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  1. I was asked to meme it <3
  2. I decided to go through old chat logs from when i started the game, and read over the good a and the bad times we had together. You were there for me when i needed, and i was a few times put in the situation where i had to choose friends. Because of that made Rolandt and me Greats friendship we had go sour fast. I miss the good times we did have together, the listening to him sing his songs and play the guitar on voice, just the conversations we had. He did teach me alot on the game when no one else would. But I guess the one bad thing that happened screwed up everything. The trust and all. No going to talk bad, but thing could of been done differently on both ends of the friendship Rolandt and I had. Eva.
  3. Bump looking to try something new... try being with Pandemonium.
  4. We have big plans ahead. Will you become part of the growth. You don't have to be a fighter to join us. You can help out any way possible. With it being smiting, Building, mining, digging or fighting. WE are not picky. come join us.. and you will not regret it.
  5. [23:40:27] Necroedarkslayer slain by Lisabet Maximillian Synystar Evadaly [23:41:25] Beastwolf slain by Lisabet Maximillian Synystar Evadaly [23:43:40] Drsatan slain by Lisabet Maximillian Synystar Evadaly [23:45:40] Andderson slain by Lisabet Maximillian Bighorn Gau Icenrns Synystar Evadaly come join the fight.
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  7. its been a little bit since i posted here i think.
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  12. Coffee = life, joy, twitching, goodness and chill. i need more coffee
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