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  1. I can do some basic ones. Need higher lv ropemaking for other ones ( 50 atm, need 90).
  2. Bump. More updates coming next week. Can do cloth and leather imps up to 99QL.
  3. Yes. It also would help when icon is not updated ( no idea if that is fixed though )
  4. If somebody dig/mine they should be able to pick up as long as they stay within range even without pick up perms, or i am wrong on this ? EDIT: If you want to stay calm disable all perms for non citizens. When you learn more you'll be able set them as you want without much worries.
  5. Starting bid 30s Min increments 1s No reserve Can bid in sleep powders: 1 powder - 1s ( write total bid in silver please )
  6. Skill should or not help in making higher ql strings/squares? In both cases 100QL cotton was used. cloth tailoring skill 100 supreme spindle 92ql 98imbue supreme loom 92ql avg ql string 94 avg ql square 81 cloth tailoring skill 53 rare spindle 93ql regular loom 93ql avq ql string 82 avg ql square 71
  7. What about tools you're using? I think that you have low tier tools, skill is kinda low ( i starter to imp to 90ql more easily after reaching 95 ( that's leatherwork ))
  8. Any clarification how this affects repairing after failed improvements item which are beyond 99.99xx QL? At this point it doesnt even show proper QL mostly, not to mention how much ql is lost for repairs...