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Found 88 results

  1. WTB dragon scale set currently located in Laithlind SW of Greymead willing to buy outright with Silver or trade ingame services for.
  2. Looking to buy some champ dogs to replace the ones that passed away... Pm me on forums or in game as Sugarfoxx w/ price and what you have. greatly appreciated woof woof, looking forward to buying a doggo... or 5
  4. Want to buy a account, should have some digging, mining, masonry, and carpentry. IM Me your Niarja skills and what you want for the account. Thanks.
  5. I'd like to buy as many kg's of drake hide as possible in order to make a full drake set. will be the first to have my own signature on. any color is acceptable. TY in advance.
  6. Selling off Rare Pickaxe 82ql Price - 6s
  7. Looking to buy high lvl or high-ish lvl Vyn priest on freedom servers. Please PM, will consider all options. Thank you.
  8. Want to buy a supreme huge axe with high Life Transfer. Quality is not that important. Please pm me if you have one for sale. Fairyshine in game or here on forums. Thanks!
  9. Looking to buy an account as the title says. Ideal skills equal or above 70: cloth tailoring leather working wood cutting carp fine carp Other skills considered! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can post or message me with a skill dump and a price. I do not make offers. If you want privacy for the sale that will be respected but I will want the character name also.
  10. As title 45200ql of gems all of them 10+ql pm me I'm thinking 1.5g or 150e takes all or we can do it per ql at 35i per ql.
  11. My Pants Harbour Building Supplies Xanadu B17 (northern coast, map's edge) Earn prizes and claim special discounts. Souvenir Pants - You really shouldn't go around naked. Discount Pants - 20C discount in the next order Fancypants - 50c discount in the next order Noble Pants - 10% discount in the next order Royal Pants - Lifetime 10% discount Emperor Pants - Lifetime 10% discount and 50% discount on delivery Quantity Planks Bricks Mortar Nails small/large Support Beams* Prize 100x 10c 20c 25c 10c 4s Fancypants Souvenir Pants 1000x 1s 2s 2.5s 1s 30s Noble Pants Souvenir Pants 2000x 2s 4s 5s 2s 60s Royal Pants Discount Pants 3000x 3s 6s 7.5s 3s 90s Emperor Pants Discount Pants 4000x 4s 8s 10s 4s 1g20s Emperor Pants Fancypants 5000x 5s 10s 12.5s 5s I Fancypants 6000x 6s 12s 15s 6s QUIT Noble Pants 7000x 7s 14s 17.5s 7s NOW Noble Pants 8000x 8s 16s 20s 8s I'M Royal Pants 9000x 9s 18s 22.5s 9s F***ING Royal Pants 10000x 10s 20s 25s 10s RICH Emperor Pants *Support beams purchases earn better prizes We deliver! Leave your orders and questions below!
  12. 65c each. if you buy 4 than its 2s total. When you order name the tool and material type ill send out the highest coc i have left. only request coc power if you want something that is not the highest for some reason. post here or pm aquaman for orders.
  13. I am looking to by a knarr for the usual price or shall i say going rate of 7-8 silvers.. unless ql is really high or whatever.. or i get to choose material.. prefs given to those close to lake selkie and i fi come to you ill trade in a sailboat 51 ql for your trip[ or cuz i cant take it home thanks..
  14. all cast from 80-84 75c each all cast from 85-89 85c each all cast from 90-94 1s each all cast 95+ 1.5s add 5c for steel tools(this fee can be waived if buying more than 3 items) add 50c for items over 80ql PM here on the form or aquaman ingame for orders and questions
  15. We are here for you! Localization:(T-18 Independence) Order Status: Open Contact (ingame): Kgorski ,Rafaello, Kijan Contact (forum): Kgorski (only Kgorski) Bulk Goods: Blacksmithing: Mining: Logs: Farming: Leather Works Carpentry & Fine Carpentry: IN STOCK MATERIALS/SPECIAL OFERTS: Dirt 60000+ (200+crate) Stone Brick (4k 27Ql) (4k 15QL)= 8K Mortar:1k For orders over 7s delivery is free to any server. (excluding Chaos) Payment: Silver coins. Sleep powder.1s/1sp
  16. Crystal Coast Market Hi and welcome to our market. Below you will see what our village needs (buy orders) and what it has to sell (sell orders). If you would like to buy or sell to and from the village please post accordingly. Delivery Charges Xanadu, North of H on the map 1s Xanadu, South of H on the map 2s Other Freedom Server not including Chaos 4s Buy Orders Item Qty Buy Price Dirt 0 75c Per 1k Bricks 0 75c Per 500 Mortar 0 90c Per 500 Small Nails 0 15c Per 100 Large Nails 0 15c Per 100 Wooden Planks 0 15c Per 100 Sell Orders Item Qty Sell Price Dirt 0 1s Per 1k Brick 0 1s Per 500 Mortar 0 1s 25c Per 500 Small Nails 0 20c Per 100 Large Nails 0 20c Per 100 Wooden Planks 0 20c Per 100
  17. Hi guys I'm looking to buy female deers that are traited. At least two. Preferably two different sorts. I would need them delivered also. Located: Across from Vilmanstrand, inside of colossos lake/ Deed Name: Denderwindeke. You can contact Marah in game various hours or message me here. If you have deers available and the pricing. Thank you
  18. If you're on the fence, maybe because of the price, then check out the deals here... I use the site to watch the games I want to buy and to get better prices and thought I'd share to help the community grow! Come join in the fun! If this in any way breaks the rules (and I don't think it does) PLEASE let me know and I'll remove it. Thanks! --Lurendt
  19. Hello. I would like to buy 1 x MR wagon and 2 x MR kingdom banners. I wont be able to pick up. Offers with delivery only please. I live on T 22 Xanadu - Village of Tirion PM, post in here or pm on-line - Khemi
  20. NO LONGER NEEDED! THANKS I'm looking to buy 1 of each and hopefully seller can deliver to the FM area. Top priority 1 Bull 1 Heifer Also looking for: Hens and Roosters Sheep Pigs You can PM me in-game donivanstormchase with any offers. FM area is "Freedom Market" on the Independence server.
  21. As the title suggests, I want to buy a sickle of 70 quality or higher, with these casts: Nimble, Life Transfer, Circle of Cunning, and Animal's Demise. I want casts to be around 70 but a little less is ok. I don't want them to be much higher because of the change in price. I'm in Xanadu. Anyone willing to make it, I'll pay you the normal price for the item plus 1s extra if you can get it to me fast. If you are interested just leave a reply or send a message. Thank you.
  22. want to sell 43x43 deed on release with 40+enchanted fenced in grass tiles, large mine, mailbox pretty much clear of buildings perfect for setting up the way u want it, has a highway thru it but i started a by pass that could be completed fairly easily then get gm approval. should not b a problem. can contact on forum with rayven, in game rayven or arian. (Hell Hound Refuge) is deed name. 15 silver or bst offer. coordinance: X22 Y38 screenshots:slideshow :
  23. Looking to buy :100 , 80ql+ hides or leather. wanting to pay : 2s i'm willing to buy more as well. I currently reside on deliverance at q,15 town name Black crown hills
  24. I am looking to purchase a male and female sheep. I need them delivered. I am located across the street from Vilmanstrand around Colossos Lake where the IKEA Market is shown. I will of course pay a delivery fee. Please message me with your offers. If you only have one sheep that is fine. Age not important. Located on Indy Server.
  25. Hello. I want to buy a Large Maul with LT = 70+. Pay 4 Copper each. Also desirable N and C . I max the price you pay it 6s