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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, I'm looking for all kinds of rift materials. PM me with the quality and how much you got
  2. My Pants Harbour Building Supplies Xanadu B17 (northern coast, map's edge) Earn prizes and claim special discounts. Souvenir Pants - You really shouldn't go around naked. Discount Pants - 20C discount in the next order Fancypants - 50c discount in the next order Noble Pants - 10% discount in the next order Royal Pants - Lifetime 10% discount Emperor Pants - Lifetime 10% discount and 50% discount on delivery Quantity Planks Bricks Mortar Nails small/large Support Beams* Prize 100x 10c 20c 25c 10c 4s Fancypants Souvenir Pants 1000x 1s 2s 2.5s 1s 30s Noble Pants Souvenir Pants 2000x 2s 4s 5s 2s 60s Royal Pants Discount Pants 3000x 3s 6s 7.5s 3s 90s Emperor Pants Discount Pants 4000x 4s 8s 10s 4s 1g20s Emperor Pants Fancypants 5000x 5s 10s 12.5s 5s I Fancypants 6000x 6s 12s 15s 6s QUIT Noble Pants 7000x 7s 14s 17.5s 7s NOW Noble Pants 8000x 8s 16s 20s 8s I'M Royal Pants 9000x 9s 18s 22.5s 9s F***ING Royal Pants 10000x 10s 20s 25s 10s RICH Emperor Pants *Support beams purchases earn better prizes We deliver! Leave your orders and questions below!
  3. Hello, I am looking to buy Decent - High QL Leather in Bulk. Also interested in Decent - High QL Hides in Bulk if no Leather. Post here or PM, even Chat me same Ingame Name your prices and delivery fee's or where you are located so I can make a trip. My location is NW - Xanadu at D14. Thank you.
  4. This all starts with the path of power ability Erupt. Currently lava fades back into rock really quickly and lava has no use in PvE except decoration, overall this level 7 skill has little use for the majority of players. On PvE remove the mag domain only restriction slow down the revert rate (pause it completely in a mag domain so mag domains allow magma to remain for decorative purposes), I am not going to suggest changes on this part to PvP since that is a balance issue. When lava cools down it has a 25% chance to form a special kind of wall (obsidian). Obsidian walls are very fragile and break after only 10 blows giving 2 weight of obsidian each time, leaving an obsidian floor, they have 10x the chance to give gems compared to normal walls (so roughly double the chance of getting a gem each tile in a much faster space of time). Obsidian walls can be reinforced as with normal walls and are, in every other respect, normal walls (not veins). Obsidian itself is not much use as a building material, however it does have many uses in cutting instruments ( because of its extreme sharpness. A nice way to integrate this in wurm is to allow it to be crafted into various short blades (knives and the like, no long thin blades since it IS very fragile) that take double damage but work twice as fast. These tools cannot be imped or repaired, their QL is always the QL of the blade component when crafted however they take enchantment VERY easily (50% difficulty reduction). These changes would make erupt much more useful on PvE servers as a power (since it allows access to a unique material and a decorative tile that is no longer transient). This suggestion is aimed at PvE balance but I don't think it would impact PvP balance overly much since the tools are aimed at crafters and not fighters, the wall chance is not certain so as a tactic it is not really viable.
  5. Please update the Dioptra to state it's material type. I have only seen Bronze, Dioptra.
  6. Ok, so my items are not so grand or spectacular. However, I want to save the buyer and the seller time, and instead of selling items one at a time I prefer to sell them as set packages. I tried to include things that people commonly want, so that even if you don't need every single item, you probably know someone who needs the things you don't, and it'd still be worth the price to you. This makes it possible for me to deliver to any coastal location in northern Xanadu for free, and if you live in the south I'll meet you halfway for free. At the moment I have the following group of items for sale: You can offer anything. Silver, useful items, whatever. I'll try to update the winning bid here for convenience to those interested. Current High Offer: Past sales will be edited to go here: Auction01 (the high damage rare rock shards is replaced with a new one with 2.5ql and 0dmg) Final High Offer: 1.5s
  7. In this brave new age of wurmian innovation, I've come to the conclusion that our world is sorely lacking in ways for the preservation of foodstuffs and rational thought. Therefore, I propose the introduction of the ability to craft Tin Foil out of lumps of Tin. Tin as a material has very little utility in the game as it is, and this would provide an excellent avenue for crafting. Activate Small Anvil. Use on glowing tin lump -> Miscellaneous -> Tin Foil Possible uses for it are for wrapping meals (one use only), to eliminate the accelerated decay from having the foods in your inventory. It'll decay like it was in a barrel. Also, tin foil hats. For stylish protection against unsavory ideas and bird droppings. It is my hope that Rolf will realize that this game will never truly be complete without this essential addition to the crafting toolset. Please all state your support below.
  8. I'm ok with 20 bricks for a brick wall or 20 planks for a wood wall. And there's 10 bricks for a brick floor or 5 bricks for a brick floor with an opening. That's all ok, I'm cool with that. What makes no sense is 20 bricks for a wall with a door or window. Same with a wood wall with a window. Too much material. Shouldn't a brick wall with a door take maybe 10 bricks with the rest made up of planks for the door? And a brick wall with a window take maybe 15 bricks with a couple planks for the window frame? Maybe a wood wall with a door would be ok with 20 planks. But a wood wall with a window maybe 15 planks. If you are going to reduce the material needed for a floor with an opening be consistent and do the same with walls that have openings. And if you have a brick wall with a wood door or wood window frame include some wood in the material requirements. Just my opinion.