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  1. I don't know when these were added, maybe they've been there for ages, but kudos to the devs for this! Makes annoying the guards extra fun! (They do need a slap every so often...)
  2. bumpity! new speed and draft horses and draft mule available! restock still taking place, new items added already!
  3. When the merchant goes *poof* their items get mailed back in a backpack to you (items that don't fit in a backpack are mailed back on their own) So guessing it... thought the liquid (oil) fits in a backpack? Or simply part of the mechanics that went wrong maybe... lol
  4. The market is still up and running! There were a few *cough* hic-ups recently but that has now been sorted out. Horses are available again and I'm in the process of restocking the items that have been sold out - there are still lots of items available tho! Thank you to everybody who has supported the market!
  5. There's something screwy with how liquids in sealed containers gets returned via mailbox to the owner if the merchant pops My merchant was dismissed cause I didn't log into the server. Some items on him were liquids in sealed containers. The items were sent via mailbox to me, but the liquids all seem to have popped out of the sealed containers. So in my mailbox I would have the container (still sealed) (and empty) but also the liquid as a separate item. This happened both for items sealed with a wax sealing kit and for barrels sealed with a peg. I had sealed pottery jars with the same issue. I am able to unseal the containers as usual and put the liquid back in, even receiving the wax sealing kits back as usual, so nothing is 'broken' with the containers. Simply seems that when mailed back the system sees the container and contents as two separate items. This did also cause me to have a backpack filled with oil which shouldn't be possible... Including screenshots to show first how the items (empty sealed barrels and liquids) were sent to me And second - after I received them in the mailbox
  6. This is very sad news indeed He always made my days brighter when I was at my deed on Release and he was either in local or came around to the market. Who is going to send me random pm's about my horses now Release is definitely going to feel emptier to me without him My deepest condolences to his family and other loved ones. He will be missed dearly.
  7. This is one of the most beautiful changes ever. HUUUUUGE QoL improvement, thank you!
  8. if the kyklops skull is still available please send to Kasumi for 3s?
  9. *blush* Thank you Sidereal, that means a lot!
  10. Stock updated : New horses, both speed and draft, added to the pens Tapestries restocked, including the new Rockcliff tapestry New dye colours added to the dye merchant Presenting the SPRING COLLECTION 2022! 4 dye colours created especially for Spring (yes I'm desperately clinging on to the idea of warmth since it's actually autumn for me...) The existing and new cloth merchants are updated with various cloth clothing items dyed in these colours! Check the descriptions for colours. Below are some examples of various set ups with said clothing. Hope you enjoy! As always - thank you for everybody's continued support of the market - you are all amazing!