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  1. [WTB/PC] supreme tools (CT/LW)

    WTB/PC supreme spindle,needle,scissors. PC supreme awl and leather knife
  2. Martynas' cloth tailoring [ please close ]

    Please close. no point keeping this, sold few items/month :/.
  3. Tailor's dummy (mannequin)

    +1. Bumpity bump
  4. POLL - Please Vote

    I disagree, first thing that made me play more that i could buy premium with silver. This would really decrease pop overall. My suggestion is - if you pay for premium you get ( along sleep powder ) deed paper, which used on deed would add 1 silver or more to upkeep. (Yeah you could sell sleep powder for 1s but anyway more benefits to buying for real cash )
  5. WTS Libram of the night (SOLD)

    please close. thanks.
  6. WTS Libram of the night (SOLD)

    please close x1 charge - 50s
  7. NEXAlong ** November 8 - 11, 2018 ** Summerholt

    Any more info? events besides impalong
  8. Alchemy keybinds

    +1. drink/eat should get some love too
  9. Few changes ( important and not so )

    Well i guess in wurm it's just get item and it is forever, not a i like it but it is how it is. If you have item forever what's the point in all those market whine topics? Etherdrifter third suggestion doesnt mean item is gone, though it might get broken too easily if age debuff is not capped. Well any bigger change will hit someone so market is kinda sinking in this stagnant swamp. Locath i would really like wu mod to replace silver upkeep with material upkeep and replace templar cost with armor/weapons/food.
  10. Change deed decay Remove current deed decay prevention for structures Use bulk goods (bricks/planks etc) to prevent decay. Amount of bulk goods required to prevent decay depends on structures. For example : Have 1 house 2x5 made out of stone bricks , you need 30 bricks monthly to prevent it's decay. ( amount shouldn't be insane) + It would add more demand for bulk goods - More chores for those don't want to buy bulk goods Templar/guard changes Add option of supplies: Food supplies - makes respawn faster, maybe increase amount of tower guards. Armor supplies - depending on QL increases defense Weapon suppiles - depending on QL increases offense Those things are temporary. More extreme version : Item changes Add item age Increases chance of item break, increases improving,casting difficulty. Add broken state ( similar to unfinished ). Every item has chance to break by usage or casting ( replaces shattering) and become unusable. Once item breaks it is not gone, crafter can fix it : item quality i set to 1, crafter has to improve item's quality back to which it was the moment it broke. However improving difficulty is increased for broken items. Rare or better items must have rare or better equivalent material added before crafter can improve it only if obtaining that rare or better material is possible. As alternative to improving broken item - spell can be casted, but quality will stay as 1. This way is easier becouse improving difficulty is not increased ( becouse item is not broken). Farming and tree related changes Add tree,bush,flower,crop regions. Buffs if in their region: increased quality increased yield faster spread(trees, bushes, flowers) Debuffs if not in their region: decreased quality decreased yield slower spread Buff and debuff strength depends on range from region, eventually making not worth growing/farming and relying more on trade. Vanity items Add vanity items which can be added into armor/weapon thus replacing existing model with new one. Vanity items will be different variations of armor, for example ornamental plate armor. Or for swords - jeweled handle and similar. Players will be able to craft them (or buy from wurm online shop ) but will need crafting skill of that armor. If possible combined skill with jewelrysmithing ( jeweled weapon handles and such ) Items will be created unfinished, once improved to desired quality they can be finished. Once finished item can not be improved and decay while equipped. Vanity item must be put inside said armor or weapon. Lastly add templated vanity items for kingdoms, maybe alliances.
  11. Unable to launch the application

    Please close. It somehow got fixed by waiting about ten minutes
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  13. Wider gates