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  1. Extreme Makeover, Wurm Edition

    Is there a limit to the number of entries? Cause I'm having too much fun Kasumi examining the latest archaeological findings Da Wife making her husbands favourite (can you guess what it is?)
  2. Red Dragon

    That was fun - thanks everyone!
  3. Wurmiversary 2018

    Oooh this is exciting! I've been investigating sigils around K15 on Indy that is the Sagittarius sign! Did not notice that any of them are blessed, will go back now and check Great find! (and best treasure hunt ever, I love you Enki)
  4. [Fixed] Goal not showing as complete

    Ok, so it might be the 'dig up 90ql gem' one actually Will hang on for the wording to be fixed so I'll know which one to do - thanks for looking into this!
  5. [Fixed] Goal not showing as complete

    Errr, I think so yes, with the re-roll, don't think I had it previously
  6. I have the 'mine a 90+ql gemstone' goal but when I check my achievement window I've completed this goal already (but it says incomplete under my goals) : Do I have to complete it again for some reason or is this not the actual achievement to get for this goal?
  7. Happy Anniversary! Loving the changes! Thank you to all the devs and people involved for all your hard work and making this game better and better! So much to do I don't know where to start!
  8. Creature Cage Testing!

    Issue with animals remaining tamed : Tamed a bison on the Baphomet server Sailed back to Oracle, tamed a deer, loaded him in the animal crate, loaded that into the ship, sailed back to Baphomet Unloaded the crate and unloaded the deer - the bison stayed tame the whole tame, and the deer was tame as well (showed green outline, could lead him) When right clicking on ground Pet -> Go here, it was the bison that responded to my commands, the deer did nothing Left both bison and deer there (tamed), sailed back and got a tame dog on Oracle the same way as deer Sailed back to Baphomet, unloaded it and it was still tame as well. Both the bison and deer remained tame Was still only the bison that responded to the 'go here' command When I tamed another bison there, only my first bison went untame, the dog and deer both remained tame (green outline, could lead) Unfortunately not sure on which server the animals originated on, I found the deer and dog in the Oracle test starter area but they might have been transported before
  9. Patch Notes 26/APR/18

    I love you guys so much
  10. Nothing to see here

    If you still have one left I'll take a Rare Steel Staff - 2.75s Mail to Kasumi - ty
  11. When you try and dye a banner it gives the option for "paint wood" however it paints the banner (and not the wood) Text just needs to change to "paint banner" or something
  12. Greenwood Market | General Store

    Pristine, in the SW, coastal deed too there
  13. If you are on Release and looking for a new animal friend to house and care for, I have found a cute little tortoise called Rudolph. Available to a good home where he will be loved! Contact Kasumi in game or on forums for details Rudolph has found a loving home - thank you!