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Found 12 results

  1. Fur clothing would be cool to have ingame, seeing as now it seems the devs are focusing on stuff like that. There could be a fur cape that would be worn on your back and on part of your sides. For fur cloak, it would be bigger than the the cape, but not be wrapped around the whole body. For the coat, it would surround your whole upper torso. Not including neck and hear. I think it'd be good to have another use for furs. Requirements: Fur Cape: 4 Pieces of Fur, 6 string, minimum Leather Working skill of 10, created by activating a needle and right clicking a fur with a piece of string in your inventory. Fur Cloak: 7 pieces of fur, 10 string, minumum Leather Working skill of 15, created by activating a needle and right clicking a fur with a piece of string in your inventory. Fur Coat: 12 pieces of fur, 20 string, minimum Leather Working skill of 30, created by activating a needle and right clicking a fur with a piece of string in your inventory.
  2. I wander my forest of red, fireflies dancing over the grass and the soft sound of the lake lapping against the short. Yet... Something is missing... Foxes! Please follow the link for my argument.
  3. Fur armor would be a nice addition to wurm being somewhere around the strength of leather/studded leather. Would go well with some of the helms and give additional stuff for fur to be used for in game. Would really complete the viking feel this game has. As well, can we finally get capes? As well as some kinda holiday themed cloth armors, and some priest style clothing. I think god based would be cool to work similiar to kingdom tabards possibly to identify the type of priest you are. Even something to be worn in the tabard slot that would do this would be great. Also if we could make it so we can wear kingdom tabard of different kingdoms on freedom as well. Possibly some holiday themed things, that could be only craftable during the holiday associated with it would be cool too, some items such as scarfs that could be worn in jewellery slots. Obviously scarfs or the like could be purely cosmetic items. If you have additional ideas to expand upon this please add them to thread.
  4. Allow us to turn fur and pelts into leather. Option one: Use knife on fur or pelt to turn it into hide. Option two: Use lye on fur or hide to turn it into leather directly.
  5. In case one is not familiar with the concept, or doesn't recognize the term from military sniper footage and/or movies: The origin of the modern usage is Scottish, so something I take ancestral, familial pride in​. Called a "Yowie" in Aussie land, something I was actually unaware of before checking over the wiki link. Sure the Ghillie suit involves using local plant life weaved into a shroud to disrupt the human outline. However, animal skins and parts can serve the same affect. > In Wurm, something craftable as a ghillie suit can help one stealthing, or just add stealth bonuses to animal-part clothing already ingame. EDIT: One might even have to craft different suits or rather modify a suit with foliage for certain areas. With animal skins, wild-life may even react differently depending on what is worn. Granted the Scottish Ghillie suit dates back to 1700-1800s; however, the basic idea of using animal skins or plant life to disrupt the human outline is hardly a new concept:
  6. I think this may have been suggested before but I would like to expand on the idea. I think it would be great to have some animals spawn a rare white version such as bears, wolves, bison and maybe a few others. Unlike green these would actually be white and drop white fur which could then be used to create white rugs, bear hats, and eventually capes. To make it even more interesting they could be tougher to kill as in almost champion but stronger than green, thus giving more fight skill than the regular version.
  7. So basically once upon a time most people kept their furs in a alt because there was no good way of preventing massive decay on them (kinda like how pelts still work). Rolf decided to be magnanimous and allow that furs (and pelts for a short time) be stored in bsbs to halt their decay. But since at the time there was only one item that used fur (beds) and the type of fur was irrelevant, when storing them into bsbs they all get mixed and become just "fur". So far there has been no real reason to change this since rugs, the item that changed this, are mostly cosmetic, and seriously, for me at least, i wouldn't see myself needing a bunch of these. But with the new bear hats (and who knows what else the future holds) having furs stored by type became relevant. So the suggestion is that the system be changed so that furs can be stored like logs, differentiating from Brown Bear, Wolf and Black Bear furs. The current generic "fur" can be kept as is, and as a bit of a relic of the past, or changed to their original status (if there's data for that) or randomly split between the 3 types. Discuss.
  8. Edit: To clarify, there is some variety in the potential of this armour and that is why the poll is so varied. Either we can have a halfway armour between plate and chain or we can have a 80% of dragon armour substitute. /Edit Between chain and plate armour: Materials: Bear skin Shark skin Lion pelt Wolf skin Crocodile hide 2-5 kg of steel per piece 5-8 kg of iron per piece copper bronze tin Skills: First part of the process uses leather working. - 70 skill Second part uses chain armour smithing - 70 skill Third plate armour smithing - 50 skill (Why? So that it probably uses three smiths and makes leather working more relevant.) Basic process: Make a basic armour set using the animal parts, the padding under the armour with LW. Attach the chain pieces for the joints and to hold the plates on. Attach plates to the pieces. Results: Breast plate weight 3.80 kg (chains is 2.20 and plate is 5.72) Speed on cobble stone 12.79 km/h (chain is 13.90 km/h and plate 10.89) 62.5% damage reduction at QL 100 (chain 55% - plate 70%) Low glance rate - cutting Medium to high glance rate - piercing Medium glance - mauling Sorry, these are the closest I came to finding what I meant to show you:
  9. 1. Sleeping bags/swags: I often travel by cart or boat and need to log out in the middle of nowhere. I was wondering if we can get a feature of portable swags or sleeping bags? These could be made from fur and sheets and be rolled up and carried in inventory or in carts and wagons, for those times you have to log out somewhere off deed. Handy also if you see the 'server shutting down in ...seconds' come up and you are half an hour from your deed. 2. Portable ovens for ships. These could be handy if you want to live on your ship, together with the sleeping bag mentioned above. 3. A way to secure your horse in the field, e.g. using a staff or other peg type device, this can be placed on a tile with the horse roped to this peg, while you log out. Nobody can remove this but the person who placed it. You can only ever only have one animals pegged to the ground. Pegs decay in three irl days. This is handy if you need to log out due to server shut down. Also handy if you can do this on someone else's deed while you visit them. You can log off and log back in still being able to lead your horse. These are just a few ideas for travel and making it possible to live on boats and ships.
  10. You butcher hides from animal. Hide quality is explained by butchering skill, butcher knife quality, butcher knife skill and some luck. Animals have different weight hides. Any animal that currently drops fur, pelt, or leather would instead drop a hide. Hides can go in bulk bins. You have a choice of converting that hide to any one of three things: leather, fur or pelt. Hide conversion success is explain by leatherworking skill, tool quality, and some luck. I don't' know if we need more then just lye as a conversion tool. Hide quality caps the processed product's quality. Pelts: - All pelts are crafted at the same size and volume. For larger animals you can get multiple pelts from a hide. You need at least a 1kg hide and 80% of that is wasted to make a 0.20 kg pelt (or 90% waste and 0.10 kg pelt, ect...). If you had a 3kg hide you could make 3 pelts. Reduce their volume significantly. - Pelts should be the most difficult item to make and require high LW to get high ql ones. A good system is one where any noob can easily make a low ql pelt but it requires a master LW with high ql Lye to occasionally make 90+ ql. - The trouble with pelts in bins is a player can too easily repair them. This idea stops the pelt splitting issues we've seen in the past. I'd like it if undamaged pelts can go in bins. Fur: - You get one fur per a hide. Its weight varies based on the hide weight. Waste factor should be small or be non-existent. - This the second in line for difficulty. Like pelts, its easy to make low ql but hard to make 90+ql. Perhaps make it a little easier to get the 90+ ql. - Who cares about furs, right? well just because fur is only use for beds now doesn't mean it won't have other uses later. - Furs can go in bulk bins. Leather: - You get one leather per a hide. Its weight varies based on hide weight. Waste factor should be small or be non-existent. - This is the easiest to get good quality. Quality output is easy to make low ql and harder to make higher. A master LW using high ql Lye should be able to consistently make high ql leathers. - Leathers can go in bulk bins. Why? Because this would make it so there is less waste, more choices, and I believe its even realistic. edit* added "Hide quality caps the processed product's quality."
  11. OK i didnt put much thought into this but I notice that fur is only used for beds, and i thought it would be amazing if you can use them for other furniture and Fur Clothing Like say you have an Oakwood Chair, why not use a fur on it for a padded Oakwook Chair We can have Bear Fur Cloaks or Wolf Cloaks, with the head of the animal fur you used as a head cover (this would obviously only work with the helmet off, or have the hood off when wearing a helmet) Toss in your other ideas guys this is all i could think off in 2 minutes
  12. Title speaks for itself. This has been asked for before but I couldn't find it with search. You'd only get one 3 kg leather from a fur, since they are 3 or 4 kgs, if successful. Regardless of its weight the creation should use up the whole fur. Everything else would be the same as making leather from hides.