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  1. If you still have one left I'll take a Rare Steel Staff - 2.75s Mail to Kasumi - ty
  2. When you try and dye a banner it gives the option for "paint wood" however it paints the banner (and not the wood) Text just needs to change to "paint banner" or something
  3. Pristine, in the SW, coastal deed too there
  4. If you are on Release and looking for a new animal friend to house and care for, I have found a cute little tortoise called Rudolph. Available to a good home where he will be loved! Contact Kasumi in game or on forums for details
  5. I had the funniest dream of being an icecream with a pizza for a friend and a forest giant trying to eat us.... dreams huh??
  6. If anybody is looking for me I'll be dyeing stuff for the next couple of months..... Much love to the devs for this brilliant update - the decorating options are almost endless now!
  7. Well that was higher than my buyout offer, congrats to the winner
  8. In that case, I have no pm or any communication from him saying he accepts the buyout, you win, grats!
  9. Sorry, not trying to be sneaky, I made him a buyout offer right in the beginning (since he says "Buyout: Make an offer ") If that wasn't accepted, then by all means you won the auction.
  10. Could have sworn this auction was suppose to end tonight >.>" My buyout offer via pm still stands if you were allowing private bids btw
  11. Congrats Samool! And holy smokes, these changes are going to be amazing! That barrel placement gif is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!!
  12. If the deal doesn't go through with Firestarter because you cannot deliver it, I'll also offer you the buyout and come pick it up (as long as you're not on chaos)