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Found 24 results

  1. I created a secondary low graphics settings profile on my laptop, as I want it to run cooler in the current heat, but the selected settings profile is not persisted in the launcher, so it's very easy to get the wrong profile selected. Steps to reproduce: 1) Create a new settings profile from inside the client (mine is called 'low') and save it. 2) Quit the game and start the launcher (not changing the profile). 3) Check which settings profile is set in the launcher. Expected: The last selected settings profile from inside the client should be selected in the launcher. Actual: The profile previously selected in the launcher is selected. EDIT: I noticed that if the problem was different from what I initially thought. The problem is actually that the launcher does not remember (or get notified of) a change in settings profile that you do in the client. If you select the profile in the launcher, it is correctly set in the client and persisted in the launcher as well. This is of course a very minor problem, even more minor than what I thought the issue was before.
  2. Hello. I've been out of wurm for a couple months and i come back to find visual settings are (or appear to be!) different! O.o I mount my horse and this is what i see: i would greatly appreciate any/all help in correcting this! It's not very easy to see where I'm riding like this! lol thanks
  3. I attended the rift event last night on Indy. I got killed and an alliance mate decided to pick up my corpse and carry it back to my village, instead of letting me do so with my alt. I had set release corpse so my alt could do so and spent way too long looking for it before the alliance mate told me what he did. Due to some stupid mistakes on my part it was almost a day before I got back to my village. When I went to get my items, I got the message that I was unable to loot my own corpse. I tried a lot of things, the only way I found to break that was to do release corpse a second time. I should not have had to do that, it's my corpse.
  4. When players create new character, select Mol Reah of another kingdom. They spawn near Winkshir So.. i have standart settings of spawn points for all 4 kingdoms. Home server disabled. Help me please fix this
  5. So I bought a new computer. It's the Dell XPS9350-5340SLV 13.3 Inch QHD+ Touchscreen Laptop (6th Generation Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD) Microsoft Signature Edition from Amazon: I installed the dell driver updates and ran ninite updates, manually edited the settings to fix some other problems, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to edit the settings via the icon. Whenever I mouseover the gear icon, it disappears, and when I click on it, it opens up. I can change tabs, but if I try to click on any dropdown menus, the dropdown turns black and everything freezes. Also, because the screen resolution is so high, and Wurm doesn't seem to scale pixels, all of the words are suuuuper tiny. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I could fix either of these problems? Thank you!
  6. Hello! There is a feature of using different configuration sets for different characters. When I create a profile, let's say "priest", and add this profile as default one to one of my character, then try to log in into game with different profile selected, character still uses "priest" profile, not one I have selected in GUI. I hope this is understandable, if not I will add screenshots.
  7. So far I am loving the unstable. I do not see much difference yet but I have only played a small amount of time. on it. I am running it at 4k max settings and getting 40-65 fps. Now to my suggestion. Please make keybind settings, predictive as well as selective. What I mean is when I had to reset my keybinds for chat and toolbar because I am assuming it was a bug but they were wiped when I ran unstable. I had to scroll through the list and select the key I wanted, when in predictive I would just select the keybind and hit the key I want to assign to it. Making the whole thing faster. (and let us not mention more in line with current applications settings)
  8. I wanted to make settings profiles for running accounts while I'm afk to run at a lower intesity, we used to be able to do this w/ wurm online but WU doesn't allow it. I have gone and created two seperate directories in the config folder and attempted to set the settings differently, but the options are saved and loaded only from the default folder, no matter what profile have selected.
  9. I hope it's okay to post this here, but I was curious what everyone's favorite Skill and Action modifiers are for servers in Wurm Unlimited so I made a poll. The results of this poll should be useful for server hosts and people who plan to host their own server in the future so they know which values appeal to the most amount of players. POLL: (Using strawpoll since I posted this on the Steam forums too) I personally like 3-5x Skill and 1.5-2.5x Action since it allows for more specialization, and I miss being able to alt-tab while doing actions in Wurm Online, so any very high Action timers just feel unnatural to me.
  10. Since day one, I've wished I could change all my volume levels for Music, Ambient, creature, fighting, etc. I also want this to be controlled while INGAME and not something that requires logging to change. I'm sure it is just a Java issue, but by golly, please figure out a way to solve it I imagine a world where I can listen to the Wurm soundtrack when playing casually, then turn it off when I think I hear some sneaky critter near by. Where as I am sailing and need a quick compass heading, I can just disembark, check, embark, then turn down that awful water sloshing sound (because nobody seems to want this fixed?) and keep sailing. Where I can be playing, while in a Webex meeting with work, muting the game, but leaving the webex volume normal, so I don't miss my meeting. Pretty much every game does this. I think our Code Club devs are more than smart enough to do it too. Just need to talk Rolf into letting them tackle it and I know they can figure it out. I have 195 yellow potions I'm happy to donate to any dev player account as incentive, because they are fun!
  11. Looking for information on the newer server setting "Tree Spread Odds". I cannot find anything on Wpedia or in news notes. Does someone have a link or can briefly explain? What is the range that can be entered, etc. Thanks!
  12. I have a 4k resolution laptop and have recently been trying to run Wurm on it. Needless to say the entire HUD is unusable; everything is super tiny. I searched on the forum a bit and they already reported the issue a few years ago and it just got shrugged off. Well, 4k resolution is getting quite popular now; when will it get resolved? ALso, attempting to change any of the graphics settings which have a dropdown crashes the entire application. For example, I was trying to change the game as a simple windowed app hoping it would fix the scaling but that's not even possible I can't even change the resolution..
  13. I couldn't find anywhere in the 100k plus listings so can we merge two or more deeds in settings by doing away with one side of the outer perimeter? For instance..I would drop the West side perimeter and they would drop the East side perimeter so there would not be 10 tiles unprotected tiles between us. Reason would be mostly for creation of a Market area.. attached to the main living area. With a setting of "Merge Deed with _________ , drop West(drop down select) perimeter." Just simple and you could even charge the outer perimeter cost if you're concerned with money lost on monthly payments. Just an idea.
  14. When you fist try to open settings from in-game the window does not come to the top like it does in the online version. I was watching a video by a guy that was new to wurm on YouTube and it reminded me about the issue as he was having trouble with it too. Also please add in an option to have the launcher remember our password if we want.
  15. So I've noticed that the settings for running your own server are pretty juiced up - so what changes, if any, have you made? I'm finding crops to be growing ridiculously fast - even at 0.1 they're growing faster than I care for them to. What settings are you using (crops, skill gain, silver, etc.?)
  16. The graphics settings have separate entries for "TreePosition render distance" and "StructureData render distance". However, if you set "TreePosition render distance" to a short value (e.g. "very short") all distant structures (buildings...) disappear as well. It seems those two settings are actually not separated.
  17. Boat settings are not working when the boat is on deed for anyone but the owner of the boat. (deed was not mine - no permissions) I had an alts boat out before the last server shutdown and when the server was back up i could not use the boat. I had permissions with village and friends to drive the boat but was not able to do anything other then manage the boat. I logged on the boats owner and he could use the boat just fine and once the boat was off deed tiles my main was able to use the boat again so seems the boat being on deed tiles somehow messed it up. Note: All this was on an alts rowboat Edit: (update) Seems the boat is working fine on my own deed so it seems to be only on other peoples deeds..idk
  18. Hey all, I have been fighting with the game for awhile now trying to make it playable as it generally will completely freeze when it decides it needs to load something. The FPS will hit 0 and then jump back up for a time being until the game is forced to load something again. This happens with all settings on the lowest possible setting, including taking all animations off as well. Solution you can try: My computer is horrible, dual core with a GTX 460 with 8Gigs of ram, so I do not expect a lot out of it. However I was able to get a nice fluid game play with even decent graphics and distance rendering settings by going in to my Nvidia settings and checking out the 3D settings. For some reason my settings were set to have the CPU handle all 3D rendering thus bogging down the system. I changed this setting to have the GTX 460 handle all 3D rendering and it has been amazing! Anyways, maybe this will help someone. - Sin
  19. Hi - I cannot see walls or floors - i think i might have messed up the graphics settings, including the default and dont know how to fix this - please help.
  20. I would like to suggest a settings option, that sets all settings to max performance, for those really laggy situations, like massive crowds at Impalongs and Boss hunts. One click to turn off shadows, bloom, animations, render distances, etc. Everything but screen resolution. I know we can create our own custom settings to do just that, but requires a relog in most cases. Would love to be able to click to low graphics/max performance, in the middle of game play. Nothing worse that getting crashed out, right as the red dragon dies. Most games allow for quick performance settings changes on the fly. A settings change that does not require a person know what all those individual settings mean, like antialiasing and bloom.
  21. I would like to suggest the following changes to deed settings: 1. Allow a tick box in Manage Role settings for allowing people to tame animals on deed. Allows for the non citizen person to tame horses and swop your horse shoes and saddles if need be. 2. Please separate the section where the "lead animals" and "pick up things" are in the one section. Make it two sections, one for leading animals on deed, another for picking up stuff on deed. And just some wishful thinking: Is it at all possible to allow individual players to get certain roles rather than their whole village? Please? Thanks
  22. Equipping tower guards with weapons can help them a lot, but it can be troublesome to locate each tower guard as they run around the area of the tower. My proposition is the guard tower should be considered a container which you can open and stockpile weapons inside. Tower guards that spawn will automatically equip whatever is available in the stockpile. This will make it much easier to make sure your tower guards are armed at all times. The guard tower's inventory can be managed by its creator, who may set permissions similar to a cart or a boat governing who is allowed to access the container. (Everyone, Friends, Village, Kindom, etc.) +1 If you support this idea, constructive comments and suggestions are welcome!
  23. Token selling is a fine feature, I'm a fan of the concept, but I personally refuse to use it (anymore). I accidentally sold my 80ql butchering knife to a token and refused to use the feature since. I just talked with somebody who did the same thing, selling his rare butchering knife because he miss clicked sell as opposed to trade. A simple option in the game settings to remove the menu option would be a great thing to have to prevent things like this from happening. My apologies if this has already been suggested.