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  1. All of the problems the OP listed were once problems on Indy as well. Then they opened new servers and fixed spawn rates and problem solved. So the problem as some others have suggested is not too many horses in pens it is too many deeds restricting the areas that horses and other animals can spawn while demand for them is also very high so they are getting scooped up as fast as they spawn. By not thinking your choice through You chose to go to most crowded servers with most limited resources so this is a problem you chose to take on whether you knew it or not. Also not all animals spawn all the time right now Deli is covered with horses but no Bison, a few months ago it was the opposite and the number of deeds has changed very little the number of hoses penned has also changed very little. So your proposed 'solution' would do nothing at all to solve the problem except maybe by making the people who spend the most on the game quit giving more room to the FTP players who while welcome do not contribute to maintenance and improvement of the game. IOW your solution would eventually make more horses available on a server of minimum deeds if any which would eventually get abandoned by the game staff as untenable.
  2. Could you please add 'Bachus's Pottery Barn' at 694, 1737 which is west of Rainbow Retreat where Eldorado used to be? TY
  3. Remember more people means less deedable land, scarcer resources, and higher prices on goods. The prices of items in NFI are insane right now higher than they ever were on Indy even when it was crowded = 4 silver for a 4 speed horse?
  4. Lunalong 2020

    Sounds Fun. My main went to last one so My Fo priest [ BenClawedOdamme ] will attend this one since it seems you have plenty of Imp'ers. He is 93 faith 48 channeling so can be a battery for LT chants and can use this event to Imp his Faith
  5. I was Wrong about the Sassafras and I am sorry. I thought I had it in the planter rack in my house but I did not and could not plant it either. So let me add that to the list as well for what should be plantable although it is actually a tree root IRL not an herb or spice you can grow on your back porch so that one does make a little sense not to be plantable. Also .........WHERE'S MY COFFEE! I would love for them to add Coffee bushes plus Cocoa, and Sassafras trees to add to my orchard.
  6. To sum it up for everyone ' Been there done that ' I started on Indy when it was crowded and left as soon as I could to find some space. I do not want to go back to the land wars, highway squabbles, overpriced animals and equipment. I did it on Indy, I did it on Deli, I did it on Pristine. Now I can have pretty much my choice of any land I want resources are plentiful, and there are enough customers to keep my premium up from selling my wares. = Life is good in the South
  7. Hello Kasumi I see you list chain armor can you do 2 chain sleeves 80ql Steel prefered but Iron is ok. PS: TearQueen that you left on Deli is being well taken care of
  8. I want to buy 2 steel chain sleeves 80+ ql enchants optional. PM Bachus here or in game to discuss prices.
  9. I'm gonna be a little late getting there storm messed up my internet yesterday but will be on my way today.
  10. + 1 From me as well. I agree crazy amount of mats even for established players and I also support the 'noob' version that gives 50% SB made from Cotton and Ropes. I use mine a lot going to Rifts, events, or even camping out at the clay pit. I was also Surprised that I could not use it in a house. I was setting up my new deed and hadn't made a bed yet and tried it. If it works in or near a tent a house should work as well. They could make it 30% for Newb version and 50% for deluxe edition without a house or tent and it would still incentive people to upgrade adding a tent when they could plus the tenet respawn ability is enough to make people want them anyway.
  11. You can't grow Sassafras in pottery planters. You should be able to do same for cocoa it will not give you the large amounts that farming would and uses Gardening skill so people will have to grind that skill as well for cooking. EDITED: I was wrong see next post.
  12. I would like these items : Chain Boot (Steel) - QL 78 - 10c (2 in stock) x2 Chain Jacket (Iron) - QL 61 - AoSP 62 - 8c Chain Gauntlet (Steel) - QL 77 - 10c (2 in stock) x2 Chain Pants (Steel) - QL 75 - 10c 20c + 8c + 20c + 10c= 58c
  13. Does this mean I will soon be able to build my Log Cabin on my Ostrich Farm? Seriously people asked for Log buildings over 8 years ago and the texture already exists with Palisade gates just turn them sideways and add windows.