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  1. A small weta doll/puppet/stuffed animal that looks good on a table or bed (so I can name him Mister William Wiggles II and hug and cuddle him cause I'm going to miss my Jackal mount dearly )
  2. Belated screenies of the first attack on the stronghold over the weekend The Stonghold and part of the base camp set up around it The fearless warriors assembled, waiting for the walls to crumble Misty dawn breaks over a bloody battlefield The Warmaster comes forth, but the warriors know what we're fighting for
  3. bumpity free 4speed black silver available at the market
  4. That is awesome, going to be a lovely addition! And the sails look amazing as well - excellent job!!
  5. Busy building on deed inside a cave and hit a snag - I can build fences on each side of the tile except on the east border. The option to build fence doesn't show up; when you use the crafting window to build the fence it says : "You are not allowed to make a fence in a cave when not on a deed." The tile I'm building on is still on deed - "This is within the village of Oceanside." Could successfully build a fence on the north and south side of the same tile.
  6. Yeah, I know they are 'out of the way', was just strange to me that I had covered about 80% of the server and didn't find one, wasn't usually this difficult to find one - but no worries - finally got one today!
  7. Has anybody found any recently? I haven't been able to find any for some time now, and ppl I've talked to haven't either, might just be bad luck tho... Just want to make sure? Thanks!
  8. Which server and where on that server are you located? I might be able to - depends which server as I'll have to be a member of your deed in order to brand them Please send me a forum pm with the details and we can discuss this
  9. Jane of all trades, Mistress of none! I'm sad I can't be added to the toymaking yet! Maybe next year! Also stamp collecting in wurm should totally be a thing...
  10. Been a while since I've been to an impalong so would love to attend this! Put me down for Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Cloth Tailoring, Fine Carp, Jewelry Smithing, Leatherworking, Masonry and Plate Armour Smithing
  11. This looks great! Please allow them on the surface too! For anybody who's ever seen my sailing / trying to moor I greatly need this, thank you! Very old, but personally one of my best mooring jobs ever.....
  12. A beautiful colossus of Vynora has been built to watch over the market and guide the way! Thank you to my wonderful friend Toecutter for building this monument!
  13. 5 Speed Hell horse available as well as a champ black bear now
  14. Super thanks to the team for this! Winter is in full swing and I'm not blinded anymore! I actually like winter now!