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  1. Hi Gawain, We've missed you! Welcome back to Wurm from dealing with all those real life illnesses & issues
  2. Aww...I'll be missing all the action for this rift as I'm heading out of town for rl commitments. Have fun Rifters!
  3. that was fun :) Ty Sinnjinn [20:09:03] You maul The aged starving kyklops deadly hard in the lower back and slap it.
  4. Misc. Items

    Will the tool pitchfork be added to Misc. Items skills list at all? I just noticed it wasn't there.
  5. Foggy Valley Highway(cats eyed) 2690, 3454 2690, 3474 2672, 3486 2672, 3501 2668, 3702 2640, 3699 La Place, 2735, 3576 is disbanded.
  6. I'd like to report Highway from Knights of Grizzly at Which follows North towards Bree and Wipetown, on the Westside of the lake. Route as follows; 2639, 3721; 2626, 3413; 2640, 3398; 2640, 3380; 2630, 3369. Also, reporting that Bluebell Creek is no longer active, disbanded.
  7. Recommended tool smith fast service and reasonable prices.
  8. Congrats Gawain on your engagement! All the best to you both and your future.
  9. FYI Here's the next dates & times Cad: 2021-02-02 03:00 AM Mel: 2021-02-02 01:01 PM Har: 2021-02-03 09:48 PM
  10. Knights of the Grizzly The settlement's goal is to create an atmosphere of merrymaking and establish a cooperative village with specialty skills and aims. Location: T20, Cadence Village Members: 9 Alliance Deeds: 7 The Knights of the Grizzly is the capital of the Western Union Alliance on Cadence. The Western Union Alliance was first founded on Deliverance many moons ago, around 8 years ago...when Wurm was young. First, we spread to Xanadu, next to Pristine, then to Release and Independence. Initially the alliance appeared in the Northern Isles on Harmony and colonized our home on Cadence. We strive to attend rifts at least once a month and have plans for additional events once deed construction is completed. If you are interested in talking with us, look in the game for Grizzlygrump, Rkjasminth or Trison.
  11. Dec 29, 2020 3:32:06 PM Rift A new Rift has been reported!(Area events) I logged on around this time as a server reset supposingly occured as others had said. After this so called reset...the rift moved locations and promptly closed. Yet I saw it in Bit of a mystery to me. ::shrugs::
  12. Your not alone. I know I'm getting the network error. A few others I know are waiting to log into game. Wurms got problems. To only have space for 80 players isn't wise...150 - 200 yeah. There should be a cue telling us what place we're waiting in.
  13. Western Union server is resetting tonight at midnight(CST) the password will no longer be functioning. A whitelist will be used. GM's are on everyday and get instant messages. I'll be at WO's Steam launch on the 24th
  14. Yes it is. On Steam pm rkjasminth. I do check my forum posts here time to time The Western Union Web page is a work project being developed as Mor speaks with his team of elf helpers. Eventually, the password on the server will be removed TBA
  15. Introducing WU The Western Union, Wurm Unlimited Server! Brought to you by former members of the Western Union Alliance on Xanadu and Independence. The server's dimensions include 12 PVE islands and a central PVP island. We have a great deal of mods, please visit our website to see the full list at link below. At present, main events are focusing on server projects, rather it is working on the starting towns or building roads. They occur every two weeks on Thursdays at 7pm (GMT -8). Eventually, we’ll be planning more events, but prizes are awarded to those who attend the events. Events will be announced via Steam Group calendar. Steam Group @ https://steamcommunity.com/groups/WU_The_Western_Union Map @ https://starshipctm.com/wuthewesternunion/map.html Mods list @: https://starshipctm.com/wuthewesternunion Details: * Characteristics start at 20 with the exception of body control and mind logic which is set to 25 * Players may have a main character and a priest alt, any additional alts may be frowned upon. * Deeds maintenance is set to free, but we ask that you do not make multiple deeds. We suggest that players join the Mol-Rehan Kingdom, as it is the most prepared, only those with the adventuring spirit can select Jenn-Kellon, or Horde of the Summoned. There are multiple CA’s to manage both the technical aspects of the server. Our CA's play at different times so there's a good chance someone will be available to support you. If not please open a ticket in game, or post your issues in the steam group discussions for server CA help. We are always looking out for devoted players to become community assistants (CA). PM Rkjasminth or Eridil for details on how to join the server. General Settings Name: WU The Western Union Tags: PvE - PVP- Free Deed - Bounties - Modded Server-Location: USA Central Est. Around March 2020 PvE and PVP Skill gain rate multiplier : 4x Kingdoms: Mol-Rehan Jenn-Kellon Horde of the Summoned