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  1. Bridges

    If you have choosen a flat bridge that is longer than 5 tiles then you have the possibility to change the schematic of your bridge plan. Any way to remove 5 tile restriction? or at least make that you can change schematic at 5 ?
  2. bugged tile textures sometimes field tile instead of dirt , flickering textures around as soon as i start walking ( not in caves ) after updating to latest version game outsive of caves is unplayable grass is weird fps is ~8 though inside caves it's fine.
  3. [Released] Craftable Pauldrons

    Does this work for 1.6?
  4. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    Works, but dont see new models in client.hmm
  5. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    Haven't tried yet. I assume it's that 2.2v ago's edit ?
  6. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    Thanks, now i know why it didnt work other day when i tried to install it ..
  7. Missing metal veins

    Thanks, it worked.
  8. Hello I have made new map with Wgenerator. started server and after playing few hours found out that there are no veins, only rock, sandstone and rocksalt. How to fix it ?
  9. Aurora [1x/2x]

    please close.
  10. Error loading character into db The given key was not present in the dictionary. Any ideas?
  11. [RELEASED] TimedPay

    Is it possible to make that coins dont go to player's bank but to village's upkeep ?
  12. Specs for server

    Thank you for responses, they were really helpful.
  13. Haven't found much info in forums. Anyone know what server specs you need for 4k and 8k maps ( including appropriate animal amount)
  14. Aurora [1x/2x]