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Found 132 results

  1. After my small talk with friend about mediation tiles I started to think how to make them special, more special just only note in event chat "this is special tile" and sign "dont disturb plizz". How to arrange area to give the place specific character?. I decided to make 2 meditation spots - "Stone Circle Of Love" and "The Cave Of 111 Demons", close together (how far is love from insanity?). Full album - "Cave Of 111 Deamons" is not finished, could make slate altar (Libila?) and clad slate. Add your work, if you made some special tiles more special or have some idea to share.
  2. I have the explorer title from path of knowledge, and while I want to continue on the path of knowledge, I feel bummed I will no longer be able to select the explorer title. I'd love to be able to select previous meditation path titles I have earned. Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts on the suggestion!
  3. Right now, the meditation ability Erupt/Freeze only works on tiles in your kingdom, and not in a non-Magranon domain. Why?? The kingdom restriction should be sufficient for PvP purposes, and on PvE, restricting a meditation ability based on religion is pointless and frustrating. Right now, I have a Fo character I'll be priesting who is on Path of Power, so using Erupt/Freeze on anything is a total pain since she can't actually use it in Fo's domain. Is there a reason for the religious restriction on this? I certainly don't see one, or a downside to removing it.
  4. This thin, colorful rug provides some comfort as you sit on it but its main purpose is to create a meditation zone where your mind can relax. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a string of cloth. Ql: 16.6884, Dam: 0.0. Starting bid: none Minimum Increment: 1s Sniper Protection: 30 min
  5. Harbor of Wholesome Hoarder (located: Melody g15 on the shore of Melody lake) is finally connected to ocean by 2 Canals: 1) Northern Lake Canal (g,f 15 + e13, all ships) and 2) Eastern Lake Canal (g17, all ships) WTA I am currently runing 6 auctions: rare rope tool rare press 3x rare stone grindstone rare unfinished kiln rare cheese drill WTS dirt price 60c/300, in storage 20 x 300 +200 = 6200 all price 12,4s if you do not have your own crates, add to price 30c per large crate (free load on your ship or vehicle), pick up only or change my mind with a lot silver WTS stone bricks: ql 0+, price 60c/300, in storage 0 ql 10+, price 63c/300, in storage 0 ql 20+, price 66c/300, in storage 1000 together 1000 WTS silver lump ql 50+, 6,4kg price: 1s WTS fine mediation rugs ql45+ (ql47-50 now) price: 99c+cod per item in stock: 7 items WTS gems: diamond ql 50,60 price: 75c+cod diamond ql 74,58 price: 87c+cod diamond ql 20,42 price: 30c+cod diamond ql 51,70 price: 76c+cod diamond ql 18,17 price: 29c+cod sapphire ql 17,47 price: 28c+cod emerald ql 51,70 price: 75c+cod emerald ql 46,70 price: 73c+cod emerald ql 3,72 price: 6c+cod sold to Aleck 18.9.2021 ruby ql 50,60 price: 75c+cod ruby ql 1,00 price: 2c+cod sold to Aleck 18.9.2021 ruby ql 29,57 price: 44c+cod opal ql 51,70 price: 76c+cod sprouts: ql 20-29,99 pinewood x 50 price: 1,2c + cod per 1 ql 30-39,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,3c + cod per 1 chestnut x 50 price: 1,3c + cod per 1 ql 40-49,99 pinewood x 300 price: 1,4c + cod per 1 ql 50-59,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,5c + cod per 1 ql 60-69,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,6c + cod per 1 ql 70-79,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,7c + cod per 1 stone bricks: ql 0+, price 60c/300, in storage 3000 ql 10+, price 63c/300, in storage 900 ql 20+, price 66c/300, in storage 1200 ql 30+, price 69c/300, in storage 300 if you do not have your own crates, add to price 30c per large crate (free load on your ship or vehicle) delivery possible to coastal areas if you order goods for 10s and more, delivery fee is based on distance 17.1. 2021, 7200 stone bricks sold and delivered to Szarin for 14,4s (bulk discount) + 2s, I am currently sold out 11.9. 2021, 7500 dirt sold to Jpunchy for 15s 12.9. 2021, 900 stone bricks sold and delivered to Crusigan for 2s (with delivery fee) 15.9. 2021, 100 pinewood + 100 chestnut sprouts sent to Monique for 2s + (2s cod) 18.9. 2021, 3000 stone bricks sold to Mirowen for 6s (pick up) 18.9. 2021, 1 sleep powder sold to Arno for 1,5s 25.9. 2021, 2000 stone bricks sold to Eddywhite for 4s (pick up) 25.4. 2022, 1000 dirt sold to Breezy for 2s (pick up) 1. 5. 2022, 6200 dirt sold to Shaunchadwick for 10s (pick up - bulk and pick up discount applied) WTS rare rope tool, chestnut, ql 57,97, rare unfinished kiln (pick up Melody g15) price: 8s/rare item
  6. Have a data capture/processing sandbox where players spawn in different locations as different mobs. Participants have to fulfil tasklist of their mob survival requirements, including finding water regularly for mammalian mobs, and inter-mob combat objectives, on an E-vs-E server. Developer/code moderator (to be progressively replaced by pseudo-AI algorithms) then reviews data, refines to strategies to be assigned to normal/traited categories of mobs, or discards strategies as below par. These strategies progressively become inherent 'instincts' for all wild mobs on live servers - the playerbase becomes a mob-AI think-tank, rather than writing a dedicated AI to do the entire task. Participants get in-game rewards to their nominated account for completing successful data-submission tasks. For example, significant meditating skillgains if opportunities are repeating and widespread or development credits that can be converted into items/consumables otherwise. If such functionality proved useful to development and became a staple of ongoing gameplay, it could be enabled on player-servers (no chat, no maps, player must play on the EvE server and complete a journal there to gain approval for functionality on player servers). Fine-rug meditating could be updated to trigger spawn-as-mob on random any-other server, with mob name prefixed with 'Wild' on mouseover by players, with massively increased skillgains to anyone lucky enough to interact with a 'Wild' mob. A regular player in combat with a 'Wild' mob calling for guard assistance (even if the guards didn't respond) would abort the 'Wild' functionality and be a failed meditation for the mob-possessing account. List of mobs available to randomly spawn as on player-servers would depend on meditation skill. Non-mission Traitors would be available at 60 skill. Humanoids at 70 skill. Uniques not including dragons at 80 skill. Dragons at 90 skill.
  7. Disguise (Fo) makes one thing look like another on mouseover (like a stone minedoor looks like a rock tile) Conceal (Mag) makes something owned, invisible to others (like a trap which is set is invisible) Reveal (Vyn) creates a persistent highlight-outline around anything enchanted with Disguise/Conceal/Fabricate. Reveal (Path of Knowledge) temporarily negates the visual effects of Disguise/Conceal/Fabricate. Fabricate (Lib) makes something that isn't there, appear as if it is. Delude (Path of Insanity) makes something nobody else can see, visible to everyone. Non-exhaustive list of potential applications with both cosmetic and combat applications in mind: May solve/anticipate many diverse requests with one 'patch'.
  8. Love Effect should turn all hostile creatures around you into friendly. From Wurmpedia: "If you are fighting an animal and use this ability while sticking around, you will auto-attack back, which makes it continue fighting. Backing off and no-targeting should fix it" I've had the following situation: Near a troll but not in combat yet. Troll noticed me and before he start running towards me, I used Love Effect, backed off and did no-target. He then turned green (outlined), waited for a second, turned red again and start running towards me. When he turned green for a second, there was no combat disturbing the Love Effect nor did the troll hit/attack me once or vice verca so it had no reason to go hostile (red) again.
  9. So, I think I posted this before, but here goes again. We really need a separate menu for these big cooldown skills. It is way too easy to misclick and burn it, while disembarking, destroying pavement, examining, etc. PLEASE can we give these "once a day" skills a sub menu, or a "you sure you want to use this skill now?" popup. Something? I lose my Get Info almost every day, because menus are laggy and I think I'm clicking one thing and it turns out to be another.
  10. The apparent change to the path of hate bonus does not appear to be working. Still appears as a damage bonus and when used - does not show any increased lockpick chance?
  11. ------------------------ About the little break As some of you already know I am currently working on a massive community event project (noo, not an Impalong), and I am not only taking this as a "vacation" from my store after almost two months of intense Tailoring, but I am also having a lot of fun (AND WORK) to do in there. I highly recommend Arno if you need Cloth Items, and I am sorry to not be able to help for a little while. More info on this event will be coming as we reach 40% completion or even more, so we can have a big chunk of it to show the world. Thank you for understanding ♥ Welcome, traveler! The world is growing and Cloth is our friend in these first steps of Wurm. We all need beds, meditation rugs, and a lot of items to help on our journey, at a fair price! My name is Donamarlene and I'm going to help you with my cloth products on Harmony and Melody. This post will be constantly updated with my recent products, sellings, and prices. Feel free to Whisper me ingame, or make a request in this post, I'll be happy to help! Thank you ♥ Welcome to the biggest Cloth shop in Harmony & Melody, yayy! Blue = New on the shop Green = Temporary events Current active event: Satchels Any QL - 6 C 20's QL - 15 C 40's QL - 35 C Normal Meditation Rugs Any QL - 15 C 25's QL - 25 C 40's QL - 80 C 50's QL - 1,3 S 60's QL - 2 S Fine Meditation Rugs Any QL - 35 C 25's QL - 50 C 40's QL - 1 S 50's QL - 1,5 S 60's QL - 2,2 S Beautiful Meditation Rugs Any QL - 70 C 25's QL - 90 C 40's QL - 1,2 S 50's QL - 2 S 60's QL - 2,7 S Sails Corbita sail kit - 2,4 S Knarr sail kit - 6,5 S Caravel sail kit - 13 S • Small Square sail - 90 C Triangular Sail - 1,2 S Square Sail (big) - 1,7 S Cotton Sheets Any QL - 20 C 30+ QL - 30 C Bedroll (portable bed) Any QL - 5 s 25's QL - 5,5 S Fishing nets any QL - 15 C 25's QL - 30 C 40's QL - 80 C 50's QL - 1,5 S Medium Fishing lines any QL - 20 C 25's QL - 20 C Heavy Fishing lines any QL - 25 C 25's QL - 25 C Complete Cloth armor sets any QL - 40 C 25's QL - 85 C 40's QL - 2 S 50's QL - 3,5 S Horse Barding (The regular cant be COD without Woad and Cochineal) (You can send me them if you want it COD'd) Regular - 3 S Dyeable - 4 S Wool clothes PM me to check prices, but I can make everything • Any Item above with custom QL's or Non listed Items = Comment/PM Donamarlene ingame for price checkings Currently I deliver 99% of my items through COD (as most of them fit into) • [08/28/2020] The big discount event waaaaaaas here Thanks to everybody who participated, it was a massive killing spree on the cottons >:D The will be some more events in the near future, but for now we are back to normal prices. Thank you all ♥ I often get asked If I buy Cottons, and well, at the moment... Noop - My stocks are ok for now, maybe in some days PM me ingame or on forums for more info. I do buy RARE AND SUPREME Cottons and Strings! Rares for 30c Supremes for 60c Just COD me them, please!
  12. A few rugs Can mail COD, or pickup Southport U18 Deliverance Please PM me either on forums or in game (Muse)
  13. XrumX I'm selling the account on behalf of a friend Skills dump: [13:36:51] You entered through the portal to Wurm on Wrath day, week 3 of the starfall of Fires, 1044. That's 1681 days, 21 hours and 36 minutes ago. [13:36:51] You have played 252 days, 3 hours and 33 minutes. [13:36:51] You have premium time until 3 Jul 2019 17:55:29 GMT Current location: Release (North coast) Peculiarities: 80 Meditation level 12 of Path of Knowledge (25% bonus on skill gain) (Recall home) (No skill loss) Good building and crafting skills 90+ Farming skill PvP ready skills 8K Karma 94 Titles It comes with these items/contracts: PM me for offers, Paypal only Thanks
  14. in the past 48 hours, my meditation has been interrupted 7 times by the message "You must not move while doing that." The character is not moving. Usually, I am not touching the keyboard or the mouse and often I have already turned away from the computer to "multitask" for 2 minutes. I did not record when the latest update happened, but this issue seems to coincide with that. Additionally (and this may well be the RNG, not a bug), in my last 9 meditations I have received only 1 skill tick. This is dramatically lower than the pace I've seen over the past month. (My skill is 89.69. I'm using a 1ql exquisite rug with 90+CoC, affinity timer, and sleep bonus.)
  15. Forgive if this is a silly suggestion. it strikes me that by Eidolon you should be able to share your hallucination. it would be delightful if this applied to everyone in local, a compromise if it only applied to the group/team u are in. thoughts? ?? Level Skill Path of Insanity Titles 0 15 Uninitiated 1 15 Initiate 2 15 Disturbed 3 15 Crazed 4 15 Deranged 5 15 Sicko 6 20 Mental 7 30 Psycho 8 40 Beast 9 50 Maniac 10 60 Drooling 11 70 Gone 12 80 12th Eidolon 13 90 13th Eidolon 14 90 14th Eidolon 15 90 15th Eidolon 16 90 16th Eidolon another thread, different suggestion:
  16. Title says it. can be /command or just option at that path's path tile. DA
  17. HAPPY HALLOWEEN WURMIANS Its time to auction this amazing rug used only by the most important people in the game! Jk its brand new and I need money for more rugs Perfect for any kind of meditation, to get anwers, leveling, or to lower its quality and get even better xp gains with 100CoC! Also makes a great decoration Starting bid: 4s Increment: 1s Buyout: 13s Snipe Protection: 1h [10:45:43] This thin, colorful rug provides some comfort as you sit on it but its main purpose is to create a meditation zone where your mind can relax. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a string of cloth. [10:45:43] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [100]
  18. From any kind of Bows, to everything Cloth and Smithing has to offer! We take requests from any kind of item related to both levels, in case some of them arent listed yet. We also take improve services for the QL below Up to 85ql for Cloth items (Updated 01/10) Up to 70ql for Bowyery items (Updated 01/10) Up to 70ql for Smithing items (Updated 01/10) ---~ RARE SECTION ~--- (All blank items) rare Willow Longbow -> 60ql - 3s rare Willow Shortbow -> 60ql - 3s rare Fine Meditation Rug -> 80ql - 3s (2x in stock) rare Exquisite Meditation Rug -> 80ql - 8s (3x in stock) rare Horse shoe -> 60ql - 2s (6x in stock) ---~ BOWYERY ~--- (all made with Willow) Shortbow | Longbow | Bow -> 60ql - 5c Shortbow | Longbow | Bow -> 70ql - 10c ---~ COTH TAILORING ~--- Cloth armor Complete set 50ql -> 30c | 4c each part Complete set 60ql -> 40c | 5c each part Complete set 70ql -> 50c | 6c each part Complete set 80ql -> 60c | 9c each part Complete set 85ql -> 80c | 15c each part Satchels Creation quality -> 3c 50ql+ -> 6c Meditation Rugs (Normal/fine/beautiful/exquisite) 50ql - 15c 60ql - 20c 70ql - 25c 80ql - 35c 85ql - 45c Sails (of any kind) 30ql - 10c 50ql - 20c Decorations Banner/Flag - 8c Small colorful carpet - 8c Colorful carpet - 10c Large colorful carpet - 25c ---~ SMITHING ~--- Metal Tools 50ql - 20c 60ql - 25c 70ql - 30c Horse Shoes (Full set of 4x) 50ql - 20c 60ql - 25c 70ql - 30c ---~ BULK ~--- (Free delivery for coastal deeds) Stone Bricks 1,5s per 1000 bricks - 6k in stock We will keep this post with levels and prices updated and check at least twice a day. Thanks for checking out Feel free to comment any requests or PM any of us ingame: (specially if you are in hurry) Panquecca Agorafilia Rowsbrasil
  19. Auctioning my last beauty ♥ Rare exquisite meditation rug - 64QL - Clean Starting bid: 5s Increment: 50c Buyout: 10s Snipe protection: 1h And thanks very much!
  20. Its time to auction my little beauty for you all to keep my deed up Rare Exquisite meditation rug - 83 QL (You can decrease QL in a forge if needed) Perfect for trying to CoC it, getting some easy answers, or decreasing QL for better gains! Starting bid: 6s Increment: 1s Snipe protection: 1h Buyout: 12s One day and a half to make sure everybody sees it Gl and happy wurming!
  21. Hey guys, want to do some meditation? Supreme fine meditation rug - Ql 78 Starting bid: 8s Increment: 1s Have fun! Snipe protection: 1 hour
  22. Erupting a rock tile can raise a corner of that tile a bit, which is intentional. However, if that eruption causes one corner of a mine entrance slope to rise, this causes the entrance to NOT be level as it normally is, and the tile inside the mine does not adjust itself to compensate. This leads to a discontinuity in the terrain across the transition between inside and outside. Outside: Inside: Note that inside the cave, the entry is still level, but outside the cave, the entry is 4 dirts higher on the corner affected by lava. As a result, I need to turn climb on to get out of the cave, and can see through bits of the terrain since it doesn't match up. Not sure what ideal behavior would be here. Maybe it should do a sanity check to not raise the corner if it's at a cave entrance, since those are never supposed to be non-level? By fixing this bug, Rolf "Lonestar" Persson and KodeKlubFree International Ltd. hereby agree to remove the Magranon domain restriction on the Erupt/Freeze Path of Power meditation ability, as it serves no purpose but to make me openly weep into my full-size anime body pillow at night, and curse the stars every time I want to get rid of a problematic ore vein or off-deed reinforcement.
  23. Currently, enchanted grass serves some kind of actual purpose, even if you give up the ability to forage/botanize/gather on it. However, enchanting a tree is 100% useless. From my testing over the past week or so, I've confirmed that an enchanted tree tile: Cannot be foraged/botanized. Cannot have grass gathered from under it. Cannot have a sprout picked. Cannot be harvested. Continues to age like a normal tree. Goes back to "Young" age after "Shriveled" like a normal tree. In other words, in the current game, an enchanted tree is just a regular tree you can't actually interact with except by cutting it down. An enchanted tree is strictly and in almost every way less useful than a normal tree of the same type. This is abjectly pointless, and makes enchanting a tree a total waste of an enchant. It might as well actually have some use, no? My proposal: Enchanted trees should act like they do now, except you can harvest from them (like a normal tree) and their age is frozen at whatever its age is at the time of enchanting. If you want a gigantic oak tree to stick around on your deed, enchant it when it's shriveled. If you want a bunch of nice lavender bushes or something you can harvest with less active maintenance, enchant them when they're mature or something. If this being too permanent is an issue, maybe make the enchantment wear off after some relatively long period (months?) so you may have to re-enchant at some point, to avoid deeds just doing it to every harvestable tile they have over a period of years, if that would be considered a problem at all. I feel like this would give enchanting trees an actual purpose without breaking much of anything. Anyone agree, or see any problems with this?
  24. WTB 100+ CoC Meditation Rug (any kind, ql doesn't matter) PM me here or ingame @ SMBH/Yossarian
  25. Prenote: Terms such as "Offensive CR" and "Defensive CR" are used throughout the suggestion. This does not necassairly mean actual CR codewise but rather modifiers that gives bonus hit chance for offensive actions or miss chance for defensive actions that would equate to the CR mentioned. Basics All 5 paths (Love, Hate, Insanity, Power, Knowledge) got their own individual passives. These passives scale linearly based on player level starting with level 2. (10 levels in total) Meditation abilities are not dispellable... since they arent spells. The max cooldown between path levels is reduced to 1 week and thus lets players experiment with diffrent paths without feeling they are horribly gimped by doing so. The skill level is what truly restricts the player. Love performs 3x healing for all non-spell sources. (+20% per level. This includes cotton, lifetransfer, regen and mycelium absorbation) Hate gets 20% dmg bonus and 20% offensive cr bonus. (2% per level. does not stack with passive faith bonuses.) Insanity gets 20% dmg reduction (2% per level.) Power gets 30% stamina reduction (3% per level) Knowledge gets 25% skill increase (2.5% per level) Now with that out of the way, here comes the fun stuff. Each path has 4 abilities that are choosen when to unlock. New ability choices are given at level 4, 7, 9, 11. One ability is unlocked at a time. Love Refresh Unchanged. Enchanted tile same functionality except that enchanted tree tiles yield 3x harvest. Love effect When used on the ground it makes all hostiles in local friendly for 10 minutes. If used towards a specific non-unique non-tamed non-valrei non-human creature it will perform a strong charm/dominate effect and turn it into a pet. Includes unusual types of creatures that normally cant be turned into pets, like whales and kingdom animals. (sidenote: You can currently ride aquatic creatures like crocodiles in water. Human and Humanoid isn't the same thing.) Cooldowns are unchanged. Soothing presence Permanent aggro-range reducing buff (similar to the newbie buff). Also makes taming and breeding easier. Power Erupt/Freeze Allows the creation of lava on rock/cliff tiles aswell as turning lava into rock. Same timers as currently but domain influence doesn't matter. Erupt only works inside your own kingdom like currently. Erupt can also be used on forges and ovens. Thereby lighting the oven/forge, fueling it and turning all items inside them searing hot. Freeze can be used on any container and instantly cools all content within. Elemental Immunity / Lava Walker Passive buff that gives permanent 50% reduction to all sources of fire, ice, acid and water. Active 30 minute ability with 3h cooldown. 50% reduction to all sources of fire, ice, acid and water. (the passive and active ability stack as additions. thus giving full immunity togheter) Might 2 hour ability with 4h cooldown. 50% increased carrying capacity and 50% longer stuns. Wanderer 60% stam reduction for movement (includes walking, swimming, riding, sailing, climbing, dragging). Does not stack with the level-based passive. Knowledge Get Info Combination of level 1 and 3 get info. Thus giving general information, affinities and carrying weight all at once. Also gives +4CR in combat against that specific target for the user. 1h cooldown and the effect last 15 minutes. Survey Area Slightly modified Get info level 3. Informs you of all creatures and settlements in local aswell as showing all tracks of the past 3 wurm days (same as tracking) at your location. 1h cooldown. No skill loss Unchanged. Attention to detail Passive that gives +2 radius for prospecting/analyzing, 10% higher chance for rarity rolls to succeed and +2 passive CR. Hate Rage Rage: Gives 4x increased damage from bashing and 25% dmg bonus to siege engines for 15 minutes. 1h cooldown. Frenzy +50% attack speed and -35% defensive CR for 1 minutes. 15 minute cooldown. (also modifies minimum swing timers) Roar Turns all agressive entities in local passive against the character for 2 minutes and breaks their combat with the character. (This includes guards and kingdom animals) Also provides 2 defensive cr for the duration. 30 min cooldown. Targeted at the ground. Hatred Passively adds a 1 minute debuff to anything that hurts you. If the person who gave the debuff attack the person/creature with the debuff they receive +2 offensive CR. Insanity Break Reality Teleports the character to a random tile on the server, heals all wounds, removes all spell effects, gives a 10 minute +25% speed boost and +5 CR. Also performs a Fill effect. Same restrictions as normal teleports. Makes the eyes of the user go black for the duration of the effect. Unstable Passively gives 15% dmg reduction in two resistances that shifts to random new ones every minute. Imagination Activated ability that removes the largest wound of the user and gives single-target spell immunity for 5 minutes. 45 min cd. Also spawns 2 random insanity illusions that only the user sees. Nightmare Activated ability that spawns a neutral shadow being (translucent and black shaded fog spider, wolf or wraith) that attack the closest hostile entity with the power of a dominated troll and dissapear after 30 seconds. 30min cooldown. Summary Poor abilities removed New abilities added Choices Rewards the player from the get go and keeps giving more things as skill and level progress. Thus keeping it very newbie friendly More choices in how the player wish to progress and if they want to try a new path after achieving high skill it wont take long to get high meditation level again.