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  1. would be glad to fill a spot. Raynesterror.
  2. So i was asked to give screenshots of the spread. I do hope these will do.
  3. So there still seems an issue as I have peat here that is spreading on cadence. N23
  4. List of items we try to keep in stock at AP merchant Prices are a piece Lamps 30 ql 10 copper, 40 ql 15 copper, 50 ql 20 copper custom orders up to 60. 60 ql 30 copper Will also make Imperial Lamps Candelabras 30 ql iron 20 copper, 40 ql copper 30 copper custom orders up to 50 ql either iron or copper Lanterns 60ql lanterns dyed white 20 copper. Other colors and ql levels available upon request Chain sets Chest 50 ql 15 copper, legs 50 ql 15 copper, all other pieces 50ql 8 copper apiece. custom orders up to 60ql can be made Special orders All blacksmithing items up to 70 ql Up to 60 ql 50 iron a ql 70 plus 1 copper per ql. example (60 ql for 30c 70 ql for 40c) Frying pans 1 copper apiece 20ql, 2 copper apiece for 40ql, 5 copper apiece 50ql, ql's higher can be negotiated Jewelsmithing orders are accepted and price based on ql and quantity. meditatio rugs also available for special order rug type and ql to determin price. As always we try to have done as soon as is feasible. Items are not made prior to order, PM onefaithful in game on celebration for special orders