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  1. Jet Blacks have a speed bonus, therefore they were given a higher level of difficulty. Breed only horses which have the first 5 traits you read as speed traits . Only a small percentage of newborns will be what you want. Just keep trying.
  2. knife, BOTD91: 95c send to Zorako
  3. After Hestia removed the clay pit mine door for the second time , this:
  4. Its Back. used to be top of opening was sloped, now it is flat On Independence ,M 17 in game map , there is one on the mine entrance by the clay pit.
  5. Needs cross server cargo ships as part of the services.
  6. On Independence ,M 17 in game map , there is one on the mine entrance by the clay pit. it is like a graphic for a hole was replaced with one for a wooden mine door. There has been no mine door on this mine in many years.
  7. was changed 2 Nov 2017
  8. Before you ask for a change think about all the ways the devs can change it. Prospecting is one of the easiest and fastest skills to level up. Removing the movement check could result in devs creating a daily skill gain cap in order to balance it out with other skills. I like prospecting the way it is now , with a q1 pickaxe ,prospect a few times then move , repeat several times, repair, gain many levels per day. Please do not change.
  9. The Valrei creatures belong in PVP not PVE. PVE has plenty of trolls. Go to Chaos or Epic to hunt PVP creatures.
  10. When I heard someone had picked a lingonberry I had renewed hope for the tiles I transmuted to tundra that had no lingonberry bushes might be use full as creatures don't spawn there. Now hopes are dashed. Player created tundra is probably a waste of time until some dev gives us a reason to create them.
  11. Xanadu was a mistake. It had lag even during testing . Should not have been released, but it was . I guess Sila wants it undone , deleted as that is the only fix I have heard of.
  12. I found one I planted south of Future Past at the highway junction along the Great South Mountain Road on Independence. [20:46:05] A marker to designate a junction in a highway. The waystone has been firmly secured to the ground by Zorako. Ql: 21.888828, Dam: 19.73269. [20:51:58] This is within the perimeter of Future Past. Most of my other waystones were over 30 Q. will leave it unimped and unrepaired for a few days incase GM wants to see it.
  13. you could imp the fountain higher
  14. Try replace deed waystone with a catseye, follow catseyes away from deed, use crowbar to remove a catseye. A string of catseyes with no connection to a waystone will go dark.
  15. A very old oak tree on tile in front of a doorway. You can not chop it down from inside the building. The sturdy double door is in the way. It is a good thing to have many exits in a building now. Thought this was the problem that caused the unpopular changes to enchanted trees long ago. I will chop it down from outside and hope it does not respawn.