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  1. Started restocking a lot of the merchant! New foals should be available within a week or so Thanks to everyone for the continued support for the market, even during my absence and an even bigger thank you for the love and support (and checking up on me!) from people while we were going through tough times IRL
  2. Stock updated! Giant bison are now on sale, only 40c each!
  3. @MitzieThank you so much for the lovely comments!
  4. Received, filled and mailed back! Tyvm and happy investigating
  5. Sure, just let me know what ql paper you want - I have 70ql in stock now too, please see first post for pricing and stock!
  6. Thank you for your kind words Amata, it was a pleasure doing business with you too! Get well soon!!
  7. Paper shipped out via wagoner as discussed - tyvm for your order!
  8. Delivery might be possible depending on what you want and where you are located - sending you a pm to discuss details
  9. Thank you Crimson, That's quite interesting actually, not something I took notice of or even considered before - my neighbour has been back the last couple of weeks and they are in local of those animal pens... Difficult to get them further away, my neighbour is kinda on top of me tho but I'll see what I can do! I'm sorry you lost your cat too Good luck with the rest of the animals, may they all stay safe!
  10. Yup, I always have. 3 of those I lost recently have been male.
  11. I don't know what changed but the last couple of weeks it is like my animals have become ravenous! I can't keep up with feeding them. I've had enchanted grass tiles trampled, been having to drop food every day where I used to have to do it once every couple of weeks; I even hand fed the dogs every day since I noticed they lost their 'fat' status just to make sure they are eating (and still dropping food in their pens too). I've had to unpack and replant grass or re-enchant grass a couple of times now but the grazers are so far surviving. I have however lost 5 carnivores, 4 of them being dogs. These animals were all cared for and on a deed with lots of upkeep and under the animal ratio cap thingy. I've managed to kept them alive for multiple years, so it's not like I'm new to taking care of them. The behaviour or something is definitely different than to what it used to be. Can this please be looked into and fixed before I loose more animals; or if changes have been decided on an made, a notice to inform players would be nice.
  12. New horses and a hell horse added Some merchants restocked, mostly the enchanted goods merchant with new high casted tools
  13. pm sent for delivery details, tyvm!!