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  1. No good deed goes unpunished
  2. We don't need a wipe. There is WU for those want new world and different capabilities. WO could use a Challenge Server event that lasts 2 weeks or so and appears once or twice a year.
  3. Nice idea Or maybe a ring of the hand that can affect when hand is used as a tool, add CoC, WoA and a rune.
  4. Personally I like the Indy map as it is. I have seen the community map evolve over many years. It is in the best shape ever. Our map gets updated at least 3 times a month. If you have a specific change or feature you would like please post the suggestion, the maintainers have added many requested features since they took over . Rather than look with the browser at the link, download it and use a good viewer, then your can zoom in farther than some browsers allow. I oppose scrapping our map in favor of the Xanadu one.
  5. https://prnt.sc/fhkhy6 There is a boat already loaded amidships on a caravel.
  6. If a Highway starts at a deed and a long way away ends at a deed the highway is protected. Deeds along the path can add a 2 lane road from the highway with catstones and waystones to their deed if they want. Or they can add curbs,fences, hedges, plantations to the sides of a one lane to their deed to reduce chance of griefing. Deed owners have choices if they think about it, and choices based on risk. And the community can get together for the most essential long highways. Wish their was an option to turn on / off visibility of the catseyes.
  7. How many tiles of protected highways does one server need ? Will there be a cap on the number of tiles of protected highways like animal spawns ? Just wondering because over the years we have seen a few players try to push things to the extreme
  8. I used a small amount of active moss to tundra transmutation liquid on a moss tile. Message: Looks like that tile needs more of that liquid to change it. Examine tile message : You see a part of the lands of Wurm. I expected to see the usual examine messages for the partially transformed tile, but there was none. Adding more liquid to tile successfully transformed it. when the new tundra tile is examined there is only : You see a part of the lands of Wurm. When examining old transformed peat tile the message is : The tile has been transformed before. Expected same from examine of the new tundra tile. Repeated again with same results.
  9. I noticed here : that tundra was not listed as a spawn tile , maybe that was just in WU. Hope a dev checks the creature spawn tiles after these changes. Give us a reason to create and protect the tundra
  10. I noticed the "Cave Canal" is labeled "FM Cave Canal" . Not a big deal, but it has been "Cave Canal" since 2009. REF: http://www.wurmonline.com/wiki/index.php?title=Cave_Canal
  11. I like this idea, would be nice for stills too.
  12. A global trading / auction house system would be nice . But the software to manage it and the security monitoring required to keep players from selling to their alts to raise or lower prices with fake trades, among other issues, would probably be expensive.
  13. If the eggs kept in a container contents will drop below the container, have topush the container to next tile
  14. War machines are very slow to drag anywhere. The ship transporter can even have a heavy caravel loaded. We need a war machine transporter. At least let battering rams be loaded onto an empty wagon (or an oversized one )
  15. Dragging a battering ram is way too slow for something on wheels, it is faster to push it sideways.