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  1. Wurm April Fools 2019

    You missed it - Pristine desert 2016 : It was just a model change tho but was a bit of a shock when I woke up and saw my view that day
  2. Wurm April Fools 2019

    Absolutely brilliantly done, I've been laughing none stop! Well done and thank you wurm team, who ever thought it out deserves extra chocolate cookies this week I'm done with my dodgy farm happenings, now into the desert with me to practice some viking diplomacy with my face adjustment tools! Other favourites are Not Crying, Imaginary Argument Winning and Public Nudity Avoidance! Which ones are your favourites?
  3. The Screenshots Thread

    I love misty mornings
  4. Suggestions I'm hopeful for in the future

    Would solve my current decoration problem after the WU design change, so big +1 from me (Let the craftable carpets be white, like the fine high chairs, then we can dye to our hearts content...)
  5. Valrei International. 077

    Ooooooooh awesome! This is going to be great - thank you Saroman and team!
  6. The Quest!

    Found the quest start location, found the second location, now at the third location but can't find the next clue... I'm either missing something obvious or something is missing If anybody is past this point and feeling generous please send me a pm to push me in the right direction.... (And ty Snoo for taking the time to set this up - this is a lot of fun!)
  7. Greenwood Market | General Store

    Sent - tyvm!
  8. Greenwood Market | General Store

    Sent - tyvm
  9. You sir, are brilliant, thank you! I made the mistake of riding up in a cart through the green ring road instead of walking... Went back and walked, it triggered the achievement even before the cave tunnels. Success! Now I just wish there's an easy way to know the altitude you're at...
  10. A friend of mine has this goal to complete and I've been trying to figure out how to do that exactly. After spending some good time trying to go up high mountains to no avail I thought I'll try and test what triggers it on an alt of mine. Took said alt, who does not have this achievement yet, loaded her up with endurance sandwiches, and up Dragon Fang we went. Kept climbing and got the "Thin Air" achievement, but no "Went up a Hill" one. From the wiki : Thin Air - Go higher than "Mountain Goat" Mountain Goat - Go even higher up than the "Went up a Hill" achievement. Went up a Hill - Going to a high altitude. My alt already had the 'mountain goat' achievement from long ago, received the 'thin air' one today on dragon fang, but the 'went up a hill' one is still not achieved? Makes no sense to me if both 'thin air' and 'mountain goat' is higher than 'went up a hill'? Does anybody know exactly what triggers this achievement? Is it maybe set to a specific altitude that if i climb over that line (and no higher or lower) it triggers? Which could mean that I'm starting off too high already? Any insights, or anybody achieved this recently who can help? Thanks!
  11. Do you like the new fishing system?

    left click For me the sequence of events seem to be : - throw out line - wait till i see a fish swim closer - get event msg "You feel something nibble on the line." (visually the line starts being pulled) - i left click to start reeling it in - fish gets reeled in ("The huge catfish stands no chance!") - fish caught
  12. Do you like the new fishing system?

    [14:15:41] You miss the catfish and hit your own foot! Spear fishing is going swimmingly
  13. Plaque

    +1, yes please, and have a small and a large version of it
  14. A Horse of a Different Color

    yes please! I need the white and gold buckskin and the dapple grey and the chestnut and the blanket appaloosa and the grey silver.....
  15. The Screenshots Thread

    Foggy sunset over Pristine