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  1. Just to clarify : - there's a limit to 1 trader per deed, so no having multiple traders that will 'stack' the discount (2 traders = 40%) - will the 20% discount count on deeds with a 1s upkeep as well? or will the minimum payable upkeep always be 1s? (meaning if the current deed upkeep is only costing 1s and you add a trader will you still pay 1s or will it be reduced to 80c?) - will moving a trader be restricted to the server it is on or can it be moved to a deed you own on another server? - will you be able to move them in the future to another deed? or if you've placed one you need to be sure you'll be living there for ever if you want the discount, cause if you want to move they will stay behind? - will you be able to move them around on the deed that they are on? or will you have to design around them if you want to change your deed in the future?
  2. I don't know who changed what but my lounge chaise and high chairs are now back to being bright and beautiful on the modern renderer, thank you Unicorns are still faded tho!
  3. 37) Wolf vs bison R26G144B216 47) Wolf vs bison R58G144B88 48) Wolf vs bison R70G112B168 50) Wolf vs bison R162G208B184 52) Man vs bear R198G112B168 53) Man vs bear R218G144B216 54) Man vs bear R222G48B72 56) Man vs bear R242G80B120
  4. Banking Tab Separate tab that shows all the banking notifications since if you're busy with something it's difficult to see the 'your bank account is now XXXXXX' flashing by. So would be nice if these showed up in a tab of its own, and even better if it could include the info of who picked up their mail : "Kasumi has accepted your mail. Your bank account is now XXXXXX" Notification Tab Separate tab that shows all notifications; preferably colour coded (each type of notification in a different colour). This will be for server messages (for example server shutting down in xxxxx minutes) premium expiry warnings friend requests (cause I don't know about you, but again, if I'm busy with something like identifying fragments that spam the event tab there's a snowballs chance in hell that I see the friend request msg flash by.....) If this seems excessive to some ppl you can have it as a toggle on your settings whether you want it as separate tabs or combined in the event tab?
  5. yay! and one for jackal - thank you !
  6. My hellhorse aged from 'aged' to 'old' while I was driving the cart he was hitched to. Event msg showed "Old fat Runclip stops dragging a "Rolling Pumpkin" and my speed immediately dropped to when only one hell horse is hitched. Visually however the hell horse still looked hitched to my cart. I could stop, drive around etc, everything still looked like both were hitched. A quick relog fixed this and showed the horse standing on the tile where I was when I got the event msg, and no longer hitched to my cart. I'm not sure if either a) the hell horse shouldn't unhitch (or age) while hitched to a cart that's being driven or b) it's simply a visual problem that needs to show the horse as unhitched when it happens either way, if I wasn't paying attention my fully geared horse would have been left alone in the middle of no where since nothing looked amiss while driving the cart...
  7. Is there any way to check the status of your Marks without having to be premium?
  8. This makes me so happy! Thank you! (I know - I'm weird) Are the Marks awarded today with the update? Or will it be awarded when the shop opens on 1 Feb? If it's already awarded is there any way to see how many Marks you have?
  9. Can we have one for Jackal as well? Would be swell to see just how much I ran in circles
  10. I was delighted when conditioned animals got their colours back but since an update a while ago the colours have been faded on them. It's especially visible on the unicorns, so much so that I've thought I've "lost" my slow unicorns a couple of times now. It seems especially bad on blue / purple tinted animals (slow, hardened,etc); the greenish doesn't look as severe, for example. The issue is not just limited to animals - I've noticed it on some cloth objects as well (chairs, lounge chaise) This however does not effect cloth barding, which does seem to be displaying the colours correctly. Modern renderer even adds a tiny bit of oomph to it. Marble statues also seem to display colours accurately. If this can be fixed like the barding that would be awesome Examples below - Left hand side is legacy renderer, right hand is modern : Slow unicorns : Fierce unicorns : Hardened unicorns : Greenish unicorns : Lounge chaise (R=231 G=19 B=19) Barding 01 : Barding 02 :