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Found 32 results

  1. Goritschitzen Farm Market Located @ T18 on Melody FREE Delivery on some orders! Crops 90-95ql 95-98ql 1s/k 1.25s/k Cabbage 5k N/A Carrots 4k N/A Corn 3k 5k Cotton 1k 1k Cucumber 4k N/A Garlic 14k N/A Hay 1k N/A Lettuce 4k N/A Onion 7k 3k Pea Pods 7k 3k Potato 3k N/A Pumpkin 3k 2k Strawberry Sold Out 1k Tomato 8k 5k Wemp Sold Out Sold Out Grains 90-95ql 95-98ql 1s/k 1.25s/k Barley Sold Out Sold Out Oats 2k 1k Rye Sold Out 2k Wheat Sold Out Sold Out 80+ QL Black Mushrooms - 2k available / 3s per k 90+ QL Brown Mushrooms - 1k available / 2s per k 90+ QL Green Mushrooms - 1k available / 2s per k 80+ QL Sugar - 2k available / 3s per k Small Barrels of Honey (30 QL) - 3 available / 10c per barrel Delivery to Cadence or Harmony under 5k - 2s, 5k - 9.9k - 1s, 10k+ FREE Delivery on Melody - FREE Leave a post here or contact Tukodama in game.
  2. The Gilded Thread BLENDALYN Located at: T20 Solatis Gateway Market Southern border of CADENCE Ship and Wagoneer access I can: Mail to you COD Ship to you COD by Wagoneer on Cadence Sell from my Merchant Store onsite Take orders Many items are available either In-Store or by Mail. Cloth and Leather items can be made to order. Produce can be mailed (100 items) for 15 Copper @50-60ql + Mail Fee (2-10Copper), or small crate (150 items) by Wagoner for 25 Copper + Fee 1 Copper. Items mailed in containers still incur fees. Example : A backpack with 3 wood scraps in it would cost you 4 x 1 copper (1x backpack, 3x wood scrap) to send due to being counted as 4 separate items. However, combining items (e.g. lumps) does decrease the mailing cost - combined items that are mailed will cost 1 copper per 5 kg, so a 5kg lump costs the same as one 1 kg lump. QL Silver QL Silver Mail Fee CLOTHING BLACK BELTED VEST 60 0.35 (Mail or Store) 0.01 BLACK BELTED VEST 60 0.35 (Mail or Store) 0.01 BLACK BELTED VEST 60 0.35 (Mail or Store) 0.01 BLACK CLOTH PANTS 60 0.35 (Mail or Store) 0.01 BLACK CLOTH PANTS 60 0.35 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Cap 50 0.10 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Jacket 50 0.25 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Sleeve 50 0.25 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Sleeve 50 0.25 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Pants 50 0.25 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Boots 50 0.25 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Boots 50 0.25 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Glove 50 0.25 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Glove 50 0.25 (Mail or Store) 0.01 OTHER CLOTH DYEABLE CLOTH BARDING 60 2.00 (Mail or Store) 0.01 FINE MEDITATION RUG 50 0.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 FINE MEDITATION RUG 50 0.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 FINE MEDITATION RUG 50 0.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 KINGDOM TABARD 50 0.25 (Mail or Store) 0.01 KINGDOM TABARD 50 0.25 (Mail or Store) 0.01 TAPESTRY-ROCKCLIFF 50 2.00 (Store Only) Carpets made to Order ??? ??? (Mail or Store) 0.01 COTTON SQUARES X 50 60 0.15 (Mail or Store) 0.03 SAILS TRIANGULAR SAIL 60 0.70 (Mail or Store) 0.01 TRIANGULAR SAIL 60 0.70 (Mail or Store) 0.01 TRIANGULAR SAIL 60 0.70 (Mail or Store) 0.01 TRIANGULAR SAIL 60 0.70 (Mail or Store) 0.01 TRIANGULAR SAIL 60 0.70 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SMALL SQUARE SAIL 50 0.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SMALL SQUARE SAIL 50 0.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SMALL SQUARE SAIL 50 0.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SMALL SQUARE SAIL 50 0.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SMALL SQUARE SAIL 50 0.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SADDLES SADDLE 50 0.40 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SADDLE 50 0.40 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SADDLE 50 0.40 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SADDLE 50 0.40 (Mail or Store) 0.01 DYES CQ Blue 73 73 182 27.82 1.75 (Mail or Store) 0.04 CQ Red 182 73 73 27.49 1.75 (Mail or Store) 0.04 FARM PRODUCE ql 50+ and ql60+ 0.20-0.25 (by Wagoner) 0.09 Sm.Barrel Milk(cow) Cotton & Wool (ql 50 & 60) .25 .25 & .30 (Mail or Store) TREASURE MAPS DRAGON Dragon Scale 2.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Dragon Blood 5.00 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Animal Rugs Brown Bear Rug 48 0.07 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Brown Bear Rug 50 0.10 (Mail or Store) 0.01
  3. Screenshot updated after every harvest or transaction. I sell by the large crate-load. One large crate can hold 300 items. Price is 30c per 300 items. I cover the delivery cost and the crates. Wagoner delivery on Xanadu only. However for big orders valued at 4s or more I can find the time to sail to other freedom servers. In this case, free delivery and free crates as usual. Send me a forum PM or reply to this post if you're interested. My in-game name is Blakd but I am not online so much any more, except to farm.
  4. Reaper spies you hiding in the grass (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/1/2021 I SEE YOU (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/2/2021 Happy Easter from Hilltop Abode! (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/4/2021 Wait, what about my easter eggs?! (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4//42021 Ok, I caught you red-handed, now where did you put the easter eggs?? (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/4/2021 I took a stroll to the southern part of melody, snapped a pic of the sunrise/set. (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/4/2021 I dont know what the heck was happening here but I was about to fall off the back of my horse LOL (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/5/2021 Then I started falling off the front of my horse... (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/5/2021 I happened upon this (dead) troll in a desert and it looks like he had his head in the sand way too long LOL (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/5/2021 Today I came upon a baby chicken and I couldnt resist its cuteness. so I took him home and placed him in my crop fields. Letssee how raising chickens will go lol (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/6/2021 I have a total of 19 easter eggs! (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/6/2021 A very Nosey Troll LOL (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/11/2021 Chicken head (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/11/2021 My little yellow guy grew into a handsome rooster (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/14/2021 So that's where that buzzing sound came from, who wants some honey!? (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/26/2021 Gaze from my nymph statue on my deed (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/27/2021 Starting to look like a barnyard around here lol (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)5/26/2021 I'm just a bear prowling in the night (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)5/26/2021 This little guy dropped a rare eyeball stew (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)5/31/2021 We have a new addition to the Hilltop Abode family (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)5/31/2021
  5. just a cow looking into your soul - 2/18/2021 got a visit from this guy, wonder what he's thinking - 2/19/2021 the sheep look so silly from this perspective - 2/18/2021 while making a kiln, I just turn into a ball of dirt, now I need a shower lol - 2/18/2021 mountain lion says, "stay awa from the meat" lol - 2/17/2021
  6. Beautiful Shot of some of the surrounding area of my deed. 2/7/2021 Couple of my tower guards helping me fight off a huge anaconda 2/7/2021 as I create a road to a tar pit for easier access, I take a look back at the beautiful scenery 2/9/2021 the light behind me hitting my head almost gives an angelic appearance :). 2/9/2021 had to do a double take on that beautiful view 2/9/2021 updated shot of my deed "Hilltop Abode" 2/9/2021 updated shot of my deed "Hilltop Abode" 2/9/2021 the bulls are a big help in hauling stuff 2/9/2021 ummm what the heck is happening here? sheep calf hybrid? lol 2/9/2021 just a lone guard standing out in a sea of sand 2/9/2021
  7. This is my first deed ever "Hilltop Abode" when I used to play wurm before iI never really gave the deed thing a try. But now I own a deed in a beautiful area on Melody and I am enjoying the deed life. I started this deed back in august of this year. Thanks for looking! Below is a collage I made from various progress shots of my deed over the course of a few months. dates are located on bottom right of each picture. *Note* the motto is stunning mountain views
  8. Hello! I am moving from my home and would like to sell if possible. The deed's name is Twilight's embrace. There is a large, furnished house on deed. A mine located just under the house. Room for deed expansion. A small orchard, farm next to the house. An area for animals. The deed comes with an invitation to the Aged Fat Alliance which has many active and friendly members as well as public mines (you can find pretty much anything you want in a ten minute cart ride) and docs that access the ocean. Easy access to the Linton highway. Deed is located in the J11 area of Xanadu. I would like about 10s for the home, but I am willing to haggle if you can't afford that. (There is way more that 10s worth of items being left on the deed but I'm not bothering to include that in the price.) The deed itself in minimal and upkeep is paid up for about 2 more months. It's only a few copper since it's a minimal deed. The land that you would have claim over is outside of the deed though. It's all fenced and the fences are in good repair. There is a functional supreme mailbox just outside the front gate. There are lots of neighbors close by, but not so close that you can't expand the deed even more if you wanted to. There are a couple guard towers near by. Easy access to tar, clay, sand, and anything else you might want. I am happy to answer any more questions you might have. I'm moving to a different location not too far away so I'll be in the area to show you around too if you would like. Pics
  9. Looking for a toon with 70+ farming preferably 90+, any additional skills are welcome and will of course be taken into account in offer. Budget - 600 euros. Message me with skill dump and additional info.
  10. ***POSSIBLE TRANSACTION PENDING, SALE ON HOLD UNTIL WEDNESDAY 1/11/17** ~ Sugarfoxx 9:35pm PST Coastal Deliverance Deed Misty Moon Terrace In-Game Map: H26 Community Map: x-50, y-16/17 Roughly 10 tiles from the Eastern Deli Border! Settlement Information [17:41:27] <Moonfoxx> The monthly cost is 1 silver and 74 copper. [17:41:41] <Moonfoxx> The settlement has 10 silver, 88 copper and 35 iron in its coffers. [17:41:53] <Moonfoxx> The upkeep will last approximately 175 days, 3 hours and 16 minutes more. [17:42:09] <Moonfoxx> The size of Misty Moon Terrace is 30 by 29. Deed Images A view of the front of Misty Moon Terrace, featuring five 70 QL brazier pillars at the front. A view from the Southeast. Two of the four buildings on-deed. These crafting buildings have BSBs and forges included, full of materials that will come with the purchase. The courtyard. There are five altars (blank one in the mine) and an 83 cast mailbox on deed. The house to the right, and a view of the deed from the top. Fenced in grape orchard in the SW Corner of the deed. A view of the deed from the bottom farm area. 4 The farm, which is 200 tiles, or 8x25. Another view of the farm from the top. The enchanted grass pens; there are 40 total enchanted tiles on deed. The road from the docks to the two tiers of the deed. The building on the farm tier. Additional Information: Access road from the mainland. Southeast from Trinsic along the mountain's edge. Price: 30s or best offer. Please contact Sugarfoxx in game via PM Or SugarFoxx directly on the forums. PM Joelle for Emergency offers.
  11. A bee farm should not be formed from a single hive, but it should be an agglomeration of multiple bee hives, all together.. So my suggestion would be a bee farm rack, just like the barrel rack where we can stack a maximum of 10? bee hives, and each hive quality adds to the radius of the area covered by all the hives, without any problems of overlapping or domains. The base radius of the farm can be set to the radius of the highest quality from the farm, and the rest adding extra 1,2 tiles to that radius based on the quality they have, let's say, 1 tile for below 66ql, 2 tiles over 66ql hives. What the rack will do : - allow for multiple bee hives to coexist all together without having to spread them over a huge area - all bees share the same area, flowers, farms, trees - secure your queens inside the rack so there is no way for an empty bee hive to 'steal' a queen What the rack will not do: - bee hives that are placed in a rack will not give any queen the ability to migrate, so you still have to remove the ones that you want to transfer queens from and do it the same as you do now, with separate bee hives Just an idea... open to any kind of feedback and/or improvement. As i was looking for the actual radius for single hives, i saw that @Zigozag already mentioned something similar in the Town Square Bee thread, so kudos to him
  12. Hello! I'm Synchronosis and I run a new deed named Grey Run on the Northwest coastal region of Pristine. I'm looking for new and old players alike to who want a friendly and active place to expand their Wurm experience. The deed is ocean-side. A water strip of tiles is on the deed for safe storage. There is a mine, expanded daily. 3 minute walk from Blossom Market. Friendly alliance included! PM me here or find me in game at Synchronosis to join today :)!
  13. I know in the past the animal sounds where removed because some people complained about "ear shattering sounds" and such. But maybe there is a chance to give voices to animals making that an option in the settings same like other environmental sounds, like a check box to enable it and a slider with 3 levels, akin to how tile decoration works maybe? Inspired by Malena's video: >
  14. For some reason a Milk keybind doesn't exist; though, for some reason I keep thinking there was one...
  15. NO LONGER NEEDED! THANKS I'm looking to buy 1 of each and hopefully seller can deliver to the FM area. Top priority 1 Bull 1 Heifer Also looking for: Hens and Roosters Sheep Pigs You can PM me in-game donivanstormchase with any offers. FM area is "Freedom Market" on the Independence server.
  16. Xanadu VERY close to Linton. Multiple farms, 4 houses, Furnished. Starting at 1s minimum increase of 50c. -- Buyout 5s Mine comes with 3 iron veins. > -- Video of walking to Settlement from Linton plus Showing of settlement. 3 minutes.
  17. Bulk farming, forestry and woodcutting Farming: 1s per 1k(73ql) Currently in stock pumpkins..... 2k cotton...........2k wemp..............1.5k onions..........1k corn.............3k Custom orders possible, maximum 5k per order Free shipping to all servers (coastal) Sprouts: willow/oak 3c/ea rest 1c/ea Seasonal produce: Available to order, may take time to supply, ql not guaranteed Logs: 50ql 500.......1s 60ql 300.....1s 70ql 200.....1s 80ql 100.......1s 90ql 10......1s Shipping for non farming orders: Independence:.......Free other servers:........ 50c Be sure to check out my Rainbow Dyeworks For all your Dye and concrete needs
  18. MadHill Merchants Last Updated: 07 Feb 2014 Location: MadHill Village is located in Exodus at X4, Y20 MadHill Merchants will usually Host Special Bundles at Special Prizes with limited stock. Current Special Bundle: Horse Gear Bundle Bundle Contains: 1 Saddle QL 70+ 4 Horseshoes QL 70+ 1 Bridle QL 70+ First Re-Improve Free Bundle Price: 2.2 Silver 15 Bundles Available (Including Merchant Stock) PM me for bundle Purchases or /tell Reaverkane ingame Current Merchant Stock: Merchant_MadHill Wares: Qty--------Item ------------------ QL* ------------ Price (silver) 20 Horseshoe 70+ 0.25 10 Saddle 70+ 1 10 Bridle 70+ 0.5 3 Toolbelt 70+ 0.6 Other Merchants to be added Soon Merchants are located on-deed at the "DockHouse" Building *Ql will vary between the stated ql and up to 5 ql over that. Other Items available on Stock: Qty--------Item ------------------ QL ------------ Price (silver) 38 Horseshoe 70+ 0.25 100 Butchering Knives 50+ 0.10 300 Carving Knives 50+ 0.10 20k Dirt ?? 1 Silver/1k6 Items available on Order1: Blacksmithing2 QL 50 --------- 0.15 Silver QL 60 --------- 0.20 Silver QL 70 --------- 0.40 Silver QL 80 --------- 0.60 Silver QL 90 --------- Not Available For large anvils multiply price by 1.5 (IE QL 70 Large anvil will cost 0.60 silver) Bulk Items (nails, ribbons, etc) Cost 12 iron per Kg of items. Weaponsmithing2 QL 50 --------- 0.30 Silver QL 60 --------- 0.40 Silver QL 70 --------- Not Available QL 80 --------- Not Available QL 90 --------- Not Available Jewelry smithing Pendulum QL 504, 5 --------------------------- 0,30 Silver Gold Statuettes (any god) QL 504 --------- 0.50 Silver Silver Statuettes (any god)4 ----------------- 0.40 Silver Altar (Gold) QL 304, 5 ------------------------- 2 Silver Altar (Silver) QL304, 5 ------------------------- 1,70 Silver Brazier Bowls Ql 30 ---------------------------- 0.20 Silver Bracelets, Rings, Candelabra, etc are also available, and follow a simmilar price range to pendulums. Full Braziers are available for crafting, Price is negotiated upfront. Mining Rock Shards --------- 1 Silver/ 1000 Items Iron --------- 1 Silver/1000 Kg Iron QL 70 --------- 2 Silver/1000 Kg Iron QL 80 --------- 5 Silver/1000 Kg Iron QL 90 --------- Not Available Copper/Zinc --------- 1.2 Silver/1000 Kg Copper/Zinc QL 70 --------- Not Available Copper/Zinc QL 80 --------- Not Available Copper/Zinc QL 90 --------- Not Available Gold/Silver --------- 10 Silver /1000 Kg Gold QL 70 --------- 20 Silver/1000 Kg Woodcutting Pine/Cedar/Birch/Maple --------- 1 Silver / 1000 Logs Pine/Cedar/Birch/Maple QL 70 --------- 2 Silver / 1000 Logs6 Pine/Cedar/Birch/Maple QL 80 --------- Not Available Pine/Cedar/Birch/Maple QL 90 --------- Not Available Willow/Oak --------- Not Available Willow/Oak QL 70 --------- Not Available Willow/Oak QL 80 --------- Not Available Willow/Oak QL 90 --------- Not Available Fruit Trees --------- Not Available Fruit Trees QL 70 --------- Not Available Fruit Trees QL 80 --------- Not Available Fruit Trees QL 90 --------- Not Available Walnut/Chestnut/Fir/Linden --------- Not Available Leather Works3: Toolbelt QL 50 --------- 0.2 Silver Toolbelt QL 60 --------- 0.4 Silver Toolbelt QL 70 --------- 0.6 Silver Toolbelt QL 80 --------- 0.8 Silver Toolbelt QL 90 --------- Not Available Leather Armor QL 50 --------- 0.4 Silver/Full Set Leather Armor QL 60 --------- 0.5 Silver/Full Set Leather Armor QL 70 --------- 0.7 Silver/Full Set Leather Armor QL 80 --------- 1 Silver/Full Set Leather Armor QL 90 --------- Not Available Studded Leather Armor QL 50 --------- 0.7 Silver/ Full Set Studded Leather Armor QL 60 --------- 1 Silver/ Full Set Studded Leather Armor QL 70 --------- 2 Silver/ Full Set Studded Leather Armor QL 80 --------- 3.5 Silver/ Full Set Studded Leather Armor QL 90 --------- Not Available Saddle QL 50 --------- 0.6 Silver Saddle QL 60 --------- 0.7 Silver Saddle QL 70 --------- 1 Silver Saddle QL 80 --------- 2 Silver Saddle QL 90 --------- Not Available Bridle QL 50 --------- 0.3 Silver Bridle QL 60 --------- 0.4 Silver Bridle QL 70 ---------0.5 Silver Bridle QL 80 --------- 0.7 Silver Bridle QL 90 --------- Not Available Barding Ql 50 --------- 0.6 Silver Barding Ql 60 --------- 0.8 Silver Barding Ql 70 --------- 1.5 Silver Barding Ql 80 --------- 2.5 Silver Barding Ql 90 --------- Not Available Containers (Water Skin, backpack, quiver) Ql 30 --------- 0.05 Silver (5 copper) More TBA. To place an Order PM me or /tell Reaverkane ingame 1Completion and Delivery time will vary with availability, PM for information. 2 Steel Items - Available by pre-order, at maximum ql 60 (Confirm via ingame PM). 3 Armor and Toolbelts are free up to ql 50 For Allies. Saddles are free up to Ql 30. 4 Base QL, Higher QL is available, PM for details and prices 5 Enchantments available at times, i don't have all priests premium at all times, so either order has to justify premium time, or you'll have to be lucky and get me at a time when priest is premium. So best PM in advance. 6 Items provided by Wolfikita from Port of Outsiders - Westside Alliance. I can still mediate contact. Alternative Payment: Should be discussed by case, but we will not dismiss direct trades for items. Leather items can be traded/price discounted for hides or leather of sufficient amount and Quality. High QL Logs, Bulk Bricks, mortar, dirt and sand will be accepted as payment in general. Referrals will be accepted. Sleep powders maybe. Final Notes: - Alliance discounts available for members of the "Westside" Alliance - Improvements are available and discussed by case, except when included with bundles, or when free improvements are included with original deal. - Delivery Available by mail or boat/cart. Delivery Fees: By Mail - 10 Copper per Item for Exodus, 20 Copper per Item for the rest of Freedom (actual mail fees, not my own). By Boat/Cart - On Exodus: Free for the areas between X1 and X11 and Y1 and Y24 on the Exodus Map, and less than 1 Cart Load. Other areas, fee will be negotiated upfront and will depend on the weather conditions and distance traveled. By Boat - Other servers: No delivery on Chaos ATM. Delivery to other servers is available for Coastal Deeds, or Rendezvous on coast. Delivery fee will also depend on distance and weather, and will be negotiated upfront.
  19. Hello, I have 50 tiles of farmland and I would love to grow something for you. If you need Cotton, Wemp, Pumpkins, whatever. Just let me know and we can work up a price. Contact Xilanthus Location: Exodus - South of Esset near Farmville.
  20. The size of Asylum Of Shadows is 21 by 31. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 7 silver, 24 copper and 14 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver, 30 copper and 20 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 155 days, 17 hours and 29 minutes more. Comes with 3 building writs a 2x2 parking garage, 7tile farm house, and a 7x4 3 story mansion 1000 70ql iron lumps in a bsb in the mine 200+ 90ql iron ores (also in a bsb the mine) ~Silver veins~ 10 lamps for lighting everything (place them where you like) 6 forges around 60-70ql a few bsbs scattered about with random stuff 28 tiles (6x4+4) of enchanted pasture (includes 3 horses and a cow) Asking 9s for the place Located at 17x 48y on Inde pics: additional info: transfer will most likely occur at FM after I have completely moved out. for more information plz contact me on the forums.
  21. Rice

    Not much to say really. A cereal crop, which similar to wheat, oats, etc can be ground into flour and bread. Un-ground crop can even be cooked with water and eaten on its own. Not to mention eventually being usuable for distilling and brewing. Unlike the other cereal crops, rice would be farmed in the same manner reeds are. Seed-wise, not entirely sure. Perhaps foraging/botanizing marsh tiles. In terms of usefulness it would provide people with limited land (say islands) an alternative cereal crop. Very filling food with a number of nutritional benefits; however, I'll leave the food values to Devs for balance needs.
  22. I feel sorry for new players joining the game with the new farming system. I have a fairly new alt and it is discouraging to even think about having to rake, rake, rake and get 1 harvest. I think that skill levels below 20 should go back to the minimum of 2 harvest per tile. Sure leave it the same for the other skill levels, if you rake you get more, but don't penalize the new player so severely.
  23. To Alisea or anyone who might see her around: The horses you had next to Captains Hideaway died of starvation or disease, only one was left alive, so I bashed the half-decayed gate and took the horse to my deed, where it is being fed and care for, if you want it back, let me know so I can be online for you to retrieve it. -Rathgar.
  24. Orpington Bliss, Magincia Island 37x 57y *No longer taking fo cast orders as rosedragon no longer a fo priest. Animals: All animals listed can breed upon request, yet this is unreliable and might take a while especially on champions as they are not 100% success rate. - Dogs 30c each. Currently none avaiable, can breed upon request. - Champion dogs 1s each. Currently none avaiable, can breed upon request. - 4 Speed horses 40c each. 70c for a pair. - 5 Speed horses 70c each. 120c for a pair. Bulk goods and resources: *I am not taking requests for bulk goods, only sell when I have extra or my villagers and alliancemate provide them. - Bricks 2s /1k. Stock: 0 - Mortars 3s/1k. Stock: 0 - Planks 2s/1k. Stock: 500. - Rafts 8c each. Stock: 0 - Wemp plants 44ql. 1s/1k. Stock: 0. - Dirts 1s /1k Stock: ask. - Cottons 45ql. 1s/1k Stock: 0 - Meats 1s/500. Stock: 1000 - Veggies 1s/1k. Potatoes Stock: 0 - Logs 1s/200. Stock: 0 - Marble shards 1s/1k. Stock: 5k - Leathers 1-10ql 10i each. Stock: ask. - Sprouts Common trees: 1c each Oak and willow: 3c each fir, walnut, chestnut, and linden: 3c each Stock: ask. Extra random stuffs: - cotton soft cap (santa hat) = 1s - grindstone (50ql 77coc) = 80c - lurker in the woods iron pendulum (48ql 44litw) = 50c - lurker in the woods iron pendulum (50ql 43litw) = 50c - pinewood grooming brush (59ql 59coc) = 70c - pinewood rope tool (15ql 59coc) = 60c - iron needle (66ql72coc) = 80c - studded leather glove (89ql 85aosp) - studded leather glove (89ql 77aosp) - studded leather sleeve (87ql 79aosp) - willow bow (80ql) = 50c - steel shovel (10ql 21coc) = 20c - iron rake (18ql 45coc) = 45c - iron pickaxe (71ql 44coc) = 60c Newbies Setup: *NOT selling these to veterans. - 50QL Studded Leather Set Good defense, low walking speed penalty. Price: 20c / 200 actions (ask me) - Farming pack: 5 cottons 5 wemps 5 pumpkins 5 grains 5 corns Free. - Survival set: Fishing rod, a lantern, 5 cottons, and 5 20+ potency healing covers Price: 5c / 50 actions (ask me) Delivery and Mailing Service, counted from leaving Magincia Island - Below 5s purchases: 2c per map block - 5s to 9,99s purchases: 1c per map block - 10s or over purchases: FREE I deliver everywhere in Independence, could sail to other servers in freedom cluster except chaos but only will deliver to shorelines.