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  1. As the title say, whant to buy Mailbox enchant at K23 on Harmony, im usally online at GMT+2 19:00 North Europe Pm me ingame: Anderz my price range is 4 silver
  2. [13:51:39] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Khelus in less than ten minutes.
  3. Sorry for the late response, the star gems is sadly sold
  4. Yes the skin is still left, but cant mail it. Its IF i put it on a Tool/weap and send
  5. have Star Emerald Ql55,35, Star Emerald QL66,16, Star sapphire QL82,62
  6. okey pm me ingame Andrea im at R9 (Aerdna city community map) im on the road system too
  7. [21:12:09] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Khelus in less than ten minutes. but the skin i coudnt send, so if u still whant it u need to pick it up
  8. ok i can do that, what is you rin game name
  9. 2,5s for the blood (have 4x) and what is your bid on the skin
  10. I think the forge and oven,openfire place, the pipe that goes up, it shoud be fixed. so if u have a multistore building it shall go all the way up on the roof or only stay at one floor, not peek litle with the pipe on the floor above. sure if u have a single floor house, u see the pipe true the roof (as it shoud be) in my upinion. but when u have more. i now, it maybe more ppl that have write about it. woud be great to see something there, great work in general wurm staff and happy wurming 😃
  11. Some stuff to sell soem have price and some not so give a shout and see what we land some are pickup at R9 on cadance som can be mailed, pm me here or ingame Andrea Green Hatchling Hide 4x (0,01/eatch) 2,5s/eatch SOLD Blue Dragon Hatchling Hide 4x (0,01/eatch) 2,5s/eatch SOLD Forest gignat Blood Blue Dragon Hatchling blood 4x 2,5s/eatch green dragon hatchling blood 4x 2,5s/eatch Cleaver short sword skin bear army statuette skin SOLD Executioner medium axe skin Jewelry casket skin 3x cleaver shortsword skin small axe iron QL40 with Masterwork skin applied on it Exquisite small maul skin 2x Horsemans halberd skin Oil of the blacksmith 2x 2s/eatch SOLD suprem Crude knife QL52 RARE slate statue of pumpkin terror 30S Gems total QL 6762,41 (13 sapphire, 19 ruby, 17 emerald, 3 diamond, 6 opal ) (have a lot more more if intressted 150 gems more around) Around 2.6k unidentified fragment with some damage