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  1. Hi Neenee, Happy holidays to you. 


    I was looking at titles in Wiki and it reads; "I'm a sawry at 50 skill"

    Is that right?


  2. Thank you Kinnick and special thanks to those who checked out our market, from Blend and I Solatis Gateway market is at T20 come on by!
  3. I'll be there for slaying. Ty for the invite
  4. Tried but failed to do anything. I got into that little starting area then had to leave rl stuff. I came back and pc only froze up and game crashed so I quit. Sorry
  5. Great updates and can't wait! With the topic of maps...most often being said is about Wurm's windowed small map(in game). "Why does Wurm not have a pinpoint on the map to show a players location."
  6. Highway changes: Additions + East to West #2689,3651; #2613,3652. South to North #2611,3677; #2613,3464. East to West #2643,3465; #2614,3465 Removals - East to West #2686,3677; #2616,3678 South to North #2643,3679; #2643,3653 Special places(S) Guard tower(Highway Militia) Grizzlygrump 594 #2660,3675 Guard tower Grizzlygrump 2 #2660,3725 Guard tower (Din Djarin Malitia) Themanicorian 610 #2611,3766 Guard tower (location T-20 South) Auragon 490 #2719,3750 Guard tower Coachtwotrio 234 #2760,3661 Guard tower Coachtwotrio 706 #2795,3644
  7. I'm hoping SFI will be having a Christmas imp along somewhere. I'd like to go and even volunteer.
  8. Yup, same here stuck on "connect to server"
  9. Hello your welcome to join with us on Cadence, Solatis Gateway T20.
  10. Welcome to our village Flapjack! Good to have you here and looking forward to playing Wurm with us :)
  11. You've lobbied and no response? "I hope it'll happen one day" you said. Yikes! Not my fault but I'm sorry to hear that. Wurm Online's Cadence servers have been open for a few years now. Cadence opened - 21 August 2020 That should have been off, from us reading it, say 6 months min after the server opened?
  12. Good post! I hope you'll be happy on Mel. Would have liked to but I can't see your screenshots
  13. I find that Wurm gives me joy and can burn me out when I do too much. It's got it's pros and cons. When Wurm is bad I go do something else. simple as that. For the most part, I like learning the skills which gets me curious about it in real life. For instance, I've been watching YT videos about cow farmers, cow/horse hoof trimmers, animal chiropractors and pros mowing lawns. Very relaxing...like Wurm it's suppose to be fun and relaxing.