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  1. CoD to Jakeii please.
  2. 10c each for the shafts, CoD to Wulfgar please
  3. Right elaborate, and both basics to Jakeii please
  4. Bump! Get your compass today!
  5. Ive got probably 64 litres of maple syrop so a small barrel and a half.. I might be able to send you some grape juice too as I have lots of grapes.. just getting around to making it.. if that's too small an amount let me know and ill even drop it off as I like exploring around..hence why I am not grinding beverages and making wine.. heheh ttul..

  6. CoD the Rare flowers to Casimiro please.
  7. Yep can do
  8. I can do the Peat, Rock Shards, Marble Shards and Logs. 1s per crate so 5s + 1s delivery sound good?
  9. Looking for the following amounts: 20x Small Barrels of Maple Syrup 20x Small Barrels of Grape Juice Quality does not matter however I will not pay extra for higher QL. PM here or ingame.
  10. Please CoD to Jakeii thanks