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  1. I have for sale a rare firwood wagon, 29 quality. Pick up on e25 on the coast of Xanadu, my deed is called the far side of forever. Comment on this post or DM KyraBlade in game if interested. Thanks!
  2. Hello I would like the 20c steel pickaxe c879 x2 (2 of these) And the steel hatchet with c77 cast mailed to KyraBlade. Thank you!
  3. Heads up I am SUPER INSANELY AMAZINGLY directionally challenged. Anything that takes place, you will have to meet me at Summerholt and lead me to where I will be helping you..Or I will most definitely get lost!! Haha. I am a Fo priest with 62 faith, so if you wish to be converted you can. I can come to you and do courier enchants for 50c each. I would also be willing to trade courier enchants for 5 speed horses (1 enchant per horse) or possibly bulk resources instead (500 per enchant). Thanks for reading!! PS. I am still learning prices, if 50c is too little or too high feel free to give your opinion.
  4. Bought an 80ql studded leather armor set for 1s. I didn't have more money so J paid the CoD cost for me..very nice person and easy service, A++
  5. Yes it's working aside from the constant crashing I posted a forum about. Not sure what happened .Thanks!
  6. I am using a batch file to run wurm. When I use either this or the client downloaded by the game it constantly crashes, sometimes in the middle of playing; often many times in a row (5 or more until I get frustrated and give up) when I am trying to open the game. It always gives me this error message. Here is the whole log: Unexpected crash while playing The error was: <Cannot use Buffers when Array Buffer Object is enabled>
  7. So I just bought premium time. My account kept crashing so I thought maybe I was hacked and someone was playing on it and that's why it kept closing (sometimes with a red screen, sometimes with nothing..it would just disappear) so I tried to change my password. I tried changing it with 3 different emails and it said all were wrong. The password I used before to login is not working either. I was playing this morning so what's the deal?
  8. Buyout activated, sold to Cita! [12:58:13] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Thank you for your purchase.
  9. This is my first auction so I hope I'm doing it right. Auction will last 3 hours. Starting bid: 6s Bidding increments: 50c Buyout price: 10s Buyer pays COD, will be mailing from Xanadu Let the games begin!
  10. The Rim of Heaven is located in the middle of G25, right on the highway to Summerholt. You could probably get there on foot but it's a dangerous road. If you PM and ask for an invite, and you haven't used your teleport, you will get an option to teleport to the village upon receiving the invite! (No matter what village you started out in on Xanadu.) The village has: An inn with rooms/beds to get you started A crafting area with everything you'll need (forges, ovens, anvils, bins, etc) A nearby port if you wish to fish/store a ship/explore the coast! Access to food and water A village mine Steppe (under construction) Endless forest for grinding woodcutting Space to build your own little house on deed (if you get along with the community, are an active player, and feel like you'll stick around a while.) Constant mob spawns - GREAT place to level your fight skill, and hunt - but as mentioned in the title, beware the trolls! 2 guard towers on deed A Fo priest (myself) In the process of building: A village farming area Possibly a pond for fishing (not sure how deep we'd need to dig to get to water level.) A church At the moment we are a small community of 3 active players and 4 inactive; 2 others are dealing with computer problems but will be active again eventually. If this sounds like a place you'd like to join, Pm Dannysgirl or Jokerino in game, or respond to this forum post. (I'll try to remember to check but I'm pretty bad.)
  11. Update: [00:01:03] The items are now available and you have been charged 70 copper. There it's done. All of you trolls can go crawl back under the bridges you came out of now!
  12. OK. To the person who said I offered a replacement, then decided not to, I am very busy and the FIRST exchange already consumed a lot of my time, keeping me awake and making me tired the next day when I had to work. I'm not anxious to do that again. Also, after the person started this dispute in forums, they have not said anything in response. This morning I PM'd them and told them to send me a random item via mail with a cost of 70c, (for the horse, and the saddle which they should have picked up from the body but whatever, over looking that because I'm sick of this whole ordeal) and the 10c for delivery, which I would accept payment for when I got home from work. They said alright. Got home from work and there's nothing in my mailbox so clearly it's not that huge of a priority. when they send me an item I will issue a refund. I'm not gonna keep hounding someone to take money; I've done what I could to right the situation. This is getting ridiculous. Someone please lock this thread I'm quite tired of it.
  13. Ah I forgot about the add on fee for COD.. Well that sucks. Thanks for your help, appreciate it.
  14. I think this is a fabulous idea. I already sell my stuff for cheap so if I upped the price to have someone sell for me, I'd still be making the same amount of money. Thanks for the suggestion! If someone would tell me how to send money through the mail to give someone a refund, that would be helpful.
  15. I love how people are STILL saying, "GIVE HIM A NEW HORSE." I've said I would 3 or 4 times now so clearly nobody actually reads past posts, they just want to add their 2 cents and feel included in drama..LOL For whoever said to issue a refund instead, I agree that would be the easiest course of action considering my limited schedule. I also like the idea of a middle man who does the selling a LOT. To be honest I simply am not a patient person, and I heavily dislike feeling like I need to baby sit people - this is a game, I come here to enjoy myself - not get frustrated and angry.