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Found 19 results

  1. A few rugs Can mail COD, or pickup Southport U18 Deliverance Please PM me either on forums or in game (Muse)
  2. Location: Xanadu Join me in this great town - Contact: ingame Martynas and forum Martynas5 May be available during weekends Mailing: COD only My skills: Currently not taking orders for items over 90QL. However those will regularly appear in stock Meditation rugs ( any type) ( rug imp service pricing example: 90>95QL, 140-40 = 100c ) 70QL - 20c 80QL - 30c 90QL - 40c 91QL - 60c 92QL - 80c 93QL - 100c 94QL - 120c 95QL - 140c Cloth armor set (pants,sleeves,jacket ,hood,gloves,shoes) tell me if you need parts replaced, for example plain white sleeves instead of regular. 70QL - 40c 80QL - 60c 90QL - 80c Sails 30QL - 5c 50QL - 10c Other stuff Creation prices Satchel 2c Banner/Flag 5c Small colourful carpet 5c Colourful carpet 8c Large carpet 10c carpets cannot be mailed 30QL - +10c 50QL - +15c Currently in stock x6 90QL exquisite meditation rugs - 40c each x2 91QL exquisite meditation rugs - 60c each
  3. Current Level: 99.92 CT 93.40 LW PM Frankd or Frankdalt in game I'm at C13 on Celebration Cloth Tailoring Leather Enchanted Items Rare Items Rare Fruit Press Walnut 45ql - 3s
  4. I was building a house, and I found out I do not have much of a choice to cover floors in the bathroom/kitchen, other than traditional rugs/carpets used pretty much everywhere. We have some resources without much use right now, like reed or kelp, which could make nice floor decorations. And to expand the idea, some blankets for beds, made from either wool, cotton or a combination of them, maybe? Regular beds can only be dyed as a whole, and don't look awesome nice, so a blanket on them ("used" on a bed to cover it, since we cannot place objects on top of other objects yet) would make them look way better. Edit: pics a little too modern, but added them only to illustrate the idea
  5. I think this may have been suggested before but I would like to expand on the idea. I think it would be great to have some animals spawn a rare white version such as bears, wolves, bison and maybe a few others. Unlike green these would actually be white and drop white fur which could then be used to create white rugs, bear hats, and eventually capes. To make it even more interesting they could be tougher to kill as in almost champion but stronger than green, thus giving more fight skill than the regular version.
  6. Want to sell these fine tools, rugs and potions. Buyer pays COD. Sender will be SirFluffy, my alt, items will be mailed from Inde. Skiller tools and rugs: 3. meditation rug 15.11ql CoC 89 2s 4. meditation rug 8.26ql CoC 91 2s50c 5. grooming brush, oakenwood 19.55ql CoC 89 1s80c 6. grooming brush, oakenwood 19.55ql CoC 90 2s60c 7. grooming brush, oakenwood 19.55ql CoC 98 2s90c 15. hatchet, steel 4.12ql CoC 92 2s90c 19. pickaxe, steel 3.98ql CoC 85 1s60c 20. pickaxe, steel 4.11ql CoC 88 1s90c 21. pickaxe, steel 3.99ql CoC 94 2s70c 22. pickaxe, steel 4.11ql CoC 99 2s90c 23. shovel, steel 17ql CoC 80 1s70c Speed tools: 24. pickaxe, iron 91.55ql WoA 94 2s90c 25. pickaxe, iron 91.43ql WoA 95 2s90c Various enchanted tools and items: 35. awl, iron 90.52ql WoA 79, CoC 81 2s30c 36. leather knife, iron 90.73ql WoA 74, CoC 81 2s30c 37. pickaxe, iron 90.86ql WoA 74, CoC 77 2s40c 38. hammer, iron 90.80ql WoA 79, CoC 77 2s40c 39. leggat, oakenwood, 80.25ql, CoC 82 2s20c 40. small anvil, iron 90.14q, WoA 77, CoC 81 2s50c 41. pendulum, silver 70.05ql, Lurker in the Woods 62 1s50c Potions: 42. potion of woodcutting 83.00ql 3s 43. potion of woodcutting 76.34ql 2s70c 44. potion of woodcutting 44.79ql 1s80c 45. oil of the armour smith 90.74ql 3s 46. oil of the armour smith 72.55ql 2s50c
  7. Today when i wanted to meditate. I was like where did i drop my rug. After some minutes of searching and using my Sherlock skills i found it. Can we make it visible please. Thanks
  8. I was thinking it would be nice if we had some sort of rug holder that can hold all the rugs I making waiting to be sold.
  9. Have a selection of items for sale, eithr for CoD, or to pick up. Prices are negotiable (still learning the economy) Our deed is called Radiant Garden and is located in the upper left corner of G-25, near Summerholt. Items in Stock Leather/Furs: Studded Leather Armor set, 30 QL - 50c 17 Bridals, 30 QL - 10c each 3 Saddles, 30 QL - 20c each 3 Brown Bear Rugs, 30 QL - 20c each 1 Black Wolf Rug What we can make: 40QL horse shoe sets - 20c per horse shoe, 80c for a set (of 4) Tools/weapons up to 40 QL of your choice for 20c each In about a week I will have some hell horses and 5 speeds for sale so check back! Self serve pens coming soon!
  10. So basically once upon a time most people kept their furs in a alt because there was no good way of preventing massive decay on them (kinda like how pelts still work). Rolf decided to be magnanimous and allow that furs (and pelts for a short time) be stored in bsbs to halt their decay. But since at the time there was only one item that used fur (beds) and the type of fur was irrelevant, when storing them into bsbs they all get mixed and become just "fur". So far there has been no real reason to change this since rugs, the item that changed this, are mostly cosmetic, and seriously, for me at least, i wouldn't see myself needing a bunch of these. But with the new bear hats (and who knows what else the future holds) having furs stored by type became relevant. So the suggestion is that the system be changed so that furs can be stored like logs, differentiating from Brown Bear, Wolf and Black Bear furs. The current generic "fur" can be kept as is, and as a bit of a relic of the past, or changed to their original status (if there's data for that) or randomly split between the 3 types. Discuss.
  11. As the title says I want to sell all of the following enchanted gear: Feel Free to PM here on forums or in-game anytime! Or simply leave a post here on the thread as to which items you wish to purchase Note: All items above that are still available are on my merchants at my deed: Fort Huntsman Docks (West Coast of Release - G8 In-Game Map). -Thanks in Advance! -=Jakeii=-
  12. Hi, I am looking to buy 2 rare or supreme exquisite rugs, preferably I would like the imped to 90+, but can figure that out somehow if seller can't do that.
  13. 99 Cloth Tailoring Skill H8 on the Xanadu Server PM Frankd, Frankdalt in game 98 Courier for fast COD's Buy one rug (No CoC Rugs) up to 60ql get one of the same ql free. Add COD cost to all prices Enchanted Items Pricing COC, WOA, AOSP 1-69 = 1c 70-79 = 1c + 10c 80-89 = 1c + 30c 90+ = 1c + 90c For custom cast I will only guaranty a 60+ cast CoC Rugs Sold Out
  14. Welcome to Lothak's Leatherworkshop! 03.10.2013 [15:38:49] You have just received the title 'Master Tanner'! Order by posting here or sending me a PM either here or ingame. Pick up from my deed at X9 - Y34 (map). 5min mailing time (96 courier) I have a merchant at Fort Huntsman (X15 - Y14 on map). I live far away from my Fort H merchant, so I won't be able to restock it all the time. Studded leather sets: 50QL - 0,70s 60QL - 1,00s 70QL - 1,75s 80QL - 3,00s 90QL - 6,00s Toolbelts: 50QL - 0,20s 60QL - 0,35s 70QL - 0,50s 80QL - 0,75s 90QL - 2,00s Saddle & Bardings: 51QL - 0,40s 61QL - 0,60s 71QL - 0,90s 81QL - Saddle 1.50s, Barding 2.00s 91QL - 3s (saddles only) Animal rugs 30QL - 15c I have all kinds in stock. Backpacks, waterskins, quivers & bridles: 30QL - 5c (made to order) WoA saddles (on merchant): 72QL 54woa - 1.44s Imping: PM me for a PC Fort H merchant stock (updated 01.04.2014): Studded leather sets:50QL (1x) 80QL (1x) Toolbelts:50QL (1x) 60QL (2x) 70QL (2x) 80QL (2x) Saddles:71QL (2x) 81QL (1x) Animal rugs (30QL):Brown bear rugs (2x) Black bear rugs (2x) Mountain lion rugs (2x) Black wolf rugs (2x)
  15. Animal Rugs for Sale All rugs are 50ql and are priced at 25c each Pickup at Greenwood on Indy (26x, 27y), or delivery to Freedom Market. Otherwise can be mailed to you, COD to be paid by buyer. Only while stocks last! Mountain Lion Rug x8 Wolf Rugs x 3 Brown Bear Rugs SOLD OUT Black Bear Rugs SOLD OUT Mountain Lion and Wolf Rugs Brown and Black Bear Rugs
  16. rare brown bear rug ql 50 can be mailed, or pickup it at Ravens Bluff,Celebration Starting bid: 1s Min increment: 20c No reserve. NO buyout Happy Bidding
  17. 70 ql studded leather armor I use to do 70ql backpacks but this one took me 30 leathers so please dont ask 70 ql quivers 70 ql toolbelts 70 ql leather barding 70 ql saddle 50 ql meditation rugs 50 ql fine rugs 50 ql beautiful rugs I can do any vegtable, cotton, wemp with 64 ql I do have some 5 speed horses Please pm me on Piperlane and we can talk about what the prices for everything is. thank you for shoping at Piper's Shop
  18. [18:35:30] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [86] [18:35:34] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [80] Both 70QL exquisite rugs. Starting bid for both 3s ( each one 3s ) Min inceasements 50c Buyout possible Reserve no 1st rug is 86coc 2nd rug is 80coc
  19. List of items we try to keep in stock at AP merchant Prices are a piece Lamps 30 ql 10 copper, 40 ql 15 copper, 50 ql 20 copper custom orders up to 60. 60 ql 30 copper Will also make Imperial Lamps Candelabras 30 ql iron 20 copper, 40 ql copper 30 copper custom orders up to 50 ql either iron or copper Lanterns 60ql lanterns dyed white 20 copper. Other colors and ql levels available upon request Chain sets Chest 50 ql 15 copper, legs 50 ql 15 copper, all other pieces 50ql 8 copper apiece. custom orders up to 60ql can be made Special orders All blacksmithing items up to 70 ql Up to 60 ql 50 iron a ql 70 plus 1 copper per ql. example (60 ql for 30c 70 ql for 40c) Frying pans 1 copper apiece 20ql, 2 copper apiece for 40ql, 5 copper apiece 50ql, ql's higher can be negotiated Jewelsmithing orders are accepted and price based on ql and quantity. meditatio rugs also available for special order rug type and ql to determin price. As always we try to have done as soon as is feasible. Items are not made prior to order, PM onefaithful in game on celebration for special orders