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Found 12 results

  1. So I have my own server to be a hermit in, and after deeding I made myself a mine. It was a terrible mine and took me days to find any iron, but yesterday I finally did it. Now I shut down my server when I'm not using it, and I'm the only player. Today I started up my server again, and after doing a bit of smithing I turned around to see ABSOLUTE CHAOS. My mine entrance had collapsed, but in a way I've never seen before! It had turned into a massive pit, hitting the water table below. Now I've (hopefully) fixed the terraforming with my GM so I can get mining again, but what on earth happened? Why did my mine collapse by itself like this? Is there anything I can do to prevent it happening again?
  2. same functionality as strongwall or that item from trader (not remember name atm), but done with for example rockshards+concrete+planks
  3. I need a priest to collapse a mine entrance at my deed on Xanadu located here: Willing to pay 1s for the one tile.
  4. My Magranon priest is looking for work collapsing tiles at 1s per tile. He can also perform most other spells, but his channeling skill is still in the mid-50's, so success rate and quality of casts are not guaranteed. Please send message to me, or contact me or Liam in game if interested. Alendhor Aven Linuath, Newspring Island, Xanadu
  5. I am sure I am not alone in this thought, but if you have taken the time to reinforce the floors and walls of your mine on deed there should be zero chance of a pile of rock crashing down and destroying what ever item that happens to be sitting on the tile. If there is a double collapse bye bye your cathedral ceiling. This is especially true if building in mines ever becomes a thing, I do not want to see part of a structure taken out at random. I know this feature has been disabled for now, but that one day it was activated there was a lot of collapses on all the servers, perhaps more in the 24 hour time spam than previously seen in years in places that never had collapses before. We know the dev's are trying to decide how to implement the feature and have itchy trigger fingers waiting to turn it back on and we need to let them know what we want it not to do. For the time it takes to build these reinforcement beams (I know priests can spam out the walls) for the floors they should provide the security we all believed they were supplying for a long time.
  6. I thought maybe it was just me, until my friend asked me if something changed. I could swear that I'm getting 3x (merely a guess) the cave in rates as normal. Anyone else noticing this?
  7. I am headed to Xanadu to do some cast for someone. If anyone needs a cast and is coastal and accessible I am available. Depending on mt route and how many casts at different locations, i'll adjust my travel cost. 1s per tile + travel time cost depending and negotiable. please post below. I will be sailing in the next day Sarayas Mag Priest p.s I do recall Greyfox and madrox wanting collapsed tiles. I'll try to contact you guys in game.
  8. Iron lump 90ql (1k min. order for delivery) Strongwall cast no prices yet so pm me with an offer Currently located on exodus. Free delivery to the coast if your order is atleast 2s, 5s for xanadu and further. Any questions? Ingame name is dapperdan currently not available, will open again soon.
  9. Dynamite would most likely be an item from a trader for 25-50s... Maybe 1g? Earthquake a spell that requires 250+ linked Mag favor to cast. BOTH require deed permissions and ONLY work on deeded mine tiles. When using, they would allow you to completely collapse all open mine tiles, destroy all items in the mine, including reinforcements. Possible additional feature would be to reset all veins as well. Not to what they were, but old veins vanish and new ones randomly appear, based on the vein properties for the region. Why? Every time I take over a deed, I spend months using Mags to strongwall the whole thing and retunnel it all. I suspect many others do this. Also, after living in the same spot for years, much of the ore is mined out and then we have to go hunting for other places to drop mining deeds, further littering the landscape and filling the ground full of holes. I know lots of folks that would love to pay for the option to refresh the mines. Great income for Code Club (if a trader item). If a spell, it would be an awesome way to get Mags working together to mass repair mines. Edit: Choosing an area to collapse, within the deed, rather than only the entire deed.
  10. I have not messed with the supported mine floors any but does it keep collapses from happening on that tile or do you still need the wall supports to keep the path clear?
  11. WTB Mag Priest Services to Collapse a mine entrance on my deed. Celebration, coordinates are x36 y39 PM me in game or on here. thanks Done thanks Zarune can be closed
  12. Closed

    Help was found, thank you.