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  1. They thing that I hate about where I live, Arkansas, is how everyone calls you "love, sweetie, hun, darling ECT" I hate it. I just want to be like "i am not your sweetie, sweetie" It is suppose to be a nice thing here, but even being born here I feel like it is a insult or something. It just annoys the hell out of me.
  2. Bump come join a great respectfully kingdom.
  3. Come join the rise of Pandemonium. Don't let being the underdog give you a reason to fall, let it be your motivation to rise!
  4. I know it has been awhile since I bumped this, but pandemonium is still here. Send me I PM on discord is you have and Questions and would like to join. Evadaly#2645
  5. The merges I am talking about where you commented there is not what I am talking about in this topic. But ok. Thanks for the input.
  6. No I am not talking about mclovin,I am not talking about recent things that has happen. Stop posting on here. If you have issues with pvp on current events talk about it in chaos section. I am taking about in general. I have been thinking about this idea way before WU, TC and panda was even formed has a pmk. Has I stated before I don't put it in before because of stupid replies from people like you. That makes the community of the pvp server bad. And yes after all this time people can put difference aside to help a case. You can be child about it or get over it.
  7. I mentioned about that too... Everything should be shared, not just the champs. Even if there was, like said, x10 alliances there will only be 1 king over all. That is why I mentioned about the permissions: like the alliance permission would mean every kingdom in that said "marriage", and I have been saying marriage meaning only two kingdoms pure alliance. Because even that I could see be taking advantage of. If you would like to team up with a different kingdom you would have break that current "marriage", either peaceful or by war. If you do it by war you will have the chance to either win the war which would mean you took over that kingdom or you would lose and then you would lose your kingdom. The reason I say this is because you would have to pick your marriage carefully. And hope you trust the kingdom you marriage to. I guess it would be like that "declare war" you get on a village. You have 24 to to answer it. But yeah. Has I said in the end of my post I hope I am making sense with my idea. But it could make as whole new level to the pvp side of things. With how the community is to each other on the server. Like pick the people you talk to careful because one day it might come to the time you need to trust you kingdom to them and hope you gained the trust and respect to not be taken over.
  8. Yes and no. I have been thinking about this way before this. But like I said I don't usually do suggestions, because of comments like this. If I would of said this months ago there would of been some other dumb comments like this. And yes I know this use to be in that game, but it was taken away because you could give out double official tiles. Which is why I stated this: If we could do something to fix alliances kingdom from having 6 champ and the official titles to being set per alliance and not kingdom.
  9. I don't make suggestions but I just thought I would put this idea out there. I am sure something like this has been suggested before. But here it goes: If two different want to work together to fight they can merge. Two account will get "married" to make the alliance with the two kingdom. You still have two separate kingdoms but the "Alliance role" is now the two kingdom together talking and permissions "alliance" would mean both kingdoms could do that. But the "kingdom" role/permission would be the said kingdom you are with. Then when you break/undo the alliance you either have a war to take over the other kingdom and fight.. or you just have peaceful break. When the two kingdoms ally together the towers of the kingdoms will be friendly. This would make pvp more like role playing. More like rl kingdoms back in the day. Or say people of two different kingdoms want to play together but they don't want to leave the kingdom they are part of if the two kingdoms are of with it they can ally together. Or if there are two smaller but upcoming kingdoms that want to fight not to low of numbers to fight they can Ally together till they get the number to fight alone. I can also see some changes that would need to be made if two kingdoms come together. Champhood would need to be that if you join two kingdoms together you are still only allowed 3 champs, because then kingdoms would be just joining together so they can have 6 Champs. Officers roles will be among both the kingdoms not having two of each. Because you would not want to have people creating kingdoms just to take advantage of have double of everything. Like let's say everyone wanted to take on one kingdom because that said kingdom is getting to big or "toxic behavior" that is making the server not fun. Two of the kingdoms could just Married/allied together and been able to enter deeds and help defends and fight. You wouldnt have to convert a the other kingdom deeds or bash towers. This would encourage more people to be involved hence they can make a kingdom with friends ally with someone for protection to get bigger before doing their own thing.. I don't know if I am making sense of my idea. But I think this would put a new aspect to the pvp side of things.
  10. And make it give you Stam when you drink it.. or faster action timer because you are all hyped up but with maybe more fail rate change since you are moving to fast... Has to have a side effect. and the hypeness or coffee time runs down there has to be a tiredness or slowness affect. Lol I'm think to much In it. But +1
  11. Spec. Vehicals

    They use to have priest that would ride around sharing the word. Maybe have it that you bless it and that wagon or cart can act like a alter to pray and sac things. Great for events. And might save on the clutter of alters everywhere.