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Found 27 results

  1. Fo/Libila spells to enchant unicorns/hell horses to be passive and hitchable/rideable while untamed. In reality I'm just bored to death on Epic and I want to make use of my absolutely useless unicorn farm.
  2. Contact Lebonbon in game. (EST eastern standard times, or message me on forums) (Check back for updated rare listings posted at bottom in newest reply posts) I now have a very nice horse accessory merchant available stocked with bridles, saddles, saddle bags, beautiful dyeable cloth bardings, and lvl 70 horse shoes. I also have a nice selection of quality animal cages available for 1s at the docks for transport. Specializing in Ebony and Molten with additional hidden/passive 2.5% speed buffs Offering You the Finest Quality in lvl 98+ Skill Traits: ~4 Speed Ebony or flashy colored Speed horses~ ~4 Draft Ebony Horses or flashy colors~ ~5 Combat Flashy Horses~ ~4 Draft Molten Hell Horses and colors~ ~9-10 trait Black Sheep with all 5 production traits.~ *Huge selection of 10+ young and adolescents to choose from in each trait type* *Sale pens and stock updated daily* *Rare traits usually available & are listed at bottom update posts and on the NFI region auction forum.* *Higher lvl animals come with a larger amount of traits. For instance, my 4 speed horses might also come with a draft and combat trait in addition to misc. My 9-10 trait sheep will fill your pasture with free unidentified fragments, seeds, etc, via the "pick things up" trait* Pricing: Flashy Colored Horses: 4 Draft/5 combat/4 Speed/Hell 4 Drafts = 25c Sheep: Black, Grey, or White = 25c (Pure 5 output with 9-10 traits total) Horses Ebony Black: 4 Speed/4 Draft = 25c (Hidden ebony-linked passive 2.5% riding and hitched speed bonus) Hell Horses Molten: 4 Draft = 50c (Hidden molten-linked passive 2.5% hitched speed bonus Hell Horses Colored: 4Draft = 25c All of my animals are cleanly bred, have the maximum utility traits avail, and carry no deleterious genes. Most animals are lvl 90 & 95 and carry around 8-10 traits total; sheep have 9-10. Hell Horses are harder to breed and are in the lvl 85-95 range. My current Animal Husbandry level is 98+. Typical examples of my for sale and breeding stock pictured below for those with no Animal Husbandry skill that cannot view max skill traits on animals: Large selection of each variety of stock to choose from; updated daily: Pick up on my off-deed coastal loading dock or delivery on land or coast is available: 4s minimum order for long distance deliveries due to time involved. Delivery Fees: FREE = SE Harmony up to Harmony Bay, land or sea FREE = Group order two teams of 8 horses 1 S = North Harmony 1 S = Off-Server to outer coastlines 1.5 - 3 S = Remote Server Hops with long interior-coastal bays causing excessive travel time *Delivery may take an hour or more one way depending on winds, so be sure to reserve a time when you will be online* *Minimum order for deliveries is 3 silver plus shipping due to time involved* *Group orders: I can haul a maximum of 8 horses over server lines or 12 horses on Harmony* *Pregnant animals cannot cross into other servers* Contact Lebonbon in game. Thanks! Interactive Map:,3180 (Please do not plagiarize my ad, sigh, thanks!)
  3. Welcome to Happy Horse Bay! ***Hell Horses can be tricky. We recommend bringing either a Fo priest along to lead them, or having a cart or wagon to hitch them to. Alternatively, you can bring a creature transporter/knarr, etc. with creature cages. If you must lead them home, please disarm and remove any AoSP armor you are wearing. We cannot be held responsible for any deaths, up to and including your own or the new horse(s).*** Clearance Sale - Lowered Prices The home of the happy (not really) 4 draft hell horses! Located at Q15 Cadence with water access on East and West Coast I have 70 Animal Husbandry. Any 4 draft you get from me until that changes will be clean of other traits, perfect to start your own breeding (extra traits get in the way with lower (<65) skill). ***Reservations not accepted. I will only sell in-stock animals.*** Please drop used keys in any green chest. We are proud to present our self-serve merchants, holding the keys to your heart...err...heart-eating new hell horse! --- I only breed and sell the best 4 draft hell horses and bison, with a side of output cattle and sheep. We also have 4D and 4S horses. --- Hitching posts are being stocked as we speak and the happy little critters are so excited to hit young adulthood. They'd love a taste of your hand... err... hay. Feed them hay. There are 3 merchants here currently, located in the SW corner at the front of the deed: Alistair: Keys with a return box located conveniently in front of him* Griffin: DYES! Duncan: General Store Merchant Duncan currently has the following items in stock: Merchant Griffin has a variety of DYES!: To see a color before you buy, open a program like paint or use a search engine to see the RGB. Animals are located to the right of the merchant stand and require you to dismount and use the purchased key to unhitch your new fluffy friend before leading them off into the sunset. Deed token is located to the East of the Merchant Stall in front of Happy Horse Stronghold. Prices (because we know you want to know): Current prices are as follows: Aged or older animals will be marked to 50% of their normal price NEW! Breeding Pairs - Prices may vary - Unrelated animals sold together (see pics below for in-stock pairs) 4 Draft Mules - 40c - In Stock 4 Draft Hell horse (all colors except Molten) - 45c - In Stock! Moltens are 50c - Working to restock 4 Draft Horse (all colors except Ebony) - 30c Ebonies are 45c 4 Draft Bison - 30c 4 Speed Horse (all colors except Ebony) - 30c Ebonies are 45c Output - 15c I also offer Fo services: Bring me a negative-traited animal and let my Fo priest cast Genesis on it. First cast is free, each additional cast is 50c. Humid Drizzle cast available Free for diseased animals. Current Stock (to be updated as much as possible): ***Reservations not accepted. I will only sell in-stock animals.*** ***Hell Horses can be tricky. We recommend bringing either a Fo priest along to lead them, or having a cart or wagon to hitch them to. Alternatively, you can bring a creature transporter/knarr, etc. with creature cages. If you must lead them home, please disarm and remove any AoSP armor you are wearing. We cannot be held responsible for any deaths, up to and including your own or the new horse(s).*** Please drop used keys in any green chest. *Please don't forget to leave your used keys in the large chest next to Merchant Alistair! Thank you for stopping by my happy home and safe travels! Happy Wurming! I have 70 Animal Husbandry. Any 4 draft you get from me until that changes will be clean of other traits, perfect to start your own breeding (extra traits get in the way with lower (<65) skill).
  4. Welcome to The Ranch We have self service pens for your convenience. All we ask is that you drop the keys into one of the large crates located in several locations on the deed. We take pride in selling happy, healthy and no negative trait animals We are located N23 on Harmony being connected to Highways and easily accessible by water with mooring and unloading area directly out front. We can summon you to our deed to pick up your horses or would consider delivering at an additional cost.. Contact Carla or Fatherben in game please and thank you for checking out our Merchant Ad 🤠 FREE PEN We have a good selection of 3 draft and 3 speed horses and a few bison ready to be picked up. We are now selling Runed Wagons with or without Crates 4 Speed horses 3dr & 4D Bison 4dr Horses 4dr Hell Horses (sold out - more coming)
  5. Moonhollow Cove Horse Market (Self Service) SW Xanadu - P9 Just outside Absolution No deliveries and limited restock in December and January due to limited play time Xanadu Community Map 4 Draft Horses - 50c each (Ebony Black - 60c) 4 Draft Bison - 50c each 4 Draft Hell Horses - 50c each (Molten - 75c) 4 Speed Horses - 50c each (Ebony Black - 60c) Molten 4 Speed Hell Horses - 75c each 4 Speed Unicorns - 75c each Lead, Push/Pull, Load/Unload, Tame and Charm Perms set for all Champion Dogs and Champion Tortoises - 1s each 90ql Creature Cages - 1s each 4 Speed Champion Unicorns on request Delivery 1-2s depending on location - PM Millammber, Knoodle or Aliciia for details Specials (PM Millammber to arrange Pickup/Delivery, or see Miscellaneous pens) Rare Oakenwood Floor Loom 93ql - 8s Current Stock (Updated 28/11)
  6. Have you ever stood around for days waiting for your newly bought adolescent horse to turn 'late' adolescent just so that you can start breeding? With no idea when it will happen, you keep trying, wondering if the animal is still too young, or just too hungry. It's wearisome. Please can we fix it so that all animals become able to breed *as soon as* they reach the adult adolescent age. *As soon as* they are adolescent, and not until some indistinct latter stage of adolescent. Adolescent will then clearly and obviously mean breed-able and will prevent any confusion. Let's take the guesswork out of breeding and simplify. Thanks for considering this.
  7. Welcome to Shimmering Sands! Shimmering Sands is a project to recreate the sandstone city seen in the Wurm trailer. It is mostly being built by KatsPurr aka Saphireena, the Factional Fight brothers aka Gryphyth and Faeran and others in our alliance. The end result should look something like what you see in the above picture! This crazy dream will take years to build, but with each visit to the horse market, you will start to see it take shape more and more! We have recently started the building stage! To fund this project and pay for the land, we sell horses, hell horses and gear at the Shimmering Sands Horse Market. Market Info You can find us on the Northern Freedom Isle server of Melody at M9. Just a hop and a skip away from the server border to Harmony and Cadence! We also have a trader for your convenience. Good to know Horses will be between the ages of “young foal” (newborn) to “mature adult”. Once they reach the “aged” stage I will remove and retire them. We never sell animals with negative traits. Some horses might have additional positive traits. This has no effect on the price however. We are currently selling mainly speed- horses and hell horses, but we’re breeding draft- horses and hellies to be able to sell soon! The market is completely self-serve. Browse at your leisure. Once you’re ready to buy, simply purchase the matching key from the merchants. No reservations / No home deliveries Purchased horses must be retrieved from the stalls within one week of purchase. After that, horses will be put back up for sale. Prices may change depending on the market Coming from another server? You can transport your horses across servers using a ship and creature cage. We have an off-deed loading dock. Location shown in image above. Did you have a pleasant buying experience? Any kind words left in the forum post are much appreciated! *bows* If you run into any troubles or have any questions, contact me through the game (Northern Isles): Saphireena, here on the Wurm forums: Malena or else through Discord: KatsPurr#8213 Click here to check the full listing of horses + prices
  8. Specializing in 4 draft animals Work in progress I sell 4 speed and 4 draft animals, horses, hell horses, bison and mules. Will make deals on lesser traited. Right now you need to hit me up in dm here, or on in game, Drusme. I do not do self serve, you actually have to communicate with me!
  9. /\wAk@tAnk/\ Hell horses and Horses Contact : Awaka Public map : Awakatanka on Cadence G17 Connected to the highway -=> Self service market <=- Buy key at merchant Open gate and Lead horse out Drop key in chest. Done -=> The ages will vary between Foal to Mature stage.<=- Speed and none speed Trait info For Sale Horses Hell Horses
  10. Katzenkorb Horses and more (NO negative traits, coastal delivery possible) We are cleaning our stock so we have added some horses for free. They are only for pickup on our deed, as long as the stock lasts. All the prices are for pickup, if you want to have them delivered we can negotiate that for an additional fee. (YF = Young Foal, AF = Adolescent Foal, YH = Young Horse, AH = Adolescent Horse, MH = Mature Horse, AGH = Aged Horse) (CM = Carry More, CS = Certain Spark, FF = Fight Fiercely, FM = Fleeter Movement, KS = Keen Senses, LM = Lightning Movement, SB = Strong Body, SH = Strong & Healthy, SL = Strong Legs, TB = Tough Bugger ) Contact ingame either Pokter or Saitra. Horses HIGHLIGHTS Piebald Pinto - S5 - Copperdream (Pure S5, male, AF) - 8s Piebald Pinto - S5 - Swiftbrisk (Pure S5, male, AF) - 8s Piebald Pinto - S5 - Kadenflea (Pure S5, male, AF) - 8s Piebald Pinto - S5 - Walkingjohan (Pure S5, male, AF) - 8s Gold - S5 - Cactusfast (Pure S5, male, AH) - 4s Gold - S5 - Rockosio (Pure S5, male, AH) - 4s Gold - S5 - Lightningpick (Pure S5, male, YH) - 4s Gold - S5 - Rockgrey (Pure S5, male, YH) - 4s Gold - S5 - Sadlad (Pure S5, male, YH) - 4s Gold - S5 - Wildjack (Pure S5, male, AF) - 4s Blood Bay - S3 - Dancewalking (LM, SL, CM, SH, TB, female, AGH) - 4s Gold - S4 - Cesargolden (LM, FM, SL, CM, TB, male, YF) - 2s Black Ebony breeding Appaloosa breeding Black Silver breeding Chestnut breeding Golden Buckskin breeding Blood Bay Skewbald Pinto breeding Piebald Pinto White Black breeding Gold Brown Grey Hell Horses Molten Shadow Cinder Envious Pestilential Ash Bisons Bison breeding pairs can be ordered, but most likely only S-2 and more. Sheeps (Black), Chickens, Cows & Bulls for sale as well. Location:
  11. NO negative traits on any animal! (Animal Husbandry skill of 50+) If interested in any animals, you can contact me ingame @Baeowuf or reply here, thanks for looking! Willing to deliver to any coast on any server for 1s, or can be picked up for free at The Lakeside @ K25 Cadence! Delivery via land on Cadence also possible, willing to negotiate on land delivery to other servers. Limit 5 animals per order. NOTE: Only FM, LM, SL traits work while pulling a cart (hitched.) Legend: (Horses/Hell Horses are adult unless marked otherwise) Speed Traits: CM = Carry More - MAJOR bonus to mounted weight limit. FM = Fleeter Movement - MINOR speed boost. LM = Lightning Movement - MAJOR speed boost. SB = Strong Body - Bonus to mounted weight limit. SL = Strong Legs = MINOR speed boost, and bonus to mounted weight limit. NON-Speed Traits: FF = Fights Fiercely - Higher fighting skill. TB = Tough Bugger - Withstands more damage. KS = Keen Senses - Able to sense when on water tile. UH = Unusually Healthy - Higher resistance to disease. CS = Certain Spark - Lives 50% longer than normal. Horses: Traitless: One Speed: Adolescent (foal) Haltecker Male FM -Gold (20c) Young Goldenwing Male CM, KS -Gold (20c) Young Warriorwild Male FM -Gold (20c) Young (foal) Swiftrock Male SB, FF -Gold (20c)) Young (foal) Eaglewing Male LM -Gold (35c) Young (foal) Southgrey Male FF, SB -Gold (20c) Young (foal) Clipsad Male FF, SL, KS, UH -Gold (20c) Non-speed: Hell Horses: (Please note you do NOT have to tame hell horses to lead, breed, or hitch them. HOWEVER: They will become unhitchable at last stage of Aged.) CAUTION: They bite, but the are MUCH faster than regular horses. Traitless: Aged Hell Horse Male -Ash (20c) Non-speed: Young (foal) Raidpaddy Male FF -Ash (30c) Adolescent (foal) Billyebony Male UH -Ash (30c) Bison: Traitless/Non-hitched speed traits: Non-speed: One Speed: Young bison Male FM, SB, KS, CS (80c) Young bison Male FM, CM, UH (80c) Adolescent bison Male TB, LM, CM (80c) Mature bison Male SL, CS (80c)
  12. Self Service Horses, Hellies and Bison Available 24 hours, just buy the key from the Merchant and lead off your new horse. Directions below. No stock at the moment - taking a little break from chores Pens have a sign at the back with the number, the keys on the merchant have the pen number and the name. I am located a little East of Linton (map grid L12): Coming from Linton follow the Waystone a little North of Linton through tunnel and the horse pens are at the end of the sandstone road on the left. If coming by ship come to the North West of Hammer Lake and take the canal shown as blue line up to a dock where you can load/unload, the horse pens are just up the ramp from the dock to the West. I can also summon if you catch me online. The settlement token is East side of the deed, go down the gravel road turn East over the bridge and it's in front of you. Pricing is based on colour, single name, and spark as a preferred trait along with 5 speeds.
  13. Get More Out Of Every Skill Grinding Action! No matter if you're farming, mining, or woodcutting, we have the enchanted tool you need. We even have enchanted water and lumps for those imping sessions, giving you even more skill gain. Image is a sample only For a current list enchanted tools check out our Inventory Here. We are also offering 5-speed Hell Horses, Bison, and Horses. We have several hell horses now. A spreadsheet is coming so give a shout until I get the spreadsheet done. Reply to this thread or in-game pm to GreyBeardCat to place an order. We will get your order filled as soon as we get it or log in the game.
  14. I may update this a bit more because I'm probably forgetting a few things I've thought of before: Separate forum for people selling accounts as the WTS thread is gets littered with account sales Change dispel so that it dispels priest spells first and runes last (avoids inadvertently destroying runes on items just to dispel priest casts) Ability to plant kingdom flags on tile corners rather than having to manually place them on tile corners Taming mechanics need an overhaul due to several undesirable outcomes Hell horses and unicorns are not practical hunting mounts because they need to be tamed, draw aggro easily and die Same goes for other animals that can be tamed, they are good to stick in a pen to look at but not very useful otherwise Unicorns could be more useful for something but due to taming mechanics they are unsuitable even as a 2-person mount Build rounded structures or parts of structures (e.g., medieval castles often had rounded towers; the closest wurm logic gets to this is paved corners) and pointed roofs New wall type that combines jaw bridges and portcullises (the jaw bridge portion can be locked separately from the portcullis but both would appear on the same wall and use a single wall type) Build floors with murder holes just like medieval castles had used in rooms separated by two portcullises to trap and kill enemies Author books, guides and store them on bookshelves with the option to chain them to the bookshelves for security (just like the medieval chained library IRL; would require hardcover book binding made of oak and blacksmith to make the chain and lock to attach to the book) Farming implements that can be used with animals to increase crop yields (e.g., ploughs, cultivatiors, etc.) Frozen lakes in the winter with ability to use dogs, dog sleds, go ice fishing, etc. Allow QL of bridles affect how well horses and wagons can be turned, WoA increases turn rate and rare bridles turn even better Quenching container that can be used with water or oil (higher chance for successful action) to temper items for blacksmithing, WoA increases speed of tempering Mortar made out of lime (new stone type) baked in a kiln to create quicklime (byproduct) that can then be mixed with sand and water, possibly using a wooden device with a wheel and turning handle to create mortar. The wooden device could be casted with WoA to speed up the process. New rune to increase the age of foals so they can reach the age to be hitched a lot sooner (would only work/apply to foal stages)
  15. Need to get there fast? Put hell horses on your cart. WOW! what a ride! Add a set of high-quality, high woa horseshoes and travel like the wind. I have several young and adolescent 5-speed hell horses. Only 40c each while they last. Message me here or in-game GreyBeardCat
  16. Lothlorien Meadows Stables = Under New Management = 4 and 5 Speed Horses of All types for Sale new colors (piebald, blood bay, and ebony black) included 5 speed hell horses for breeding Prices 5sp horses old colors - 35c 5sp hell horse for breeding - 75c 3sp blood bay, pie or ebony - 50c 4sp blood bay, pie, or ebony - 95c 5sp blood bay, pie, or ebony - 1.25s FREE DELIVERY AVAILABLE VISIT OUR 24/7 SELF SERVE PENS Located at F22 on Independence @ Lothlorien Meadows Just purchase a key at the trader to for your desired horse. Then retrieve your horse and place they key in the large chest next to the trader. Also available at the merchant Yule Goats - 1s/ea Snow Lanterns - 1s/ea MR banners - 50c/ea Various skiller tools Thank you for your business!
  17. Hello Wurmians, new and old! Rather than let it crash, I would like to sell my VERY well equipped deed on Release, Crazy Eights. If you are looking for a prime location, look no further. If you are into breeding, you just might want to pick this up. All breeding stock are purebred 5-speeds. No non-speed traits. This is perfect for someone with Animal Husbandry of 50-59. Horses are all of the new colors. All the mares are bred, so the new owner can expect many new 5-speed foals. Of course the house is stocked with plenty of resources. The mine has silver, lead, iron, and tons of marble. Mine Map available with purchase. Tar Nearby Clay available North, up the coast. 97 Courier on Mailbox PRIME hunting just to the East Plenty of on and off-deed farming space Undeeded Dock area, or with the fall of neighboring deed, you can expand to the coast. (I know the mayor) Seeking 30s or best offer. Thanks for looking! - Malokai
  18. Not sure if this is the right spot or been reported already... but I've noticed just recently that Hell Horses can't be butchered.
  19. Have a selection of items for sale, eithr for CoD, or to pick up. Prices are negotiable (still learning the economy) Our deed is called Radiant Garden and is located in the upper left corner of G-25, near Summerholt. Items in Stock Leather/Furs: Studded Leather Armor set, 30 QL - 50c 17 Bridals, 30 QL - 10c each 3 Saddles, 30 QL - 20c each 3 Brown Bear Rugs, 30 QL - 20c each 1 Black Wolf Rug What we can make: 40QL horse shoe sets - 20c per horse shoe, 80c for a set (of 4) Tools/weapons up to 40 QL of your choice for 20c each In about a week I will have some hell horses and 5 speeds for sale so check back! Self serve pens coming soon!
  20. I have a question about hell horses if i put up a guard tower (pve server) on my deed can anyone come along and call the guards to kill them? I am guessing they could and if so is there anyway to get around that?
  21. Hunted status: This is a re-occurring problem which really needs to be fixed. Gaining hunted status for hitting someone in your own kingdom with a catapult gives you hunted status, in terms of raiding a deed if this persons pet is in a mine with another persons pet they instantly aggro onto each other. This is especially important when it comes to using Hell horses as they have to be tame to ride safely on. Simple way to fix this is to remove the hunted status completely on Chaos as it does not play the role its supposed to, its useless and is just an inconvenience to everyone. Expanding a deed: Upon recent changes of deeds ignoring aggressive animals when expanding, someone forgot to code it in for not allowing to expand over the top of enemy players/mines (as seen and used to a ridiculous advantage recently) Hell Horses: If the rider on the Hell horse is riding it untamed, the Hell horse shouldn't attack the rider, instead it should just kick him off or not fight at all. On top of this, own kingdom tower guards should not aggro to the Hell horse (or vice versa) if the player is riding it, as the player is meant to have the Hell horse under control. Avatars: They need to de-spawn instantly the moment the mission for them is over, instead of waiting for a GM to whiz kill it. They should be aligned to the correct kingdom, I.e a Blacklight based kingdom should not have a friendly Fo avatar, instead it should have a friendly Lib one. This goes for all PMKs. Whitelight based kingdoms should have their respective Gods Avatar neutral to them. I am sure there is more annoying inconvenient things but this is all I come up with for now.
  22. So i think this is a much needed addon for Wurm... Reasons Why. #1 They can swim or Hover over water. #2 Look like Ninja Horses or Jesus horses #3 Would solve the whole Hell Horses cant swim issue and Would resolve Rolf's idea about having Flying Horses. I think this would be 100% needed for the game as Black Drake and Wet Suit would look awesome.
  23. Bring riding unicorns back. Stop friendly and neutral guards attack domestic hell horses. Copy and alter code so that we can sit on cows and such properly. ... and yeah, other thread, I said there are other ways than size to show that these are champions. Would like to ride other things, such as bison. Also, I want a war cow, barding, shoes, saddle!
  24. Hey Independence! Cart too slow? Can't outrun those dastardly aged hell hounds? Get your 5 speed trait horses here! 100% 5 speed trait herd All colours available Pregnant females 70c each All other horses or foals 50c each Check my online list to select your favourite names or stop by and browse in person. Bonus Mountain Goat silver achievement for ascending up the ~5700 slopes tunnel to my deed. Iron horse shoes up to 81 QL, or saddles up to 30 QL can be ordered (saddle will not provide speed bonus at 30 but will prevent a horse from wandering). At least 1 day in advance for crafting orders please! No enchants at this time. You can now view a list of my horses by gender, colour, and name. Colour goes by the text background and the rest is hopefully self explanatory. Please report any problems with it. Special Limited Quantity Offer: Watch here for 5 speed hell horses breeding pair restock - ETA 1 week A breeding pair of 5 speed trait hell horses is available. After almost 6 months starting from zero trait wild hell horses, they are here! Read the wiki article first. I am only maintaining 2 breeding pairs of this animal as my regular horse herd is already enough work. So there will not be very many of these up for sale! The price is 2s for a pair, please contact me if interested. *** To contact me, PM me here, or Tripletake in game. I play daily at various hours so I normally get back to you after forum PM in less than a day. For pick-up, the location of my deed is 48x 34y and I recommend you travel on the sand-lined highway that runs north-south on the east side of the mountain. There you will find a path marked by a lit lamp and a green pointing sign leading to a tunnel which goes up to my main deed. Delivery is also available for a negotiable fee. If it's close enough I deliver free. Delivery to FM is 50c. Other locations will be rated based on estimated travel time. >>> Minimum purchase for delivery is 2 horses. Thanks all and have a great day!
  25. Within a few weeks I should have my first 5-speed hell horse. I'm thinking that once I get a breeding pair I'll sell the extraneous males to any takers for a price. But I know that due to the rather stringent requirements to effectively use them, the market would be tiny. A potential rider would need 70+ Animal Taming and 31+ Body Control. And I don't know how bad the periodic burn wounds are. Given the effort of selective breeding and the rarity of 5-speed hell horses I would be looking for substantially more coin than a regular 5-speed horse goes for (70c on Indy currently). If you were able to ride these safely, what would you pay? Note that they go 5 km/h faster than a regular 5-speed horse and they can be equipped with saddle + shoes. You could get speeds of 35-40 km/h on one of these babies depending on the gear. Any thoughts?