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  1. This is one of the most beautiful changes ever. HUUUUUGE QoL improvement, thank you!
  2. if the kyklops skull is still available please send to Kasumi for 3s?
  3. *blush* Thank you Sidereal, that means a lot!
  4. Stock updated : New horses, both speed and draft, added to the pens Tapestries restocked, including the new Rockcliff tapestry New dye colours added to the dye merchant Presenting the SPRING COLLECTION 2022! 4 dye colours created especially for Spring (yes I'm desperately clinging on to the idea of warmth since it's actually autumn for me...) The existing and new cloth merchants are updated with various cloth clothing items dyed in these colours! Check the descriptions for colours. Below are some examples of various set ups with said clothing. Hope you enjoy! As always - thank you for everybody's continued support of the market - you are all amazing!
  5. Got some more items - very friendly and helpful seller! Thanks for the great service!
  6. i have a crusaders tall banner for you, will pm you shortly
  7. This would be an amazing quality of life improvement, as others have said as well. We are able to create resource tiles (peat/clay/tar) as well as ore veins already; why not water tiles
  8. Please send 2x banners to Kasumi, ty!
  9. +1 i love this idea sailing by and seeing a colossus 1/4 done, next time you sail by you see it is half done - i think that would be very nice! would actually also be encouraging to the builder to see some progress along the way too, instead of just the basic unfinished colossus and then 4k items later *boom* completed one.
  10. *happy dance* That is awesome, thanks team
  11. that explains it better thanks - was just afraid you want to remove the highway permanently or something like that! if it's just a temporary thing and you'll replace it, by all means go ahead, personally can't see any problems with that. ps - also it's nowhere near todays rift either and i can't see it influencing navigating to it, so i don't think you'll have to wait unless someone else has a problem with it...
  12. What exactly were you planning to do here? I don't see any redundancy tbh and if you're traveling from the south this is the most likely road to take to get to many places and is often used, so I wouldn't recommend removing it...