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  1. See, this is why I need to write things down... Thanks guys (hi old neighbour!), and thank you Bratty. I have a number of the fat old anvils still, so can you please send that one to Nirav so he can add it to his wonderful museum on Indy? Thanks again and I'll go through my anvil bundle and see if any of those have other sigs than mine and send them your way Bratty!
  2. That is amazing, I need a 100 of them!
  3. I am proud to present the first 3 and 4 draft bison available at the market! Most merchants have been restocked and 2 new merchants for ease of use have been added - Furniture merchant : The furniture has been split from the carpentry merchant and will stock all kinds of furniture from thrones to marble round tables, bookcases, chairs, royal lounge chaise, etc - Lamps and Lights merchant : all the lamps and candelabra I had in stock have been moved to this merchant A big thank you to all the visitors and supporters!
  4. woohooo! sending you a pm for details
  5. There are very few of them left, but some old player must still have some!
  6. Happy holidays everyone!! There are a couple of giant bison, called Beefnog, available at the market for 25c each!
  7. Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays to everyone! Thanks for the event and great presents - this is going to be a lot of fun Thank you to everybody involved in Wurm for all your hard work and making the game I love even better - happy holidays to you and can't wait to see what next year has in store!
  8. Oh my word, this! The icons are adorable, 10/10 to whoever did that pixel art, I adore it!
  9. FAQ Public Market How do I place a merchant at the market? The market is open for all to place their merchants, so all you need is your merchant contract and to find an open market stall. You do not need to contact me first to place your merchant(s), just go ahead and use the contract to place it! Is there an easier way to stock my merchant if I live far away from the market? You can consider using another of your characters only for the merchant. Place the merchant with that character so they can manage it, leave them at the market and then mail the items to them to stock the merchant with. Wagoners Do I need my own wagoner contract if I want to send/receive something? You don't need your own contract. Every server has at least 1 public wagoner that everybody can use Do I need to stay on the server until the delivery is completed to receive my money? You do not! Once the items have been delivered, the money will deposit straight into your bank account, doesn't matter which server you are on.
  10. bump - new horses added and started restocking some merchants!
  11. News Archives 2021 7 December - Soft Opening Driftwood Public Market is inviting all sellers to come place their merchants! The Dancing Donkey inn is open and welcomes all visitors!
  12. DRIFTWOOD Public Market & Inn Located at U11 on Pristine, next to the coast, close to the border, Driftwood is a great spot to start your journey from on Pristine! Conveniently located next to the highway that leads up the desert, it's a good place to set out from for some hunting, rifts or slayings. Latest News 7 December - Soft Opening Driftwood Public Market is inviting all sellers to come place their merchants! The Dancing Donkey inn is open and welcomes all visitors! Public Market [Stalls available 21/26] Over 20 merchant stalls available for all your shopping needs. This is a public market, everybody is welcome to come place their merchants here if there are stalls available! There are a couple of self service animal pens available too if you forgot your mount at home! Public Inn The Dancing Donkey Inn welcomes everybody! 7 rooms available with free beds to the public if your stay becomes a sleep over. Enclosed pastures for your horses in the back. Free food and drinks will be available from time to time too. Altars for Global Spell Prayers Altars for all 4 deities can be located at the fountain near the inn. Quick and easy place to stop to pray for your sleep bonus if a global spell has been cast. Mailbox Instant mailbox located just outside the inn, next to the door. Highway system Driftwood is connected to the main highway system of Pristine. Whether you need to find your way to a deed for a visit; or find your way back to where you moored your boat, you can simply follow the highway system! Never get lost again! Wagoner There's a public wagoner located just next door to Driftwood. Wagoner containers for everybody's use has been placed at the waystone at the bottom of the ramp leading to the desert, so it's easy to come deliver items to someone on Pristine (or even receive something). I hope you will enjoy your visit! For any questions or problems concerning Driftwood, please contact Kasumi either on forums or in game
  13. Please add "Driftwood" at 472, 1942 It is a public market and inn Thank you!