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  1. Just keep going, any populated area and its surroundings will usually be devoid of mobs. If you go far enough you'll be running and screaming your head off soon enough with 50+ things trying to make dinner out of you... [19:03:01] xxxxxxxxx slain by aged Hell Hound, mature alert Black wolf, adolescent Brown bear, aged Hell Hound, aged Brown bear, aged Huge spider, aged Hell Hound, old hardened Troll, aged Troll, aged fierce Huge spider, old hardened Troll, mature Hell Hound Personally don't see anything wrong with the mob spawns atm (and if you can find me you can have a pelt)
  2. Thanks for keeping us updated and working hard to fix it, these things happen, like others above said, we understand!
  3. Thanks for making this public, was fun!
  4. I'm excited! And that pic looks great, nice creepy atmosphere And I like how this ties in with the rifts, expanding on what's already there/the existing story/lore, makes it feel evolving - wasn't expecting that at all! Can't wait for more details! Is there an eta on this yet?
  5. Thanks for everyone who's visited so far and supported the market! I've added some new items to some merchants and started restocking others!
  6. I need to process change slowly these days But behold! It does look fantastic, thanks for getting me to sort it out
  7. Dyed barding changes colour when put on golden horses. Seems to be the correct colour on all the other different horse colours, just golden horses giving the issue. Not sure if the same happens on the 'gold' equivalent of hell horses as I don't have one to test on PS. On closer inspection EVERYTHING on the gold horse looks a bit off in colour, saddles and saddlebags too...... Feels like there's a gold colour overlay happening on top of all the equipment What it should look like : What it looks like on a gold horse :
  8. Some of my favourite views on Indy, took the screenies during the Indy Event
  9. thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!
  10. So much fun and such a trip down memory lane! The model of Dragon Fan looks awesome, love that you can make out the area around it, such detail! PS Glad Bron got to do something with that brick, even if he just gave it away - that made me laugh