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Found 603 results

  1. Harbor of Wholesome Hoarder (located: Melody g15 on the shore of Melody lake) is finally connected to ocean by 2 Canals: 1) Northern Lake Canal (g,f 15 + e13, all ships) and 2) Eastern Lake Canal (g17, all ships) WTA I am currently runing 6 auctions: rare rope tool rare press 3x rare stone grindstone rare unfinished kiln rare cheese drill WTS dirt price 60c/300, in storage 20 x 300 +200 = 6200 all price 12,4s if you do not have your own crates, add to price 30c per large crate (free load on your ship or vehicle), pick up only or change my mind with a lot silver WTS stone bricks: ql 0+, price 60c/300, in storage 0 ql 10+, price 63c/300, in storage 0 ql 20+, price 66c/300, in storage 1000 together 1000 WTS silver lump ql 50+, 6,4kg price: 1s WTS fine mediation rugs ql45+ (ql47-50 now) price: 99c+cod per item in stock: 7 items WTS gems: diamond ql 50,60 price: 75c+cod diamond ql 74,58 price: 87c+cod diamond ql 20,42 price: 30c+cod diamond ql 51,70 price: 76c+cod diamond ql 18,17 price: 29c+cod sapphire ql 17,47 price: 28c+cod emerald ql 51,70 price: 75c+cod emerald ql 46,70 price: 73c+cod emerald ql 3,72 price: 6c+cod sold to Aleck 18.9.2021 ruby ql 50,60 price: 75c+cod ruby ql 1,00 price: 2c+cod sold to Aleck 18.9.2021 ruby ql 29,57 price: 44c+cod opal ql 51,70 price: 76c+cod sprouts: ql 20-29,99 pinewood x 50 price: 1,2c + cod per 1 ql 30-39,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,3c + cod per 1 chestnut x 50 price: 1,3c + cod per 1 ql 40-49,99 pinewood x 300 price: 1,4c + cod per 1 ql 50-59,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,5c + cod per 1 ql 60-69,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,6c + cod per 1 ql 70-79,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,7c + cod per 1 stone bricks: ql 0+, price 60c/300, in storage 3000 ql 10+, price 63c/300, in storage 900 ql 20+, price 66c/300, in storage 1200 ql 30+, price 69c/300, in storage 300 if you do not have your own crates, add to price 30c per large crate (free load on your ship or vehicle) delivery possible to coastal areas if you order goods for 10s and more, delivery fee is based on distance 17.1. 2021, 7200 stone bricks sold and delivered to Szarin for 14,4s (bulk discount) + 2s, I am currently sold out 11.9. 2021, 7500 dirt sold to Jpunchy for 15s 12.9. 2021, 900 stone bricks sold and delivered to Crusigan for 2s (with delivery fee) 15.9. 2021, 100 pinewood + 100 chestnut sprouts sent to Monique for 2s + (2s cod) 18.9. 2021, 3000 stone bricks sold to Mirowen for 6s (pick up) 18.9. 2021, 1 sleep powder sold to Arno for 1,5s 25.9. 2021, 2000 stone bricks sold to Eddywhite for 4s (pick up) 25.4. 2022, 1000 dirt sold to Breezy for 2s (pick up) 1. 5. 2022, 6200 dirt sold to Shaunchadwick for 10s (pick up - bulk and pick up discount applied)
  2. Screenshot updated after every harvest or transaction. I sell by the large crate-load. One large crate can hold 300 items. Price is 30c per 300 items. I cover the delivery cost and the crates. Wagoner delivery on Xanadu only. However for big orders valued at 4s or more I can find the time to sail to other freedom servers. In this case, free delivery and free crates as usual. Send me a forum PM or reply to this post if you're interested. My in-game name is Blakd but I am not online so much any more, except to farm.
  3. WTS Mortar One Large Crate of Mortar(300) = 1s (this price include large crate) Current Stock: 39,766 Delivery Via Wagoneer or Self Pickup Grid J16 Cadence ( - Map Location
  4. WTS 19 sleep powders for 18 silver. I can deliver to any SFI shore, if you wish to come to me, my location is Knightshade reply to thread or pm on forum thank you
  5. Hey Everyone! I've decided to put my deed up for sale. Reason? I don't know to be honest. I've spent some time away from Wurm but I've come back looking to start fresh and that always seems to come back to starting a new deed. What's on offer? Potential. If you're a fairly new member of the community looking for a deed which gives a multitude of options, Salford is perfect! If you're a more experienced member, the deed is perfect for project work. What is included? - fully-fledged kitchen with 4 ovens and an abundance of food. - armoursmith and blacksmith workshop to start grinding straight away. - newly-developed Inn, offering 3 beds and a great lookout onto the nearby lake. - several pens which house donkeys, bulls, sheep and horses. - a clay pit and two iron mines nearby + a massive forest for carpentry grinds. - a developing herb 'n spices garden. - a courier-casted Spirit Castle with : [14:18:13] Courier has been cast on it, so it is possessed by some messenger spirits. [97] - a small 44-tile farm, but expansion is easily possible. Location - south west side of the lake at s19 Cadence In summary, Salford offers great potential to all Wurmians. The deed is 21 x 18 tiles @ 1s per month - with great options for expanding. Roughly 50 days of Upkeep is still included. Price? I'm taking offers. I have a vague idea of what it's worth but it's not necessarily a money issue. Pictures : PM Tevez in game, or dm damothedoctor on forums. Happy Wurming!
  6. Troll king blood ~ 1s 50c 1s 25c - sold Black Dragon blood ~1s 50c 1s 25c -sold Black Dragon scales 0.012 ~ 60c -Sold
  7. Can be sent to you at 1C per item mail cost or picked up from P25, Melody, House of Black. If you have any questions or would like to order in-game, please catch me on "Alicejblack", my NFI main. In Stock: Lower: 20 Iron In Stock: 30QL: 50 Iron In Stock: 50QL: 1C Out of Stock: 60QL: 1.5C Out of Stock: 70QL: 2C Out of Stock: 80QL: 3C Out of Stock: 90QL: 5C In Stock: Lower: 20 Iron In Stock: 30QL: 50 Iron In Stock: 50QL: 1C Coming Soon PARTNERED WITH DELTORA'S LEATHERWORKING
  8. 50c for 90ql 10c for 80-89 5c for 70-79 PM Yagdrasil on Harmony
  9. Delivery to shore on ship available! Pickup at Melody T15 N/E. Contact [ /tell GamerrZero ] ingame for deals and questions or reply to this tread if im offline. Current stock: Mortar 14,84QL : 2k - price 4s/1k Stone Bricks 17,85QL : 2k - price 2s/1k Small Nails 27,47QL : 1k - price 3.3s/1k Small Crates : 85 - price 13c/each
  10. Get your farming gains on,
  11. I am looking to get pc's and potential am willing to sell if the price is right. [22:44:30] A blue colored wooden stick with a bunch of green leaves in a fan shape on one end. Symbols indicate that if you plant it at sea, an island will emerge! Ql: 84.0, Dam: 0.0. The item is no longer obtainable in game other then buying it from people who got it during the challenge and won the game. Which technically makes it a priceless item as of the moment it was unobtainable anymore. I'm not looking for pc from when it was obtainable because they don't apply anymore.
  12. Selling 3.6k mortar for 14s pickup or 15s delivery to harmony mainland only. All sold out check back later
  13. This is my first try to sell something via the Forums, so please cut me some slack, if it doesn't work perfectly at first. If you want to contact me ingame, /tell Nalimar. Archaeology Wood, 10c each: Tenons: 1x grape 1x camelia 1x blueberry 1x lavender 1x hazelnut 1x rose Pegs: 3x camelia 10x grape 3x blueberry 3x rose 10x oleander 3x lavender 12x hazelnut 5x thorn 1x raspberry Weapons: Iron Halberds: 1x 3ql with steel rune of Fo (will reduce decay taken (5%) and reduce damage taken (5%)), 10c 1x 3ql with brass rune of Magranon (will increase quality at a faster rate when being improved (10%)), 10c 1x 37ql with lead rune of Magranon (will reduce the quality change when repairing damage (10%)), 10c Iron Staffs: 1x 34ql with seryll rune of Jackal (will increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (5%) and reduce the quality change when repairing damage (5%)), 10c 1x 33ql with tin rune of Fo (will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (5%) and reduce damage taken (5%)), 10c
  14. Since I'm unable to play at the moment due to internet issues, I am looking to gain some upkeep by selling one of my rarer items... a Rare Staff of Land. (I used a bone to make it rare, so it's a rare item in both ways this can be understood.) Serious offers only please, and if you would via PM so I get a proper notification on my phone
  15. wts shaft rosewood 45ql , shaft raspberrywood,41 ql and branch rosewood,47ql for 1,5 ql each Encore, Cadence fee without delivery (if i can manage to navigate the map)
  16. Looking to work with someone that need building materials Breaxes#5312 here my discord Looking forward to work for you
  17. Want to sell Large Magical Chest. 35 silver. Located in Indy. Contact Amantnovi in game or send message thru forum. Thank you
  18. CC's Sprout Emporium (Garden center opening soon!) Free delivery on all orders over 1s to coastal deeds (except Epic and Chaos servers) If you need more sprouts I can do special orders! Request here or message me in game (ZincAnode)! Current Inventory Sprout Count Value (c) Apple 201 1 Birch 298 1 blueberry 114 1 Camella 114 1 Cedar 310 1 Cherry 290 1 Chesnut 136 1 Fir 205 1 Grape 107 1 Hazelnut 144 1 Lavender 794 1 Lemon 231 1 Linden 72 1 Maple 846 1 Oak 2 2 Oleander 317 1 Olive 209 1 Orange 331 1 Pine 145 1 Raspberry 132 1 Rose 1193 1 Thorn 83 1 Walnut 136 1 Willow 2 2
  19. I wanna sell stone brick 2k per 3 silver
  20. Tailoring ointment - 1s & 1.5s (2s for both) Salve of Frost - 25c Oil of armoursmith - 2s Potion of carpentry - 1.5s Sold (1s) Green scale - 15s .54kg Black scale - 10s .34kg (22s if you buy both green and black) Sold (22s) Fantastic champagne - make offer Spyglass - 1s Sold (50c) White drake hide - 3.2s .12 Sold (3s) Black drake hide - 3.2s > Free red drake hide .08kg if you buy white and black Sold (3s)
  21. Sold
  22. Feel free to message me in game @bdckoolaid or respond to this thread with a PC or offer to buy.