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Found 27 results

  1. Half tile floors would bring alot of new ideas to house designs with new floor model. Cut version of original floors. Example 3 different versions where red is cut away part: Half tile, usefull to put around hall "second floor" and store barrels example. Half tile thats in the middle. And of course corner piece to complete the half tiles. All these could have extra versions with some fence too so people dont hurt their legs. Now imagine this hall with those half floors around with barrels all around. And how many great ideas others would find out with them! So long and thanks for all the fish. -Ame
  2. All the items are unfinished, so you can put your own signature; if you prefer, I can complete them for you. If you are interested in more than one item, send me a private message here or contact me in game. Rare oven 5s. Rare epic portal 5.5s. Rare marble planter 3s. Rare strange device 5s. Rare round marble tabl 4s. Rare explorer tent 5s. Rare floor loom 5s. Rare ivy trellis 4s.
  3. I love the looks we have of many of the floors and roofs, from the top side. However, from underneath, it is very rough and unfinished looking, like you would only have in a barn, or crawl space in a basement. I would love to have a few choices of finishing treatments to apply to the underside of the roofs and floors. Plaster, fine carp, detailed stone work, repainting, etc. Maybe when starting the floor of a certain type (such as Stone Slab), you then have to choose an underside finish: none, plaster, box wood, beams, logs, clay tile, marble, mosaic stone, etc. For plaster and the wood options, should then be able to paint the plaster (also between the beams) to really liven up the insides of our houses. Would need to add extra materials to complete. Might also want to make it a stand alone option that could be applied to existing ceilings (roofs and floors), so folks don't have to rip and replace.
  4. On my own deed, cannot mine far corner of floor tile if south of reinforced tile. However, I could mine down the tile to the west without problem. Highlighted tile to the SOUTH of the reinforced floor: Tried mining down the far left corner of the highlighted tile: [19:52:42] You can not mine next to reinforced floors. Tried flatten: [19:53:10] You can not flatten next to reinforced floors. The paved tile is flat, so tried leveling: [19:53:36] You can not level next to reinforced floors. The three walls at the highlighted floor tile are : Rock, Iron, Zinc. Left to right. Highlighted tile to the WEST of the reinforced floor: Same paved floor tile as above. I can mine the far corners of the highlighted tile just fine, no problem. Walls around this highlighted tile are: Zinc, Zinc, Pottery Reinforced. Left to right. ********************************************* I did not test to the north or east. I had posted this in another thread regarding a ceiling bug, but thought it might be better reported separately. Feel free to delete with apologies if not. Thanks!
  5. Awesome updates on the different wall and floor textures so far. Can't wait for it to spread to bridges! Next step along those lines would be the different wood types for flooring. I loved the old applewood BSBs and would kill for an applewood floor that had the same look. A lovely cherry red floor would be amazing too! Polished or unpolished could be a great touch, giving off a bit of a shine for polished, but I suspect that could be a hit on performance. Art department is kicking some booty right now. Keep up the great work!
  6. I have several issues with buildings and fences in Wurm. Problem 1: Fences require 1 unit of rocks, shards, planks. Yet they only restore a flat 10 damage, and always take 30 seconds. No skill adjustment, no quality adjustment, nothing. For a repair: I suggest the repair is completed like any other item, and will consume quality as the item is repaired The amount of quality reduced would be dependent on the construction skill of the repairer. The amount of damage repaired would be dependent on the repair skill of the repairer. The timer for such actions would be 30 seconds - ((10 * repair skill)+(10 * Construction skill)) Allowing for as low as 10 second repair actions. For an improvement: I would suggest that the improvement process is just like any other. The primary building material or tools be used. Total improved cannot exceed quality of material? Total improvement would be Material QL/ # of primary items in construction. Thus 1 stone brick at 60 quality would at most improve a Stone Fence by 6 points, and will not improve the wall over 60ql in total, however tools would improve beyond that. Problem 2: Walls and fences don't always require their building material for repair/improvement. Rope fences require planks. Is built with shafts and ropes. (planks work with this how?) Woven fences require wood scraps. Repairs with Wood scraps. (only problem is you can only get this by making other things.) Round pole fence Low & High repairs with planks, and is make with shafts and nails. (this should repair with shafts.) Crude wooden fence: repairs with planks, (this at least makes sense.) Wooden fences: (works fine as is) Hedge fences: There is currently no way to improve these fences. Perhaps a hedge could take damage over time at it's highest growth stage, and this could be reduced by pruning. The hedge could also be improved in a similar way, if it is pruned and on a growth with 0 damage it would improve slightly? I'm not going to list the stone variants, as I think the list above makes my objections evident. I want to also take a moment while requesting this change, that this is not all meant to be implemented. It's a series of make the repairs a little more in line with the rest of the system. Thanks!
  7. A new flooring choice that allows access to containers beneath and haul up/down but doesn't have a ladder. Allows easy access to storage on adjacent floors and delivery to a cart below without cluttering up the space with a ladder.
  8. So... I plan the floor on the ground floor of a building. I chose stone brick floor. It plans and uses 1 brick + 1 mortar. [22:39:13] You see a floor under construction. The floor requires 9 stone bricks and 9 mortar to be finished. [22:39:13] QL = 3.5197396, dam=0.0. When right-clicking and chosing to 'continue building' i get: [22:42:35] The floor is in an invalid state to be continued. [Deliverance server] I then added the floor to the crafting window (upon suggestion by Odynn, tnx!). Adding the trowel into the second item window, I was able to continue and finish the floor. Please fix.
  9. Hello, I've found a bug that when building floor (wooden tested), "continue building" button does not appear on button bar after having floor plan selected, no matter of distance. Right click has the function. Regards, Siqma
  10. Please update Rope So that it explains rope can be used to haul large carts up, or down multi-story buildings Limitations are: The cart cannot have animals hitched The cart must be 1 floor below your current position to haul up The cart must be on your current floor in order to haul down This must happen directly at an house opening Notes can be found here: Under the February event (Toward the very bottom of the page linked here)
  11. HI, Three things every bug report should include: # What happened - [09:35:28] You cannot dig in such terrain. - or dredge on wooden planks paving on corners that are connected to other wooden planks # What you expected to happen - to be able to dig/dredge - I have few canals that I made before using same method (you can check it on deed Clint Eastwood and John Wayne Market on Xanadu) # Steps to reproduce - just try to dig on wooden planks paving on corner that is connected to other wooden floors - GM tried also and told me its a bug and to report it to here (ticket 153534) Additional notes: # If we cannot reproduce a bug it will take a LOT longer to fix - If needed come to my deed and I'll show how # Too much info is better then too little info - On some other pavings it works normally as before # Don't be afraid to bump old reports if they are still valid BR, Komunalac
  12. Hi! I like very much the stairs. But. I would like to be able to climb up stairs starting next to walls. I would like to put the stairs to room corner. Now it takes up a lot of space needing to have an open tile in front of it and behind the upper end.
  13. Can vary from opening a hatch for hauling up stuff to another floor, or even a trap-type of floor that drops unwanted quests. Course there's lifts, elevators, dumbwaiters, and etc. Another thread.
  14. Feature Request Perhaps add the ability to flip walls or some other way to fix cosmetic issues as shown below. Not sure what can be done about the walls bleeding into the floors but maybe it has to do with thickness. Cosmetic Issues Pointed ends of straight walls always face one direction and causes an issue like this... Angled part of arched wall only faces one direction and causes an issue like this... Textures from stone brick walls overlap with textures of wood floors and stone brick floors...
  15. Currently to remove a reinforced floor you simply have to mine it once, with a speed pick this can take under 3 seconds leaving little time to react if its on a key-bind such as space bar. Please make a different command to remove one, like 'remove reinforcement' for example. I also think the timer to remove them should be a set 30 seconds or similar, not based on pick and mining skill. Cheers.
  16. I am not sure this is a bug but there is no way to use the strongwall spell on mine floors to support them it always just collapses the tile unless i am doing somthing wrong.
  17. WTS Rare unfinished floor loom Price: 10 s Item pick up only from Exodus - Sandhill (m15)
  18. Rare unfinished floor loom Starting bid: 3 s Min increment: 50 c Buyout: 10 s Sniper protection: 2 hours No reserve Item pick up only from Exodus - Sandhill (m15)
  19. I would like to make the suggestion to add some very simple options to make caves look nicer and to allow for some form of structure changes without the need of adding borders to cave tiles. it would be awesome if we could "pave" Cave walls and Floors, which can act similar as support beams or can be attached over support beams and veins as some form of decoration (Can be destroyed easily?) They would allow us for some Variation in Caves without intruding cave code too much kind of just adding new textures to cave walls and floors We could make walls made of marble (that dont look similar to marble veins) or made of gold sheet
  20. Just that, adding the new paving as an option to flooring, can use same materials and skill than brick floors.
  21. Laid a floor on open ground (not in house) -planks showed ok When I coated it with tar (from coalpile) it disappeared and shows dirt. Upon examination the floor is still there with description "[13:16:36] You see some planks laid down by someone. [13:16:36] They are protected from the environment by a thin layer of tar." Have u added a polished floor model? If so, it isn't loaded in the client.
  22. I'm kinda in between keeping and selling, so lets hear some prices.
  23. This sounds like a good idea particularly for PvP to create stronger buildings but it would also be good for PvE for making a beefier looking wooden wall. I also like the idea of iron rimmed windows, iron for floors and visible iron floor supports for upper floors to give a different look to ceilings. Then to top it off an iron enforced door maybe with a + look of iron bars and then on the borders of the door. I think this would make wooden buildings look nicer.
  24. #1 I stored 6 items (foot board, head board, bed frame; 2 each, each set on separate tiles) on the first floor level a few days ago, without assembling the beds. Decay hasn't set in yet, but after a server restart 3 items were missing. I thought it would be a single occation, but at todays server restart, when I was building the walls up there and had 4 piles of 38 stone bricks and mortar each, all piles vanished, leaving only 2 bricks where the whole pile stood. Instead they reappeared on the ground floor, bare the two items from the first floor. The bed parts reappeared too, but only on 1st floor when nothing else was occupying the tile. So, it seems as follows: Server restarts now teleport items from first floor level (and maybe above) to ground level, if there's more than 2 items on one tile. In addition some objects can't be reclaimed if there's a proper floor on ground, as they sink in (but this is a graphical/client bug mostly). This is annoying, to say the least... #2 Stand on the first floor, commander a large cart with hitched horses standing on the ground floor -> the cart teleports to first floor level, with you embarked. You are able to drive up there, unencumbered by the walls below, so you are on 1st floor actually. Disembark the cart, and you glitch through the floor, dropping on the ground (and being hurt). #3 Leave said cart on the 1st floor, climb up again, plan your walls. If one of the walls goes through the cart, it can't be accessed any longer, from no tile nor floor, even if you remove the walls. This may be even true if you don't plan walls at all, but just embark (for teleport) and disembark again. Relog, and the cart is on the ground floor again. This might as well be a communication error between client and server, as you're not obstructed by any walls below when driving the cart around on the 1st floor, which shows it's not entirely client side (as the relog would suggest). #4 Plan stone walls on top, which have no other stone wall underneath - it looks horrible. Haven't tried that with wooden walls as of now...
  25. Hi, I couldn't see this mentioned but it is driving me crazy. As you can see, my feet are going through our churches floor. It also goes through all the other floors people have in our area. Its incredibly annoying.