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  1. Runes on sale - only 1c per ql, get them while stocks last, they are going quick!
  2. Stock updated! leftover enchantments have all been moved to the merchant in Freedom Market lowered the price on active beehives
  3. hey Kasumi are you in brazil? have you played TOL ?  if so we know each other :)  via the internet that is.


  4. Happy bday!
  5. lots of runes left - come and get them
  6. Woot, I made it and got my mask - this was awesome, thank you so much to all who organised it! (the first how many ppl got something extra if I may ask?)
  7. Sent from my alt Moonstone - tyvm!
  8. Lol, I made it out at least, got a shiny shovel too, but think my sanity is somewhere in the area with the demon statue, things went drastically downhill around there
  9. Jackal peeking out behind Dragon Fang Mountain on a misty early morning