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  1. Come join Pandemonium, Where we kiss our Enemy while fighting. And we also feed and provide Cotton to them just to make them Fight longer
  2. i think it is enough of commenting here... thanks for everyone on this
  3. +1
  4. yea
  5. that is why i am trying to post everything i know that he took.. so people can look out. the SMC still is locked by me and permissions can not be changed
  6. Join us.
  7. yea i saw
  8. he is trying to auction off his account.... i wonder why????
  9. they wanted to get easy money by stealing... well i am going to try my hardest to make sure they dont get it...
  10. i know this is a mess of a pic, but this is the hotas they took, 2 boar v dog no gump dragon i think the one with the red is s sol demon dog V bison bear v cow and a scorpion not pictured where we had the SMC in for the meals
  11. I think the outcry is to warn people that they are out there to do what you can to keep your things safe.. they like to "explore" they call it and hunt for any ruin or deed they can get loot from to sell it.
  12. Hints the reason why i said if they can pick it up or kill it to get gear, they will if they can get on your deed they will look for anything they can take and take it... they do not care about who you are. If you want to get you ###### taken.. then do nothing while they are on Exo... but if you want to be safe then KOS them... I believe the saying is better safe then sorry.
  13. People of Exo i will say KOS him and his friend Placebo
  14. dont forget to KOS placebo too and another thing he also stole was like the 6-8 valentine flowers i had...
  15. He will run about exo and look for deeds that do not have their setting right. if he is about to kill a horse he will take you gear off it... if He is able to get in to it and take it he will.. I tried to put my trust in him. I talked with him, when everyone else was telling me that we need to watch him. I was all about giving people a chance. here is what i was talking to him about: https://pastebin.com/M7w0225J I tried my one last time to give a new player a chance in the kingdom... now they will be lock in a house in a mine with bricks making duty.