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  1. Valhalla Rising (175,741) special situation to note.. daydream believer is now abandoned.. i will be expanding more once the 2 buildings next to me decays fully.. not sure if you want to keep an abandoned deed on map or remove it
  2. add Wolfwater coordinates are #3434, 1256 on harmony .. thank you
  3. i will be there for sure .. and will bring one friend with me. congrats and well done..
  4. Hello.. i have been playing Wurm Online for several months now and noticed that a major skill could be added to the game.. Glassblowing. that would make sand more valuable .. forge and sand.. This would allow us to make stuff like wine bottles, beer bottles, milk bottles, glasses, ornate figurines, glass window panes. which would include stain glass.. for the windows for say a church.. or to color your bottles for your wine, beer or whatever. like a colored glass vase. and if desired . could add this skill to make spyglasses.. or binoculars. or even a magnifying glass. . and colored glass could also be used for jewelry or clothing like rhinestones look to them.. and glass figurines choices leaves you plenty of choices to exploit.. .. I am actually surprised we don't have this skill yet.. I would deeply appreciate if others who like this idea . would make their support known.. Thank you for your time . Sincerely Sabrinawaveshadow.. Mayor of Valhalla on Cadence..
  5. Sabrinawaveshadow bids 3s.. ( my image didn't load my name so i am making sure i cover the basis need)