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  1. Minor Bug but can you see what is wrong with this picture?
  2. To add one more annoying thing to the update on inspect mother and father of animals is reversed Can the dev's not tell male from female
  3. WOW This is awesome many things we have been requesting for years and some beyond what we had hoped possible. Really great work!
  4. Finally an excuse to return to Pristine I will be attending I can do 70 Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Fine Carpentry, Leatherworking, Pottery plus my cloth tailoring and jewelry crafting is over 50. I will also bring my Vynora priest Samwithwiki for the final push to 100 faith.
  5. I just want to be able to turn it off. After a while the fir effect gets annoying because it is just a 30 second loop over and over.
  6. + 1 This is a great Idea and they should also speed decay for carts off deed maybe even have a multiplier if the cart has not moved for a long time ( like 3 months or more ). There is a large cart with 5 speed bison on it near me that has been there for a year the buildings and fences have decayed, the mine has closed up but the cart and bison are still there and abandoned wagons are all over the server from deeds long gone. For those worried about losing thier equipment try not leaving your cart parked in the open without any food for the animals.
  7. Good Work now Animal Husbandry will be less Tiresome
  8. Village recruitment boards are the same.
  9. Great story reminds me of when me and my friends started and we pushed a mailbox from one end of Black Dog Isle on Indy to the other because none of us could make or enchant one yet But I have to ask ' Didn't anyone who came to help have a wagon?
  10. Nice addition to the neighborhood and if anyone need a horse while staying there my place just up the road ( Bachus's Pottery Barn ) has 5 speed horses and equipment for sale or 4 speeds for free if you just need a loaner
  11. Real Life permitting I will be there with Bachus for Fine Carpentry, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing imping and Samwithwiki my Vynora priest to finish off his 100 faith.
  12. Thank you the prayer skill gain fix was long overdue and the goat helm looks really nice.
  13. All of the problems the OP listed were once problems on Indy as well. Then they opened new servers and fixed spawn rates and problem solved. So the problem as some others have suggested is not too many horses in pens it is too many deeds restricting the areas that horses and other animals can spawn while demand for them is also very high so they are getting scooped up as fast as they spawn. By not thinking your choice through You chose to go to most crowded servers with most limited resources so this is a problem you chose to take on whether you knew it or not. Also not all animals spawn all the time right now Deli is covered with horses but no Bison, a few months ago it was the opposite and the number of deeds has changed very little the number of hoses penned has also changed very little. So your proposed 'solution' would do nothing at all to solve the problem except maybe by making the people who spend the most on the game quit giving more room to the FTP players who while welcome do not contribute to maintenance and improvement of the game. IOW your solution would eventually make more horses available on a server of minimum deeds if any which would eventually get abandoned by the game staff as untenable.
  14. Could you please add 'Bachus's Pottery Barn' at 694, 1737 which is west of Rainbow Retreat where Eldorado used to be? TY