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  1. When I heard someone had picked a lingonberry I had renewed hope for the tiles I transmuted to tundra that had no lingonberry bushes might be use full as creatures don't spawn there. Now hopes are dashed. Player created tundra is probably a waste of time until some dev gives us a reason to create them.
  2. Xanadu was a mistake. It had lag even during testing . Should not have been released, but it was . I guess Sila wants it undone , deleted as that is the only fix I have heard of.
  3. I found one I planted south of Future Past at the highway junction along the Great South Mountain Road on Independence. [20:46:05] A marker to designate a junction in a highway. The waystone has been firmly secured to the ground by Zorako. Ql: 21.888828, Dam: 19.73269. [20:51:58] This is within the perimeter of Future Past. Most of my other waystones were over 30 Q. will leave it unimped and unrepaired for a few days incase GM wants to see it.
  4. you could imp the fountain higher
  5. Try replace deed waystone with a catseye, follow catseyes away from deed, use crowbar to remove a catseye. A string of catseyes with no connection to a waystone will go dark.
  6. A very old oak tree on tile in front of a doorway. You can not chop it down from inside the building. The sturdy double door is in the way. It is a good thing to have many exits in a building now. Thought this was the problem that caused the unpopular changes to enchanted trees long ago. I will chop it down from outside and hope it does not respawn.
  7. Should be able to snuff it and have it stay snuffed.
  8. It would be nice if waystones could register heritage sites and supply routing info.
  9. Many highway tile corners at intersections have pointing signs at the tile corner. Trouble is that waystones have the same height as pointing signs making reading the waystone difficult to read. Please make the waystone a little taller so that pointing signs and waystones can both be read.
  10. Blessed lamps on highways will no longer decay. Thank you, so many highways went dark lately due to lamp decay.
  11. I thought Deathlemming had a canal project started at Hell's Harbor north to Harmony Lake , think they planned a Harmony Lake to Inner Sea also.
  12. There are new deed setting for highways. default is no highway
  13. We need a low decay container for storing catseyes and waystones after we make them. A large crate would work nicely. Sorry, catseyes do fit in a crate .
  14. There is a pen with horses near rift, east side
  15. in unstable client: Todays update to the game encountered a few errors with connecting to servers. After a preliminary look into the issue we’ve made the decision to temporarily revert the update to avoid long downtime. We’ll continue to work on the issue and announce when the update is available. While disappointing, the reason we’ve made this decision is to minimise downtime of the game and time lost while we work on the issue. We have managed to reproduce it on our test servers and will be able to work on the fix without impacting play but currently have no ETA. We do apologise for the inconvenience and we know everyone was eager to get building and storing. Hopefully we will have the issue resolved and the update back in action soon. Regards, The Wurm team.