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  1. yes.. you need to make it allowed.. the big part of the game is the design options .. you don't need to remove cool and practical options such as this.. and you need to also add the narrow window option to the stone.. Geez ALL other stone have a narrow window option but the basic stone.. oh and do not just bury this as you did have it once. . reverse the decision or please give me a name to send a petition if needed. thank you.. and for those who want this back lets push this. thanks get everyone to post.. new, old, heck we will even take devs putting their 2 cents in as well . thanks.. Sabrinawaveshadow
  2.,955 Dragon's Peak ( cords 3377, 955 ),1005 Dragon's Peak Port Authority District (cords 3379, 1005) thank you
  3. Currently many alliances have members all over the map so to speak.. We have pvp portals to go to the pvp server.. My idea , hopefully community endorsed, is to have "Alliance Portals" Purpose is to help rapid travel across the map to other alliance members.. Here are a few examples of immediate benefit. 1. many sermons occur with in an alliance., in this case many would be able to attend without a hour or longer trip to and from for those who live far away. Myself for example is over 4k from our alliance's usual sermon location. 2. fast travel to aid other alliance members , whether it be a hunting party, assistant labor, or to help with a skill that the other may not possess at the level needed to achieve their goal.. 3. for new members and perhaps newbies with deeds in remote areas, this allows alliance member to come and provide aid and other services. I would suggest that it would act similar to a waystone routing .. . if a deed in the alliance , leaves, or disbands, then the portal would have to be reattuned. (24hr delay) and to add more to the importance of the portal. QL would matter.. 10 ql to operate to one other alliance deed and each increment of 10 adds to one additional deed accessiable.. if an alliance many other deeds. then multiple portals would be needed.. or you would have to be selective or create their own system network to reach their destination.. It should be doable as you have some of the programming already in use.. . such as the portal in use now only difference is the destination is the same server... .. and one thing that i just realized .. it could be used at rifts since many do an elaborate base of operations anyway.. for their alliance and friends. . i would say only the character and his gear may travel thru the portal. allowing animals which would be nice, but some restrictions should be considered to prevent the normal hwy system from lowering its importance
  4. Dragon's Peak #3381, 955 Cadence F23 Dragon's Peak Port Authority District #3368, 1001 Cadence F23 both are need deeds in area.. and thank you...
  5. Decided to sell deed and build elsewhere.. so this is not longer needed thank you ....
  6. The listed name on the token is Absolutezabba is the mayor's listed name currently
  7. Greetings. I am in search of the owner or spokesperson of authority of cradle. I plan to do a MAJOR expansion. and this directly affects your deed.. If i expand to max allowance. it will take 85% of the water tunnel to you. but regardless the tunnel will be deeded over to some degree . no choice. but the other item of consequence is that the expansion would totally wipe out your off deed mine. If i am unable to reach you in a timely manner this outcome will come to pass. I am going to deed up to backside of the mine for a couple of weeks as we try to track you down.. I hope you do look at forms or someone of your fiends know how to reach you.. .. So if anyone does know how to reach the owner of Cradle please contact me. or one of my citizens in Valhalla.. i am on daily for well over 12 hrs per day as an usual minimum.. If i have had no contact by February the 21st, I will proceed to extend further assuming that you are no longer playing the game and that your deed is only waiting for the upkeep funds to expire.. .My in game name is Sabrinawaveshadow. mayor of Valhalla.
  8. this is the second time today after maintenance that i can not place an unfinished fence into the crafting window.. .. the first time i relogged and it did not change anything.. then i removed my fence bars from inventory thinking i was carrying too much.. this actually worked and the issue resolved itself.. now it is doing the same thing ,, and i relogged and no change.. this time however; i had nothing in my inventory.. Each time it says that "You're too busy" i have done hundred of fences.. and this never occurred before.. I cant even finish my current project now because of this bug.. please look into this..
  9. not sure if this is related to the lag.. but the other day i had my wagoner decide to go cross country instead of following the hwy.. it entered my towns center which only has regular roads.. it then decided to climb a 30 grade thru a fence and thru a building.. then it crossed the highway which it ignored .. to continue cross country.. thru a deed i know is locked out.. (no access except locked gates) then thru another's deed where i lost track of it.. again this may not be related to the lag.. but in some way it could possibly.. thus i am sharing this with you.. to day I see the wagoner wagons following the highway but only 2 tile at a time.. i suspect the lag issue is hidden in an odd place.. thus it may or may not be related to wagoner wagons deciding to travel cross country instead of following established highways.. and this is by no means a complaint.. just trying to help you guys out .. i love the game... I just wish i was more knowledgeable in programming.. but don't let all this lag BS bring down your spirits.. we all support the work you do to make our experience better.. Oh if i recall , i read something where bandwidth helps increase data processing but i know very little on this.. just putting it out there from a guy that knows little but wants to help.. hope your day and weeks are positive.. thumbs up for all your efforts to fix this..