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Found 62 results

  1. This may be meant? But im almost sure that i've worked on a ceiling on top of a bridge before and it hasn't acted like i was in the water beneath. The ceiling is not out of reach, yet when i try to flatten it, or mine it, the client tells me it is. I did pass it by CAhelp before posting here. I apologise if this isn't a bug.
  2. I've spoken with Shmeric and expressed my interest in helping move this project forward as many of you have shown a great desire to help as well. He's agreed to that partnership, so here we are! Shmeric has already laid a chunk of the ground work as far as planning goes and the dropping of many dirts. I'm going to be surveying the area as well, just to make clear the plans in my mind. The way I see it we can split this into three teams, so if you're interested in helping please leave a comment and we'll go from there. The team focal points would be as follows: Dirt placement/allocation: this is pretty obvious as the team would mostly be comprised of players who don't mind dropping dirt in marked locations for building the dirt spires to connect bridge segments. This doesn't mean you have to bring a crap ton of dirt to the project, but if you'd like to that is very much appreciated. We'd also appreciate anyone who is able to pick-up and deliver dirt to the desired drop points. Highway routing: again, pretty obvious--this team would survey the end points of the bridge and design a route to connect the bridge to any main highway in the region, and then build those paths. Please be kind to your neighbors living in the region in which you want to route the highway through; the best policy is asking permission before putting your shovel to the dirt. Bridge construction: if you're interested in helping with the project but don't want to join until the construction bit that is perfectly fine. This team will be responsible for planning the bridge segments, aqcuiring the materials to build those segments, and then, of course, building the bridge! Note: Teams aren't limited to the slots listed below; that's just a placeholder, of sorts. Terraforming Team: Highway Team: Veste (Nefer) Ostentatio Construction Team: Neenee Thorakkanath As far as materials go I'll get a count up here as soon as I can. Please leave a comment if you're interested in joining the efforts, whether that be to join a team or just to donate materials! We want to make sure we credit all those who help out as well. If you have high skills to help out in any of these areas include that info as well! P.S. Participate in the poll above to let us know what type of bridge you want to Newspring! P.S.S. Keep in mind that flat bridges will require more bricks and mortar due to having support pillars. Here's a sample of what the bridges might look like if arched or flat. Both images are of marble because the stone texture was giving me errors in DeedPlanner, so just imagine the white is also grey! Update: A whopping 58% of the voters would like to see an arched bridge for this project (as of right now) so we're going to go ahead and name that type the winner. Each type has its own value, obviously, but arched will also make this project less demanding on resources such as bricks and mortar. Now to determine the material type...
  3. I asked in CAhelp a couple of times, provided this screenie the second time, no one seemed to have heard of this occurring before so i decided to post it here. On the planning stage for a bridge, the supports allow for manipulation but their graphics are missing on the interface; 280 slope - 20 slope decline 14 tiles.
  4. Hi, The problem exists right in the start when i like to chose 'Plan Bridge'. I like to try out a 38 long bridge but can't click on the person with the range pole. 37 tiles between: there is no problem if i hover with my mouse cursor over the person i can click and get the menu. 38 tiles between: I do not get focus on the person on the other side when i hover over him. Is there maybe a setting that can improve the distance that you can get focus on the other person 38 tiles far? Thanks. note: problem exists with both clients (old and unstable).
  5. If you pave a bridge with a different type of pavement the edge of the pavement will be seen on the outside of the bridge. It isn't nice For some reason I can't embed the picture from imgur now, but here are the links.
  6. So tonight I start working on paving my longhouses on top a 300 slope dirt wall. I have a long wood bridge to get up here for the construction. After paving the planned floors I drove the wagon out the door which promptly fell through the bridge and had to be driven down the dirt wall, once at the bottom the wagon dropped to the ground level. After driving back up to the top of the bridge I discovered it was no longer possible to enter the building and on attempting to do so would drop the wagon through the bridge each time. I tried it several times, while pondering this Enki was on hand to deliver my auction bricks and I asked him to bash out the first tile in front of the door, he was there when I first dropped the wagon through the bridge so knew first hand there was a problem with this. After removing the first paved planned tile the bridge was once again operational and no more incidents. This bridge is on Exodus at my deed TOC Port Authority
  7. I am connecting some buildings via bridges right now, and the character holding the range pole is using the hammering animation instead of holding it up like he used to. So this means the guy bends down and then starts waving the pole up and down so you only see the tip of the pole.
  8. So built 2 pottery brick extensions on my warehouse, the walls for under the ends of the bridge are solid with no openings. When bridge planning is done is say's the walls are too weak to support the bridge, which has to be some form of bug.
  9. So, after building a bridge i mined wrong tile by mistake. The fun part is, this tile should not even be possible to edit. Its just next to bridge so i have to climb vertical wall. And probably can't really fix it. I would really be happy with any help, or respond.
  10. Hi, It seems there is no information on the materials needed for the brick bridge support. Since I am currently building one I will provide the list . . . Stage 1 Main: 90 bricks and 90 mortar Stage 2 Filler: 36 rock shards Stage 3 Roadway: 2 bricks Stage 4 Walls: 10 stone bricks
  11. I just put up this bridge last night in NE Xanadu. It's marble and expands 12 tiles north south. I'm not sure If i skipped a planning process but it seems to be glitched or has the wrong part on the right side. The right side of the bridge doesn't have the same curvature as the left side. Why is my bridge like this? I'm a little disappointed on how it came out. Spent a lot of time and material on it and was hoping to get it right. Is there a way to fix this without replacing the whole bridge? Can a GM fix it?
  12. As far as I understand, currently one character can only plan one bridge and then it needs to be completed, before that character can plan another bridge. I'm not sure why this limitation is necessary. I propose for bridges same ownership system as player houses. Once a bridge is planned, the ownership can be transferred to another player and the original bridge planner has no obligation to wait for it's completion and can move on to next project. This would give players with very high masonry skill the opportunity to sell their bridge planning services. Also, with larger projects, where multiple long bridges are needed, the plans can be made all at once and the planner doesn't have to sit on site or travel back and forth.
  13. maybe make them a real chore to build. Slate brick bridges. just a thought.
  14. So I walked up my new bridge and expected to go slower than I did, but instead I started walking faster. I consider this a bug, some may not agree with me. Here is a image of the speed walking on a bridge (1x4, 78 slope up): And here is a image of the speed walking on flat cobblestone road:
  15. There are two+ bugs here. #1 (so that it is clear that this is not merely an model bug) if i try to drive across the bridges below i get kicked from wagon and takes multiple tries to find right angle to get back on wagon. #2 Bridges after a recent update are "sunk" by what looks like the thickness of a floor. Old bridges have not changed it is only new bridges, this is the first time in over a month i have had time to seriously work on my new castle, As i have built a couple of these I hope that someone will help fix them and i guess i will hold off on all the other bridges,but this really sucks as i could get a lot further if not for this. Left is old (pre bug), right is new Left is new, right is old (pre bug) new bridge section just complete (1x1) After getting kicked of wagon trying to drive across bridge note the horses are sunk into the floor (this is third floor of my castle)
  16. Hi! ❤ I'm a marble lover and I've decorated my deed in this material and I'd love for the marble bridges to match the color of the material it comes from. The bridges seem much too creamy-beige in comparison to their slightly darker-grey counterparts. It makes it look out of place amongst all of my pavement/deed. I propose that the bridge #hexcode match the pavement, since the darker grey compliments stone. I really like this idea enough to share it with you all and I'm certain I'm not the first.
  17. Looking to buy range pole and dioptra, at least 50ql. NE Xanadu.
  18. Dear Saroman, Congratulations on your promotion to Art Director. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOWERING THE REQUIREMENT Please, I beg you to, or allow Tich to, reduce the minimum height above water for flat bridges longer than 5 or 7 tiles You can see from the pics below that it would look really stupid with piles any higher than 40, which are shown here. First one shows where a stone bridge ramp would go up and over the clay and the second pic shows where the 11 tile flat stone bridge would go. Boats can pass under a bridge 30 above water, so why must the minimum height be 80? Please, please Saroman! Please allow the minimum height above water to be reduced to 30 or 40 above water level - for flat stone bridges. Many thanks, in hope.... Baloo and Bagheera Babuskaa's Village T8, SW coast of Newspring Island, Xanadu
  19. Now that we can build bridges it has finally become realistic to think about a direct connection of the southeast peninsula (called "Serendipity Peninsula" by its inhabitants) with the mainland. Ever since the creation of Deli people in the southeast corner had to take a long and dangerous detour northward across the small steppe, past Lihue and Kaer Mohen and along the northern coast of the sound, then south again towards Pilgrim's Gate - just to reach Greendog or the big market places on the mainland. So, here is what we (the Serendipity Alliance) have in mind: The strait between Other Side Village and a point north of Dunegard (as shown in the image) seems to be the best choice, as it is the narrowest part of the sound in that area. The place can be better seen on this more detailed small-scale map (taken from This will be an ambitious project: as the total distance to be covered is more than 300 meters we will have to build 3 bridge segments with tiny islands between them. I decided to make this early announcement in order to present our plans to all neighbours affected, namely the owners of settlements around Otherside Village. Please tell me what you think about the project. In case everyone agrees we will need all the help we can get. So: this could be a great community project. Please contact me or any member of the Serendipity Alliance (e.g. Glomby, Substr, LadyCygnet) by means of PM, either here or ingame.
  20. Hello everyone! Bridges have been in quite some time now, however the information on the Wurmpedia is still very dry, so we're looking to populate the articles a little more and we're going to use this thread to do so. If you have any questions related to the mechanics behind bridges then drop them into here as a reply and we'll get testing. If someone knows the answer then of course, please reply also! We may even also get a developer popping their head in.... *looks for Tich*. I'll consolidate a list of all of the Q&A here, along with any relevant testing we've done. Cheers! Marni
  21. I don't know if all of this would fall under collision detection. I think it does. I've had mobs moving between bridge ends and building walls. I've had mobs attacking through doors. Here are some screen shots. Ahzz is an alt of Clatius. R.I.P. Ahzz. The Hell Hound is in the roadway. Now I go to the entry below the floor the Hell Hound is on. You can barely see his fire coming out below where it's standing upstairs. And now you can see the Hell Hound attacking through the door as I stand down the ladder from it. It should not be able to pass through the door to attack down the ladder shaft. Now for the real fun. Mobs passing through the bridge wall. Not something you want to see a Troll doing if you are a Noob. Part way through. Here's Johnny. Panic time. Methinks these are definite bugs, hmmm?
  22. I have many ideas for building bridges on my server but being limited by "too low" and "must be 60-80 above water" pretty much cuts off all of my ideas. The nice flat land i have now has to be sloped in order to build a bridge on it. I would like if someone could either tell me how to get rid of those restrictions or make a mod removing them.
  23. I am trying to avoid 80 ramps for my bridges, due to lack of space and eye appeal. Please can someone tell me the max length of a flat stone bridge not requiring supports? Also how high it needs to be above water for ships to pass under it? Thanks, in hope...
  24. A brick activated and a bridge section in selected bar doesn't result in the selected bar showing things like repair or improve. I wanted to do some bridge improving and realized the selected bar won't help me beyond examine.
  25. Hi, When a keystone is dropped on the ground and examined, no details regarding its quality or dmg, all that is given on examination is: [13:56:45] stone chiselled into a keystone. It could be improved with a rock shards. When it is picked up and examined again no detail is given on examination, although it being in inventory, the quality of the keystone can be seen and that there is damage. Since the keystone weighs 80 kg, it might be an idea to be able to examine it when dropped on the ground, so that you can see the quality and any damage needing repair, before improving it further. Thanks, in hope of making life a bit easier for those making materials for bridges...