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Found 90 results

  1. I have a bunch of tools that keep my shelves clean as they collect cobweb and dust instead. Still decided to part with them. Pricing: steel saw, 90ql woa 90, 10% less damage rune: 2s For all the other items: anything between 80-89 cast is 40c anything 90+ cast is 90c Buy any three in a batch and you get 15% discount COD cost is 1c per item
  2. Cheapo Depot Your source for affordably priced crap. Located at T-26 xanadu on the southeastern most small island. Coc Skiller Tools Concrete - 70 copper per hundred picked up. Lye- 50 QL avg sealed small barrel - 20 copper + 10 copper if shipped 70 QL avg sealed small barrel - 40 copper + 10 copper if shipped High QL pizza- 98 QL+ Full CCFP 6kg+ wrapped pies 12 copper each. (1.5hr+ random affinity) Always affordable. Always Cheap. Always, Cheapo Depot.
  3. A few rugs Can mail COD, or pickup Southport U18 Deliverance Please PM me either on forums or in game (Muse)
  4. WTS tools with enchants 20C eatch will mail it with C.O.D from my 97 courior mailbox.
  5. Jewelry Smith imp: 90=1s, 91=1,5s 92=2s 93=2,5s 94=3s, 95=5s, 96=7s Do not send items to name Velintar - contact forum pm! We do Custom Vynora & Nahjo enchants. Max target power is 97. Spellname \ Power 80+ 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 Circle of Cunning 0.5 0,8 0,85 0,9 1,0 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,5 Wind of Ages 0.5 0,8 0,85 0,9 1,0 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,5 Aura of Shared Pain 0.5 0,8 0,85 0,9 1,0 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,5 Nimblennes 0.5 0,8 0,85 0,9 1,0 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,5 Frost Brand 0.5 0,8 0,85 0,9 1,0 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,5 Mind Stealer 1.0 1,6 1,7 1,8 2,0 2,2 2,4 2,6 3,0 Life Transfer 1.0 1,6 1,7 1,8 2,0 2,2 2,4 2,6 3,0 Lurker in the deep/dark 0.3 0.5 0.6 0.65 0.7 0.75 1.0 1.1 1.3 You pay only for what you order: if cast gets better - no extra. Items may have small dmg from time decoy Rare / Supreme Tools Rare Weapons Rare Large Maul, iron QL_95 Nimb_97 LT_95 CoC_99 MS_100 12,7 s Rare Sickle, iron QL_95 Nimb_98 LT_90 CoC_99 MS_94 10,3 s Enchanted Weapons Circle of Cunning Wind of Ages Wind of Ages + Circle of Cunning
  6. The best way to place an order is by sending me a forum p.m. or post a reply to this thread. You can try to send a PM to Eladia or Pashka in game if you have a special request. I do not take custom orders. If you need something that is not listed, let me know and I'll try to cast on that particular item. If you would like a particular item imped to a higher quality, ask. I'll let you know if it is something that I can imp for you. Sometimes an item will have lost some quality due to damage. Wemp is sold out for now. Currently have 1k 30q maple war arrows in stock. They are pickup only at T22 on Xanadu. Coastal. Currently located in Xanadu with no access to the merchant located in Scarlet Canal. Sorry guys. Stock is updated. Some new some old. As always, if you need something not listed, please let me know. Thanks!
  7. Hi, there. Selling my inventory: 70-79 power cast - 20c 80-89 power cast - 40c 90-94 power cast - 80c 95+ power cast - 1s
  8. Selling 24 skillers with CoC 85 to 89. You bid for all of them as a bundle. The winner will get all the tools. Give them away to you village mates, use them all yourself or buy them to resell a profit. Or just have them to look at in the cold winter nights. Start bid: 1c Increments: 50c Buyout: 15s Sniper 30 minutes
  9. Selling off some junk for silver coinage only. No RL currency will be accepted. Make me an offer for something. If I'm happy with it, we have a deal. Please remember to give me the ingame name to CoD to. Will need to be a Panda account if on Chaos.
  10. Rare 45ql lindenwood knapsack - 4s 37ql beautiful cotton meditation rug (coc44) - 4s 67ql iron pendulum - 4s 66ql rare large shield (coc66) - 2s 79ql leather barding (aosp 84) - 5s 50ql pinewood spindle (woa37) - 2s 8ql walnut spindle - 2s 32ql birchwood fine fishing rod (coc 58) - 2.5s mask of the returner - 4.5s 72ql supreme champagne 1kg - 2s 45ql rare champagne 1kg - 1.25s Armour Sets foods/related misc make offer
  11. Hi, I would like to buy a very low Ql hatchet for skilling with highest CoC possible. 100+ or closest to 100 possible. If the hatchet is rare even better. Ingame or here to ARKA
  12. best way to contact me is pm here on the forums. all items will be cod from chaos. tools - 1c per enchant power under 80. 2c per every power above 80 ' unfinished items - 1s each 50kg large anvil - offer rare practice doll - 2s rare med shield - 3s yule goat - 2s each dragon skull - sold shoulder pads - 1s (double shoulder pad sold) horse shoes - 1c per power
  13. I hit 65.00 mining and wanted to see what veins would give me the best gains regardless of what mining guides or what other people say and based on the equipment I had on hand at the time. These were my findings: Mining skill: 65.00 Tool used: 19QL pickaxe, steel (C85) Best result: Normal copper (+/-0.09 skill gain per 25 ore; +/-0.37 skill gain per 100 ore; +/-26 minutes per 100 actions) Comparisons: Good lead (0.30 skill gain per 100 ore) and Normal silver (0.30 skill gain per 100 ore) Conclusion: I calculated it would take me +/-5 hours to reach 70 mining by the time I hit 66.24 mining. I realized that if I was mining the wrong vein (e.g., the lead or silver shown above) I would end up wasting over an hour. This means that if you use sleep bonus when mining, you can end up wasting a significant amount of SB and silver (if you pay for sleep powders) over time. Finally, take into consideration all the time you would lose from say 0-90 mining if you end up picking the wrong veins along the way. While my tests are limited, it's enough of an eye opener at least for me. Would have been neat to see the skill gain difference with a 1QL pickaxe, steel (C85). Just for kicks, I used my 89QL rare pickaxe, iron (W100C90) and came up with these results even though I knew this would happen ahead of time: Rare Pick: 0.03 skill gain in 65 ore and 372s spent mining Skiller Pick: 0.09 skill gain in 25 ore and 375s spent mining Conclusion: Using my rare pick was 67% worse than using my skiller. This is why I only use my rare pick for what it's really intended for and not for skilling. It was still fun to see just how much worse it would be though. EDIT: I forgot to mention I was using sleep bonus the entire time when doing these tests.
  14. 10s or 10$ amazon giftcard best rug for leveling meditation paths, rare for extra goodness.
  15. Prices are in spoiler, will edit with cross through on sold items in the spoiler Prices are non negotiable Will be COD from Chaos as Jenn Kellon so cannot be sent to toons that are aligned with kingdoms other than Jenn Kellon on chaos
  16. all cast from 80-84 75c each all cast from 85-89 85c each all cast from 90-94 1s each all cast 95+ 1.5s add 5c for steel tools(this fee can be waived if buying more than 3 items) add 50c for items over 80ql PM here on the form or aquaman ingame for orders and questions
  17. Just another merchant. Welcome. Just another merchant, selling improvements and Vyn enchants. Don't see something you would like? Don't be afraid to PM me here on the forums or in game, Harth. Improvements. Blacksmithing 95ql, Carpentry 95ql and Fine Carpentry 93ql. 70ql - 20c 80ql - 50c 90ql - 85c 91ql - 1s 93ql - 2s 95ql - 3s Armour smithing. 70QL 80QL 90QL Cloth 1s Leather 1s Studded 2s Chain 2s Plate 3s 4s 9s Shields 30c 50c Vyn enchants.
  18. 1c per power for 80-89 2c per power for 90-99 post here or pm aquaman ingame for orders Sold items 96coc. 95coc pickaxe 89coc, 99coc, 87coc, 98coc shovel
  19. Time to clean out the coffin! All steel picks are 1s, buyer pays cod!
  20. Closing this thread... following items still available if you want to make an offer. Server: Xanadu Price: 50 Copper - studded leather cap; 66.27QL; NEW* Price: 40 Copper - stone chisel, iron; 58.63QL; Blessings of the Dark [61]; NEW* Price: 30 Copper Each - grooming brush; 66QL; Circle of Cunning [41] - lantern, iron; 49.25QL; NEW* - mallet, oakenwood; 73.06QL; Circle of Cunning [49] - pickaxe, steel; 9.56QL; Circle of Cunning [51] Gems: 0.7 Copper Per QL - diamond (white); 17.81QL; 12 Copper - emerald (green); 4.69QL; 3 Copper - ruby (red); 41.18QL; 29 Copper; NEW* - ruby (red); 26.45QL; 18 Copper - ruby (red); 25.08QL; 17 Copper - sapphire (blue); 8.35QL; 6 Copper * Items mailed by CoD; buyer responsible for mail delivery charge(s).
  21. Want to sell these fine tools, rugs and potions. Buyer pays COD. Sender will be SirFluffy, my alt, items will be mailed from Inde. Skiller tools and rugs: 3. meditation rug 15.11ql CoC 89 2s 4. meditation rug 8.26ql CoC 91 2s50c 5. grooming brush, oakenwood 19.55ql CoC 89 1s80c 6. grooming brush, oakenwood 19.55ql CoC 90 2s60c 7. grooming brush, oakenwood 19.55ql CoC 98 2s90c 15. hatchet, steel 4.12ql CoC 92 2s90c 19. pickaxe, steel 3.98ql CoC 85 1s60c 20. pickaxe, steel 4.11ql CoC 88 1s90c 21. pickaxe, steel 3.99ql CoC 94 2s70c 22. pickaxe, steel 4.11ql CoC 99 2s90c 23. shovel, steel 17ql CoC 80 1s70c Speed tools: 24. pickaxe, iron 91.55ql WoA 94 2s90c 25. pickaxe, iron 91.43ql WoA 95 2s90c Various enchanted tools and items: 35. awl, iron 90.52ql WoA 79, CoC 81 2s30c 36. leather knife, iron 90.73ql WoA 74, CoC 81 2s30c 37. pickaxe, iron 90.86ql WoA 74, CoC 77 2s40c 38. hammer, iron 90.80ql WoA 79, CoC 77 2s40c 39. leggat, oakenwood, 80.25ql, CoC 82 2s20c 40. small anvil, iron 90.14q, WoA 77, CoC 81 2s50c 41. pendulum, silver 70.05ql, Lurker in the Woods 62 1s50c Potions: 42. potion of woodcutting 83.00ql 3s 43. potion of woodcutting 76.34ql 2s70c 44. potion of woodcutting 44.79ql 1s80c 45. oil of the armour smith 90.74ql 3s 46. oil of the armour smith 72.55ql 2s50c
  22. sold

    Buyer pays cod pls Pickup (SW Inde) *hota dragon 85s for the whole lot
  23. Sold.

    Sold. Thanks all Starting Bid: 4s Bid increments: 1s Reserve: none Sniper Protection: 1h Buyout: 10s? Happy Bidding
  24. Want to auction this great skiller meditation rug: [19:13:38] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [102] Starting bid: 4s Min. bid: 50c Buyout: 7s No reserve, no sniper protection. Buyer pays COD, sender will be Whippy my alt, item will be mailed from Inde.