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  1. Want to sell Large Crates: Stock: 50 Place: Exodus 16s Black Pearl Price: 10c each (9c if you will buy all) I can deliver Write on forum or Pm to Arthpl / Arthenpl.
  2. Hi i have 5k Mortar for sell. Price; 2,5 for 1k (2,25 if you want to buy all) Place: Xanadu Q23 (i can deliver to xanadu, release and pristine) Ingame name: arthpl [sold]
  3. Hey i have Mortar for sell: Price: 2,25s for 1k (you can offer me another price) Stock: 2k Place: Exodus Black pearl 16S Deliver i can deliver to Exodus, Celebration, Deliverence, Independence. If you want deliver to Xanadu ask me for this. Name: arthPL [sOLD]
  4. standard price is 5-7c (7 if desperate, 6 normal, 5 cheap)
  5. I have 200 Support beam for sell on Xanadu Price: 4c for one // 8s for all Deliver: free if near Place: Xanadu 23R PM me in game "Arthpl" [sOLD]