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  1. Would be fantastic if Mclavin stops ignoring my forum pm's so we can conclude this transaction
  2. Auction over! Congrats Mclovin, I'll be sending you a PM to discuss details!
  3. And sent - tyvm!!!
  4. Green Cherry (1 charge) This giant cherry wasn't mature when it was picked from the tree on Valrei, home of the gods. God food that may contain strange powers! It has one charge left. Spell granted: Stoneskin (Attacker misses next 3 attacks) Resistance: Internal 15% (Decreases internal damage taken by 15%) Weakness: fire 10% (Increases fire damage taken by 10%) https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Sorcery Starting Bid : 90s Min Increments :2s No Reserve No Buyout Private bids not accepted Only ingame currency accepted Sniper protection : 1 hour [Transaction completed successfully!]
  5. Sent - tyvm!
  6. sorted and sent - thank you for the purchase!
  7. just to make sure - you're "validate" in game as well (or who to mail it to)?
  8. Selling 80ql painted lanterns, choose from the dye options below, for only 25c each! # Lanterns left in stock : 15 SOLD OUT Colour options :
  9. Good old horse surfing; and I do miss all the coloured animals! Came across this oldie earlier in my screenshot folder. It's never easy being green....
  10. Today I found some items while riding around (on Pristine). If you have lost something, pm me here on the forums with what it is you lost and where you lost it.
  11. As the title says I'm interested in buying an old JK wagon Please pm me with your price Thank you
  12. Runes on sale - only 1c per ql, get them while stocks last, they are going quick!