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  1. There are new deed setting for highways. default is no highway
  2. We need a low decay container for storing catseyes and waystones after we make them. A large crate would work nicely. Sorry, catseyes do fit in a crate .
  3. There is a pen with horses near rift, east side
  4. in unstable client: Todays update to the game encountered a few errors with connecting to servers. After a preliminary look into the issue we’ve made the decision to temporarily revert the update to avoid long downtime. We’ll continue to work on the issue and announce when the update is available. While disappointing, the reason we’ve made this decision is to minimise downtime of the game and time lost while we work on the issue. We have managed to reproduce it on our test servers and will be able to work on the fix without impacting play but currently have no ETA. We do apologise for the inconvenience and we know everyone was eager to get building and storing. Hopefully we will have the issue resolved and the update back in action soon. Regards, The Wurm team.
  5. Nice to see that you have been doing good in the real world. Welcome back to our world of Wurm The Venerable Fat Roselightning was found at sea trying to cross the border a long time ago. Cared for by Rosedragon it grazes in a field at Yoitsu Meadow waiting for you.
  6. Good Job
  7. The Symbol of Strength has been used for missions for years. A GM should investigate, could be a case of griefing, could be some other reason, best to do /support , let GM check it out, and maybe avoid some drama. Someone could climb up the cliff and plant a temp deed to allow removal of the reinforcement.
  8. Please COD 4 White cloud lanterns to Zorako
  9. NO. When devs go messing around with damage/decay, things get worse usually. I get a collapse on reinforced floors once a month as it is now, that is not desired but is acceptable, I will not suggest that reinforced tiles be changed because they can get changed for the worse.
  10. Wonder how big a cage they will use for dragons ?
  11. In the past fences were treated different from the walls of buildings. Resources consumed in the repair process had some relationship to the resources consumed in the creation process. Using 10 higher quality planks to repair a fence gate made with 2 planks and 2 shafts seems illogical and an unnecessary added frustration to the game . Please rethink this change.
  12. A wooden fence gate QL=28.66492, dam=65.705605 repaired with a plank q 55.57 results in QL=28.620863, dam=57.518467. So wood fence repair only gets 8 damage removed per plank? It only took 2 planks and 2 shafts to make it! I don't remember a change notice about this so it must be a bug.
  13. Take the 2 lane north of bartertown north up the mountain. at east west junction, go west . at guard tower go north then west. at next guard tower take the single lane north to a tunnel. North exit of tunnel has a road that circles around to the rift . sorry , no pix, was at least 3 trolls and a scorp chasing me out of there. These roads are all on the Albia map.
  14. Unstable works, logged on to indy. www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient_unstable.jnlp
  15. No good deed goes unpunished