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  1. [19:30:35] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  2. and the winner is Toxa (sorry for the late annonsment)
  3. Rare Grindingstone QL22 (sorry for edit it in after way, forgot the price) starting bid: 4s
  4. 532, 3240 Deedname: Aerdna (got merchant there)
  5. WTH someone to do a couple of stuff Plank, shaft, mine and maybe something more. will pay 1 silver / 1 k actions Need 10k actions, so its 10s ├ąt least. Maybe more later. PM me inga med : Andrea We will provide food and som on. Our location is D18 harmony server and deed name is Notilla Harbour
  6. gratz prime will give a pm
  7. 2000 Mortar with delivery sea port (coast) every server, and land on harmony (non pvp server) Starting bid: 7s increase bid: 50c
  8. seperly dint think i hav eto write that but, did add it
  9. Whant to auction (Seperate) (Two auction in one) seryll Huge Axe QL 10,34 Seryll pickaxe QL 10,92 Start Bid: 6S