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  1. Hi! You can COD Wood Magranon Copper (+) 5% imp chance, 5% incr. rarity chance 58.51 0s 58c to Arka when you can. Thanks again! Sorry I had one already doesn't need this one anymore. Sorry again
  2. And you can send this one too. Thanks alot! To Arka Wood Vynora Tin 10% incr. rarity chance 55.55 0s 55c
  3. Yeah I just noticed that the FINE are the older models. I mean the normal newer models. But ok no prob. Thanks
  4. Wood Vynora Tin 10% incr. rarity chance 58.48 0s 58c COD to Arka please. Thanks!
  5. QL 91 Willow Fine fishing rod c53 w50 (1s) coddable´╗┐! COD to Arka Tx
  6. WTB 1 Rare Fishing Rod Willow with cast or no cast the newer version ones.
  7. I would like your Rare Fine Fishing Rod Send to Arka Tx Cancel that. I don't need it anymore Sorry
  8. Im looking for 2 rare Fine Fishing rods Willow ., Is that something doable ?
  9. Oh thanks but can I replace them by these Scissors Steel C102 1-10 2s10c I'll send the other ones back
  10. Hi, Please COD to Arka Gold Ring 99 2s 29c Gold Ring 99 2s 29c Needle C100 1s 50c Gold Pendulum Lurker Deep 99 0s 98c Scissors C100 W90 2s 34c
  11. Yes I like +1
  12. Hi, can you send 2x Rare Horse Shoe - 91QL - 91woa (4.20s) And 2xHorse shoe - 71+QL 95woa (1.6s) COD to Arka pls tx EDIT: Cancel that. don't need anymore. Sorry . Thanks
  13. Can you make 8 - 90ql horses shoes ? Send to Arka Tx