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  1. The Screenshots Thread

    Some of my favourite views on Indy, took the screenies during the Indy Event
  2. Patch Notes 27th/JUNE/19 – Legendary tweaks

    thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!
  3. It's a party, Independence turns 10!

    So much fun and such a trip down memory lane! The model of Dragon Fan looks awesome, love that you can make out the area around it, such detail! PS Glad Bron got to do something with that brick, even if he just gave it away - that made me laugh
  4. It's a party, Independence turns 10!

    Make sure you have an item activated else the 'talk' option won't show up
  5. Greenwood Market | General Store

    Greenwood Market is linked with the highway system now so you can use the waystones to find your way to us! The 'ship + bulk' merchant now also stocks HotA statues! Also a quick update that I've rearranged the merchants at Freedom Market on Indy, grouping them closer together Check out the south east corner of the inner circle for my merchants The Greenwood Market trader is now also restocked with HotA statues!
  6. Deer devs can we have deer colours now

    +1 this would please me deerly
  7. Legacy statues!

    Yes! Would be an amazing addition via archaeology, I'm all for it, miss those old statues!
  8. Greenwood Market | General Store

    Thank you very much for the lovely compliments, made my day!
  9. Greenwood Market | General Store

    Bumpity Thanks for everybody who's stopped by so far!
  10. Greenwood Market | General Store

    details and prices added to the animals!
  11. Greenwood Market | General Store

    I'm proud to announce that Greenwood Market on Release is now officially open! The market is located on the coast of Release, N8 on the in game map, accessible via ship or land (altho not connected to the highway yet) See the first post of this thread for all the details!
  12. Valrei International. 085

    *squeals with excitement* The mini dragonfang looks amazing!! can't wait!
  13. WTA Rare Small sailing boat

  14. WTA Rare Small sailing boat

  15. Wurm April Fools 2019

    You missed it - Pristine desert 2016 : It was just a model change tho but was a bit of a shock when I woke up and saw my view that day