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Found 584 results

  1. Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. What We Offer ➽ Community Essentials: Forum, Website, Discord, IRC ➽ Active, chatty people in Alliance Chat ➽ A community that stretches not only across one but currently FIVE servers ➽ Regular Events for Members only (treasure hunts, jousting & other fun stuff) ➽ Regular Giveaways (Public & Private) ➽ Guides & Support ➽ Alliance Trading Post (deed & people dedicated to trading with and for members) ➽ Alliance Capital (giant deed with only rare+ furnishing) ➽ Public & Private Slayings ➽ Multiple Alliance Managers to ensure survival of the community Come Visit Us! Website: Forum: Discord: Check out featured alliance deeds and more about us in Wurm here: We are looking to expand to Release, Pristine and Chaos! If you are interested in becoming an alliance manager for one of these servers, please get in touch! We are an alliance, not a village. If you would like to join a village associated with us, please let me know! The requirements to join with your deed are simple: We do not restrict you or your village's activities in any way. We do not require participation in any events or giveaways. We do not ask you to leave other alliances on other servers, or your PvP kingdoms. We do not ask you to maintain permanent activity. The #1 way to be removed from the alliance is to lose your deed. In this case you automatically lose membership of the alliance. The #2 way to be removed is if you break the few rules we have and cause damage to our community. It is important to us to emphasize that PvP players are allowed to join our group, but any PvP grudges held against other players are not to be brought into our community environment. We exist to unite players to create a unique group of people, not to fuel wars between kingdoms on PvE servers. Current Deed Count Xanadu: 64 Current Deed Count Deliverance: 40 Current Deed Count Independence: 6 Current Deed Count Celebration: 11 Current Deed Count Melody: 11 Current Deed Count Release: 1 Current Deed Count Harmony: 1 Alliance Managers: 8 Last Update: 2020/08/05 If you have any questions or would like to join, please contact us in one of the following ways: ✎ Comment Here For XANADU ✉ Send a private message to @Dracaa or @leander For DELIVERANCE ✉ Send a private message to @VelvetSun For INDEPENDENCE ✉ Send a private message to @Shrimpiie For CELEBRATION ✉ Send a private message to me. For MELODY ✉ Send a private message to @Gawainor to me. For RELEASE ✉ Send a private message to @Alpengeist For HARMONY ✉ Send a private message to @nachtiti Pass me a PM in-game on Yldrania Contact us via our Forums or Discord! ALLIANCE HISTORY
  2. As much as I enjoy Enki's re-naming of animals - this one seems to have miscarried somehow: A bunch of bison, renamed as Rudolphs, is stuck on Exodus - they don't move, cannot be lead or attacked. Bison are in short supply and it would be good if this lot could be "released". http://
  3. Updated: 19 July 2018 Interactive Map - (recommended) Map Image File /map.jpg Map Dump Image File /mapdump.jpg Flat Map Image File /mapflat.jpg Globe Just for fun Help Page How To Contribute Please submit all deeds you find that aren't on the map and any deeds you find disbanded in this post. Recently disbanded deeds don't need to be submitted as there is now a system in place to alert me to it. The deed will be removed in the next map update. If you own a deed that was added but you don't want it on there PM me and I will remove the name but for the sake of accuracy leave the deed marker. Be exact as possible using the X/Y coordinates (not in game coordinates) or preferably the map pointer link from the interactive map. For new roads or canals an image with an example will be most helpful. Also include if you would like a mailbox, merchant or public trader icon by your deed name. Unlike mailboxes etc. which are just placed by the deed name, guard towers will be placed where they actually are on the map. When I 'like' your submission post it means I've updated the master file and it will appear in the next map update. Deeds needing to be checked if they still exist: Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this map over the years, it would not be possible without the support of the community.
  4. Hey Wurmians, Just a quick post to say that I sell affinity meals. WHAT? Well no and yes, I'm not a bulk supplier, I can 100% guarantee to sell you any affinity you need, want or just like. Taste my free meal and let me do the rest. Not really taking orders here, meals are cooked as needed, but a happy customer said I should put something up ... so UPS So keep an eye out for me in the TRADE channel. A couple of tips 1) Get a larder, these goodies are worth keeping 2) Don't fill up on them too much it's like KFC ... it starts super awesome 3) When you are eating mash the ESC key 4) My best so far is 21 affinities beat that
  5. I'm looking to buy a breeding pair of 5 speed horses on Exo. Colour isn't too important, as long as they aren't grey I'm located at N8, so somewhere not too far away would be cool so I can collect without a massive voyage! Please PM here or Samvimes ingame.
  6. Wurmonline. A game that is often undervalued due to its tedious activities. Usually, a newbie will spend their first time getting lost in the wild, realize their limited options in crafting, and eventually quit. Those who make an effort to explore the game more either deal with the issues they approach, or reach for assistance. There is community assistance available, but most feel some sort of guilt when asking too many questions. Also, the CA help channel will not provide assistance in any form besides verbal. Eventually, a player realizes that the best option is to work with others to achieve the greatest achievements possible. Build luxurious buildings, pave the world around you, craft the finest tools, fight against the uniques, and more. Moonlight Shadows is a deed made specifically to experience Wurm to the fullest. Image of deed from the front, on a bridge. Moonlight Shadows is located on s18 in Exodus. We will provide a ride if you do not live in Exodus. You may contact Yiraia or Pumpernickel in game. Q: Why would I want to join Moonlight Shadows? Q: Are there any reasons why I should not join Moonlight Shadows? Q: Are there any requirements to become a villager? Q: What are the rules? Q: How welcoming are you to people that do not natively speak English?
  7. CLEARANCE SALE!! SUPER FUN! No more fun!
  8. Black Pearl on Exodus (s16 ingame map) is looking for new villagers to join. Black Pearl on Exodus was founded january 2012, just 4 months after the release of Exodus in 2011. From then on it has grown and prospered. More then 50 players have been villager here over the years. Some still play in Black Pearl while others took off to found their own village after learning Wurm in Black Pearl. Black Pearl is part of the South Pearl alliance. Black Pearl is located in a region called South Exodus (SEX - dont let this scare you). South East of Black Pearl is Mount Sherriff, one of the highest mountains of Exodus, with a spectacular view from the top. North of us lies Skeleton Desert, after the Great Northern Desert the second desert of Exodus. To the west we have Fraser Bay, open water, and Fraser Bay Bridge (a landbridge to the Goblin Peninsula). What has Black Pearl to offer to you: Black Pearl is by far the largest village in the deep south of Exodus, both in size as in number of villagers. This means there are mostly other villagers that can help you through the exciting first weeks of your wurming experience, but there is also some safety to protect you from the (abundant) local wildlife. We are gradually expanding. After you build your house on your own plot, there are many possibilities to continue in Wurm, and we from Black Pearl will try to accomodate this, if it is within our possibilities. You can become hunter, farmer, miner, smitty, carpenter, cook, priest, etc.or all if you have difficulty choosing one of them..... We are located directly south of Skeleton Desert, a great hunting area for the more skilled hunter. But with the use of guards from the guard towers even new players can assist in the killing of strong crocodiles or hellious scorpions. Also we have a harbor with access to open water, so why not make a rowing boat and row away, and start fishing.... In the Hall of Black Pearl Castle we have a complete set of village rules for you. What do we want from you: We dont expect you to pay a monthly contribution, though donations to village upkeep are welcome all the time. We want you to contribute to the community though, so having a basic understanding of english is advised. Keep your chat channels open, cause we dont do teamspeak or so. Wurm is to the most of us an easy paced game and we like to keep it that way. Who do you contact: Mayor is Brocules. Co-Mayor is Beka. Both you can address for further information.
  9. I wish to buy myself a knarr, I can pickup anywhere on Exodus Thanks Jecna ingame
  10. As said before. Have killed 4 random animals (bull, 2x spider, hen and a troll) and all gave me 4% towards the mission to kill 40 cave bugs. This is on exodus.
  11. I'm looking to buy a female champion dog on Exodus. Price can be negotiated if you have one, in Euros or silvers. Let me know!
  12. I want to sell a 70 ql spyglass 4.5s. Pm if interested.
  13. Looking for 90 Euros or 1 gold. Verified PayPal only. PM if interested. Cheers.
  14. 1, QL 93.4 Rare iron longsword [13:19:05] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [84] [13:19:05] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [83] [13:19:05] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [76] 9s 2, QL 90.08 Rare iron longsword [17:22:58] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [94] [17:22:58] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [90] [17:22:58] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [82] 11s 3, QL 90.27 Rare iron longsword [17:26:53] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [70] [17:26:53] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [81] [17:26:53] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [82] [17:26:53] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [72] 10s Can do Demise casts on request free of charge.
  15. Hello. I have: Dragon scale pieces: 0.38 kg mixed (blue and red) for sale. Price : 25s (no offers) Red dragon scale armor pieces: 1 Chest : 45s 1 Glove : 12s 1 Glove : 12s 1 Boot : 27s If someone takes it off of my hands at once then i'm willing to do a deal.
  16. Heya, As the title says: Also includes a rare mailbox: [2016-09-08] [13:49:32] A decorated model of a castle that works as a mailbox. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 58.31805, Dam: 0.0. [2016-09-08] [13:49:32] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'P.xr.aper'. [2016-09-08] [13:49:32] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [90] And an LMC with some damage: [2016-09-08] [13:49:35] A large chest that prevents non-food decay while having normal decay itself. It can not be repaired or picked up. It is made from birchwood. It can not be improved. Ql: 40.0, Dam: 39.6061. (Owner not playing afaik atm) Deed location is o/p 7 ingame map, next to the mountain facing W. For extra money i can throw in an prem mayor with prem for 20+ days from today. PM me offers!!
  17. Howdy ladies and gentlements, Seeling 40 sleep powders on Exodus. 1s per sleep powder OR 10 SP 9,5 s 20 SP 18,5 s 30 SP 27 s 40 SP 35 s No delivery. Pickup at Port Royal (k9 on Exodus) Post here, PM on forums or ingame. Enjoy
  18. As topic says, looking to sell a full Black drake set (chest is rare) all Boston Brand armor and 3 hota's. All are red. All coin/money goes to help out Chiqa, as her husband was taken off his ventilator yesterday afternoon. I will accept Verified paypal or coin, highest offer takes it. Hota's are at Misty Harbor in Exodus, I will not deliver them, but I can mail the drake if you are wanting to risk it. Thanks much! EDIT: This is for the original owner of Chiqa, she now plays Chiqqa. SALE IS OVER, THANK YOU ALL AND THE NEW OWNERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED
  19. The Old Contemptibles located on the North East corner of Exodus has a excellent stock of Empire of Mol-Rehan wagons, banners, guard towers. Empire of Mol-Rehan Wagon Merchants found inside the Azkaban Pub located inside the Azkaban Embassy, Banners/Guard Towers on merchant. Empire of Mol-Rehan Guard Tower These items in very limited supply and can no longer be made Kingdom Banners - 5s Tall Banners - 5s Flags - 2s Guard Towers - 1s 25c Wagons - 15s Contact Aranarth in game or Jakerivers on forums for more details. Location
  20. Located on Exodus H2O The Nomads. Pm me for details
  21. Magic City Stables and Barn We've got every animal you could need! PM Seedlings if you are looking for specific stock! Prices are based on pick up from Magic City @D21 Exodus. Delivery can be arranged. 4 and 5 speed horses are available through the merchant at Magic Mall. HORSES 5 Speed - 40c 4 Speed - 20c 3 Speed - 5c 5 Speed Breeding Pair - 75c 4 Speed Breeding Pair - 35c 3 Speed Breeding Pair - 10c HELL HORSES Coming soon! SHEEP 0 Speed - 5c 3 Speed - 10c BISON 0 Speed - 5c 3 Speed - 15c COWS 0 Speed - 5c 3 Speed - 15c BULLS 0 Speed - 5c 3 Speed - 15c DEER Regular - 10c Champion - 1s
  22. Missions seem to be broken on exodus, not giving sleep bonus when completed. I have completed two missions without getting any sleep bonus and so have several other players. Most recent missions just says "FAILED" with a fail date of "Failed: 12/31/69 7:00 PM" The missions itself was only about 13-14 hours old and was completed normally.
  23. I have 3 deeds available, 2 on Exodus and 1 on Independence. 2 deeds have on deed mines and the other located in the wilds of Exodus has good mines close by. There is room to build your own place on the deeds if desired or existing buildings ready to use. I can supply materials/tools/armor/weapons to get a new player setup. This is a great opportunity for someone who would like the freedom of there own deed, but not yet ready to deed their own land in Wurm. Contact me here on the forums or my alt Aranarth in game if interested.
  24. I'm looking to buy some speed horses in Exodus, I can trade horses with some Enchanted Grass Tiles. PM me or /tell Rajan Thanks.