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  1. +1 A lot of people wanted a COMPLETE reset, skills and all. Since we cannot get that, we can at least get as close as possible. Faith and meditation SHOULD reset with the crossing through the portal. Having no faith to start out will MAKE people explore/learn the map and find the Black Light Altar to priest up, all sides will be doing this so some early game pvp will happen, those who are geared will succeed in the battle for priesthood
  2. All white Dragon blood CoD to Jakeii please.
  3. Two of the major kingdoms you have been in (MR and WU) have ALWAYS loved alts, you don't know any different so I don't expect you to understand how toxic the issue of alts really is.
  4. Especially since it's clearly just to metagame to damage the enemy kingdom, Otherwise why wait 3 years to claim it as your own?
  5. The Images were bought by us but Cyberhusky/Anyone arranged the design and now 3 years later claims copyright.
  6. Bump! Lowered Price to 1.8g!!