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Found 20 results

  1. I climbed to the top of the Eastern Wall mountain range on Release looking for a champion hell scorpious, clearly a bad idea because I died right at the top, and I don't have the karma for a summon corpse. I'm looking for someone who can get to the top of the mountain and bring my corpse back down. I will double whatever price we agree on if you can find the champ hell scorp and lure it into my pen at the bottom of the mountain. I've got a deed right at the foot of the mountain, so I can add you for a teleport if that helps. Send me your offers.
  2. I attended the rift event last night on Indy. I got killed and an alliance mate decided to pick up my corpse and carry it back to my village, instead of letting me do so with my alt. I had set release corpse so my alt could do so and spent way too long looking for it before the alliance mate told me what he did. Due to some stupid mistakes on my part it was almost a day before I got back to my village. When I went to get my items, I got the message that I was unable to loot my own corpse. I tried a lot of things, the only way I found to break that was to do release corpse a second time. I should not have had to do that, it's my corpse.
  3. You will bid on: Bid increment : Minimum of 1c on corpse and club Minimum increment of 1s on the bone Minimum of 50c on the skull. Timer : Nota : Same as the last one, auction income will be shared within the deliverance hunting group. *(So for the haters, Odynn only get a share of that money.)
  4. As title says, it is deli's recent kyklops up for grabs in a quick auction. it currently has 3.03dmg on it. starting price 1c
  5. Was at a slaying event recently and thought about the use of a corpse for this unique...okay "very-rare mob". Idea, allow it to be used as a model for a statue creation in which it transfer the age and pic/image of the creature into Marble/Rock/Slate? copy of the creature success being founded on the masonry skill. But this would increase the value of the corpse. Then have the corpse decay in "memory" as it is successfully copied/etched forever into stone. Keeping it simple.
  6. Close Please

    Please help, I lost my corpse some where in Xanadu. I think it was around P15 or 16. If you see it, could you please PM me. thanks! I really want my stuff back!
  7. Octopus corpse

    When an octopus dies, it's corpse disappears. Can't find it on surface or on bottom. Simply disappears.
  8. Taki's note: After viewing this happen on multiple occasions, I felt it to be necessary to add a thread on this topic. It may not be an effective utility but still could easily be a scroll of honor for those that go out of their way to help these poor people. [copypaste]:If anyone wants to claim a following post to manage a wall of fame, feel free to do so. No way in hell that I'm doing it. XD! Did you drown in an ocean and don't know where? Did you fall off a cliff and can't find your body bag? Were you ganked by a hellhound in an olive forest and can't find your cart? The citizens of deliverance are gracious and often wish to help out. Some will even go far out of their way to help others and I wish to tribute those that perform such feats. Feel free to request for help and tell the tale of how the saviors helped you out. This is entirely voluntary but if you wish to reward your saviors, by all means feel free to do so. When requesting help: Please include important details such as approximately where you died, any vehicles or animals you may have had with you, notable terrain features, tree types if possible and hell, even the wild critters that may have been roaming the area looking for a snack (You). Respect goes unnoticed until it is made visible and those that would do so much for others deserve to be known. Thank you deliverance for being a great community.
  9. Please help me to find my corpse! I need or priest or source for Karma ! I died in olive forest today near Eden Harbour tunnel ( that connects Summerholt and Whitefay highways ) at side of highway going to Whitefay . Xanadu, H-23. I had lag and coudln't see anything , not sure where I was when spider attacked me. My corpse has important town stuff like all keys and such. I am willing to pay or trade, just help me please to find Rheascope corpse ! PM here or reply to this post or PM in game to Rheascope. Thank you!
  10. At the moment Friends, villagers and alliance members can loot your corpse and all your valuables. This needs to be addressed now when the new permission system is put in. I want to be able to choose who can loot my corpse.
  11. Not sure if this is a bug or not but you can sell your own corpse with the sell feature at tokens and NPCs.
  12. It occurs to me that although animals have been discussed as weapons, armor, and shields... we havent really gotten into the implications of using them as ammunition. Rather the usage of corpses as ammunition... not that Im against the usage of "live" animals. Its just all ones and zeroes afterall. For example cows and catapults... > Psychological impact, disease, and a few hundred pounds of meat dropping on top of one is for practical purposes the same as a few hundred pounds of rock. Granted atm afaik theres no impact corpses have on animal disease ingame.
  13. currently alliance members and friends can loot your corpse off deed.(and probably on deed with pickup allowed), this should not be possible on pve unless you /release corpse I would like to be able to be more social and have big alliances without loosing security for my belongings by default. Light of Fo spell only works in alliance and for these unique hunts it is the life saver for everyone. one should not have to give up their personal security to participate and receive healing. the additional role parameters were much needed and I feel this would highly benefit community gameplay and possibly even eliminate a number of gm calls
  14. As a new player of course my first question is how do I make some cash so I can buy things from traders that I need... okay kinda need. It took about two hours before I stumbled, in conversation over the global chat, that I could scoop up a corpse off the side of the road and sell it to a token or trader for toppins. It was only after a significant amount of research that I understood that the only reason I was getting 11i for the corpse was because all corpses are QL 100 (unless they've been 'seasoned' for a while) this struck me as something rather clever. I came to Wurm because I wanted to 'see the sites' as it were and living the life of a vagabond, I'd be perfectly happy to roundup all those spider and cave-bug bodies that seem to accumulate around settlements in the wake of the ever vigilant spirit-guards or whatnot, but lo and behold, lifting a butchered and otherwise 'useless' corpse from deeded ground that you did not put there yourself is still considered stealing, so I tend to pass by many settlements with dead bears and spiders about and the best I can do is bury them for the sake of digging skill.. and frankly who wants a town with a whole bunch of rotting corpses lying about. What I'm getting at is: suppose there was an option that could be selected to permit any passerby, weather citizen of the township or not, to collect and dispose of butchered corpses. Would that not be a useful option? See a long dead wolf on the side of the road, pick it up and drop it off at the token for a token reward. It would certainly help clean up some places I've been, give some new players something to do. You could even take a percentage for township upkeep. Provide an option for non-citizens to be able to pick up butchered corpses, within the boundaries of the settlement, without it being considered 'stealing'. That's the bottom line. What happens is: someone like me comes through town an finds a dead bear on the side of the road, killed by the guards. I butcher it and leave the meat an whatever other resources for whatever townie wants it for grinding purposes, but I take the useless leftovers (butchered corpse) over to the token and turn it in of the 11i. Town takes 1 or 2i because the guards killed it. I walk off with a reasonable 9 and the town has one less carcass attracting flies. Cheers, ~Amus Goodfellow Release, circa 2014
  15. Hello fellow Wurmians! Yesterday after another boring butchering/burying session i thought of this little feature: When spirit templars kill a mob, they take the corpse to a coffin on deed. This would really help to prevent those ugly deeds cluttered with corpses! A good example might be my new deed, it is on top of a mountain where i can't even reach all of the corpses because they are on the middle of high-sloped rock. Of course one could say that this would make it even easier to grind butchering and skills that rely on mob-drops, but i don't think that this change would have a big impact there. Things to be discussed: Good idea in general? Should the templar's move those corpses asap or on some kind of schedules? Is a deed-setting needed to activate/deactivate the feature? Which coffin will the templars use? Will you manually set one as target or perhaps it's the one closest to the token? (Someone in GL-Freedom mentioned the possibility of hiring a dedicated "Undertaker" for the deed, what about that?) What do you guys think about that? PS: Whole thing is only for NPC-Corpses of course. PPS: No pictures cause I'm at work right now
  16. I did the round on my deed butchering creature corpses and in the process collected a myriad of useless items. I just imagine if I'm butchering any animal, I'm not going to butcher the things I don't want. This led me to wondering: would it make sense to have a window come up when butchering to have you select which items you want to carve from the corpse. The same check applies to whether you successfully butcher the items or not. But then the unwanted pieces remain attached to the corpse and can be buried with it. Would this not reduce item count?
  17. Have misc option to crudely bury a corpse with rock shards. This would enable people to remove corpses quickly with out always carrying a shovel (by rummaging for the shards). Just use the same image as a pile shards already. It would quickly decaying it self, the corpse and whats inside.
  18. I killed a unicorn above a mine entrance with a door, unicorn died and drop into mine half into cave wall and you could not reach it or interact with corpse. Options pick up, butcher and so on was available but no reaction.
  19. Currently a corpse decays really fast even inside a coffin. I'd like for the decay rate to be significantly lowered, so that coffins can actually be used to store corpses rather than as big storage containers...
  20. As you can see, that spider is much larger than it has any right to be. I have looked around, found spider corpses of the same age and they aren't that insanely giant.