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  1. Bundle price for anything you have left in eu, plus delivery?
  2. Price in eu for everything left plus delivery?
  3. Looking for any interesting bundles. Rares, decor, tools, etc If you have a bundle of items you are wanting to sell last minute for really cheap, I might be interested. Hurry before it's too late.
  4. Oh duh sorry. Forgot to say ingame name and that I used an alt name here because my name was taken lol. Ty
  5. Can you cod me rare pickaxe axe large maul shovel stone chisel (all those rare if multiple then any would do) and supreme knife Edit: I can pay via paypal if you prefer.
  6. I let the person I posted for know there may be a red set available but that you were undecided on selling. Can message her ingame if you want, she just doesnt use the forumn and is awkward when it comes to talking to people lol you can pm me for her username if you wanted to. Edit: I am gonna show her that I said this, because it will be funny.
  7. In euros, I'm not sure. The person I'm looking for the set for had a reputable source tell them they should typically sell for around a gold. I wouldnt want to say who told them that until I had their permission to quote them though. So i am guessing 100eu.
  8. Seems 40 to 60 silver is about typical for drake, from what I've seen.
  9. Just PM or leave a comment here if you've got a set, with price please. I really dont want to guess at prices or play the haggle game. I'm sure you know what price you are willing to accept. Preference is scale but potentially willing to look at drake depending on availability and price. Can pay in silver or via paypal. Would be a quick painless sale for whoever has the right goods at the right price. (p.s I'm not flirting, I just have something in my eye.)
  10. Will bid 100eu for all three. Down side to this bid is that i dont have 4+ days to wait. Needing to buy asap. will be gone for several weeks, and buying accounts will be banned by the time i get back haha.
  11. Is your buyout price for all three? If yes then I'll take them at buyout and add 5usd for delivery.
  12. I'll try and upload a few as in a bit