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Found 7 results

  1. I'm looking for a map that is a completely flat square, one that loads. Whenever I make a flat map on the map maker, it won't start in game. And I don't mean mostly flat, I mean literally every single tile with 0 slope. I've already loaded a mostly flat one and spent over 10 hours levelling. I didn't even get through a tiny portion of it. I can't do more of that. Does something like this exist, or is anyone willing to make one for me? Failing that, I'd be happy with a GM tool that like paint tile that could level 81 squares at once without needing to sort out dropping or spawning dirt. Is there a mod like that? I've looked, but I can't find anything...
  2. Hello! I'm Synchronosis and I run a new deed named Grey Run on the Northwest coastal region of Pristine. I'm looking for new and old players alike to who want a friendly and active place to expand their Wurm experience. The deed is ocean-side. A water strip of tiles is on the deed for safe storage. There is a mine, expanded daily. 3 minute walk from Blossom Market. Friendly alliance included! PM me here or find me in game at Synchronosis to join today :)!
  3. Facilitates easy scanning to see where it's not flat is all.
  4. I could have sworn I saw someone list the elevation of the tallest mountains, but can no longer find it. Does anyone know? All the tallest mountains are leveled flat at their peaks, so if anyone lives on one and have measured, it would be awesome if you could share with me, either here or in a PM if you wish. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I provide a Digging Service on Independence 88 Digging Skill 1000 minimum to Dig 1,5K Clay/Tar 1S Delivery 10 Coordinates around Freedom Market free Terraforming: 10 Coordinates around Freedom Market on the Independence Community Map or Easy Access to Water and you provide a large Cart with Rafts and Horses 10i per Action or I can have the Dirt Any other Area PM me with your Coordinates
  6. How about adding Level to the tile edges as well so we can level one corner at a time? It would be a pretty good workaround to rock stopping all leveling. There would be no flat tile requirement, so all it would do is take the corner of the tile you're standing on and level the other corner alongside the edge you're leveling by either digging dirt into your inventory, or using dirt from your inventory to raise it. It would be nice in my opinion. Copied from my post here: http://forum.wurmonl...100#entry765431 - The thread was getting too messy.
  7. Selling two properties Lady's preserve is 113x89, with 3 guards coastal access with clay as part of the boat dock Ores include (80% uncovered still) Slate, Iron, Tin, Zinc, Marble It is very pristine(unbuilt) and well over 3/4 is farmable without modifying the tiles Has been fully dirted, comes with a few horses a 150 tile farm tree's and grapes planted all around 40 tiles away is a forest that comes with the second deed Purr's Hideaway has 1 guard 13x42 with tons of old/very old tree's and an Old Oak tree Buyout is 2 gold 40 silver