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  1. Thanks, it worked.
  2. Hello I have made new map with Wgenerator. started server and after playing few hours found out that there are no veins, only rock, sandstone and rocksalt. How to fix it ?
  3. please close.
  4. Error loading character into db The given key was not present in the dictionary. Any ideas?
  5. server

    Is it possible to make that coins dont go to player's bank but to village's upkeep ?
  6. Thank you for responses, they were really helpful.
  7. Haven't found much info in forums. Anyone know what server specs you need for 4k and 8k maps ( including appropriate animal amount)
  8. Reserved
  9. Server info: Skill gain 1x Action timer 2x Crop stage growth 12 hours Map size 2048x2048 Creatures 15k ( 30% aggressive) Deed cost off Upkeep on Base skill levels 1 ( fighting 10) Base characteristics 20 Gods/priests currently not available ( removed white/dark light altars) Server map: Mods used: Announcer Ashproduce Betterdig Cropmod ( disables rotting, might be removed later on) Fireburntime Harvesthelper Hitchingpost Inbreedwarning Pickmoresprouts Skillgaincontrol Timerfix
  10. Started hosting 2k map, so far so good. Will edit this post, might help someone who considers using this service EDIT 2017.10.12 So far so good, no lags and no freezes on server. Usually 2-4 people online though in the future need to figure out how to set up server without desktop ( would save roughly 2gb ram ). EDIT 2018.03.13 No problems so far except that server has no players :P.
  11. I have been trying to make a map, finally something was made but it is bumpy, around rivers mostly. Used Wgenerator 2.8 like this seashore doesn't look bumpy here is whole map : ( if u have tips tell me, doing for pve server)
  12. Looks like very high stats considering levels of these skills...
  13. server ip? usually browser doesn't work for me btw you could mention skill/timer rates. EDIT: found ip somehow , maps looks good as it can get in winter