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  1. Auction over - congrats @neopherus! Will mail it straight away, enjoy!
  2. It drops from rift mobs
  3. Supreme recipe "pain au chocolat" A supreme cooking recipe that drops from rift mobs Starting bid: 3s Min increase: 50c Private bids: No No Reserve & No Buyout Snipe Protection: 1 hour
  4. And sunset today when I went sailing.... (be still my heart...)
  5. The 4 blue/yellow ones have been sent and I'll pm you about the black/yellow! Tyvm!
  6. Dyed Cloth Barding for sale, 50ql, colours below - 80c each If you're interested in more than what's currently available do send me a pm, I do have some of the dyes left and can make more barding so can discuss the possibility!
  7. Thanks again to everybody visiting the market! There's 2 new special additions at the animal pens - a champ female deer and a champ female dog! More to come soon!
  8. Some more screenies while out travelling....
  9. Sums up wonderfully how I feel about mining most of the time
  10. Apocalypse Order I'll take that one please and thank you!