. needle, BOTD88: 1s 40c imp 80ql 50c = 1s90c CoD to Larwin. tyvm i'll be able to receive 5PM or after pacific time. maybe later depending on some things I need to do after work.
  3. How much should I offer to people in my village for hides? lot of them hunt but dont always bring their hides to me. i seen em in bulk pretty cheap but i want to give my villagers a chance. should i just ask for high ql how this ussually done?
  4. Deed is North of Linton. Name is Peace Endures. Size is 13x13. I started to do a farm on it and have a bed and 5 bins and a few other starting items. Asking Prices is 7s about what my cost was i'm not doing this trade for profit. if your wanting to see it and need help finding i try meet you between the deed and linton. This is a quiet spot with occassional travelers coming by. I did all the work on it myself. Mine has some room to expand.
  5. I played years ago i think it was around 2008 and for a while in 2011. or close to the time before wild became chaos. I'm trying find safe environment to craft in but i have a deed atm. i not sure weather to move into a village or join alliance. i really think i need to interact more on wurm online or i start to lose interest in the game. my highest skill is leatherworking at 70. i got 50 or so in building skills such as digging carpentry masonry. it seems i been trying this game for years and just realizing i need to interact more and not be so isolated. i was caught up in crafting rather than fighting so much. i tried wurm unlimited for a few months on a private game and found it too quiet sept for the npcs that seemed to repeat similar messages over and over. i'm kind of quiet a lot but when i start talking to to go on and on. im looking to join a group of a few mature people that love wurm but dont think the game is more important than real life lol. i tend to spend a lot of time gaming but i think i still need make friends i can trust. i know its hard to reach out to strangers and have them do things to your settlement but i know now that this is just a game. we cant keep our places perfect even though we like to that's why they set permissions. i rambled enough. i just like a chance to try again at this community and find more friends that are active.
  6. yeah im slowly sailing i dont have work today cause the snow so if i dont make it deli soon i should get there by noon i think. i think i got turned around mabe going towards land i dont have a compass. i thought maybe i was seeing land on other side but not sure. so i might need meet someone at landing cause hard to tell wich direction im facing. im at landing now.
  7. as far as i can tell i should be in deliverence by morning time. i going try get to a town there. I need keep going east when my stamina comes back. thanks guys for offers I see who is here when i get across the server boundry. i just not sure where i want to make my home eventually. lots of possibilities far as i can see. anyone know the approx duration of travel swimming lol.
  8. im not new i played years ago before all these servers were here just havent had the time to play as much as I want i might join a village for a while but eventually short time or long time i want to build my own place
  9. i started swimming already might be half way. i might still buy a sailboat if im going to need one again. it might be to hard to find me at this time.
  10. i cant plot course unless in a boat i thought? what way do i swim? just to any boarder or what? the maps dont say anything
  11. I have 3 silver in my bank I would like to move from chaos to independance. A few years ago the servers were switched to what they are now. for some reason I was placed on chaos server. Im a crafter not a fighter. I played wurm because I love all the crafting. I dont know why they put me on chaos. I did leather working to over 70 and I did a lot of terraforming and carpentry to 50 skill or so. I might join a village for a short time but I really like building up my own place if possible. I really just want to craft not participate in pvp. I do a little combat as needed but thats not my focus. if 3s is not enough I will make payments on a boat or buy some silver and pay. my gaming budget is around 20 a month. i buy a row boat for a few silver if it can be brought to me. I havent priced boats yet. sailboat be better if thats doable. i know how to survive on wurm just was hoping someone would be kind. I cover any expenses the next few weeks or I just grind my way out of here. Thanks i have a crude knife and mallet so far just need to make a regular carving knife then make a boat i guess.
  12. well guess i will stick to playing without a map of my world. I can live with that. most this game is about exploring anyway.