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  1. Added: 10% discount for improving items with my signature.
  2. Finally some signatures for rugs \o/
  3. Leatherworking available Rares added
  4. COD to Martynas Rare Butchering knife 76 QL COC 73- 1s
  5. Maybe similar to WU leaderboards mod ? it has achievments too.
  6. Let us transfer WO characters with full skill but put cap on usable skill level for appropiate amount of time. For example: 95 blacksmithing you might be able to use 50 levels at start and increase limit later and finally removing limiter (probably at which point merge should happen). This way current wo players will be able to experience new steam server(s) without regrinding skills and making too much impact on new server skillwise. Players who transfer won't have to regrind it twice, and new players won't be overwhelmed by highly skilled players joining them on new server as they won't have full potential of their earned skill. This leaves new players from steam able to choose where they want using steam client, and not lefting out current wo players ( esp who want to try out wo steam server ) besides not being able to transfer items. TLDR: 1. Portal back and forth wo and wo steam 2. Full skill transfer but with cap effective skill level limited time ( this cap will increase over time until player can fully use high level skills if has them) 3. Both wo and wo steam players will be able to choose where to play
  7. What about letting us transfer to steam wo: only characters, maybe with some kind of epic portal thingy. also other way around. limiting our effective skill for limited time ( we still have high skills but really cant use it ) to not overwhelm new players. even if clusters merge it will probably few years before that happens.
  8. So will it ever merge? Dont really want to be left out in empty cluster >.>
  9. More material types like wool/cotton maybe? linen etc? High level stuff is lacking. I guess some ~70-90+ level req items would be nice ( that goes for all crafter skills ), some more bonus to grind that high besides easier imps and other. Also wool is a joke, hard to acquire and not much stuff to make. In my opinion only thing that it is good for is tapestries. Yea hats are nice but they don't offer any incentive besides looks to make/use. Maybe add ability to make gambeson out of wool ( linen if you add that ) which could boost plate/chain DR somewhat more and can be used on it's own.
  10. Maybe decreased skillgain instead of restricting skills ? wont be as bad, but will have lot more freedom.
  11. @Nomadikhan white/red bardings 2x in stock.
  12. Going to come to do some CT/LW/JS. About games and timezones. Personally i don't participate mostly even if i have time, though Shrimpiie could do some events for other timezones if he has some trusted volunteers to do that. p.s. almost done with that item Shrimpiie \o/
  13. This. I am concerned about current wo becoming other epic..
  14. I played in one of your servers and it was good ( one with dungeons ). Might try this one if i have spare time.
  15. Currently only armor has sigs, please add signatures to other items. EDIT: I guess there are more items in other categories too.