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  1. Xanadu Community Map

    Hello. Please add Lithuania, 4680, -2402
  2. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Finally full white cloth sets \o/
  3. The Game

    What have you done !! i lost the game
  4. Nice server. Achievements for 1x1 really brings quite a boost in a good way. Map is nice, but a little bit bumpy though doesn't affect travel by much.
  5. Ridable chamption animals

    As title says. would be nice to ride those champ rats
  6. Double same title

    [20:55:28] You are currently using the titles [Midas Touch] [Midas Touch]. After hopping servers i got this one. Each hop title changes
  7. Weekend Subscription

    Maybe for current 16eu for 2 months add option to get premium token which gives one day of premium. So buying those 2 months and getting bunch of premium tokens you can play on weekends only with no worries.
  8. [WTB/PC] supreme tools (CT/LW)

    WTB/PC supreme spindle,needle,scissors. PC supreme awl and leather knife
  9. Martynas' cloth tailoring [ please close ]

    Please close. no point keeping this, sold few items/month :/.
  10. Tailor's dummy (mannequin)

    +1. Bumpity bump
  11. POLL - Please Vote

    I disagree, first thing that made me play more that i could buy premium with silver. This would really decrease pop overall. My suggestion is - if you pay for premium you get ( along sleep powder ) deed paper, which used on deed would add 1 silver or more to upkeep. (Yeah you could sell sleep powder for 1s but anyway more benefits to buying for real cash )
  12. WTS Libram of the night (SOLD)

    please close. thanks.
  13. WTS Libram of the night (SOLD)

    please close x1 charge - 50s