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Found 4 results

  1. GM, Dev responses only please. They will be the only responses I will accept as answers. others will be looked at as speculation. [18:12:53] There are apparently no coins in the coffers at the moment. Now I am familiar with this, but I have heard varying information, plus my own theories. I would like this to be cleared up once and for all.. since I cannot find an answer in the wiki. This is why I want only GM and the Devs responses Only. Thank you
  2. Legacy Unlimited (Pro QL Map, Slower paced, Some Mod's) Our Home Page Our Forum Our Custom Map (White light has been moved, will update) Our Offer to New Players Player Highlights & Explanation: The server has been tested over the last 2 weeks and opened at the time of this post. Settlers wishing for coastal, valley or mountain deeds will be delighted with a professional quality custom map. Explorers and hunter will find a significantly diverse map. . To help players with their initial adventures, starter items have been tweaked along with 21.5 body control and 21.5 mind logic to encourage exploration and Independence. Project lovers have plenty of canals and bridges to plan and build. Those approve will be GM sponsored! The skill gains are 2.5x fast with a 2x action timer and epic curve. We want to encouraging long term player interest, trade and economics. The map will be impressive to smiths and miners with a realistic but high ore count and plenty of exposed rock while still maintaining a variety of terrain. Weaponsmithing has been adjusted to 5x skill. LU has a 35,000 animal count ensuring plenty of hunting with an agro count of 30% while homestead style players will enjoy the plentiful wild life stock to help start their farms. Bounties are in place for creatures to reward brave hunters and explorers alike. From planting to harvest, farms will take approximately 36 hours real world time, 1/3 of the Wurm Online rate. We want to encourage those who wish to specialize by not devaluing their products. Armor penalties are removed. Individual and Group Events for those who want them. Experienced Staff An OPTIONAL coin shop is available but rest assured selling to token, bounties, foraging, botanizing and trade are still viable options and have been tested. Estimated server cost is $60 USD per month. Priority will be to the server cost. Occasional charity donations will be made if shop use is high, charties will be voted on by players. Some coin to help out would be nice but we’re not looking to turn this into a business. ======================================================= Other Adjustments Include: Dig as you mine – Dirt will drop as a pile automatically. Seasons – Will tell you what is in season when you login. Prayer is unlimited with a 20 minute cooldown. Horse Rename – For easier tracking of breeding stock (Naming tag required) Max favor required for any cast is 90 eliminating the need for 2 priests. Mediation has no cooldown and you’re not required to change tiles while skilling. Leads do not drop on disembark Can now lead towable creatures threw water. Eg: cow, hen, bull, unicorn, etc. Moon Metal Mining - The chance to mine Adamantine, Glimmersteel and Seryll while mining. ======================================================= Coming Soon Player referal reward system (Within Days) Adjusted Salesman Pricing (ASAP) A second small land limited PVE server linked for greater hunting, trading and exploration (player count dependant)
  3. Hello, Frist of all i will start this topic about explaining the bug. If you and someone else dig on the same corner and you by chance get a lag there is a bug that can instakill you. Now this is rather known bug to GM-s and it has not so far been fixed. I did happen to run across this bug and after dieing to it, losing a resstone and skills including 0,25fs and some body i filed a support. The person answering me was a GM on a CM account who told me that the skill and resstones are not to be reimbursted. If i die to a problem with a game (lag - Server, client lag) i am the one to blame? Or is Wurm a game where there is bugs known to GM-s, devs and they decide to not change nor reimburst those deaths? I know that people has gotten reimburstments in the past for this bug and i am interested, how this works. Who gets reimbursts, who makes the decision and based on what are these decisions made? Now you might wonder why am i asking this? I actually found the fact that dieing to bug from game is my fault. If its not my fault, then why am i the one who is losing something. Now as i am above 85 fs then gaining the 0,25 FS is not that fun and just losing 5s on a resstone is also some monetery value lost. Addition to that i was lucky and died on deed, but if i would have died in the middle of nowhere just because lag..I might have lost much more. If there is a guidline how it is dealt, maybe it can be written here so we, as the players, will know if this is up for reimburstment or not.
  4. Hello I'd like to say thank you to everyone who responded to my support ticket this past two weeks. Thank you personally to Enki, Idunn, Fireriders, Logi. I submitted a support ticket that really threw these guys through a loop but they continued to do their best to assist me, and I very much appreciate everyones attempts to help me. I gave up on fixing the issue due to the fact that it would just cost me lots of mats and time. I invite you guys to come check out the church we worked on when its done Enki thank you for spending well over an hour attempting to fix my issue GMs and CAs alike should all be appreciated, they may not have the answer but there is always a solution