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  1. I'm back.  I have your writ to sheer.   Jail was sad. 

  2. I would like to order 300 support beams -Eva
  3. i have been noticing this on chaos too.. when i log off my account, on deed, in a bed ect. it is like 5 to 10 mins for lost link to show up then it will be what ever the lo time would be after that. been like that for a while now.
  4. thanks Enki!! till we meet again
  5. I completely understand. And thanks for the feedback. I k ew not everyone would like it. But people in the kingdom do.
  6. Do a slate tall stone wall and that display would be perfect and dye the other lady statue black. It will bring out the black in the wagon lol.
  7. And I don't know if you all remember but this is the third time I changed the panda design, the first design no one even remembers it. The sec design last the longest. But this design is designed based on the changes and the people in the kingdom know. It is not based on what freedomers want. If I wanted to do that I would of made a post asking what do you want to see in a wagon design. The only reason I made this post was to let everyone know it will change. If you don't like it, sorry. Yes pink is not very medieval, but the design base of it has all the same logos has the other design. I just add pink to the boarder and in the background of the back I did a overlay of pink flower lace design like it was dyed onto the black. And did a lighter, I guess you to say "too much", pink of swords on the back of the wagon. But one thing that freedomers can't have is our tabards. But has I said sorry you all don't like it. But since this game seems to not care about what the pvp people want this is all I have to keep me in it. I can see design that I designed.
  8. That is because that added it has a spawn animal on pve servers, and ever since that changed there is also strange things like lava fiends, black bears, and cave bugs main spawn is above ground. I will just say they spawns have been messed up ever since and they need to be fixed.
  9. the wagon more pink on it.. i was going to think about the wing being pink, but that is the what i call main logo, so i keep that the same. that tall banner and the tent has that pink border too.
  10. no the first design of JK was JK templete. and then they made a JK PMK just like MR Template and then the MR PMK
  11. no one really remember the very first design. but this will be the 3rd time it changed
  12. no that will be designed over. would have to make a whole new PMK to keep the old design and this one
  13. Panda already have had two design changes since we started the PMK and we are going bolder and .... And we are bringing in some PINK into this game. SO if you have already bought one of the design get ready to have the new design. Here is to show how the design is going to change: