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  1. Merchants restocked! Animal pens will be restocked later today! tomorrow!
  2. Your deed is amazing, I love all the screenies - that first one with the Lib colossus in the mist is truly EPIC
  3. Cheers:D

    Wurm will always be your baby. Kids don't always grow up like we envisioned but they wouldn't be what they are without that initial shaping. Thanks for more than a decade of adventure, here's to many more!
  4. A new merchant selling dyes has been added to the market! Dyes come in jars (sealed with a wax kit so you can reseal it again), 2kg dye per jar! That's enough (and then some) for a sailboat sail! Merchant is available in the kitchen building. Come on over and add some colour to your life! New horses also available!
  5. Lib Global

    Thank you so much for announcing this and getting everyone together!!
  6. Yes please, and not just chain smithing but everything, it's nothing but annoying....
  7. Big restock! Lots of items that were out of stock now available again! Enchanted fish nets (blessings of the dark) now available on the fishing merchant Aura of Shared Pain studded armour available on the leather armour merchant New horses and unicorn available as well as bulk items and sailboat for the first time! Thank you so much for all the people who support the market!
  8. I agree that there is still lots of tweaking that needs done but I can help with these 2 issues for you so long: Under Settings -> UI -> Show old menu buttons (F keys) -> can be checked to bring back the old menu bar Under Settings -> UI -> Show creature overlay can be unchecked to remove this
  9. The bars on the skill trackers aren't updating at all. The text in the skill tracker window is working correctly (showing the skill gain) but the bars are frozen.
  10. Hope this is what you're referring too, otherwise pls let me know where to find it XD
  11. Special moves do not show up for me in the fighting window. I see the blank blocks at the bottom and assume that's where they are suppose to show up? Shield bash should be greyed out or something if no shield equipped No indication of when shield bash is available again after used (cooldown) Not sure if it's intended or not but the background for the pop up screens in some places are blocky This is also the case on the hover over mouse cursor in world, very visable atm with the snow at places, eg hovering over a tree or the ground, makes it more difficult to read. should be a solid background please!
  12. minor one but still makes me twitch : the background when you bring up the character window shifts slightly when you switch between 'show wounds' and 'show player'
  13. Ok so this seems to break the Trade and Freedom tabs... Neither of them showed up when things started being posted there. Not 100% sure what I did that made them appear (undocked) all of a sudden (think I pressed enter). I then docked them to the window with the other tabs. When somebody posted again to the trade chat, it would seem that the trade window undocked, but without any tab (its not showing the "Trade" at top of the window), so i can move it around but cannot dock it again.... So all in all, while I can dock the local window to the event one, it seems to seriously confuse the trade and freedom (I'm guessing global chat too - I just don't have that one open) windows....