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Found 339 results

  1. Blessings of the Dark, or BOTD, is a medium-to-high favor enchantment that functions as an equivalent cast of both Wind of Ages and Circle of Cunning. For example, a BOTD99 mallet would reduce an improvement timer to 6 seconds, while giving as much skill as ~12 seconds, exactly like WOA99 and COC99. All items are provided AS IS and their QL does not factor into pricing, but the tools are generally maintained around QL20. Being a priest-focused shop, the majority of these tools are around creation quality and have only had enchanting work done on them. If you would like an item improved before shipping it to you, available QLs and prices are listed at the bottom of the ad. Should the item's QL be factored into its price, it will be listed alongside enchant power. To save space, our current stock is compressed with spoiler tags. If you don’t see a tool with the right enchant power on it for you, feel free to ask. A section on custom enchanting is below our current stock. Pre-enchanted Stock Awls: Butchering knives: Carving knives: Cheese drills: Clay: Clay shapers: Grooming brushes: Hammers: Hatchets: Iron lumps: Knives: Leather knives: Mallets: Metal brushes: Needles: Pelts: Pickaxes: Rakes: Rope tools: Saws: Scissors: Scythes: Shovels: Sickles: Small anvils: Spatulas: Steel lumps: Stone chisels: Strings of cloth: Trowels: Whetstones: Custom Enchanting Custom enchanting is currently available. When available, we are happy to enchant both nonspecific items (e.g. a rake with an 80+ cast) or a specific item (such as a rare or supreme of yours). The prices listed below are for enchanting specific items; nonspecific items use pricing similar to our pre-enchanted stock. 70+ BOTD/LT/ED/Venom: 20c 75+ BOTD/LT/ED/Venom: 30c 80+ BOTD/LT/ED/Venom: 40c 85+ BOTD/LT/ED/Venom: 80c 90+ BOTD/LT/ED/Venom: 1s 20c Aura of Shared Pain and Web Armour are available as well, for half the listed price of BOTD/LT/NIM. Bloodthirst enchants are available, for the low price of FREE. Just pay the 2c total mailing cost to send and receive the item, and I'll "seed" BT on any weapon you want. Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Cloth Tailoring, Fine Carpentry, Weaponsmithing Improving 70QL: 20c 80QL: 35c 90QL: 75c Note: We have prices for all QLs from 50 to 90, but only the most common are listed here. For an improving job, the price of the item's starting QL is subtracted from the target QL (e.g. improving a blacksmithing item from 80 to 90 would be 75-35=40c). This means improving jobs will always be at least slightly cheaper than the listed price. Bulk Purchase Discount If you order five items, the cost of your order is reduced by 10%. This increases by a further 2% per item, maxing out the discount at 20%. Shatter Compensation No priest is shatterproof, and all enchanting carries risk. Should your item in a custom order shatter, we can compensate you with the silver you would have paid for the successful enchant, either directly or as shop credit. Contact We can be PMed directly on the forums or ingame, character name of Asheram. If Asheram is offline, you can try Noizhead or Melody.
  2. For Sale Item Price awl 34,93ql c78 0s 16c knife 95ql w70 1s 66c trowel 95ql w83 1s 82c metal brush 95ql w87 2s 02c scissors 95ql w84 1s 86c rare hatchet 95ql w86/LibilaRune 3s 50c saw 95ql w70 1s 66c needle 95ql w99 3s 22c rare scissors 95ql botd90/Libila rune 4s 42c branding iron 90,39ql 0s 50c branding iron 90,43ql 0s 50c crowbar 91,06ql 0s 80c crowbar 90,98ql 0s 50c WTS rare 91ql lantern with 95ql white dye 2s 50c
  3. Close Please

  4. As title says, looking to let go of a few high cast tools. Tools From the provided picture, top down: Trowel#1 80c Trowel#2 90c Trowel#3 80c --- Shovel#1 1s Shovel#2 70c Shovel#3 70c Shovel#4 70c Shovel#5 80c Shovel#6 90c
  5. Welcome to Ravenholm Market! You name the price! Offering BS imps up to 80QL and bulk crafting for lamps etc, PM Nether in-game! Enchanted Armours for sale: Plate armour 77ql plate gauntlet, steel 70aosp 75ql plate gauntlet, steel 67aosp 75ql plate sabaton, steel 68aosp 75ql plate sabaton, steel 65aosp 74ql basinet helm, steel 70aosp SOLD 76ql plate vambrace, steel 77aosp 72ql plate vambrace, steel 74aosp 72ql plate vambrace, steel 62aosp 68ql plate vambrace, steel 76aosp 69ql breast plate, steel 40aosp 68ql plate leggings, steel 43aosp Shields 73ql medium metal shield, iron 33coc 70ql large metal shield, iron 85coc Chain armour 40ql supreme chain coif, iron SOLD 70ql chain gauntlet, iron 84aosp 70ql chain gauntlet, iron 48aosp 70ql chain boots, iron 78aosp 70ql chain boots, iron 67aosp 70ql chain sleeve, iron 98aosp 70ql chain sleeve, iron 48aosp 71ql chain pants, iron 83aosp 70ql chain jacket, iron 75aosp 70ql chain coif, iron 75aosp Studded and Cloth armour 89ql studded gloves 73aosp SOLD 87ql studded gloves 68aosp SOLD 89ql studded boots 79aosp SOLD 87ql studded boots 83aosp SOLD 70ql studded sleeve 70aosp SOLD 70ql studded sleeve 66aosp SOLD 71ql studded jacket 78aosp SOLD 70ql studded pants 60aosp SOLD 70ql studded leather cap 80aosp SOLD 71ql leather adventurer hat 78aosp 71ql cloth hood, cotton 65aosp 70ql black cloth sleeve, cotton 85aosp 71ql black cloth sleeve, cotton 83aosp Enchanted Weapons for sale: 69ql small maul, iron 85nimb, 54LT, 91coc, 58MS and self healer's demise 68ql long bow, willow 40nimb, 53coc SOLD Enchanted Tools for sale: 73ql stone chisel, iron 80botd SOLD 71ql pickaxe, iron 85coc 79ql pickaxe, iron 67coc 71ql shovel, steel 78coc 76ql shovel, iron 69coc 74ql shovel, iron 64woa 72ql carving knife, iron 76coc 68ql carving knife, iron 53botd 71ql mallet, oakenwood 57botd 2ql meditation rug, cotton 84coc 48ql rare grindstone 94coc Decorations: Will be added soon!
  6. All prices are below the picture. All 95CoC+ are in the picture below this one. Here are my prices. I don't charge anything extra for the tools themselves, just the enchants on them. (The prices are a bit all over the place, but it's the best I can do =D) Power - Price (I also take €. 1s=1€) 90 to 94 = 90 Copper 95 to 99 = 1.25 Silver 100 to 102 = 2.5 Silver 103+ = 3.5 Silver Answer here or send a PM or /tell Folke ingame. Thanks a lot!
  7. Prices are listed next to each other in the pic. Also selling x17 Sleeping powder = 1s each. Pick up is from Deli F9 on the coast at Mottistone Shores.
  8. Price for all items: 10c each Items are first come, first served Want to buy some items but think 10c is too much? PM Beanbag and we'll talk about it, or just make an offer! My timezone is UTC -6 (US Central)
  9. please post here or pm me in game Rare Hatchet ql 91.73 c75, gather rune +10ql 4s - sold Rare Pendulum 61.2ql LD57 2.5s - sold Rare Rope Tool pinewood ql 76.55 C72w35 2.80s Rare Rope Tool oakenwood 83.32ql c79, w69 4s Rare Spindle pinewood ql 79.44 c61w72 2.5s Rare Spindle maplewood ql 89 c63w62 2.5s Rare Pickaxe 82.13ql w63c61 4s Rare Fruit press lemonwood ql 78.10 c67 2.5s - sold Rare Rake ql 91.72 c84 4s - sold Rare Hammer ql63.51 c72w85 3.5s - sold Rare Hammer ql 91.13 c77w89 4s - sold Rare Shovel ql77.81 c78w63 3.5s - sold Rare Shovel ql90.17 c74w82 4s Rare Butchering knife ql79.71 c67 3.5s - sold Rare Needle ql92.62 c84w92 4.25s - sold Rare needle ql92.14 c76w76 4s Rare Spatula oakenwood ql 83.31 c65 3s Rare small anvil ql 90.58 c75 3.75s - sold Rare small Anvil ql 84.98 botd86 3.75 - sold
  10. Hello, Up for auction is my rare enchanted hatchet. 95.09 QL Rare Hatchet, Iron (100 BOTD) 3 day auction 3 hour sniper protection 5s minimum bid 1s min bid increment No Reserve 13s buyout [23:46:01] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Eratosthenes'. [23:46:01] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [100] Good Luck - Eratosthenes
  11. I would like to sell my 97.97ql rare two handed sword with some very nice enchants: [20:13:57] A large heavy sword almost as tall as a ten year old child. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The two handed sword has some dents that must be flattened by a hammer. [20:13:57] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Kaih'. [20:13:57] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [92] [20:13:57] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [88] [20:13:57] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [96] [20:13:57] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [101] Asking 13s for it.
  12. PM Neville in-game or on forum if you want one or both of these items: 90.61QL rare hammer, iron (botd 88) asking 4.5s 90.63QL saw, iron (botd 96) asking 2s
  13. Starting bid 35s Increments 1s No buyout No sniper No reserve ~~ Full rare ~~ High quality steel ~~ AOSP 90+ every piece ~~ Weight reduced to 18.45kg ~~ ~~~ GOOD LUCK EVERYONE ~~~~
  14. Want to auction 91ql supreme two handed sword, with enchants. A large heavy sword almost as tall as a ten year old child. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump. Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [91] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [89] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [73] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [82] Starting bid : 20s Increment : 1s Buyout : 35s Snpier protection : 1 hour No private bids
  15. Hello fellow Wurmians, this sale is happening to help Shrimpiie get funds for this years impalong, all proceeds will go to Shrimpiie to benefit the impalong. NOTE: NONE OF THE ITEMS ON THIS LIST ARE FROM THE IMPALONG, ALL ITEMS ARE FROM MY PERSONAL COLLECTION. All items will be mailed from my alt to keep any money from mixing. Thank you to all who supported us during this recent impalong and Thank you to everyone who wants to support us with this years Impalong. 30c per item in this spoiler 20c per item in this spoiler 10c per item in this spoiler 5c per item in this spoiler Other: Left Elaborate Shoulder Pad 75 QL (Studded Armor Glance Bonus vs 2H Sword) - 2.5s I will try to keep list updated as items sell, but it may be a bit difficult
  16. Clearing some of my collected rares over the year, offer a sensible price along with your name and I'll cod it out if I like it. I am sending from a Chaos account so please put up an alts name that hasn't came to Chaos if you've done so on your main. Any questions PM me. Offers in Euros/Silver. Bloodmaster in game. Saddle Sold Rare Hatchet Sold Rare LMS Sold Rare Toolbelt Sold
  17. Start Bids: Displayed below Min. Increments: 25c No Buyouts No Reserve No Sniper No Private Bids *How-to Bid: Single or multiple items (list the #s you are bidding on) *Fast Delivery: COD from mailbox (100 courier) 1. 85.43ql horse shoe, iron (w97) - 1.32s 2. 85.43ql horse shoe, iron (w97) - 1.32s 3. 85.42ql horse shoe, iron (w97) - 1.32s 4. 85.47ql horse shoe, iron (w96) - 1.31s 5. 85.40ql horse shoe, iron (w96) - 1.31s 6. 85.47ql horse shoe, iron (w95) - 1.30s 7. 90.23ql rare pickaxe, iron (c92 w95) - 7.95s 8. 90.35ql pickaxe, iron (c100 w100) - 5.35s
  18. Tools and Weapons for sale. No reasonable offer refused! All these items below need to go fast! Just mention what you'd like and your character you want it mailed to and give me an offer. Spring Cleaning is here! Take advantage of these specials!
  19. Price Check for: Rare sickle 87ql Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [91] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [78] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [82] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [91] Want to sell at right price.
  20. Huge sale. Updated our prices on Petawawa merchants. Dozen of merchants full, ready for you. About 800 items avail. Weapons, CoC tools, WoA tools, pelts, gems, horse gear, armor, etc. Well worth the visit. Many items CoC and/or WoA 99-102 priced at 2-3s Tons of items CoC and/or WoA 90+ at 80c-1.50s. Do not reply to this ad. Come visit. You wont regret it!
  21. Close plz

    Starting bid: 5s each Increments: 50c Reserve: none Buyout: 8s each Sniper 30 minutes 1 bid: 5.5s Gavias 2 bid: 5.5s Partrune 3 bid: 5.5s Davih 4 bid: 5s Muhyul 5 bid: 5,5s Gavias
  22. Selling a rare speedpick 89QL Start: 1c Sniper: 1h Buyout: 10s
  23. I dropped a stack of arrows gained through pvp into a BSB, knowing that a few had flaming aura or frost brand on them but expecting those to stay in my inventory due to a patch in 2016 that had stopped you from dropping coc/woa/botd items into a bin. Unfortunately, I misremembered the patch until it was too late, and had assumed it had meant all enchantments. My suggestion is to include weapon enchants to the list of enchantments that will stop you from storing things in a bsb/crate.
  24. CLOSE

    Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [101] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [81] Starting bid: 25s Increment:1s End of auction: 5th of july at midnight(central european time)
  25. I'm looking to get rid of these rare things. Answer here, /tell Folke ingame, or PM on the forums. Thanks // Folke