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  1. Yup, same here stuck on "connect to server"
  2. Hello your welcome to join with us on Cadence, Solatis Gateway T20.
  3. Welcome to our village Flapjack! Good to have you here and looking forward to playing Wurm with us :)
  4. You've lobbied and no response? "I hope it'll happen one day" you said. Yikes! Not my fault but I'm sorry to hear that. Wurm Online's Cadence servers have been open for a few years now. Cadence opened - 21 August 2020 That should have been off, from us reading it, say 6 months min after the server opened?
  5. Good post! I hope you'll be happy on Mel. Would have liked to but I can't see your screenshots
  6. I find that Wurm gives me joy and can burn me out when I do too much. It's got it's pros and cons. When Wurm is bad I go do something else. simple as that. For the most part, I like learning the skills which gets me curious about it in real life. For instance, I've been watching YT videos about cow farmers, cow/horse hoof trimmers, animal chiropractors and pros mowing lawns. Very relaxing...like Wurm it's suppose to be fun and relaxing.
  7. Yes, Wurm is a simulation and can give joy but not like real life can. Nice house and I'm glad your happy :) Lovely you have there.
  8. Hi Solmark, today there's three ship tunnels to add at; 1. T19 - North#2517,3645 to South#2520,3758 2. T18 - North#2269,3623 to South#2267,3774 3. T17 - East#2267,3716 to West#2112,3715(this crosses into that tunnel at T18)
  9. Hi Wendi, Yes you can join us if your still looking for a place to live.
  10. Rift 09.04.2022

    This time around the Rift is right on the highway. For sailors there are two options; Arriving from the East there's canals to moor off of the rift at https://cadence.yaga.host/#3172,1351 and for those coming from the NW of Cad at https://cadence.yaga.host/#2861,1323. It's a short travel suggest to load cart/wagon or horse for transportation. Mine is available with iron, copper and silver(nearby the market) and forges are provided.
  11. Highway correction; remove line between #2675,3700 and #2676,3742. Deed no longer exists: Bree#2679,3308 Guard towers locations: #2646,3618; #2605,3671; #2660,3673; #2715,3750; #2610,3759
  12. Well that was fun :) I was really late for this rift but I got some points. Nice trader area set up...liked the colored lights
  13. At the time of writing this we are presently NOT recruiting at this time. Recently, we did a deed recruitment drive and happy to say we took in eight new villagers. Give us about a month and we might open this up again...cause you just never know.
  14. Wonky highway ~ pls straighten it out to match the roads. I hope that I'm doing these markers right. Ty! Grid T20 and S20: highway corrections South to North start[2695,3753][2695,3675][2689,3675][2688,3518][2694,3512][2702,3466]end East to West start: [2687,3678][2401,3678] South to North start: [2643,3678][2643,3408][2651,3405][2654,3398][2655,3379][2651,3375][2651,3366] [2643,3359][2625,3359][2623,3351][2605,3354] Grid S21: highway East to West;[2820,3465][2643,3466]