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  1. WTA Supreme Large Iron Shield 72.ql

  2. Item QL loss on server crossing

    Yes, after log out. I guess i have to imp it to .9984 before logging out After some improving :
  3. Item QL loss on server crossing

    After i got back online, i saw this EDIT: after sometime of imping
  4. Hello. I am going to come, bed would be nice. Mainly sticking to cloth tailoring(99), but can do jewelrysmithing(91) and leatherworking(82).
  5. [Resolved] Satchel space/volume/size change?

    Is this normal? 100x med rugs in satchel 96x rugs and x3 grindstone in satchel
  6. Item QL loss on server crossing

    Thankfully it didn't take long this time to imp.
  7. Item QL loss on server crossing

    If crafting window could show more decimals that would be great. Also reimping this item, that will show for sure if it is visuals or not. Java 8 here.
  8. Item QL loss on server crossing

    After other day's loss of QL i replicated it. 99.99833 > 99.9983 after crossing server IGN: Martynas Item: [15:28:01] A hood to shelter you from poor weather, glaring sun and glaring eyes. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. The white cloth hood has an open seam that must be backstitched with an iron needle to improve. [15:28:01] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Martynas'. [15:28:01] A tin rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%) Before crossing to Independance: In Independance: Back to Xanadu:
  9. Oakheart tailor's guild

    This is Oakheart tailor guild's merchant thread. Fishing related items will be sold in near future, need suggestions for reasonable prices (for example 90+ql fishing lines) Contacts: Martynas (Martynas5 in forums) Tailoring: Cloth tailoring: Leatherworking: Rares/Supremes: If you want to join Oakheart: Looking for dedicated cloth tailors and leatherworkers to join guild.
  10. WTS Super Cheap Mailable Items

    Send 14x rare iron lumps to Martynas, must be full weight (1kg) though. EDIT: got it, made rare black cloth set out of those :P. Thanks a lot
  11. [CLOSED] 95 QL normal meditation rug

    Okay will send once done, normal rug.
  12. [CLOSED] 95 QL normal meditation rug

    I can sell 95ql for 3s. though if you want it for question this might be cheaper
  13. Rent a Rug

    Bump. Not dead yet \o/
  14. Scrap or nerf Light Breeze

    Maybe add global spell which makes winds stronger?
  15. WTB Rare&Supreme Saccables/Materials

    Sent rare sardine and rare roach