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  1. Macoofer- Jellyfish - Wurm Online Wallmart!

    Oh thanks but can I replace them by these Scissors Steel C102 1-10 2s10c I'll send the other ones back
  2. Macoofer- Jellyfish - Wurm Online Wallmart!

    Hi, Please COD to Arka Gold Ring 99 2s 29c Gold Ring 99 2s 29c Needle C100 1s 50c Gold Pendulum Lurker Deep 99 0s 98c Scissors C100 W90 2s 34c
  3. Cooking affinity QoL

    Yes I like +1
  4. Hi, can you send 2x Rare Horse Shoe - 91QL - 91woa (4.20s) And 2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 95woa (1.6s) COD to Arka pls tx EDIT: Cancel that. don't need anymore. Sorry . Thanks
  5. Hi, I would love hatchet, 16 ql, 101 coc, 4 s COD to Arka tx
  6. Morrowen's Craft and Smithy

    Can you make 8 - 90ql horses shoes ? Send to Arka Tx

    Hi, I would love pickaxe, iron 93ql COC101 - 4s COD to Arka pls. Thank you!
  8. Maple Syrup

    Wow. This Idea was posted in 2017. Still after all that time, there is still nothing to harvest at all in spring time. Come on must be a really easy change. Would make a lot more sense and give us forester something to do in those months! Come on a little forester love that's all I'm asking
  9. Maple Syrup

    Yeah here where I'm from. Maple syrup is super popular. Its harvested all over the place and it's done in spring when the snow from last winter starts to melt but there is still lots of snow around but days are warm and nights a bit cold still. Wurm calendar has nothing to do in spring time that equals to 10 real life days almost. Would be awesome to have that change to have something to harvest in those months.
  10. Maple Syrup

    Yeah I hear you on that but that's exactly the reason of that change. Would have maple season when there's nothing or just pine nuts to harvest. Would have something to harvest in the spring time as there is nothing for almost 10 real life days to harvest.
  11. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Hi, Looking for a 1Ql or close to that hatchet with highest coc ( 100+) on it . I see you got a Electrum one 5ql with 96 coc on it , I would take that but just wondering is it good to have a tool with Electrum ? Never seen that before . If its basically the same as Iron Send that one
  12. Deliverance Community Map [Discontinued]

    Hi, The deed marked as Arcadian Penninsula should actually be spelled Acadian Peninsula. No R in Acadian and only one N in Peninsula. Thanks
  13. Folkes Custom Vynora Enchants. Plus LT

    Reliable. fast and amazing cast at great price ! Tx again!

    Still got that silver ? Ill take all the 15s if you have it. I got legit paypal and I bought a lot of silver from a lot of people on wurm. Let me know
  15. [Close]WTS High Vyn / Fo Enchants (updated)

    Hi again! You can send Exquisite meditation rug QL_80 CoC_100 4,0s To Arka thanks a lot