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  1. SP bought. Please Close.
  2. Hi, Looking for some SB. At least 10 SB might need more. Message me In game "Arka" or here.
  3. 4 silver Nafar EDIT : oups. Sorry miss read I can't buy wrong server sorry.
  4. Hi, If still available, please send to Arka, stone chisel, iron: BOTD 104: 1s 75c Thanks a lot!
  5. Oh yes! I'll be there! I'm back and so happy Velvetsun that you guys are doing this I'm super excited! Will help out anyway I can!
  6. Hi! You can COD Wood Magranon Copper (+) 5% imp chance, 5% incr. rarity chance 58.51 0s 58c to Arka when you can. Thanks again! Sorry I had one already doesn't need this one anymore. Sorry again
  7. And you can send this one too. Thanks alot! To Arka Wood Vynora Tin 10% incr. rarity chance 55.55 0s 55c
  8. Yeah I just noticed that the FINE are the older models. I mean the normal newer models. But ok no prob. Thanks
  9. Wood Vynora Tin 10% incr. rarity chance 58.48 0s 58c COD to Arka please. Thanks!
  10. QL 91 Willow Fine fishing rod c53 w50 (1s) coddable´╗┐! COD to Arka Tx
  11. WTB 1 Rare Fishing Rod Willow with cast or no cast the newer version ones.
  12. I would like your Rare Fine Fishing Rod Send to Arka Tx Cancel that. I don't need it anymore Sorry
  13. Im looking for 2 rare Fine Fishing rods Willow ., Is that something doable ?
  14. Oh thanks but can I replace them by these Scissors Steel C102 1-10 2s10c I'll send the other ones back