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Found 58 results

  1. WTS Steel Lumps

    As title says, wts steel lumps. Contact me via PM in the forum or in game as Davih. You can also contact Luttuosa, same ways. 99ql x 20 (15c each) 97ql x100 (10c each) 95ql x 100 (5c each) 92ql x 300 (2.5c each) 87ql x 500 (1c each) 83ql x 250 (0.5c each) 70ql x 150 (0.4c each) 46ql x 200 (0.2c each)
  2. WTS 50QL Skull Shoulder Pad

    WTS all items stated down below. Price negotiable (reasonably ), contact me in-game or here! - 50QL Skull Shoulder Pad - 2s -87QL Seryll Lump 0,26 - price to negotiate - SOLD -Rift wood x2 - 8c/each -Rift crystal - 8c -Rift Shard x2 - 8c/each ~Whylack
  3. Buying Rare, Supreme gold

    Attention, Wurmians! I am willing to buy all rare gold you have! Or at least as many as i can afford. Why? Because i like shinies, of course! Check your magic chests, check your storage alts, check yo wives, check yo kids, if you want to make some coppers or silvers and help me add more rare gold on this carpet. Details follow (under the carpet). Rares = 10 copper each Any QL and weight will do. If the lump/ore has 90+dmg, i will pay 1/2 of the price for it. CoD to Zigozag without any questions if you've got a few. You might want to leave a post in this thread or PM me prior to sending, but it is not necessary. If you happen to be an owner of a rather big stock of rare gold, PM me on the forums or ingame to negotiate pickup. Supremes = 20 copper each Any QL and weight will do. If the lump/ore has 90+dmg, i will pay 1/2 of the price for it. CoD to Zigozag without any questions if you've got a few. You might want to leave a post in this thread or PM me prior to sending, but it is not necessary. If you happen to be an owner of a rather big stock of supreme gold, PM me on the forums or ingame to negotiate pickup. Fantastics... Sell them to Vortexxx If you don't like Vortexxx, go away I can accept these for 50 coppers each, but PM me on forums or ingame first, please. PS I will try to keep this updated in time so that I wouldn't run out of funds while you're sending me precious metal. I do not expect too big supply of these, but if it so happens that i won't be able to pay for a CoD'ed lump, i will return it ASAP and compensate mailing fee if needed.
  4. WTS Adamantine lumps (SOLD)

    WTS Glimmersteel 83ql 0,33kg 90ql 0,37kg 92ql 0,37kg Adamantine 83ql 0,32kg 84ql 0,33kg 84ql 0,35kg 85ql 0,34kg 87ql 0,36kg 91ql 0,37kg target price 1s/0,1kg 0,7s/0,1kg or give me a offer
  5. [RELEASED] Smelt Purify Mod

    Smelt Purify Mod lets you use a smelting-pot to purify lump qualities a the cost of the lump's weight. You can configure all the exact proportions like quality gained per action and weight lost per action. Metallurgy skill and smelting pot quality limit how high quality can be improved. (I used the default WU Skill.getKnowledge(smeltPot, 0) code to get this value.) : Required : Ago's WurmServerModLauncher. : Install : * Get one of the archive releases, put the zip file into your WU server folder, and unpack the zip folder. The zip archive has a mods folder and it will put things where they go. * Releases are on Github: * Open the properties file and choose what options you want.

  7. Close

  8. WTS Glimmer lumps / chopped corn

    WTS - - 5s WTS - 8k chopped corn - 14s ingame: Ghostface
  9. Probably versions of this mentioned in the past, but I want to combine a couple ideas into some new containers. 1st off, thank you for all the new bulk racks that partially address our container needs. We can now store tons of stuff in a much smaller area, which allows for better sorting and density. Really helps our work shops. Now to expand on storage options, I'd like to see the following: Spice Rack - probably about the size and shape of a larder. Holds up to 10,000 of each spice. Animal Parts Rack - Maybe half way between FSB and Spice rack size. Holds up to 5000 of each part. Metallurgy Bin - Half the size of an empty BSB so it fits under forges and can have some sort of protrusion sticking out of the front for easy selecting. Holds up to 5000 of each lump type, charcoal, flint and ash. Leather/Hide hanging rack - Shows a bunch of hides hanging from poles. This should be fairly tall and bulky, but awesome looking. Holds up to 1000 hides and 10,000 leather. (add your other ideas here...) All have an auto sort for QL. 1-9, 10-19, ... 80-89, 90, 91... 99, 100. I can't imagine we need any more fine tuning than that. If someone does, they can use classic bulk storage. All have only one graphic, regardless of how full they are. This will really help for decorating our shops. I'd love BSBs to lose the fat graphic too. It is clever, but it makes it harder to do our own clever decorating. New bins and racks are loadable - 1 in a large cart or 2 with rune and still have a little room for small barrel, small chest and a few packs. Up to 4 in a wagon, or 5 with rune. (maybe this isn't an appropriate ratio, so adjust as needed). Can use while loaded. This will make hunting ideal and rearranging deed, moving and selling goods much easier. The BSB rack is a nice addition and great for a warehouse, but not great for a work shop or craft room layout.
  10. Rift loot and more

    I have some rift loot and a piece of high-end armor I wish to sell. lump, glimmersteel, 84.57 QL 0.28kg lump, adamantine, 84.00 QL, 0.33kg rift crystal, 11.70 QL, 0.20kg rift crystal, 11.70 QL, 0.20kg rift crystal, 4.22 QL, 0.20kg rift stone shard, 13.68 QL, 0.20kg Also, a seryll plate vambrace at 77 QL. This is armor for an arm and I'm reliably informed one of the better types of armor available in game. Bright red in color when worn. It weighs 2.2kg, so will apparently smelt down to just under 2kg of seryll if you just need the lumps. Taking all offers in-game to Ajala or here.
  11. Items without a price: offer a price. As always willing to haggle just shoot me a PM :). I don't bite... hard :P. <3, Launsel~
  12. Adamantine and Glimmersteel = 8s/kg (90ish rare = +30c) Seryll = 5s/kg (Supreme = +1s) Seryll 11-49ql = 4.5s/kg Firm prices. PM Davih in game or here to buy : )
  13. Anyone interested in buying these 34 rare iron 3 supreme iron 2 rare zink 6S for the lot Insert other media didnt work see pic here
  14. Glimmersteel and Adamantine Lumps

    Prices is 3s per lump in picture, except .17 KG Glimmer lump, it is 1.2s Addy Lumps sold, 86 QL Glimmersteel lump sold.
  15. Sold, please close

    Armour Starting Bid: 1s (each) Bid Increments: 50c PM Buyout offers accepted Armour Lumps Starting Bid: 1s (each lot) Bid Increments: 50c PM Buyout offers accepted Rings Starting Bid: 1s (each) Bid Increments: 50c PM Buyout offers accepted
  16. WTS Rare LS + Rift Items

    All items will be open to offers. triple shoulder set - 4s human skull shoulder - 5s ribboned shoulder - 50c left shielding shoulder - 1.25s Picnic Baskets - SOLD necklace of protection - 2s artisan necklace - 1s (used from wearing it once) lump is .32 kg - name price It is enchanted with Animal's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards animals. Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [87] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [88] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [82] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [76] looking for 15s on the sword PM Here or in-game at dudeitsdamsel.
  17. I need four (4) large crates (1200 lumps). Post to the thread or PM with pricing.
  18. Rares 10c ea, Supremes 20c ea. Post here or PM on forums or Trooperau ingame Sold List
  19. RARES

  20. Xcaliber's Merchant Sales

    Xcalibers Merchant Sales is now open To the public life of the forum, more items will soon be added just got to sort things out in game and get them all ready to be sold ** Please dont waste my time making silly offeres - i dont mind disscounting things but offering a silly ammount will not make it cheaper just makes the deal longer to achieve ** Ingame name - * Xcaliber * - Glimmersteel - sold Spyglass x2 - sold Ointments - sold Elaborate pads - sold I'm on most days so please Pm me in-game for info or orders.
  21. WTB HQ Iron Lumps

    I need some HQ Iron Lumps.. 85 - 90ql. (Long story about a bad drag and drop into my 85+ BSB) I need these delivered stat to around Summerholt. PM me here or IG as Jackjones
  22. WTS Glimmer and adamantine lumps

    Hello ! All lumps 2,5 s each. PM there or in game Glimmersteel sold
  23. WTS various items

    Spyglasses picked up from summerhalt (xanadu) Sold items: Drake hide Addy lumps Open helm 100coc med rug rare whetstone Shovel supreme shield 26ql seryll lump
  24. Kopingsvik Store & Northern Lights Coastline Locations: Independence North west corner We sell everything mostly Builk goods. Rares and stuff like that will be listed later. Contact us: Nachtiti (EU) - Takaluah (US) custom order is that you have to send a message for that unit and QL you want. Status: CLOSE CLOSE FOR THE MOMENT Big orders and Repeat costumer will get some special price. Goods for sale QL Random QL QL60 QL80+ Corn QL91 Any amount 1S/1K Iron Lump custom order custom order Zinc Lump custom order custom order Lead Lump custom order custom order Copper Lump custom order custom order Silver Lump custom order ---------------- Gold Lump custom order --------------- Marble Shard custom order custom order Rock Shard 1s / 1000 ----------- Large Nail 1,5S / 1000 Small Nail 1,5S / 1000 Fence Bar 1S / 100 Large Chainlink ------------ Ribbon Frying pan 1s / 100 Sauce pan 1s / 100 Lamps 1,5S / 100 Street Lamps 2S / 100 Armor Chain Dirt 80C/1k Plank 1s / 1000 Shaft 1s / 1000 Hull Planks ----------- Tennon ---------- Pegs --------- Deck board ---------- Stone briks 2S / 1000 Mortar 2,5S / 1000 Clay 1s / 1000 Colossus Briks 2S / 1000 Logs 20C / 100 Support Beams 1S / 100 Tools and Enchants coming soon Delivery Fee: Indy north = free Indy south = 50c Other server 1.5S Payments: Coins first, maybe sleeping powder, referrals. Rowing Boat Random QL with lock and anchor 1S with delivery Small sailing Boat Random QL with lock and anchor 2S with delivery Corbita Custom Order Cog Custom Order Knarr Custom Order Caravel Custom Order Work Digging jobs 1S / 1k dirt or 1k actions Mining Jobs 1S / 20 Walls or 1k Actions Guard Tower 15S + Incl Mats Colossus 20S + Incl Mats If you want anything that is not listed send a PM here or to me and we will try to solve it for you. In Stock Zinc Lump QL60 1400 Iron Lump QL91 65unit Lead Lump QL50 1300 Zinc lump QL83 197Unit Silver ore Randome QL 1500 Copper Lump QL82 40Unit ---------------------------------- ----------------------------------
  25. *************************************** Were working to replenish our stock, can take orders for Large Crates please allow time for construction. Any enquiries re future orders PM Zetzu or myself in-game *************************************** WTS Building Materials Bricks 2,000 20ql 2s per K SOLD Mortar 3,000 10ql 2s per K Dirt 2,000 1s per K Concrete 100 11ql 1s Support Beams 100 5s Metal Lumps Gold lumps 1,000 1ql 1s SOLD Gold lumps 1,000 20ql 1s SOLD Tin lumps 5,000 25ql 1s per K Iron lumps 2,000 40ql 1s per K Iron lumps 1,000 75ql 3s Zinc lumps 1,000 65ql 2s Fruit & Veg Onions 92ql 1s per K Apples 2,000 1s per 100 Storage 64 Small Crates 3c each 20 Large Crates Cedar 10c each SOLD Will make more Tools Saws 70ql 15c SOLD If you need tool/tools made PM Zetzu for custom order Info I live on Xanadu server R14 Can deliver on any server coast (except Chaos) Orders 3s or more free delivery PM me or Zetzu here or in game Any C.O,D, items will be mailed via our 100 enchant mailbox