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Found 220 results

  1. Hello all, I've released some mods for use with ago's ModLauncher v1.7 Mods included in this release: Server Mods: BoatMod Change the wind effect for all boats to be like a rowboat, with a commensurate increase in speed, up to the cap. Make all animals able to swim while led by a player Enable continued leading of animals when embarking on a vehicle (no more having to frantically re-lead all your critters when you hop in the boat) BountyMod - features (as separate config options): Enable skillgain for fighting/killing player-bred creatures Convert the chance of receiving a coin award from a slim chance of a rare coin to a certainty of a non-rare coin. Player-bred creatures offer lesser bounties. (Note that skillgain for player-bred creatures has to be enabled to award bounties for such kills) Bounty for each species of critter can be independently configured Can pay to bank account instead of into player's inventory Configurable multiplier for all bounties, for ease of fine tuning for your server Configurable multiplier for player-bred creature bounties Bounties can be paid out of thin air (thus unlimited bounty payments) or from the kingdom coffers (thanks Netscreever) Non-hostile, same-kingdom creatures can be set to pay out no bounty (thanks again Netscreever) BulkMod Enables placing hot items into BSBs and FSBs. (Further features probably coming, depending on feedback) DigLikeMiningMod A recreation of Alexgopen's Digging Like Mining for use with ago's modlauncher. Enabled dredging to ship Added the ability to use dirt or sand piled on the tile you're standing on if you need to use dirt/sand when flattening or leveling. The game will use dirt in your inventory, then dirt in a pile, then sand in your inventory, and finally sand in a pile, in that order. MeditateMod - features (as separate config options): Enables guaranteed skill success (no more "You fail to relax" or not getting a path question you qualify for) No delay between first 5 skill gains of the day No difference in delay requirements after the first 5 meditations (if the above setting is on, there's no delay requirements for meditation skill gain at all, if it's off, always 30 minutes between meditation skill gains, never 3 hours) Disable distance requirements for meditation skill gains (No more need to move 11 tiles for skillgain) A configurable multiplier for path question cooldowns. This can be set to half to cut these delays in half, set to 0 to disable them entirely, the choice is yours. Specify custom action duration for meditation (NEW) Configure the delay before joining a new path after leaving an old one (NEW) Now imposes a configurable maximum level a player may reach in any path ProspectMod - features: Prospecting cave floors provides the same information as prospecting a rock tile on the surface above (i.e. detect nearby ore veins) PhobiaMod - for those who find the spider models creepy, features (as separate config options) Replace Huge Spiders with Black Bears Replace Lava Spiders with Lava Fiends SacrificeMod Adds a configurable chance for a rare item to award a bone of the same rarity, instead of the usual benefits. SalveMod Adds "power - " to the beginning of newly made healing cover names, so you no longer have to figure it out in your head. Client Mod: SortMod (NEW) My first client side mod, which of course requires ago's client modLauncher Now out of Beta (code unchanged, I have received no error reports either from others or my own testing, though thanks to the chicanery it can give false positives for errors when, say, you get disconnected. Features (as seperate configuration options): Sort Player Inventory On Game Start Auto Sort Inventory Sort Container Contents on Window Open Auto Sort Container Windows Auto Sort Skills Window As ago has come out with a patcher for using his modlauncher when you still need to run the executable (a method I find superior to mine), I've taken down my version.
  2. Have you ever wanted to join a Massive settlement? The size of Harvestmoon Lagoon is 77 by 131. Harvestmoon village was founded in 2012 and it's still going strong! We have no Taxs or Requirements, all are welcome! So how can you join Harvestmoon? The mayor of our deed is Ultradude but you can also contact myself - Wach. Just pm me ingame using command /tell "wachmistrz" or "ultradude" - without quotes, then we can add you or feel free to write me a message on the forums. if you are on Release, you will have the option to teleport to the settlement token, or Ultra can pick you up by boat. This village is alocated on Release D 22 Here: There are plenty of buildings and structures inside the village such as:-Pens full of Horses, Cows, Bulls, Bisons, Chickens, Pigs, Hell Horses and Deers.-Main mine where we store Wemp, Cotton, Food Ingredients and mixed Veins.-secondary mine where our Iron veins are located .-Vacant Houses that you can take over, if you dont feel like building your own.-Huge fields where you can grind farming skill.-Huge land where you can build your dream home.Here is video from our village (Best with subtitles turned on): What we can offer You: -Food -Advice and Knowledge for new players -A place to call Home -weapons and tools -Wagons or carts -An active Alliance -3 Spirit Guards -Lots of resources for your daily needs -Free Vacant homes or land to build your own Fell free to ask and join us . Ultradude, Emperor, Harvestmoon Lagoon
  3. This is a new thread based on the previous one located at Old Lando is no longer maintaining the thread so I've started a new one. Likely to be a few hiccups until I figure out how the system works. Our thanks to Old Lando and Protuna who maintained the previous versions of the Trader Reset Info Threads for their volunteering. Trader Reset All Servers - Report Here Please Please note that traders alternate between a 28 and 29 day schedule currently not sure what influences the time either way. The approximate reset day is set for 29 days so it's generally they day of the event or the day before. If you don't do a "Get Info" it's probably a better idea to wait a few days before trading or check the end of the thread for a reset report to confirm it has happened Deliverance Server - Deli Traders reset April 7th ( next approx. reset May 6th ) Celebration Server - Cele Traders reset on April 10th ( next reset approx. May 9th ) Exodus Server - Exodus Traders reset on April 18th ( next reset approx. May 17th ) Indy server - Indy Traders Reset on April 29th ( next reset approx. May 28th ) Xanadu server - No Private Traders Allows, thus not tracking Elevation Server - No updates so not tracking Pristine Server - Pristine Traders reset April 8th ( next reset approx. May 7th ) Release Server - No updates so not tracking Buying Trader Deeds - If the Trader is a Citizen of another deed on the Deed you are buying and has the TAX rate set to more than 0% those funds will not go to the Deed you are Buying. The Current Deed That Trader is a Citizen of Will have to boot the Trader from being a Citizen before the Trader's TAX will go to the Deed you are Buying. Until that happens ALL Taxes collected will go to the Deed the Trader is a Citizen of. Players should always check the Citizenship of the Trader by examining them. Example of answer [08:49:40] He bears the mark of a citizen of <village name>. Traders are resetting when /uptime reaches a new day and not at different times during the day. Up to you whether to wait a day to do your trades or not. Thanks to Tpikol for pointing out the old information was incorrect. On Elevation and Chaos, Traders now receive bonus coins depending on kingdom size. Remember that the reset dates will change (move forward) with the time of the server downtimes between the resets. King's envoy "Trading with the Trader" message is no longer broadcast.
  4. Hello Wurmians and today harvestmoon is recruiting. We have good stuff that inclides: 1. Farms you are free to take from [u get farmer rank if you choose the job farmer and u have to farm.] 2. Animals 3. Jobs 4. Water 5. Closest town on island is Valiheim 6. Boathouse with boats to build on. 7. Friendly staff [Farmboybello and Ultradude] 8. Free cart shuttle service 9. Farms ship supply store. Your number one Place to buy boat materials for the boats! 10. Free houses. you can choose from one of your vacant houses or build your own! If for some reason the town isn't big enough for your house, we will gladly expand our town for you. 11. Farm is strict BEWARE! 12. We have a mancave that has free materials for you to take [Farm will soon be looting it for any boat materials] 13. Fun 24/7 Thanks for reading this me and ultra hope to see you soon in harvestmoon lagoon . Harvestmoon Lagoon is a copywritten by Band Organ Town CO. Band Organ CO. the company with many companys. Band Organ co is a trademark company of Band Organ INC. all rights reserved use with permission.
  5. Hello Wurmians, new and old! Rather than let it crash, I would like to sell my VERY well equipped deed on Release, Crazy Eights. If you are looking for a prime location, look no further. If you are into breeding, you just might want to pick this up. All breeding stock are purebred 5-speeds. No non-speed traits. This is perfect for someone with Animal Husbandry of 50-59. Horses are all of the new colors. All the mares are bred, so the new owner can expect many new 5-speed foals. Of course the house is stocked with plenty of resources. The mine has silver, lead, iron, and tons of marble. Mine Map available with purchase. Tar Nearby Clay available North, up the coast. 97 Courier on Mailbox PRIME hunting just to the East Plenty of on and off-deed farming space Undeeded Dock area, or with the fall of neighboring deed, you can expand to the coast. (I know the mayor) Seeking 30s or best offer. Thanks for looking! - Malokai
  6. Hello wurmians, I am looking for a small deed for a friend and myself. The deed must have - an area to use for farming (a few flat tiles) - one or more houses - a small workshop (does not have to be "equipped", just seperate building) - a small mine (with iron in it) - a nearby forest (d prefer one inside a forest) Some extras which d be nice: - harbour or coast line - walls - guard tower - some useful goods - a ship - horses - carts - nearby clay tiles - and so on Feel free to post or pm your deed with all information, and also server and location plus the price you are asking. Would love a deed on pristine, but if its a nice one i d accept release or east coast of xanadu too. Greetings Simju
  7. the old link on page section "Release", first link "Release Community Map" shows map.png correct actual link is map.png?dl=0
  8. Hey guys as the title states I am looking for a Star Diamond and/or Oakenwood Star Diamond Staff. Leave a post here if you have one you would like to sell or PM me on forums or in-game to discuss the price. -Thanks in advance =Jakeii=
  9. So.. am I wrong? *sigh* . . . . . . O.k... let's do this.. at last, why not, what's to lose anymore. I logged one day like any other and got into.. whatever happened in that daily log below: Logging started 2016-04-21 [11:32:37] MOTD:Procrastinators unite!.... tomorrow. [11:33:08] <Magdegreen> did you knwo nahjo preists can't build fences?? [11:35:18] <Magdegreen> whew... [11:38:20] <Finn> rip horse.. [11:38:25] <Finn> silverwar/4sp/male [11:38:27] <Magdegreen> [11:38:27] <Finn> yello [11:38:33] <Magdegreen> hiya lol [11:40:02] <Finn> cant build fences? O M G [11:40:12] <Finn> did you know fences have the thing called 'continue' [11:40:33] <Finn> it's a priest, can create, cant continue [11:40:37] <Finn> so yea [11:40:40] <Magdegreen> that didn't work either [11:40:45] <Magdegreen> oh i see [11:40:57] <Finn> -------'s derp was like... 'can priests make barrels?' - no.. [11:41:27] <Finn> you managed to tame it or trapped ? [11:41:32] <Magdegreen> i had no clue continue was included [11:41:35] <Magdegreen> traped [11:41:43] <Finn> imo make screens or figs of them on max settings [11:41:45] <Magdegreen> both magde and cael nearly died [11:41:45] <Finn> upload somewhere.. [11:41:57] <Magdegreen> lol.. [11:42:03] <Finn> might take months to year(s) until next time you get a wolf or bear [11:42:12] <Finn> wildcats seem 'common' enough [11:42:29] <Magdegreen> huh... sacing stuff healed cael just now [11:42:39] <Finn> yea, there's chance [11:42:42] <Finn> from praying [11:42:45] <Magdegreen> cool [11:42:52] <Finn> didnt know sacrificing does that also [11:43:13] <Magdegreen> o.o mine me some zinc? [11:43:22] <Finn> from where? [11:43:28] <Finn> -------'s ###### quality vein? [11:43:32] <Finn> it's low ql here [11:43:39] <Magdegreen> I mean.... ok nvm [11:43:46] <Magdegreen> doens;t seem liek you wnat to leave [11:44:01] <Finn> takes 20min to go 1 way [11:44:07] <Magdegreen> yes yes yes [11:44:10] <Magdegreen> nvm nvm [11:44:12] <Finn> 30+to mine, get back, smelt, move [11:44:19] <Finn> it's why I wanted to do it than [11:44:21] <Magdegreen> oi [11:44:26] <Magdegreen> nvm [11:44:50] <Magdegreen> I gotta go back to ------- anyways [11:45:32] <Finn> go watch geers draw butts and tentacles [11:45:38] <Magdegreen> nah [11:45:38] <Finn> not in that order [11:45:44] <Magdegreen> o.o [11:48:00] <Finn> y u need zinc? [11:48:08] <Finn> make the green lighter? [11:48:21] <Magdegreen> just to toy with... [11:48:27] <Magdegreen> I need more blue really [11:48:37] <Finn> here it's capped at ql69 or something like that [11:48:55] <Magdegreen> if thats teh case i'll just mine soem 60qls [11:49:45] <Finn> think the one under bridge was better [11:50:56] <Magdegreen> jeez i said it's ok already [11:51:01] <Magdegreen> I'll just ask anther time [11:51:49] <Finn> what happened with ur crates [11:51:55] <Magdegreen> sold them [11:52:14] <Magdegreen> got 10s you get 5 [11:52:26] <Finn> did u even have planks [11:52:39] <Magdegreen> yes?.. [11:52:41] <Magdegreen> O.o [11:52:53] <Finn> u used ql60s on the bridge I think [11:52:57] <Magdegreen> i don't get taht question [11:53:16] <Magdegreen> I might have.. but i have 700 left over planks [11:54:18] <Finn> omg.. 0.0789 meditating skill tick now at 54 [11:54:25] <Magdegreen> dwho all do you like at our allinace? [11:54:33] <Magdegreen> yay! [11:54:54] <Finn> define 'like' [11:55:35] <Magdegreen> erm.. [11:55:44] <Magdegreen> like do you care if i piss off -------? [11:55:51] <Finn> I cant figure why -------------- doesnt like me that much, was kind of neutral to me before .. added a few red points when -------------- [11:56:11] <Finn> "development goes.. I just log to kill time with my stuff that dont matter for me or anyone anyway" [11:56:37] <Finn> about that one.. not really [11:57:04] <Magdegreen> good o.o [11:57:20] <Magdegreen> before you get pissed I can;t talk about it yet [11:58:08] <Finn> tell me tho [11:58:21] <Magdegreen> ------- was going to tell you.. [11:58:24] <Finn> something u did or about to [11:58:32] <Magdegreen> in the future [11:58:36] <Finn> thought we were 'living together' there.. [11:58:44] <Magdegreen> huh? o.o [11:58:49] <Finn> playing [11:58:50] <Finn> derp [11:59:07] <Magdegreen> ...O.O I'm not playing house noo you cna;t make me [11:59:30] <Finn> ok.. [11:59:37] <Finn> but we have a mutant dog [11:59:41] <Finn> *shrugs* [11:59:49] <Magdegreen> dit's becuase you're in my deed taht I'm asking if ou care if i piss off ------- lol [11:59:53] <Magdegreen> lol! [11:59:59] <Magdegreen> and bear now lol [12:00:26] <Finn> same question.. [12:00:36] <Finn> but not explaining anything, can we get to the point? [12:00:52] <Finn> I talk more often with ------- who rarely talks.. than with ------- [12:01:01] <Magdegreen> lemme ask ------- jeez... [12:01:04] <Magdegreen> true [12:01:04] <Finn> just like say it.. instead of .. '------- was about to tell you...' [12:01:12] <Finn> sure.. in 2 months when he randomly pm me [12:02:07] <Magdegreen> [04:01:28] <Magdegreen> can i tell finn can I can I please? .>.< [12:02:39] <Finn> yea.. that kind of stuff... makes me want to move btw [12:02:48] <Magdegreen> from me? [12:02:51] <Finn> yea [12:02:58] <Magdegreen> why [12:03:06] <Finn> too many things that you know but I learn last [12:03:15] <Magdegreen> last is not right [12:03:36] <Magdegreen> what else did i know taht you learned last [12:03:42] <Finn> well there's certain level of lack of communication and information sharing [12:03:45] <Magdegreen> the last dragon fight on rel? [12:04:16] <Magdegreen> I told you why I purposly put that out of my mind [12:04:36] <Magdegreen> [04:04:03] <-------> Yeah ... as long as he doesnt tell anyone else [12:04:53] <Magdegreen> but first tell me what else I'm keeping from you [12:05:01] <Finn> dont tell me [12:05:16] <Magdegreen> you won't be able to keep it a secret? [12:05:29] <Finn> if you tell me now I leave village [12:05:40] <Magdegreen> are you ######.. [12:06:13] <Magdegreen> I am at a total lose.. [12:06:21] <Finn> all I needed was YOU to ask me to not tell anyone [12:06:23] <Magdegreen> as to what you are upset about.. [12:06:29] <Finn> not you to ask anyone for permission to tell me [12:06:33] <Finn> it's pointless now [12:06:37] <Finn> dont want to know [12:06:41] <Magdegreen> what.. [12:06:57] <Magdegreen> do you even realise that makes no sense? [12:07:09] <Finn> you trust me with your priest or gear or w/e [12:07:16] <Magdegreen> it wasn't my info to give, thus i asked [12:07:20] <Finn> but not that you might piss off a person neither of us play with ? [12:07:37] <Magdegreen> i play with ------- all teh time [12:07:54] <Magdegreen> i consider ------- to be one of my better freinds on this game [12:08:00] <Magdegreen> right under you [12:08:19] <Magdegreen> except you do keep giving me headaches... and doing things i don't understand whatsoever [12:08:48] <Finn> what have I done [12:09:04] <Magdegreen> what is this even... are we dating? becuase it feels like I have a boyfreind right now... [12:09:29] <Finn> it's a village [12:09:33] <Finn> smaller alliance [12:09:42] <Finn> and we had some issue with information [12:09:45] <Finn> something like that [12:09:50] <Magdegreen> well i'm not telling the whole allaince about this for sure [12:09:54] <Finn> anyway dont tell me [12:09:58] <Magdegreen> omg [12:10:11] <Finn> ------- tried to pm me.. just closed it [12:10:22] <Magdegreen> i'm going to be doing a whole bunch of things you won't understand at all if I don't tell you [12:10:39] <Finn> it's ok [12:11:00] <Finn> that was my point [12:11:13] <Finn> I was put in that circle of 'can I trust that guy with this' from the start [12:11:27] <Magdegreen> I trust you completely [12:11:45] <Finn> anyway.. I dont care about w/e either of you is or will do [12:11:55] <Finn> just forget about it [12:12:08] <Magdegreen> flabbergasted [12:12:43] <Finn> is that even a word [12:12:54] <Magdegreen> when did you start geting so touchy... [12:13:18] <Magdegreen> [12:13:34] <Finn> it's ok, got a dictionary [12:13:41] <Magdegreen> did i do something taht was fundamentally wrong to upset you to such a degree? [12:13:42] <Finn> and it's ok, I just said what I think [12:14:06] <Finn> I explained it above [12:14:08] <Finn> it's ok [12:14:10] <Magdegreen> you get mad at me nearly every single day now [12:14:14] <Magdegreen> you did not Logging started 2016-04-21 [12:22:22] MOTD:Procrastinators unite!.... tomorrow. [12:24:21] <Finn> crask [12:24:21] <Finn> h //edit// blue screen crash [12:27:04] <Magdegreen> not sure if I should paste you everythying I said or just leave it [12:30:06] <Finn> go ahead [12:31:19] <Magdegreen> it's just me getting super mad at you =\ [12:31:34] <Finn> explain.. and lets figure it out [12:34:04] <Magdegreen> [12:36:03] <Magdegreen> troublsom part is how I make you mad every day now.. [12:36:22] <Magdegreen> I hate fighting endlessly about things when i'm not the one mad = [12:36:24] <Magdegreen> =\ [12:38:30] <Finn> I can be annoyed from side things irl or not and I usually say when I DONT want to talk, literally to anyone [12:38:54] <Magdegreen> yes.. [12:39:03] <Finn> yesterday logged to just move the wagon here and meditate, log off do some irl things [12:39:34] <Finn> asked if I can help with anything and you dropped me a silence and few .....o.o instead of coming, just sent me home //edit// wanted me to mine zinc, than got upset as I wait 10-15 tiles from her house on her deed's bridge waiting for her to come so we can go [12:39:47] <Finn> you do like to build and do your own thing, I'm ok with that [12:40:12] <Magdegreen> I do very much love to do my own thing... it's so much more difficult to work with others [12:41:04] <Magdegreen> I had been up all night and not functioning at all when that happened [12:41:16] <Magdegreen> and you seemed rushed, thats why I called it off [12:41:30] <Finn> could have explained it [12:41:45] <Finn> it's how you start a difficult situation w/o talking pushing people away [12:41:56] <Magdegreen> "not functioning at all" I do remember telling you I was drunk at the time [12:42:40] <Finn> remember u being drunk and being on a hunting trip.. driving the cart [12:42:49] <Finn> *shrugs* not an excuse //edit// that was kind of a joke.. but that did happen [12:42:55] <Magdegreen> that was different [12:43:06] <Magdegreen> you werne;t rushed then and I was just being me [12:43:36] <Magdegreen> we were on completely different wavelengths when you wanted to mine zinc //edit// I was going to mine the zinc because of skill level and.. she was just going to chill and help me kill the mobs.. [12:44:23] <Finn> had a plan.. log, go back, ask.. can I help.. [12:44:55] <Finn> u said I can.. and we could literally be there in 2-5min [12:45:05] <Finn> all you needed was your hh cart or w/e you mainly use to move around [12:45:15] <Magdegreen> I kind of thought you meant later at a different time [12:45:38] <Magdegreen> to me I have a mental list of all things I do [12:45:47] <Magdegreen> and I do thejm in order [12:45:51] <Finn> you wanted zinc to play with.. and I asked if u want help, u said yes.. that shifted to top priority.. [12:46:01] <Finn> but u ditched me on the bridge.. and sent me home [12:46:12] <Magdegreen> at teh time I was making dye I think... then I was going to make more crates, then mine more [12:46:13] <Finn> than.. I logged and you didnt say a word whole day [12:46:22] <Finn> it was my fault somehow [12:46:42] <Magdegreen> you could have just as easily said hi to me [12:46:53] <Magdegreen> dear ###### god I have a boyfreind [12:47:09] <Finn> ###### no [12:47:50] <Magdegreen> this is really dumb ###### to be arguing about [12:48:15] <Finn> I just take 'trust' to it's worth.. I did tell ------- about that place for example.. and I was going to back off from it.. [12:48:24] <Finn> you started to joke how I stalk it too much [12:48:31] <Finn> and than you was like.. no.. I want that -------------- [12:48:40] <Finn> and ... fine.... I came to help [12:48:42] <Magdegreen> i don't liek ------- [12:48:55] <Finn> explained all the tiny details about taking this and that.. based on game mechanics and stuff.. [12:48:57] <Magdegreen> from now on i'll stay out of all things ------- [12:49:07] <Finn> didnt want to deal with the ###### .. but you wanted them.. so I helped [12:49:34] <Finn> I dont like ------- [12:49:41] <Finn> the sense of... working with [12:49:54] <Finn> he's not trusty... I'm yet to see a fair deal with him [12:50:02] <Finn> he tried to low ball me 2-3 times [12:50:09] <Magdegreen> same [12:50:26] <Magdegreen> so long as ------- on my side i'm ok with ------- thouogh [12:50:43] <Finn> and his level of manipulation or w/e... is so... low [12:51:00] <Magdegreen> lol right? [12:51:06] <Magdegreen> it's so funny and cute lol [12:51:13] <Finn> not at all.. [12:51:38] <Magdegreen> lol where am I.. [12:52:33] <Magdegreen> eh.. I find him funny [12:57:27] <Magdegreen> are we done fighting now or is it still continuing? [12:59:11] <Finn> can do more some other time [12:59:39] <Magdegreen> you like fighitng in small batches?... [13:00:22] <Finn> I dont like it.. [13:01:09] <Magdegreen> neither do I... but it's one of the few things i like to get over and done with as soon as posible [13:01:22] <Magdegreen> and if it's posible to talk about it with a cool head.. //edit// another lie here.. never came clean about anything later [13:06:26] <Finn> [13:07:39] <Magdegreen> nice [13:07:59] <Magdegreen> a young one? [13:08:16] <Finn> foal [13:08:49] <Magdegreen> I just had to kill a bug that i don;t liek killing =( [13:09:54] <Finn> I'm still piss'd [13:10:02] <Magdegreen> ik [13:10:27] <Magdegreen> and I still have no clue why [13:10:41] <Magdegreen> it can;t be about all of the small things you have brought up [13:11:55] <Finn> just the tiny conspiracy you guys are doing... [13:12:06] <Finn> and trying to decide if you should or should not tell me [13:12:23] <Finn> imagine if I was doing something fishy with someone and not telling you [13:12:32] <Magdegreen> conspiracy... [13:12:33] <Finn> that kind of ###### is annoying [13:12:42] <Magdegreen> it has to do with ------- [13:12:48] <Finn> put some "", speaking in general [13:13:05] <Magdegreen> we just don;t want to be ambushed before we even finish what we want to do [13:13:16] <Finn> dont tell me [13:13:23] <Finn> 2 late [13:13:35] <Magdegreen> and as you have said, you and ------- have not talked much, his only reaosn to trust you is becuase of me [13:13:42] <Magdegreen> thats nothing [13:14:28] <Magdegreen> I have 0 reason to not tell you [13:14:37] <Magdegreen> I ask ------- for ------'s sake [13:14:47] <Magdegreen> and had 0 reaosn to believe you would be so upset [13:15:22] <Magdegreen> but you have been mad at me since before today and before yesterday [13:15:34] <Magdegreen> theres something I did before that upset you [13:15:55] <Magdegreen> likely if you weren't already upset you would not have been upset by today at all [13:16:44] <Finn> been upset before today.. about what? [13:17:40] <Magdegreen> I think it's still about the drgaon I didn't tell you about that was traped by ------- last time [13:17:55] <Magdegreen> but i'm not you [13:18:15] <Magdegreen> and as I have said before, I seem to do a bunch of things that upset you [13:20:42] <Finn> maybe I just take trust too seriously [13:21:06] <Magdegreen> as I have said I trust you with everything.. [13:21:21] <Magdegreen> my reaosn for not tlaking about the dragon is I didn't want to know [13:21:30] <Magdegreen> I ignored it for myself [13:21:48] <Finn> problem was the part with 'I dont know if I should tell you or not, let me ask first' [13:22:02] <Finn> that says more than other 'excuses' [13:22:16] <Magdegreen> ok phrased wrong? "let me ask if i'm allowed to tell"? [13:23:44] <Magdegreen> as an example.... if ------- was planing a dragon fight you would ask if you could tell me about it [13:23:57] <Magdegreen> you have done that in the past //edit// another lie.. was invited to a private kill for which I didnt want to go without her, than and there I kind of demanded a +1 or I wasnt going at all [13:24:05] <Finn> no [13:24:22] <Finn> I'd tell you either way [13:24:29] <Finn> it's a dragon who gives a ###### [13:24:49] <Finn> think I gave you my last talk with ------- and his private kill.. [13:24:58] <Magdegreen> you did [13:24:59] <Finn> I was plainly saying that I wont go alone [13:25:15] <Finn> and needed a +1.. if I dont have that.. rather have him invite ------- on 'my spot' [13:25:16] <Magdegreen> ok the example doesn;t work.. [13:25:34] <Magdegreen> are you still going to leave if I tell you more? [13:25:40] <Finn> never cared for silver that much [13:25:47] <Finn> I should [13:25:54] <Finn> I just dont want to know now [13:26:38] <Finn> buggs me that I was put in that 'hold' position at all [13:26:52] <Magdegreen> barely was [13:27:03] <Magdegreen> ------- wanted to tell you himself was all [13:27:14] <Magdegreen> but he was busy when I wanted to talk to you about it [13:27:19] <Magdegreen> and now you;re all pissed [13:27:37] <Finn> pretty much.. [13:27:43] <Magdegreen> look i'm not going to tip toe around, leave if you want //edit// huh didnt read this for what it meant at the time I guess [13:27:51] <Finn> and rather now learn withthe rest or not at all for w/e it is [13:28:04] <Magdegreen> if I have to tip toe i'm just going to be bloody mad all the time [13:28:45] <Magdegreen> hate ###### tip toeing.. I was never going to keep it a secrete, as I said that was done for -------s sake [13:28:57] <Magdegreen> for ######s sake [13:29:42] <Finn> carefully avoid discussing or dealing with (a difficult or sensitive subject). [13:29:54] <Finn> I'm not avoiding it.. I literally explained what bugged me there [13:30:33] <Magdegreen> well now i'm in a real ###### difficult position [13:30:51] <Finn> nah,.. it's over [13:31:03] <Magdegreen> only way to fix it... if theres anyway to fix it at all is to tell you everything but I can;t tell you everything [13:31:12] <Magdegreen> no it's not [13:31:18] <Finn> decision was made when you asked, you wasnt sure if you want or can tell me [13:31:26] <Magdegreen> not unless you say you zare leaving for sure then yeah it's over [13:31:42] <Finn> I dont want to know it now.. [13:31:51] <Finn> it's just insulting to tell me now [13:31:54] <Finn> that's the worst part [13:32:00] <Magdegreen> "let me ask ------- if I can" was never ever "I'm not sure if I can tell you or not" [13:32:05] <Finn> that's why I said I'd leave if you do [13:32:14] <Finn> and never read w/e ------- pm'd me.. just closed the tab [13:32:17] <Finn> I dont want to know now [13:32:51] <Finn> decision for me knowing was made for me, I was handled, rather than let-know about w/e [13:32:56] <Magdegreen> you;re ###### ridiculous... [13:33:12] <Magdegreen> you weren;t the one being handled [13:33:16] <Magdegreen> ------- was [13:33:26] <Magdegreen> i was careful for ------- not you //edit// out of context, but I have to admit it here - YES, that's true... that there is the truth, and what hurts after all that time we've been friends.. [13:33:38] <Magdegreen> I tell you everything that I remember bluntly [13:33:42] <Finn> exactly the point [13:33:47] <Magdegreen> but apparently you can;t deal with it [13:33:50] <Magdegreen> whatever [13:33:52] <Finn> you cared more for him than trusting me [13:34:04] <Magdegreen> no [13:34:09] <Magdegreen> i always trust you [13:34:14] <Finn> and your example with -------'s dragon.. I cared more if you can go, rather than if I can [13:34:51] <Magdegreen> I wanted him to tell you //edit// nothing more annoying than being few a cooked up(not full/half true) story from someone you do not really trust, add the part where I didnt even care to know w/e but was "forced to know after being handled as a risk factor to w/e plan they had [13:35:06] <Magdegreen> but was giving up on that and was going to tell you [13:35:11] <Finn> as I said.. we talk barely once a few months [13:35:22] <Magdegreen> so? I wnated him to tell you [13:35:26] <Finn> I talk more with ------- lately.. and ------- rarely ever talks [13:35:39] <Magdegreen> again... so? [13:36:12] <Magdegreen> just whatever,, [13:36:30] <Finn> 'him telling me' for me means.. 'hey you know what.. wait a few days for him to tell you' [13:37:07] <Magdegreen> i wans;t aware he was going to take his sweet time with it [13:37:26] <Magdegreen> I told him you were online and he was somewhat afk [13:38:08] <Magdegreen> like I said whatever, you don;t want me to tell you, as far as i'm conserned theres no way you're going to budge and thats the end of this convo [13:38:15] <Magdegreen> you go ahead and keep being mad [13:38:22] <Magdegreen> theres nothing I can do to fix it [13:38:32] <Magdegreen> and if you so choose to leave go for it [13:38:52] <Finn> just tried to explain how you say you trust me but.. you dont really [13:39:10] <Magdegreen> I trust you. [13:39:22] <Magdegreen> you ###### don;t udnerstand what I was trying to dop [13:39:25] <Magdegreen> do8 [14:03:29] <Magdegreen> god dammit [14:04:00] <Magdegreen> ugh so completely unreasonable.... [14:06:12] <Magdegreen> it's a freaking game //edit// true... [14:06:41] <Magdegreen> now i can;t even happily talk to you about dumb ###### [14:06:58] <Magdegreen> and have no clue when you;ll stop being mad if you do at all [14:07:09] <Magdegreen> becuase you haven;t stoped being mad for awhile now [14:07:13] <Magdegreen> and I just keep waiting [14:08:05] <Magdegreen> is out freindship just over? just like that? as I see it, you are the one that doesn't trust me... //edit// and did I have any reasons for that? [14:14:11] <Finn> try after 4+hours when I log again.. [14:14:16] <Finn> I'll be wrecked [14:14:57] <Magdegreen> why... [14:15:00] <Finn> 'i dont trust you' ? how [14:15:22] <Magdegreen> willy you be wrcked and why should I try again when you are wrecked [14:15:30] <Finn> as I said.. I was being 'handled' to be told or not [14:15:31] <Magdegreen> will* [14:15:41] <Finn> if you really trusted me, you wouldnt ask yourself that [14:15:47] <Magdegreen> as I have said you weren;t the one handled [14:15:54] <Finn> I get that you have -------'s interest or trust at stake [14:15:57] <Magdegreen> I wans;t asking myeself thatr [14:16:05] <Finn> but that was at higher spot than trusting me [14:16:11] <Finn> and you made me know that [14:16:16] <Magdegreen> no [14:16:40] <Magdegreen> it was all a manipulation on my part towards him [14:16:43] <Magdegreen> no you [14:16:46] <Magdegreen> not* [14:16:57] <Magdegreen> you were going to be told reguardless //edit// more lies...; she did rage tell me 'the plan' randomly much later in 2-3 words, NOT THE POINT, never was.. silly me.. I just cared for someone who... [14:17:19] <Magdegreen> but I wanted him to tell you becuase taht is what he is most comfortable doing and i want in [14:17:21] <Finn> either way.. I was told about it all //edit// as in.. 'it all..' what I'm worth, not 'the plan' at the time [14:17:28] <Finn> damage done [14:17:45] <Magdegreen> I'm not that frekaing talented [14:17:59] <Finn> I explained it to you.. that even tho you think and say you do trust me.. you proven the oposite [14:18:00] <Finn> and how [14:18:02] <Magdegreen> why should I continue this once you are "wrecked"? [14:18:15] <Finn> will go see my nephews [14:18:24] <Finn> I'll be .. ignored or jumped on.. [14:18:28] <Finn> depends of their mood [14:18:38] <Magdegreen> you see it as me haveing proven it but thats not how it is [14:18:46] <Finn> so.. be bored or tired when I get back [14:19:20] <Magdegreen> it was a "act" on my part for ------- sake... again, you would have been told reguardless [14:19:32] <Magdegreen> might still be, becuase I don;t keep secrets from you [14:19:33] <Finn> doesnt matter now [14:20:00] <Magdegreen> it does matter becuase you aren;t getting it.. [14:20:44] <Magdegreen> the only course of mind i can take now is that you;ll leave becuase i'll say stuff you don;t like [14:21:01] <Magdegreen> and thats very sad.. [14:21:08] <Magdegreen> so now I';m very sad.. [14:22:28] <Finn> ez.. dont tell me [14:22:37] <Magdegreen> not a choice [14:22:46] <Magdegreen> never was a choice [14:22:57] <Magdegreen> ok it was a choice if I wans;t going to be a part of it [14:22:59] <Magdegreen> but i am [14:23:08] <Magdegreen> so tahts not a choice [14:23:40] <Finn> [14:23:56] <Magdegreen> I don;t know maybe you should talk to ------- or work something out with ------- [14:24:27] <Finn> what about ------- [14:24:41] <Magdegreen> ask if you can live on his deed [14:25:13] <Finn> want me to leave than [14:25:58] <Finn> again.. you say you care but you dont, easier to quit and distance yourself than fix anything [14:26:01] <Finn> ok [14:26:21] <Magdegreen> it's much easier [14:26:31] <Magdegreen> especially when there doesn't seem to be a fix [14:26:40] <Magdegreen> not a obvious one anyways.... [14:27:16] <Magdegreen> just like working by myself it's much easier to be sad by myself [14:28:04] <Finn> if that is what you want [14:30:44] <Magdegreen> want.... right..... [14:31:34] <Finn> unclear [14:31:45] <Finn> is there anything that can be fixed or you just want me out [14:32:00] <Magdegreen> I will blab [14:32:39] <Magdegreen> I have 2 sets of freinds [14:32:50] <Magdegreen> ones I tell everything and ones I don't [14:34:45] <Finn> so I wasnt a friend? [14:35:08] <Finn> you're making it hard.. and cryptic [14:35:10] <Magdegreen> you are teh one I tell everything //edit// .... [14:35:19] <Finn> ok how did we get here.. [14:35:29] <Magdegreen> no i am not... you are firmly in the slot that i tell everything [14:35:39] <Magdegreen> becuase I was playing a game with ------- [14:36:21] <Finn> 'nice game [14:36:23] <Finn> ' [14:37:00] <Magdegreen> it's one I regret playing thats for damn sure [14:41:54] <Magdegreen> youtube seems to know i'm in the mood to wallow.... [14:42:45] <Finn> dunno... it's a nice playlist [14:44:12] <Magdegreen> ah you sent me a playlist..... it's full of my favorites... and fits my mood well.... [14:53:53] <Finn> logging for now [14:54:24] <Magdegreen> k... Logging started 2016-04-21 [18:33:10] MOTD:Procrastinators unite!.... tomorrow. Logging started 2016-04-21 [21:59:51] MOTD:Procrastinators unite!.... tomorrow. Logging started 2016-04-22 [11:58:23] MOTD:Procrastinators unite!.... tomorrow. Logging started 2016-04-22 [18:27:12] MOTD:Procrastinators unite!.... tomorrow. Logging started 2016-04-22 [20:37:48] MOTD:Procrastinators unite!.... tomorrow. [01:06:47] <Magdegreen> o/ Logging started 2016-04-23 [01:16:54] MOTD:Procrastinators unite!.... tomorrow. [02:06:44] <Magdegreen> I did o/ before you dced... I'm not giving you the silent treatment [02:18:53] <Magdegreen> guess theres no real reason to say that since I'm the one being ignored huh.... I still have absolutly no idea what I did wrong [03:00:18] <Finn> yo [03:00:35] <Finn> [03:02:20] <Finn> was afk.. 1 game leads to another... and .. yea [04:39:05] <Magdegreen> brought you your corb back and the rares you let me borrow [04:39:35] <Magdegreen> whatever I did I'm sorry... and I don't feel ok keeping jyour stuff when we are not on tlaking terms [04:40:59] <Magdegreen> tell me if I forgot anything [04:43:55] <Finn> I didnt want anything [04:43:58] <Finn> we barely talked today Pretty much main thing here is .. how I lost a almost half a year old friend which I used to spend my days playing or talking with.. for half to whole day. There's more to it, I left her village a few days or within a week later of that village log, right after she came to randomly drop some of my things that I had given to her. It was than when I left her deed(used to be a villager there), her returning of some of my items was kind of a sign to cut any relation with me or my items.. I did return them to her, I didnt want to end things there.. but there had to be some space to sort things. After a week or 2 later of no development, and random short awkward talks I did 'apologize'(not exactly.. I didnt see any reason for which I had to..), but I didnt want to lose a good friend(best one I had in wurm or online at the time), after some talk.. I kind of got back to being a citizen at her deed, assured that I can trust her(as in... I asked her a few times if I can trust her.. and got a 'yes' back..), only to be kicked/ignored/and kos'd less than 24hours later on the day after, randomly as we have casual talk about what we do at the moment in alliance chat. At which point... you've heard about 'fool me one, fool me twise'.. than's when I really needed a reason and gone toxic about it.. as I was ignored.. I had to pm and ask with alt(s) - none of that helped, I emailed - I got lies back.. like how I am responsible for deed's layout, house furniture arrangement, annoying habbits of mine that piss her off, and how I made fun of her that day in alliance chat for building a guard tower in perimeter without plans to expand over it. Lies. I have maybe put an altar on a whim for which I am sure that I was allowed to put one aboveground, not sure if it was ok where I did place it; none of the deed's layout is my doing.. she did plan it all and built 90-95% of it if not more.. I barely helped working on a few walls/fences that were planned already; house arrangement - HA, NO, I logged on her alt to make a whetstone for a mission.. took me 20 to 30 minutes to find a stone chisel('sounds like a person who knows where to find one, as I was already in the building where at least 5-10 of those sneaky tools are hiding'), my annoying habbits more of a thing.. where I drag my cart in her face while she works on something.. it's a thing that she used to do to me.. and I have explained to her how annoying it is, and she kept doing it, so I started here and there to do the same to her, apparently the 2nd or 3rd time drove her mad *shrugs* why did she do it to me if it would annoy her than. That were the email lies.. Around 2 days after the kick/ignore/kos.. I log in an alt to go and try communicate/as I am ignored/ .. maybe drop a pile of items, name things.. or make a sign and name it.. with a question, request to talk to me.. idk, blank character.. you know how hard making a plank is.. anyway.. I was kos on my alt also \o/ fun times.. I spawn in the water.. swimming from her water perimeter border to her deed.. update... no more templars to chase me, after she hired some to chase me out of the deed's border but killed a champion cat and a hell horse.. I move past a pile I made the day before and drag a thing to my inventory which shouldnt take the item.. and it does remain on my character, which never had permissions on the deed, Odd. Run up to the token and saw that non-citizens have full permissions to tale planted things or w/e.. anything, from the deed or buildings, here I think.. she might have had some idk what moment.. and quit the game.. put all items to be free for the taking.. and move on.. well sh.., nobody wants that so .. I tried to talk to a CA to contact a GM to lock her deed until she logs back sooner or later.. eventually.. just to find her things; no luck there.. not possible to interfere from what I was told.. so I tabbed to my afk main and grabbed 2 horses and a boat.. sailed over.. used wagons I had still laying around, spent maybe 2 to 3 hours total to load her things to the wagons so she can find portion of her most valuable things if/when she logins back.. and while I'm at it.. after an hour and something running around moving things.. I had a thought to call 1 of her new friends.. maybe it could get her to login and fix her deed as gms werent an option.. worked.. she did login, mad, I dont know if she knew that I was the reason for her to log.. first thing I got was..: [01:49:38] <Magdegreen> I hope you got all that you wnated. [01:49:48] <Finn> no [01:49:52] <Finn> havent taken anything [01:50:02] <Finn> can you like let me drop/unload the hotas? [01:50:03] <Magdegreen> teh hotas? [01:50:13] <Magdegreen> lI don't ###### trust you [01:50:17] <Finn> give me permission to unload [01:50:20] <Finn> I dont give a ###### [01:50:28] <Magdegreen> I didn't change those settings [01:50:31] <Finn> right now 1 is in the boat another on me.. and I cant drop them [01:50:35] <Magdegreen> so who did? [01:50:44] <Finn> you kicked me from the village [01:50:54] <Finn> there was an update the other day [01:50:56] <Finn> ask the devs [01:51:01] <Finn> you were the one who kicked me [01:51:16] <Finn> I never touched any permission, only advised you to fix some [01:51:31] <Finn> done [01:51:32] <Magdegreen> what were you even doing here? [01:51:35] <Finn> lock permissions [01:51:51] <Finn> you have permissions to the S1/S2 wagons by the bridge [01:52:16] <Magdegreen> ... [01:52:19] <Finn> sorry for the mess but given your deed was a mess.. and your house was under same rules... tried to save all what's worth anything [01:52:31] <Finn> best storage near was the wagons above [01:52:49] <Finn> [01:52:55] <Finn> have nothing on the knarr [01:53:11] <Finn> I'd still like to get my things [01:53:35] <Finn> not this way, I just logged ------- to see if you was online and saw that I can pick the 0.01 large nail from the pile [01:53:37] <Magdegreen> I don't even know what you're refering to [01:53:41] <Finn> checked token for permissions [01:53:57] <Finn> sigh... I'll sail away.. fix your stuff... [01:54:05] <Finn> just pm me when you want to talk [01:54:30] <Magdegreen> what if I never do? [01:54:46] <Finn> I still want my tools [01:54:50] <Finn> I dont like dramas [01:55:03] <Magdegreen> what tools [01:55:04] <Finn> if your plan was all along to rob me of bunch of items.. I fell for it [01:55:08] <Finn> whatever [01:55:14] <Magdegreen> idk what whatever is [01:55:57] <Finn> I'd really like to know why you pulled all this [01:56:13] <Finn> I havent changed, literally all I do is create/imp stuff and level skills [01:56:19] <Finn> and had you for fun time chatting [01:57:17] <Magdegreen> you were treating me wrongly.... I don't have to explain how [01:57:32] <Finn> ok [01:57:51] <Finn> I'd still like to get my corbita back and my rare tools lantern etc.. keep the needle and maul [01:58:21] <Finn> along them.. anything I've made and you dont insist on keeping .. I'd like to get back [01:58:25] <Finn> that's all [01:58:34] <Finn> I cant force you in any way to get any of that [01:58:41] <Magdegreen> ik [01:58:44] <Finn> nor any gm will help me in this game [01:59:01] <Magdegreen> I'll think about it [01:59:14] <Magdegreen> you're keeping teh rare forge huh? [01:59:36] <Finn> I can only assure you that before all this .. I never said anything bad against you to anyone [01:59:44] <Finn> nor did anything bad for you [01:59:57] <Finn> why not? you're keeping 2 rares [02:00:14] <Magdegreen> idk what rares you are even tlaking about [02:00:28] <Finn> point.. I returned your rares, we reunited and you kept my gifts and yours, you didnt care to give me anything [02:00:35] <Finn> that's how much you valued me //edit// to this day she never regret any of her doings, she didnt return anything either. Later same day/morning.. a gm pm'd me asking about the things that happened above.. if I have messed with the permissions ot have taken anything, she apparently put a ticket about me messing her deed or stealing, probably both... odd part.. I got all my rare items that I had given her.. and the boat that she wasnt sure she wants to give me back.. from what I know not because she wanted to return any of that on her own. I kept asking her to give me my other items, to this day - she never did return any of the raw materials or items that were mine or our shared to use or sell. Logging started 2016-05-23 [15:33:26] <Finn> griefer [15:33:49] <Caelus> how so [15:34:59] <Finn> really? [15:35:09] <Finn> kicked me.. no reason, kept all of mine [15:35:14] <Finn> 'how so' [15:35:34] <Caelus> gave back all of yours [15:35:39] <Caelus> thus I'm not [15:35:46] <Caelus> you need to stop obsessing [15:36:08] <Finn> really? [15:36:51] <Finn> check more than half the things on your deeds and containers [15:37:47] <Caelus> yeah well thats slowly going away so you don't need to worry about it [15:37:59] <Finn> oh really? [15:38:08] <Caelus> not like any thats left is anything that you care about anyways [15:38:13] <Caelus> yeah. [15:38:14] <Finn> I'm so "happy' that I'm helping my griefer than [15:38:25] <Finn> 'dont have to worry about it' [15:38:28] <Caelus> you're greifer... hah [15:38:37] <Caelus> you are so funny... [15:38:43] <Finn> am I? [15:38:47] <Caelus> yeah [15:38:48] <Finn> that a girl stole so much from me? [15:39:04] <Caelus> becuase there is nothing... nothing at all that I am doing to you [15:39:11] <Caelus> I didn't [15:39:17] <Caelus> I gave all of your ###### back //edit// she didnt give me anything back, a gm did, she didnt give me a single thing [15:39:20] <Finn> nothing you're doing to me? [15:39:36] <Finn> you were the one person I trusted and all I wanted back was the same.. [15:39:36] <System> Caelus is not currently available, please try again later. //edit// another ignore, how she handles things What I dont get is.. how someone I trusted and I never imagined to have issues with could turn into this thing.. that has lying for nothing, manipulating people, toying with them, playing with people she doesnt like or trust for entertainment. The reason I chose to play the way I did was simple.. not get into bullsh.. like this(.... by far nothing remotely close to this), I dont get the toying and manipulating part either.. if I dont like someone - I dont play with them.. I dont keep them close to entertain me, that's.. sick. I dont know what else to say/write/, it's hard to believe this transformation from best friend to this.. and it's weird to see her drop some of the tons of smileys she does in global/freedom, I cant look at the name without disgust. Why am I sharing this, because I had to, I didnt really want to.. but felt like I had to share it for the sake of whoever takes any lesson from it. For what I know, my friendship was traded for a chaos wagon and few flags and promised position in a new pmk. FeelsBadMan
  10. Ehizellbob's Emporium Please post in this thread or send a PM with your order! All items COD to buyer - approx. 5 min arrival time. Will accept payment in Silvers/Sleep Powers/Drake Hide Cotton Items: The following items come at creation QL, please specify if you wish it to be higher! (this will cost slightly more, up to 90ql possible) Carpets and sails - 20c each. Satchels, sheets and tabards - 5c each Flags and banners - 10c Meditation Rugs: ( any type ) 70QL = 40c 80QL = 1s 90QL = 2s Full suit of cloth armor: 70QL = 1s 80QL = 2s 90 QL = 4s New Clothing: same prices for cloth armour set, please specify what you want and what colour! Woolen goods These items come at creation QL, please specify if you wish it to be higher! (this will cost slightly more, up to 90ql possible) Hats: Plain Foresters, Common, Squire and Peasant - 5c Brown - 40c Blue, Dark, Yellow - 30c Green, Red - 20c Any tapestry - 30c Leather Full suit of armour includes cap, jacket, pants, sleeves (2), gloves (2), shoes (2) 70ql studded leather set- 1s 80ql studded leather set - 2s 90ql studded leather set - (coming soon!) Misc Tools Halter ropes = 20c blank carpentry/fine carpentry tools - 70ql = 20c each. Loom/Spinning Wheel 70ql = 40c freedom wagons = 40c (pick up only) Rares and other stuff: Glimmersteel lump -93.99ql, 0.36kg - 5s Farming Goods There is usually a good stock of most plantable crops, please PM me here or in game (Ehizellbob) with what you're after, and to arrange a purchase. Crops can be picked up by road at Feral Dustbunnies, or by water at neighbouring deed Willow Cove. Both around p15/16 on the in game map (next to the Quicksilver Canal) prices are as follows: 1s per 1k if buying under 8k. 75c per 1k if buying 8k or more. All crops currently in stock, in various amounts and most 95ql + These prices are non negotiable. Pick up would be required if buying under 5k. Any questions or special requests can be sent via PM here or in game to EHIZELLBOB. Happy Shopping!
  11. recruiting

    Pirates Booty is still looking for newbie or vet players to join. currently building the tree farm but soon will have small island plots for homesteads M21 - Release
  12. The size of Stars Hollow is 20 by 22. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 1 silver, 58 copper and 74 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver.The upkeep will last approximately 44 days, 10 hours and 43 minutes more. The settlement is granted the following faith bonuses: War (0) damage: 0% CR: 0%, Healing (0): 0%, Enchanting (8.257512): 2.752504%, Rarity window: 8 bonus seconds. The tile per creature ratio of this deed is 15.172414. Optimal is 15.0 or more.This is a good figure. In my recent travelings i have fell in love with a new location where I'm looking to create a home and settle down, therefore need to sell my old deed. Server is Release, Coords are M15, StarsHollow is the name, bigger lake on ingame map. Deed comes with a cave (very good silver vein) and loads of mines closeby with more silver and iron veins various QL (up to utmost) ; minor pen full of black sheep both male and female, aswell as a breeding pair of unicorns and its baby ; altar of Vynora that gives 70,5 faith bonus ; house-guest house and workshop furnished + Love tile made in the courtyard. I have off deed rice farm and animal pens(hell horses/bison/ cow/sheep/deer) that buyer can take over aswell There is resource tiles nearby : tar, peat, moss, clay. Alliance membership is to be discussed with the members if wanting to stay in it. PM me here or in game for more information or to set up a tour. I'm currently taking offers Pictures or it didn't happen: courtyard with love tile and altar area Guest house and views from bottom and top of it Main house and view from its balcony Workshop Pens with sheepiieees and uni Ask for more pics and/or any additional info i forgot to put up
  13. We need to travel by ship to Pristine along the East coast of Release and then along the East coast of Pristine, can anyone please tell me if you have spotted any sea serpents on that route? Thanks!
  14. Looking to get a PC and/or sell a Vyn Priest Battery Path: Goodhearted on path of Love Stats:
  15. wtb

    Looking for an LT weapon. I would like between 70 and 75 LT on either a huge axe, 2H sword, or wooden spear - I assume all 3 can be mailed. Weapon QL doesn't matter. Reply or PM with a price.
  16. Puddlesby is a large mature deed situated on Release at L18 on the in-game map. The deed is coastal and centrally located with easy access to Spawn lake via the Tarawick tunnel. We have a decent mine and access to other mines. There are dwellings ready to move into. We have good quality hot food cooking, smithing, weapon smithing, masonry, carpentry, bow-making, leather-working and ship building skills available in deed. There are communal areas for smithing, cooking and cloth-working. We are also in an active alliance with many other settlements. We are actively seeking new villagers and are particularly interested a farmer. Anyone is welcome to apply however. Please come visit or message Tarator, Pride or Deri in-game.
  17. Hey everyone! As the title states, im selling the following items: The prices are as following: Longsword, lead: 2.5s 90ql complete cloth set: 3s rare 92ql cloth glove: 2.5s (90ql cloth set combined with the rare glove: 5s total) Blue Dragon Hatchling blood(will create a Fletching potion): 1s each I will take Sleep Powders as buy-ins for 1s each. I will pay all shipping costs from Release. Happy holidays to everyone!
  18. Looking one maybe 2 people as a partner(s) in crime . someone witty creative like long hours in wurm Adventurous Premium players prefered Deeds D-16 release T-16 Indy Pm Mstrgrim in game
  19. I prefer south coast deeds, PM me, any deed will work if the price and location is good
  20. Time: 5pm Saturday EST (10pm Central EU)-(8am Sunday AEST) [07:38:22] You hug The venerable blue dragon hatchling. NOTE: Corpse is reserved for my Rare Gravestone! Make sure to check this thread for updates. Location: Fight will be done @ J13 Meeting Point: Signup: In order to be eligible for loot you must be signed up in this thread at least one hour before the fight. You must post your character name if it's different than your forum name. If you're signing up friends then you must list their names. You need to be the owner the character you sign up in order to be eligible for loot (you can't use someone else's alt). Fighters: 70 fight skill, 70ql two-handed weapon, 40 skill in the appropriate weaponskill, wearing appropriate armor. You must get credit on Twitter or be active in fight log. You may be requested to put on your 70 or 90 fight skill title. Fo priests who can cast Light of Fo are welcome to sign up as well. Bystanders: Everyone is welcome to show up for blood and hide. If you want to swing at the dragon then make sure you read the rules below. Fight Rules: In order to allow as many people as possible to get credit for the kill the following rules apply: Fighters must back out after landing a hit. (It is recommended you use your mouse scroll wheel to watch your combat
  21. Finished a new road up to one of our deeds that had previously been only accessible by means of a long, winding tunnel. Not only does this allow all my friends easy access to our deed up there, it opens up the Northern Highlands to hunting and exploration without the scream filled plunge to your death when your stamina runs out climbing. Watch the turns though, they can still get ya. Prospected around and found that iron and marble seem to be plentiful I'll probably throw a few street lamps up along the way as time permits and plant a bsb with some tar in it. Happy hunting and safe travels!
  22. .
  23. Auction is for rare needles. Starting bid on all 4 is 2s ea. no reserve, 2 day auction 50c bids #2 has been sold. #4 has been sold. Winners pay C.O.D from Release
  24. I'm settle on Release. PM me here or ingame.
  25. *** Below stolen from Lisabets post *** Fighters: 70FS, 70ql weapon, 40 in the appropriate weaponskill, wearing armour during fight. Bystanders: All welcome to come watch the fights and get free blood/Hide! Loot: We will do a number of /random rolls equal to the number of items butchered. Each winner gets to choose 1 item. Limit 1 item per fight per person. Valrei items are considered to be 1 item per charge (three raffle draws instead of one, more loot to share!). Meat/eye/teeth are rolled also rolled as 1 item. There will be unlimited slots, one per RL person. Every fighter who is signed up (two hours before the fight) with qualifying stats and gets on the twitter kill list will be given a raffle slot.. (We are not responsible if Twitter does not list you) Be sure to post (Player Name) on this thread to get your name added. --- Time: J10 - In-game Map (Sand Asylum) meet there.