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  1. But if they are the only ones that kill the unique then they get to control the market because no one else is killing them so that means they are the only ones with the drop to sell, even if they're not meaning to control the market they are. I will be putting in effort, I may even join a group myself, but this is a problem that's been going around since the first unique creatures, that should be changed, in either making the slaying only public AND/OR by making the uniques spawn more often.
  2. Its not that I'm not willing, its that I do not have the money to do so, and have to send it on more important things. It is unfair because only one spawns every once and a great while, and should be for the community of wurm to kill, so everyone can have the chance to get the drop they need, not controlled by one person on who kills it. Some people do not have the time to go out and search for the unique creatures.
  3. The problem with unique creatures that has been going around since they have been around is that people are privately slaying them or keeping them as "pets", this is unfair and a monopoly because they get to control the market for the drops. this is unfair to must people like me because it makes it a zero to none chance of me being able to get the hide I want for armor, I have to spend all the coins I earn on upkeep and premium, and I am not going to send real life money to get the hide/armor either. this shouldn't be allowed. And, since they are so rare you may not be able to get enough of the drop without going though the monopoly, that is a problem as well I suggest to make the spawn rate a bit higher so people are able to enough of the drop they need.
  4. Copper Canyon is welcoming anyone who wants to join! We are M 22 on the in-game map right between the Eastern Steppe and Crystal Lake. We have space enough space for someone to build in a 5x4 area, or you can just live in the main building. We are part of a alliance called Eastern steppe alliance or ESA for short, everyone is surrounding the east steppe. Our mine is ready for use it had lead, gold and iron, and it is connected to the capital of ESA witch is Oak Harbour. Copper canyon has been settled here for 1 month, and no plans of disbanding anytime soon. The main building is the workshop / home with supplies for anyone to use, just replenish them as you go, if there is something are are not sure about do not feel afraid to ask me about it. The deed is not enclosed at all, so aggros will wander in, we do not have any Templars, but there is a guard tower on-deed, but still be on the look out for them. For the most part, our alliance is made up of folks who play somewhat "hermit" style. We're all happy to help as and when we can, but mostly do our own thing. If you're looking for a village with lots of village-participation activities to get involved in, we are probably not the right fit. However, if you're just after a spot to hang out, craft, build, and maybe jump into a chat about how amazing cheese and bacon are, we've got you covered. You do not have to pay for Rent or Upkeep While upkeep would be appreciated you do not have to send your silver on it when you could use it elsewhere. Message Supermastermind in game, send me a PM on the form, Or post a comment this form post to get more information or to join
  5. 1k items = 65c Glimmersteel lump 23 QL 0.00 DMG 0.12 Weight 1k sand for 1s No deliverys i have no boat to use to deliver yet 2 small barrels of honey 43 QL Longsword iron 70.07 QL 85f c59 n50 +rarity rune