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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I am looking to contact a GM so I can get my steam based account unbanned. Was banned for inappropriate username. The ban message says to contact GM to discuss name change -- there are no instructions provided for how to do so. I tried just typing in a new character name and still have same ban message. Please help me!
  2. Without publically getting too much into details of the ban on Klaa (and ruining any potential on review >.>), I discovered some time ago that I am completely blocked from composing PMs on the Klaa forum account, both via my inbox and by viewing other profiles. Attempts to compose new all result in: Options to reply on existing PMs are nonexistent. As one can imagine this makes matters rather difficult in merely requesting ban reviews... let alone working on other matters such as cheaters exploiting bugs to steal items stored on various deeds. Not to mention certain ongoing PayPal payment disputes. Seeked aide via IRC; however, Shrimpiie was unable to determine the problem, and suggested using an alt. Recently checked on Klaa and found the PM block still persists. Thank you for your time. EDIT: On a side note, to anyone I haven't been able to notify thru other means: If you wish to communicate via forums to Klaa, send to Karrde.
  3. Wurm has always had a problem with griefers and general anti-social behavior from a few that spoil things for the many which seems to have become worse lately. Also the methods of punishment are either nonexistent or ineffective. Permanent Bans are a last ditch resort and temporary bans are a joke for those wishing to engage in this anti-social behavior much like getting expelled from school which only worked at all because it effected the parents meanwhile the kids were happy to be expelled. Also it seems the GM's do not have the time to properly investigate the causes, effects, and most effective response for this behavior. I am suggesting a justice and punishment system similar to real life to bring a new layer of consequences to this anti-social behavior that will hopefully lessen the part GM's play and give players the ability to govern themselves while preventing any seemed favoritism. Part One: When an incident happens it is investigated by the nearest CA, CM, or GM if they actually play in that area. They gather statements from both sides, what evidence they see possibly screenshots as well, and report any other evidence they deem necessary. They then form a report and submit it to a justice committee (formed of CA's) who render a verdict of guilty or innocent, perhaps with a recommendation of punishment to the GM who carries out the sentencing. The council would be 3 CA's who would change month to month basically acting as a jury and the GM would be the judge. Part Two: As an additional option to Banning we could have a prison. A sentence in this prison would be longer than a general ban but with the option to get out sooner with hard labor. By hard labor I do not mean using their skills and enchanted tools they would be transported by the GM to this prison where their skills and equipment would be set to that one would have straight form the tutorial. They could not teleport, or suicide out as this would be their only option to re-spawn. For a minor infraction a sentence could be 30 days or the mission of mining and making 3000 bricks. When their mission is completed they can portal back to their home server starting point. This way the players could decide what actions are considered griefing in their own kingdom and the appropriate punishment for each individual's bad behavior.
  4. today i got on to be able to send about 5-6 public chats before not being able to send ANY chats public or not. hoping that this posts at this time. taking a SS before i post. just in case. i would like a full refund as both accounts i have been affected.
  5. Hi, I couldn't find where to post exactly about this issue, so I figured the main forum would be the best. I have the name "Wubfourtwentysmokeup" and i got banned for it. I didn't know that it was against the rules when I made it, and the ban message says to contact a GM to change it. "WubSwag" or anything would be acceptable as a name, or even just Drumbtr. Thanks!