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  1. A few people have been waiting on this since Easter Spring/21. Still waiting on half price sales for Wurm. Pls and Ty
  2. Hi Wurm Forum Staffers, I've noticed that Northern Freedom Isles servers haven't been added to forum Accounts avatars profile pages. You might want to update that, guys and gals.
  3. A suggestion I have is to include more clothing for everyday wear. Things in medieval wear such as; Shirt, Chemise, Tunic, Bliaut, Herigaut, Houppelande, Surcoat, kirtle, Jupon, Gambeson, Tabard, Monastic Scapula, Cotehardie and Doublet. It might be interesting to have a larger selection of clothing with improvements in the subject of tailoring skills.
  4. the road needs correction it's flying off to the West when it should connect from the coast to the road to the North.
  5. A cats eyes road connects; #2589,3680 south to #2668,3743 Do you got any icons that represents wagoneers? curious
  6. I'd like to suggest this as an idea. That carts, wagons and ships be searchable. Many times I've dropped say a tool into a bowl and haven't found it in days. If I could find my misplaced item I wouldn't go crazy, looking and thinking where is it?! Anyways, thanks for listening.
  7. We're continuously working on the deed with new housing and a warehouse coming soon. To those who want to be a villager who lives here temp housing is available. For farmers, there's land to grow crops and store veggies. For cooks, there's a cantina to make all your recipes and much more. Looking for miners to surface mine and smiths to make tools, gear and weapons.
  8. Solatis Gateway(T20) Looking for new and old players to join our village in Southern Cadence It's a beautiful coastline location with spectacular views. What's available nearby, port for ships, hunting area, wood clearing, surface mining, housing. We offer fast delivery mailing box, Merchant, cantina for cooking, plenty of forges. We have the wagoneer and are building it a new location, be available soon. contact: pm either rkjasminth or Trisan(ig) This is a quick post with more to come...
  9. New Name change Knights of Grizzly(T20) is now called Solatis Gateway(T20) Thanks, Jas
  10. Due to changes in ownership this Alliance and deed will be closing down this post. Thank you for your replies to our posts.
  11. Thanks for the public Red Dragon slaying event! Hopefully I'll make it
  12. I really don't agree with Wurm going to VR. It's a waste of time and resources. I'd rather see what Finn is talking about by improving Java or switch to something else, to really upgrading the graphics. It's a shame hearing from first time players that the graphics are really old. It's making them not stay and leaving. I'd like to keep new villagers involved with Wurm but they're just not staying.:(
  13. For deeds that no longer exist & can be safely removed from map. Ty Wipeville(R20) Bluebell Creek(T20) .
  14. We're looking for villagers to help us up their skills in most all areas; carpentry, mining, surface mining, clay collection, cooking, and animal husbandry. Pm either me, Rkjasminth or Trison