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  1. Cash shop Coming Soon ™
  2. [18:47:13] Scottius slain by Zigon, Titanic, Gianna, Zentil, Rhianna, Acer [18:49:36] Judicator slain by Zehive, Rolandt, Zentil, Ciray, Rhianna, Acer, Zigon, Titanic, Gianna, Moonpoppy, Johnny [18:51:54] Togiodi slain by Sphygmo, Mith, Zehive, Rolandt, Manik, Zentil, Rhianna, Zigon, Arudash, Titanic, Brunwulf, Gianna, Moonpoppy, Johnny [18:54:24] Bloodyhell slain by Mith, Zehive, Rolandt, Zentil, Ciray, Rhianna, Zigon, Titanic, Gianna, Moonpoppy, Johnny [18:55:17] Deathangel slain by Mith, Rolandt, Arudash, Ciray, Rhianna, Acer, Gianna, Moonpoppy, Johnny
  3. Would be nice to see a new path change for people who had hate and now are stuck without the damage they worked to get.
  4. I'd like to add my village Ram Ranch 43y/49x and here is a picture that is within 1-2 tiles of th actual token if you zoom in.
  5. I've already setup my setlement, I'll reach out to HughMongus and you about joining the alliance.
  6. I know he's done plenty, poking fun at his tactless forum posts. Now to contribute to this thread, I won't really comment on the NPC's coming to WU but I will say that is one of the most beautiful and highly detailed area's I've ever seen in wurm, great job I'd love to see more projects like this just for the pure creativity.
  7. Really constructive comment, glad to see you're helping....
  8. Software Version. 10.13.3 Kernel: Darwin Java 8 update At first it would just show the wurm screen, never load the launcher. After a reboot I was able to get the wurm screen, then these errors. Are there some special settings I need to set , from what I've read it shoould just work? But seeing the threads in here doesn't seem to be the case. Launch File Exception Wrapped Exception
  9. Looks really nice! and will be super useful connecting crystal lake to those more inland deeds! Good work team!
  10. The names, Thekraken, I'm a 6+ year player whose played on almost every server at some point in time. I'm looking to join an alliance in indy, I'm active most days ( ughhh like that work thing gets in the way...) I really enjoy wurm for the sense of community, so I'm looking for an active alliance, where I can contribute. I'd love to be apart of a large project, working towards a goal, something that is bigger than just me. I'm an easy going guy and down for just about anything. My timezone is EST and play at nights. If you want to know more specifics about me PM me in game or on the forums.
  11. Would be neat to be able to export all the data from the live skills monitor into a CSV, mainly each skill tick with a timestamp, could use for many things but I see myself using it in excel to test various ways of grinding.
  12. The problem with ideas like this is the balancing things like this is very hard for the game. Especially when it comes to the PVP side of the game. I'd be cool with things like this if the truly forked the game and left it only to the PVE side of the game.
  13. I'll do my best to describe this. Basically I have 3 monitors, 2 are external and one is the laptop screen. The primary one bing the left most which is externl. Basically it goes, external(perimary) external 2nd(extended), laptop(extended). All three are running at 1920x1080. The wurm online client runs fine on both the external monitors but on the laptops monitor whenever I right click and try to look around it goes crazy and has random movements and is completely unusable as I can't control where I'm looking. I briefly recall hearing about this before and I don't know if there is a solution to this or not but if there is please let me know. I'm on win10 enterprise 64 bit with the latest version of 64 bit java.
  14. Its a really shitty situation but I don't think there is a real good solution to GM's getting involved in situations like this. If GM's were to start getting involved and taking sides and returning items it would cause more issues than now. Also the information the GM's have accesss to is limited to Wurm, they have no true proof of paypal logs and such. Screenshots of logs are so easy to fake. Probably not a popular opinion but I'd much rather them have no involvement in issues like this than let every little johnny in this game dispute every transaction and waste the GM's time and possibly get items back that were sold via a legit transaction. Say in this case, obvious this scum bag stole drake,scale,account, whats the solution if the GM's do get involved? Do they go find those sets of scale that are now sold and take them back ? Do they get reimbursed? Do we give them a new set of scale? all of these options are bad and would anger a lot of people as it would dilute the economy which is a major feature of this game. So as I do think this is a shitty situation I have no sympathy for the account holder who didn't properly secure his account. You can blame no one but yourself when you get your account stolen back if you don't change the email/pass right away. As for MD thats the only one I feel bad for he was caught in the blast radius and it sucks.