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  1. Looking for supremes to sacrifice, shards, berries etc whatever can give skillgain once sacced.
  2. Hey. Player name Martynas Affinity key warhammer I would like 2kgs with affinities: Tailoring Body control
  3. Looks like large planters take dmg for some reason so i checked good chunk of them. 315 checked. here are the results: 0 - 118 2+ - 130 6+ - 42 10+ - 15 12+ - 6 15+ - 3 18+ - 1
  4. One rare, cod to Martynas. Thanks !
  5. New carpet is looking for new home! Starting bid 1i Reserve none Buyout possible Sniper protection 30 minutes At the moment dyed in brown/yellow, dye can be removed with metal brush ( how to make this ^ show? )
  6. Hello. Currently my friends which do smithing/casts are unreachable only thing i have in stock are fireprot 100-101 rings from your list (98 99 fire prot already gone) That saw is no longer in merchant. I will be updating merchant ad today/tomorrow.
  7. New furworking tailoring subskill?
  8. Congratulations! send item to ? @Spacy
  9. Moving onto new carpets, so grab this cool atlas while you can! Starting bid 1s Min increment 1s Buyout 40s Item will be sent cod
  10. Just got pirates hat, wiki says improvable but it's not..
  11. Looks interesting, added to wishlist. Someday i'll get it. Any automation in this game?