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  1. WTS- Hota statues

  2. WTS- Hota statues

    Yes i am still selling. i can get that for you
  3. More fun for Champs

    Yeah with what I am saying there is a open spot for champs, but if you stay to long you lose a champ life.. I don't say points because it does not effect anything.. who cares if you lose your champs points, biggest thing in losing champ points is you cant cast on items... If you lose a champ life you will pay more attention to when the event is over and leave in that time, you will not be thinking "oh well, I have 100+ champs points I can stay for at least 100+ days and be all good" which means one less champ for said kingdom.. I see more of a lose for said kingdom then for the champ to have their things imped and casted. But that is just my thoughts
  4. More fun for Champs

    If for events like impalongs maybe, but dragon kills or any other valeri creature I would say no. Like maybe GMs can make the days of the impalong a champ free crossing time for the times of the impalong only if you don't leave when the impalong is over you lose a champ life for ever RL day you stay on freedom. Besides that I see no issues with the way the champs are now.
  5. More fun for Champs

    Yeah I can see champs just staying on freedom then.. because champ point are easy to gain, and you don't dechamp no more if you use all your points. If you get bored being a champ, why not just insanity teleport and then you have to get your way back, you could either die, it get a kill, or just find nothing and get back safely.
  6. More fun for Champs

    Sounds nice, but need to put a cool down or something on it to stop a champ from say crossing back over to chaos on the 4th day then back over for another "event". Because I could see people doing.
  7. PC/WTS account

    Sold please lock
  8. Fix Stealth

    -1 works the way it should.

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  10. The State of Raiding

    Ummm, make it easier for the raider, that had 20+ people against 2-6 people... There is already that you can hit up to 6 walls with the new war machines, making it easier for the attacker to poof long houses. Where before this was added you had to hit one wall at a time each story at a time to poof a long house... Ummm. So we already make the easier for the attacker. And now you want to make it easier. Why not just make it that when there is more attacker then defender that all the gates just unlock and the spirit templar don't attack and you can just walk in? Just leave the game alone.
  11. Minor Changes Round 2

    I am all for changes... But why try to bring epic to chaos ... If you want to play with epic rules.. I would say go play on epic. -1 all the way through this Sorry

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  13. sold - wts scale set - 200s

    Cast powers, QL, maybe a pic of it?

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  15. Updates the current pvp community want

    +1 to all of this doing these changes will bring back older players that liked to play pvp, but dont like some of the changes that have happened in the past. the pvp side of this game needs more love