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Found 19 results

  1. Looking to buy some champ dogs to replace the ones that passed away... Pm me on forums or in game as Sugarfoxx w/ price and what you have. greatly appreciated ❤️ woof woof, looking forward to buying a doggo... or 5
  2. Want to sell 3k stone brick for 1,5 s per k, send me a message
  3. Please add bananas to the game, it's obviously the best fruit and kind of ridiculous that it got left out.
  4. pm me, only buying from sellers with reputation and previous trades.. will be able to reply around midnight CST thanks!
  5. Want to sell Rare Strange Bone 25s Open to negotiation.
  6. Want to sell Large Crates: Stock: 50 Place: Exodus 16s Black Pearl Price: 10c each (9c if you will buy all) I can deliver Write on forum or Pm to Arthpl / Arthenpl.
  7. Willing to negotiate on prices or trades. [08:22:01] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, ''.
  8. Want to sell, Red dragon skull. 62ql 10s thanks.
  9. Hey i have Mortar for sell: Price: 2,25s for 1k (you can offer me another price) Stock: 2k Place: Exodus Black pearl 16S Deliver i can deliver to Exodus, Celebration, Deliverence, Independence. If you want deliver to Xanadu ask me for this. Name: arthPL [sOLD]
  10. I have 200 Support beam for sell on Xanadu Price: 4c for one // 8s for all Deliver: free if near Place: Xanadu 23R PM me in game "Arthpl" [sOLD]
  11. Looking to buy :100 , 80ql+ hides or leather. wanting to pay : 2s i'm willing to buy more as well. I currently reside on deliverance at q,15 town name Black crown hills
  12. WTB woad on Release. PM here or respond here, same name in game.
  13. Yeah, Want to sell referral (6s). I can pay CoD. PM me here or ingame on ( Haraldost ) The char with the ref. is ( Thompal ) Edit: Forgot to put the price in the post. *Facepalm*
  14. Hello forums, I'm looking to acquire a willow fishing pole of around 40 quality. but the kicker is it must have 90+ coc If you have this and are interested in selling me it post with a general price you are looking for. thank you and i look forward to doing business.
  15. I want to buy unknown amount of dirt (Minimum 100) Preffered: -Delivered or trade close to Root Hill Docks -Seller in Deliverance I would like to pay in iron lumps. Thanks
  16. Selling sleeping powder for 2.5s release server If interested please contact me in game my user name is luciam
  17. Hello, I'am looking to buy a Settlement Form. Details LOCATION : Deliverance TIMES AVALIABLE : Weekdays 4:30PM - 11:30PM (GMT + 10:00 hours) Weekends 10:00AM - 11:59PM (GMT + 10:00 hours) DELIVERY : I can come and pick it up or you can come to me what ever works best. PAYMENT : 9 Silver for 1 Settlement Form CONTACT : If you are interested please send me a Personal Message here on the Forums Thank you CLOSED
  18. Hell's Gate, a "not so new" deed on the Pristine Server, is currently looking for someone capable of delivering 5k dirt to our deed, located at: X: 28, Y: 14 on this map - Please pm me, my name is xTheosx, in game with a cost of providing your services, the estimated time that you will be able to provide the materials requested, and whether or not you are willing to help disperse some of the dirt. I will of course, want to know your digging skill if you're willing to help disperse it, so please have that info ready. I am willing to pay a fair market price for the dirt, and may want to negotiate further payment for help dispersing the dirt if you are willing to do so. Keep in mind that if we are not able to come to an agreement on a price for the dispersal, that I may only have you deliver it, and that while I'm offering to pay someone for help with the dirt if they deliver it, I am not currently looking to pay someone only for terraforming - this secondary offer is only available if you can deliver the dirt requested. If you cannot deliver the dirt, your services will not be considered. Also, if you are not able to provide the full 5k, I am willing to accept smaller quantities, in increments of 1k, if you can deliver it. Thanks!