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Found 112 results

  1. missing

    Am looking for a ship named SHARK BAIT should be a cog. (not 100% on that) Recently started playing again and have the ability to edit permissions on it so its still around was outside the deed on exodus last time i played. No idea as to where it has gone but would like to find it owner should be CrazyKens or Kens pm me here or ingame if found. Thank you, Kens
  2. Hello. It often happens to give permissions to other players to rack, ships, wagons, carts, bsb; permissions to be passenger, to hold and so on. It is possible to deny the permissions, but the name remains in the list anyway, so slowly the list become longer and longer. I would like to see, next to "deny permissions", the option "remove player from the list", In this way it would be easier to menage our properties.
  3. missing

    Am looking for a ship named SHARK BAIT should be a cog. (not 100% on that) Recently started playing again and have the ability to edit permissions on it so its still around was outside the deed on exodus last time i played. (have not left exo neither has the boat judging by the permissions) No idea as to where it has gone but would like to find it owner should be CrazyKens or Kens pm me here or ingame if found. Thank you, Kens
  4. There are several threads that all talk about range issues in one way or another. I thought I would lump them together a bit. 1. Please increase our pickup/load/access container range while mounted on carts & wagons. Currently it is noticeably less than when on foot. 2. Please increase (even more) the ranges while mounted on boats/ships. 3. Please allow us to open cargo on carts, wagons and ships, if near any part of the vehicle. Not have to run over to the captains seat to access. 4. Please increase our range on felled trees, to chop and pickup (mounted or not). If not, just "Wurm logic" then down to a tiny 1 tile sized graphic, once they are chopped down. Of all of these, the mounted range to pickup items or access containers is what bugs me the most. With vehicles no longer following slopes, it can be frustrating when on a steep slope and you have to turn this way and that way, just to try getting the item viewable under your cart, to pick up through the cracks of your floor boards. If there is some really important reason why not, please let us know, so we can make suggestions on fixing that issue too.
  5. So ages ago we had carts and boats follow slopes. Carts were easier to see out of and boats sucked hard at entering canals. Now boats slide into canals like (insert description here), but carts and wagons are infuriating to drive on slopes. Is there any really, really important reason we can't split the code here and have carts not look stupid, while boats continue gliding into canals without climbing mountains?
  6. EDIT : Lowered the price from 3s to 2s! - Will sell my corbita for 2s. - I am on the Xanadu server. - PM Lune in-game for more information.
  7. Can we please have an option to attach a mooring anchor to a ship and thus have the Moor/Raise anchor options on that ship without having to carry around in inventory a 20kg anchor. Or at the very least, can it be made so that the anchor drops in the ship inventory when raised, not in the player inventory ?
  8. Hello, I am searching for a rare sailboat or a rare knarr. Please PM me with a price if you sell one of these. Thank you.
  9. Selling my rare applewood Caravel with a fantastic quality lock, 92ql. Will deliver for free to coastal areas except Chaos. Please post reasonable offers below or send me a PM.
  10. Hello wurmians, I am looking for a small deed for a friend and myself. The deed must have - an area to use for farming (a few flat tiles) - one or more houses - a small workshop (does not have to be "equipped", just seperate building) - a small mine (with iron in it) - a nearby forest (d prefer one inside a forest) Some extras which d be nice: - harbour or coast line - walls - guard tower - some useful goods - a ship - horses - carts - nearby clay tiles - and so on Feel free to post or pm your deed with all information, and also server and location plus the price you are asking. Would love a deed on pristine, but if its a nice one i d accept release or east coast of xanadu too. Greetings Simju
  11. Has anyone seen a Cog named "OPGR Cracovia"? It was last seen on Xanadu H12/H13 MSG me here or ingame if you find it please.
  12. Leftover wintersale! Want to sale Bricks 2s/k Corbita Pickup, M11 Pristine Want to buy - 10q bricks Leftovers Hull planks
  13. Simple idea... If you are currently embarked on a vehicle, the context menu on that vehicle now includes an additional item, Change Position. The submenu would list all available vehicle positions. Clicking one would move you to that position. This would allow people to ride in whichever slot they prefer on a ship, instead of trying to get people to embark in the right order. I'm not seeing any downsides or unintended consequences... and it seems like it would be a frequently used option. JS
  14. One simple function Able to load row boats onto large ships Rowboat, Small Sailing Boat and Knarr -- 0 rowboats Loaded (too small) Corbita and Cog -- 1 Rowboat Loaded Caravel -- 2 or more Rowboats Loaded Especially for the caravel this would be a great addition because you wont have to park that big ass vessal but just moor it and grab the rowing boat row to shore.
  15. I'd like to buy a knarr. Send me an offer & hopefully we can do business.
  16. I am looking to by a knarr for the usual price or shall i say going rate of 7-8 silvers.. unless ql is really high or whatever.. or i get to choose material.. prefs given to those close to lake selkie and i fi come to you ill trade in a sailboat 51 ql for your trip[ or cuz i cant take it home thanks..
  17. Hey! Check my stuff and price! BULK QT Price Support Beams 100 4s Shafts 1k 1s Planks 1k 1,5s Hull Planks 1k 4s Deck Boards 1k 4s Pegs 1k 2s Tenons 1k 2s Ribbons 100 1s Small Nails 1k 1s Large Nails 1k 1,5s Fance Bars 100 2s Mortar 1k 2,5s Stone Bricks 1k 2s Collosus Brick 1k 3s Marble Bricks 100 3s Marble Slab 100 2s Stone Slab 100 2s Arrow shaft 100 15c War hunting head 100 20c Hunting arrow head 100 20c War arrow 100 70c Hunting arrow 100 70c Handle 100 20c Frying Pan 100 1s Wood shingles 1k 1,5s Concrete 100 1s Meat 1k 1,5s Sprout 100 1s Animal Bits 1k 1s Mining / Diging QT 20QL 40QL 60QL 80QL 99QL Iron 100 10c 25c 50c 80c 4s Gold 100 2s 2,5s 3,2s Silver 100 2s 2,5s 3,2s Tin 100 2s 2,2s 2,5s Marble 1k 1s 1,2s 1,6s 2,8s 3,5s Copper 100 Zinc 100 20c 40c 70c 90c 2s Slate 1k RockShards 1k 1s 1,2s 1,6s 2s 3,5s Tar 1k 1s 1,4s 1,6s 2s 3,5s Dirt 1k 1s Sand 1k 1s Clay 1k 1s 1,2s 1,6s 2s 3s Other Items QT QL Price Pickaxe WoA 49 1 40 50 Pickaxe WoA 30 CoC 53 1 40 75 Gems 1-15 2c Gems 15-80 1c Source Crystal 1kg 1,5s Yellow Potion 1-100 10c Chain Armor Parts ~50 20-30c Smelter 1 15 1s Rare Rock Shards 10 1-70 15c Rare Carving Knife C70 W80 85 7,5s Small Crate 5c Buld Storage Bin (BSB) 10c Food Storage Bin (FSB) 15c Large Barrel 8c Small Barrel 5c Large Chest 8c Small Chest 5c Rare Ship Materials 30 1-50 50c Sprout 1,5c Rare Saw 17,69 5s Rare Pickaxe Iron W71C72 67,17 7s Rare Pickaxe Iron 43 5s Rare Hammer C91 92,84 7,5s Rare Gold Statuette 63 7s Animals Age Speed Price Cow 50c Bull 50c Calf 50c Horse 4 50c Bison 4 50c Sheep 50c Pregnant Animals 70c We can imp yours stuff! CHAIN SMITHING 51ql 61ql 71ql 81ql Iron 1s 1,2s 1,4s 2,2s Copper 1s 1,2s 1,4s 2,2s BLACKSMITHING 50ql 60ql 70ql 75ql Iron Tools 10c 15c 30c 40c Horseshoes Sets 50c 60c 1s 1,5s LEATHERWORKING 51ql 61ql 71ql 75ql Studded Leather Sets 50c 70c 1s 1,2s Toolbelts 15c 25c 35c - Saddles 20c 30c 50c 60c Leather Bardings 50c 60c 70c 80c LOCATION: Azyl 34x5y Deliverance. Delivery price to establish. For more information message to: Skorpionek
  18. Would you like to travel, but don't have a ship to sail with? Are you wanting to meet up with a friend and begin a new adventure at their deed, but don't have the transportation to get there? Perhaps you've sold some wares and need them shipped, but can't be bothered to do it yourself? Look no further! I am here to serve. If you need a ferry to another server by boat, or a cart/wagon ride across the country to another location, or if you need to have bulk materials or other non-mailable items delivered to a customer I am happy to lend my services. I'll sail 6 of the 8 seas at the moment; I won't sail through Chaos or Xanadu currently. My prices are as follows: Service Price in Silver Price in Dirt/Sand Price in Mortar Price in Bricks Ferry by boat 1s 800 300 400 Ride by cart/wagon 1s 800 300 400 Delivery by boat 1s 800 300 400 Delivery by cart/wagon 1s 800 300 400 I am located on Independence with a caravel at my disposal for large deliveries if need be. Delivery fees for crates (unless you provide your own) are as follows: Storage Price in Copper Price in Dirt/Sand Price in Mortar Price in Bricks Small Crate 5c 20 8 10 Large Crate 10c 40 15 20
  19. WTS 14k Stone Brick 1k/2s 2k Colossus Brick 1k/3s Rare Ship Materials 50c/each Rare Pickaxe Iron 67,17QL W71C72 7,5s Rare Carving Knife 21,7QL 6s
  20. Could you add an "IF" clause that goes like this in pseudo code: IF one month(cargo space = not accessed && ship = not boarded) THEN stop cargo rot at 90% Why? This will mean that we have a short window to get what ever loot was in the ship when it was abandoned. A little something for waiting over a year for it to disappear from our coasts.
  21. This may be a continuation of the bug I read about, but I will first assume it is my own ignorance. How do you unload a ship from the transporter? I cannot seem to get the option. I am the deed owner and built the ship.
  22. Karthwasten Harbor is selling a few ships. We are located on the coast at F18 on Pristine. Ships Available: KNARR (Cedarwood) - 10s SOLD CORBITA (pinewood) - 3.5s CORBITA (walnut) - 3.5s SAILBOAT (Cedarwood) - 1s SAILBOAT (Applewood) - 1s SAILBOAT (Maplewood) - 1s ROWBOAT (Cedarwood) - 50c Currently running a special. Buy a Corbita or larger boat, get 5 crates included for free! Additional crates 8c per. * All ships come 60 ql with a boat lock, key, and mooring anchor. * Will deliver to Pristine or Release for free and Xanadu for 1s * We also will build ships to order, but please be patient as currently only Wreck is building ships at the harbor. Nahjo Priest Services Available: * Traveling beyond Pri/Rel/E. Xan negotable * > 50 channeling currently. Have Courier, Strongwall, Wind of Ages, Aura of Shared Pain, Genesis, Lifetransfer (need battery), Mindstealer (need battery) Strongwall Casts = 1s first tile, 50c each additional. Mats included. Altar nearby preferred. CLOSED
  23. Four small sailing boats for sale. All >55ql, one each of cedarwood, cherrywood, lemonwood, and pinewood. Mooring anchor and a low ql boat lock with key are included. Located on Independence at L19 (43x,34y community map). 1s each, pickup only. Post here or PM me on the forums, I'm not often ingame. Available to transfer ~5-8:30pm EDT daily.
  24. Changing the owner of a boat or ship always bears the risk of losing your boat forever! Say you want to change the owner to "Rey", but you make a typo and enter "Red" - poof! You can't revert the change anymore, nor can player "Rey". Or you want to change the boat's name, but accidentally type the new name in the wrong field: (Happened before... many times ) So, adding an additional confirmation level (a pop-up saying "Do you really want to change the boat's owner to 'yyyy'?) would reduce this risk considerably.
  25. Hi We have knarr to sell. Material: Willow Price: 8s Place: Xanadu C13, Deed name: Whispering Souls Knarr with lock and anchor. PM to me on forum or in game Nityapl.