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  1. @lyhrinae @ChicagoSkeezy Mrcoolman is unavailable due to real life problems. Your order will be late. Sorry for inconveniences.
  2. Congratulations! Are you going to pay in silver or sleep powders?
  3. Starting bid - 15s Min increments - 1s No reserve Snipe protection - 1 hour Buyout - possible 1 sleep powder = 1 silver
  4. Hello. 80ql plain leather set possible - price 1s+cod . Send rug to Martynas Rug imp will be 20c + cod
  5. Update 4/19 Enchanted item prices in merchants were lowered. More items added to merchants
  6. Updated stock Added two new merchants: 90QL leather armor - 4x sets in stock 90QL studded leather armor - 5x sets in stock
  7. Congratulations! To who i have to send this item? If you're online PM Martynas EDIT: Item sent
  8. Starting bid - 14s Increments - 50c Reserve - none Sniper protection - 1h
  9. Starting bid - 10s Increments - 50c Reserve - none Sniper protection - 1h Enchants and runes(2):
  10. Items sent. EDIT 3/13: Stock update - more grinders tools/runes and few other items
  11. Stock update More enchanted weapons and tools Few rare tools added Rare weapon added More black mushrooms