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  1. Didnt we get bl home server reset directly thanks to the committee? Theres being done no doubt, but not all of it is super visual and most of it never gets credit where credit due.
  2. Just make em cost stamina and do something special, but not require time in combat. Hook and pull: halberds only, target high when on foot against someone mounted: dismounts a rider and stuns it. success chance increases with armour weight Charge break: spears only and target high, does extra damage depending on your targets average speed in a rough 5 seconds timespan before use. Counterparry: only with shield equipped, target low, does an unparryable hit by weapon, stamina cost dependant on the shield size (2/3) and weapon size (1/3) (smaller = less cost)
  3. In reality towing a ship is like towing an ancher, its nearly impossible with rowing boats this is a purely practical suggestion, therefore 25% is a lot of speed loss, but its less if you pull a sailing boat with a knarr for example as i just suggested it, it would be like this
  4. Mooring rope allows you to hitch 1 boat to your boat, the hitched boat will follow your ship about 1 ships length behind you, it cant be bigger then the one you are driving, and 25% speed loss for a ship the same size, half of that for a ship a size smaller, half of that for one size smaller even, etc... driver getting out of the lead boat or someone getting in the driver seat breaks the hitch, people can sit in the hitched ship.
  5. Just look at what happened to bl home, and yes, if he would make the scenarios "worth it" and have a clear engagement where everyone understands what completing this mission will accomplish and have missions that can both be done in small individual groups and work to bring together these groups then yes, it would be a lot better then "find the evil tree and cut it down" or "build this object that requires enough materials to build a small deed and once the mission is won you get nothing else out of it" missions
  6. Couldn't agree more, i really feel he is part of the zynga developers that stayed when their business model started to crumble once the fad wore off.
  7. weren't it ancient aliens?
  8. These, 6 excluded (thatone is actually decently good) are all horrible, you are treating wurm as if it should cater to farmville players, but it shoudnt, its different and different people play it, i am active in handheld gaming circles, especially people who used to work for zynga, but left. This attitude for "quick cash" and "dumbing down" is detrimental to the gaming industry, it does nothing but attract a billion fad players, and when everyone is tired of it they just quit and the servers are empty. the ONLY reason people still play this game is because its very very hard to have done everything, built everything etc. Pvp is , but how you suggest it would make it even more , the only thing that could help pvp in wurm on a short term basis is a large influx of new players and a large influx of new factions that can stand their own. The reason bl is running dry is because a new server has new opportunities, plus we dont really have any kingdom opposition anymore, sure some local pvp recently at the hota handed us our asses, but on the server side we are dominating and if we are full force we can take on both kingdoms at once.
  9. Whales should be balanced for being a doable challenge with 3 good fighter accounts. and give the prises for it, something like a mini unique, giving tons of meat, blubber and other good materials.
  10. The "cart on a rail" is as old as organised mining, Egyptians used mining sleds on sand to move the bricks up the pyramids, stone hedge was probably built with stones transported over half of Europe on a rail system that was placed on the go... mine carts are nothing new, even the ones on actual rails are as old as people trying to get stuff out of mines.
  11. Also give whales that power that dragons have, tail whip I believe its called.
  12. i want to see knarrs sail out to kill a mature whale, needs to be at least 10 times more difficult and provide loot to make it something worth wile to go after
  13. id like to see less animals and them being a bit more difficult to kill
  14. Responsability and leadership weigh hard on the males head, killing the hair follicles