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  1. Ive got probably 64 litres of maple syrop so a small barrel and a half.. I might be able to send you some grape juice too as I have lots of grapes.. just getting around to making it.. if that's too small an amount let me know and ill even drop it off as I like exploring around..hence why I am not grinding beverages and making wine.. heheh ttul..

  2. CoD the Rare flowers to Casimiro please.
  3. Yep can do
  4. I can do the Peat, Rock Shards, Marble Shards and Logs. 1s per crate so 5s + 1s delivery sound good?
  5. Looking for the following amounts: 20x Small Barrels of Maple Syrup 20x Small Barrels of Grape Juice Quality does not matter however I will not pay extra for higher QL. PM here or ingame.
  6. Please CoD to Jakeii thanks
  7. 41s
  8. 39s
  9. 35s
  10. I am on Release, however I am cool with it being mailed in a backpack. Please PM me a price you are looking for.
  11. I will get all of these made in the next day or 2