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  1. Maybe add option to buy prem time in hours ? if you dont have much time to play you can just buy couple hours and not worry much about wasting coin.
  2. Update - 2nd post 70QL woa horseshoes added 90QL woa saddles updated Added few coc tools
  3. For early game material requirement is insane but once you have herd of sheep it's fine. I have 40+ sheep atm and dont see problem with wool, except i dont use it and bsb fills up fast. Other problem i have is you can't add in chunk of strings instead you have to add them seperately, same with other pieces. Just creating it takes too long compared to other items.
  4. +1 maybe Pull_number , it would be useful for other stuff tooo
  5. Hey, I will come for the weekend to imp cloth/leather. Can I get a room ?
  6. Do you know how fast trellis decay off-deed?
  7. Fishing lines added sorted by QL and type. Currently on basic, soon other types.
  8. Change required hand for creation to spindle or spinning wheel for basic fishing line.
  9. Bump. New enchanted horsegear sets added.
  10. Oil of the armour smith 2s to Martynas if this available.
  11. Hello there. Ever wanted to get 99QL on that armour set of yours? Now is your chance ! Armour can be cloth or leather or a mix of both. (no wool) ETA 2-5 weeks My skills - Highest imp QL i got so far : Starting bid 30s Minimum increments 1s No Reserve Buyout - offer. Sniper protection 20 minutes Pricing: Sleep powder 1s Drake skin 20c for 0.01kg Black dragon hatchling blood 2s
  12. Imp few hundred to 80-90qls you'll get few rares usually and maybe supreme or two. Though do that without doing anything else or you might waste rare roll on farming or smth. When i was imping past 95 or 99qls i got fair amount of rare rolls but fail imp chances are higher at this point...
  13. Hello there, speedy horsegear set is up for auction! Bids accepted in silver and sleep powders ( 1 silver = 1 sleep powder ) Starting Bid 10s Minimum Increments 1s No reserve